i’m honestly….when will larries just give up? stop talking about louis’ shirt, stop trying to fit harry’s red eyes into your narrative, stop being shitty to danielle and briana, just stop. what is going on right now is bigger than you and is bigger than your ship, it is about louis and his family mourning.

i am honestly exhausted at this point. how could you read what dan said about johannah and still believe whatever theory about how freddie is fake? how could you see the ways danielle has supported louis and his family in the past few months and still believe that she’s a beard? it’s ridiculous.

please grow up and face reality.


I’ve been waiting to post this draft for a while hahah but I’ve been rebooting my Redbubble store for the past month and there’s new art stuff and I’m excited.

i cant believe i hadnt drawn them together yet

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Hi all! If you’re going to use my art in any way, it would be super fabulous if you asked permission first!

I don’t mind if people use it for their avatars, headers, rp, or color the linework (you can find those on my pixiv) but you have to:

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Thank you!

coaching fee [victor/yuuri]

“i need to return victor to russia.”

there’s a beat of silence, the gold in him heavy and painful, and he knows victor’s eyes are wide - with shock, with betrayal, with anger, he doesn’t know because he doesn’t trust himself to look.

he can’t waver.


victor is - an inspiration, to skaters, to everyone, to the whole world. he’s been selfish for so many months already, capturing the attention and keeping the skating world’s god close to him.

he’s always been thought to not be selfish.


victor is - someone that deserves to have his brilliance out there, not snuffed in some dying tourism town.

“okay, yuuri.”

and victor.

victor is - just replying to his wishes.

but it still hurts.

“please don’t make that face,” victor says, his cool hand cupping his cheek, the matching gold cold against his skin.

it’s not like i can change my face, he doesn’t retort.

he doesn’t trust himself to speak.

“before i go, can i just ask one thing?”

he says it in the same tone as him critiquing yuuri after a performance. it’s so normal even if yuuri’s heart is breaking by his own hands.

“…i’ll need to collect my coaching fee.”


and his heart thuds against his ribs, because victor’s kneeling, victor’s taking his hand, victor’s — !!!

“i’ll go to russia,” victor whispers against the ring, hushed against his finger, loud inside his heart, “but you’ll come with me, won’t you, yuuri?”

on the one hand, I would give an arm and a leg for JK Rowling to write a series about the Maurauders.
On the other hand? There’s been so much fanfiction written about it that no matter how it was written or how wonderful the story was, I guarantee people would be so upset to see what was canon and what was not.
we have this pre conceived notion of how the characters act and how they interact with each other, that if JKR wrote it how she wanted, people would most probably be distraught.

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I'm so shocked and devastated by the news about Jay, but I know it probably hits closer to home for you so I just wanted to pop in real quick and say I hope you're alright, and maybe finding comfort in all of us banding together in support. Take care

thank you very much for this message, anon.  it does hit really close to home for me, and i’m sure a lot of other people, too.  I’m doing okay.  

for me, one of the hardest truths about losing someone is laid out so plainly in louis’s wonderful song:

The sun goes down and it comes back up
The world it turns, no matter what

it’s not fair its not fair it’s not fair.  And you keep reaching for someone and missing them and you know you have to carry on without them and you want to refuse. but there you are.    

I’m so sorry this happened and so sad.  



“Where’s my guitar?” *grabs cello* “…this is not a guitar.”

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Why is someone who was not interesting - Robin back? I don't get it & he is someone else, r they trying to give him abit of personality this time? I read he's only back for some episodes &closure? (Neal, August, Robin are three characters I dislike)

Some people did find him interesting, even if he was woefully underused in S4 and S5. It’s a short arc, 4 episodes at best guess, which will give OQ some closure after the less than satisfying way his death was handled in S5. 

“She’s not dead, you don’t know everything”


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I just realised that in Rwby, Roman probably accidentally killed himself, like there was plenty of scared people running out of Vale because of the attack leaving the Grimm probably locked on them so by going on about the worlds cruelty to Ruby, that probably resulted in the Grimm sensing his sadness. resulting in them targeting him
Idk just a thought