I am so disappointed in the MM fandom

You can ignore this if you want but I feel like I must speak even though at the same time, I feel like it is not my place. I am going to delete this later. 

I am not annoyed or anything about what has been going on as of very recently. I am very disappointed that just less than 24 hours ago we were all one big happy, sobbing family cracking jokes but now we are at each other’s throats. Turned against one another and even against Cheritz.

Anger is understandable but if you got banned for doing wrong. There is nothing you can do, but accept the consequence of that wrong doing. Some were banned for cheating as well but they didn’t know because they didn’t read the new update. It is tragic but no one should have been cheating in the first place. I am a college student too but that is no reason to cheat, it is just an excuse. 

Cheritz has been giving this game out for free since day one because of how unstable it was. They tried to keep us happy. Older players know this, newer players.. I am not sure.

I will continue to support Cheritz and those who are also supporting them as well. 

If there is anything this app, has taught me is that you can’t always make everyone happy.


she couldn’t find a scarf small enough but she’s still rockin’ it
(happy fall btw!!)


Thanks for keeping active with your fans Marlene, and these do sound great, but for gods sake you just spoilt that Spencer and Toby are alive. Whilst I didn’t really ever believe they would be killed, it kind of was fun not being 100% certain. (You can just tell these aren’t flashbacks, too.)


to do the patronus thing I had to make a new pottermore account and get resorted and crap and holy shit am I having an identity crisis bc I got hufflepuff but I’m a ravenclaw?? 

and I remember making like 5 different pottermore accounts when it first came out and like no time did I ever get hufflepuff and now here this quiz is telling me (twice) that I am indeed a hufflepuff this ain’t right………………

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Another soulmate AU of your choosing!! I absolutely LIVE for and LOVE your soulmate AU's.

Ahhhh thank you, Nonny ;____; Here’s a soulmate AU that involves only being able to see the colors of places or things your soulmate has touched:

  • Riza never realized how vibrantly beautiful the flowers that grew outside her childhood home were until Roy became her father’s apprentice. When Roy first arrived at the Hawkeye household he was stunned to see how colorful it was. He almost revealed that fact when he first encountered Master Hawkeye and had to refrain from saying anything until he was able to speak with Riza alone.
  • Riza discovered and was surprised by how light her hair was after Roy had brushed her fringe from her eyes.
  • In Ishval, both were very aware of how ‘active’ the other had been. 
  • Riza instantly believed Lust after her supposed confrontation with Roy because she saw the color of Lust’s Ouroboros tattoo, meaning that they had engaged in close combat.
  • For those moments Riza was bleeding out on the ground, all Roy could see was her colored form and the bright red blood that pooled beneath her and stained the grey floor.

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lol kavinsky isn't in the ronan trilogy. good.

You just really don’t like me, do you? 

I assume you’re the same if not one of the same people who keeps on attacking me about Kavinsky. Look, I get it, you don’t like him, and tbh, I get it, most people don’t. I have had people I have never met make posts about me and Kavinsky and they’re very rude. I’ve had people make passive aggressive posts about me more so in this fandom than in any other fandom I’ve ever been in before - which I mean, fine, do what you want. But, it doesn’t make TRC fandom seem very nice. 

I will never go into someone’s inbox and ask them not to ship something. I will never attack a Pynch shipper for enjoying their ship, because I know it makes them happy. I will not tell someone to not like a character, because I don’t like that character personally. 

I just want to enjoy shipping Rovinsky and liking Kavinsky in peace. Please. 

I understand the author doesn’t really like Kavinsky and probably regrets writing him. That is her decision. 

But, again, please just let me enjoy him in peace. 

I know he’s not in the new trilogy, and while I am saddened by this fact, I do not understand why you have to come rub it in my face. 

Please, leave me alone. 


from dusk till dawn meme + episodes [1/5] - 1.04 let’s get ramblin’

Didn’t your daddy tell you never to do this? Do what? talk to strangers. 

I’d spent the past few months not looking forward to turning 22 because that meant I was getting older, but today I realised that that is complete rubbish because I made it to 22??? and I’m here and I’m healthy and I’m living a life like wow??? and every year I get older is another year I have been a human being and tbh that’s pretty fucking special. there’s really no use in worrying about ageing, it’s a bloody cool thing if you ask me, what a thing to achieve 

Hey Guys...

So….bad news…maybe?

I know this is sudden, but…. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get back into/keep up my RPs.  I’ve got a lot of stuff coming up and I’m not going to be able to afford spending as much time on here as I currently do.  (And I’m usually on here a LOT).

I feel REALLY BAD for a lot of RPs that I just started, or the threads that I have ongoing. Please forgive me. -_-

For now, I’m not going to delete the blog because something might happen where I might be able to make time to come back, or have the inspiration to come back.  But I just can’t spend as much time on RPs like I usually do.

I may still reblog Zootopia art and fanfics. Maybe headcanons for Syl.  Maybe character asks.  I’m not sure how this is going to go.  I just know I’m going to have to balance my time better.

In other words, consider my RPs on an indefinite hiatus for now. I feel really bad because this is so sudden and came out of no where, but I just…I really need to focus on some stuff for myself and to break away from RPs for a while. 

I love them, but I can’t afford to spend as much time on them as I have.

Again, please forgive me!

the more i think about it, the more i actually like the idea of revieved franken-jul being the right hand of h5!cortana. Cortana has no “counterweight”, no second person to say “hey, maybe not do this”.  This would give some interesting conflicts of moral values between the two since they have different views on how to handle humanity for example. At some point Jul would have enough, Jul would have actual problems with what cortana does. He knows what it’s like to be imprisoned and i’m sure he see’s the similarities between the guardians looming over everyone’s head and the explosive vest he had to wear. Jul would sabotage cortana and maybe disable the guardians for a while, giving humanity and thel’s forces a chance to fight back. Jul ‘Mdama redemption arc.

The Mesmer still had that scream echoing in his ears, temporarily silencing the Dragon’s roar.  Had he the skills, he’d burn the Jungle to the ground.  Lacking that, he’ll just have to settle for felling the Mordrem at hand, especially the one wearing his partner’s blood.