What I wanted most back then was the feeling of liberation. To be freed from the past and the burdens of my emotions; they chained me to the ground, holding me captive for too long. I felt the heavy metal chains around my ankles, wrists, and neck. Digging into my skin as I tried to slip past them, the chains dug further, breaking the skin until blood mixed with iron. I would imagine what it felt like to be free and in my dreams, I couldn’t help but imagine the euphoria of soaring above the madness, to spread the wings I knew existed and finally leave.
When the chains were finally broken free I didn’t know what to do. I held fast to the ground, standing on all fours. My blistered hands clinging the dirt while my knees tried to bury themselves into the floor, scared of the idea leaving the pain I was so accustomed to.
I felt terrified and consoled when I finally decided to spread my wings. They were hesitant to move, terrified of their own strength, yet slowly I stood up and closed my eyes and tried to remember. How much my dreams had meant, how much I wanted to touch the clouds above me and soar, and as I opened my eyes, I finally saw myself flying.
—  sara f.; stargazing in daydreams
What Happened

I wake up slightly disoriented. Grogily reaching for my phone I find out I was passed out for almost half a day. Damn, I hadn’t realised I didn’t get any rest at the bunker. And the emotional rollercoaster that is Cas and Dean didn’t help. Not to mention I babysat a lot of that time

All I wanted to do was roll back over and sleep for the rest of the day, but there was something tugging at my gut that told me to get up. Besides, Jody should be at work now and AJ might be hungry or something.

I sauntered out into the livingroom, “Hey, AJ? Sorry I just woke up. Do you need anything?” I called out.

No answer.

“AJ?” I called again.

No answer.

Where the fuck is he? Did he go with Jody? No, she won’t even let /me/ tag along. He had to be around here somewhere.

But he wasn’t. I checked in the kitchen, backyard, frontyard, living room, Alex’s bedroom, even my bedroom, till finally I came to Jody’s room. I saw a figure underneath the sheets.

“AJ?” I asked, making my way closer, only to find it was Jody, passed out.

She should be at work. I shook her, but she didn’t react. I did it again and again each time getting more intense until I was screaming and shaking her as hard as I could. She wouldn’t get up!

“Jody! JODY! Fuck wake up!”

I pressed my fingers to her neck feeling for a pulse. It was faint, but there. I almost started sobbing in relief. The panic didn’t go away though and I grabbed my phone to call an ambulance.

I punched in the numbers but before I called I noticed a scrap of paper with mine and Alex’s names. What the hell?

It read:
Dear, Alex, Claire or however finds this first,
Take a breath. Jody is fine, just mearly sleeping. After AJ was killed by those British assholes Jody asked to just sleep till AJ comes back. Which he will, I’ll make sure of it. And after that Jody will wake up. Everything will be just fine. I promise. If you need any help anything call myself or Samandriel.

Sincerely, Gaberial

My stomach twisted. Another one of my mothers being taken by a fucking angel? I don’t care if she asked for it! I felt unbelievable rage and ran to my room grabbing my angel sword.

These fuckers were going to pay. And give me answers.

I looked at the note again and began to pray.

/Samandriel. Call upon you. I need help. It’s Jody./

I didn’t give a fuck if it was lying. I needed something to take my anger out on.

( @hellacuteangelofthelord )

Concept: It’s season 3, no one becomes the black paladin because the black lion is out of commission for some reason, and the BP suit disappeared with Shiro.

Instead, Team Voltron focuses their efforts on getting Shiro back, which involves several somewhat perilous missions. During these missions each paladin gets to showcase their individual leadership traits and further develop as people.

I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to love me again,
I’ll put my hands up,
I’ll do everything different,
I’ll be better to you.
—  Adele ‘I’ll be waiting’
Sometimes I still get these urges to contact you.
It feels like pure desperation…  Like my skin is crawling and my eyes are burning and I just want you back in my life so badly….
And I don’t know why? Where these sudden urges come from?
Why do I still do this, even after all this time?!
It’s like I'm getting out, I'm almost clear…. and then suddenly I feel like I would do absolutely anything just to have you back in my life again.
Even for a single moment…. Just to see you, talk to you - ANYTHING!
It’s like I don’t WANT to be out, I still want to be in love with you because in my mind, loving you equates to happiness and I just want that back… just for one second.
But I have to remind myself it’s not healthy. 
Loving you is not like it used to be - it's not real anymore.
It’s not happy, it’s not positive…. and it’s gone and I can’t go back.
All I can do is put the phone down, blink back the tears … and keep moving forward.
—  Ranata Suzuki

•Ramiel: Allies. Is that what you call three humans with one good liver between them and a busted up angel?
•Crowley: I admit, they don’t sound like much. But every Armageddon, every bloody “this is the end of all things,” a Winchester stopped it. Like it or not, they’re an asset we can’t afford to lose.

-Supernatural: 12x12 “Stuck in the middle (with you)”.