I don’t think I’ll ever forget when I first watched the OA because of the feeling I got, the color tone of day turning into night, and me giving up on fixing my keyboard shelf thingy
it just feels so magical when I think back on it

What happened to tumblr?

I know I wasn’t here in the previous years of tumblr, but what happened to the long posts with witty reblogs, the funny harry potter theories and headcanons? fandom blogs now are mood boards, and depressing gifs with a dramatic word written across it. my dash is filled with posts about death and everything depressing. can we bring back witty text posts, and the general creativity of tumblr? remember when this place was known for being the weirdest place on the internet? I remember looking at tumblr posts and thinking “gee, I want to be a part of that”, but when I got here, it was just people saying they want death. do you ever see a funny text post, and go to follow whomever made it, only to be dismayed that they’ve deactivated? where did they go? where have all the fun tumblrs gone? CAN WE BRING BACK THE OLD TUMBLR? THE WEIRD PHOTOSHOP EDITS, THE CLEVER TEXT POSTS, THE RANDOM PICTURES OF STUFF FLOATING IN SPACE, THE POSTS THAT AREN’T ABOUT ANY SORT OF CONTROVERSY? PLEASE IT’S ALL I WANT IN LIFE

2x10 is such a monumental episode for clexa because you can physically see them growing in love and finding so much comfort in each other, like the first thing lexa did when clarke awoke in the woods was reassure her that she was protected and the first thing clarke did was check how lexa’s arm was and despite everything else that was going on around them all that mattered in that moment was that the other was safe

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hi yes hello I just wanted to tell you that I think your drawing of a squirrel is actually v cute and well done