What the Heck I Gotta Do -Jeggy Cinderella ver

(For my Cinderella thing and because I will find any reason to have John/Philip sing this song in any au…and also because Janthony.)

Scenario: Peggy is Cinderella, this is happening the morning after the ball when John is explaining the whole thing to King Washington, with the help of Alexander(the king’s scribe) and some nosy servants.

The prince seemed about ready to call it quits, when a very pretty girl showed up

Who is she?

And not once, but TWICE, walked past him

Who is she?

Every eye was on her. She took no notice.

Who is she?

The servants referred to her as-

“Some princess”

Your highness, what drew you to this girl initially?

Man, she almost tripped on the hem of her dress! She was light-skinneded, had a presence like a firework—long hair, mature in the body like, whoa!

Like, whoa!

That’s not the only reason I liked her, though. I saw her move past the others on the floor and start dancin’

All by herself

With smilin’ eyes. So I said, hi. She seemed mature, and I talked more

More, more, more!

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How the hell do people write fanficton.

I want to write so bad but I’m terrified that I’ll write out of character? I’m sitting here thinking up plots and AUs and ficlets and stuff that I’m so excited about, and I just can’t put words on paper (or a word document, heh).

What would ______ character do in this situation? I don’t know, I’m not them.

Drawcember 2! Pump It Up for a game?


tahjan  asked:

>.> *asks you about your fancy working/show bred anooba headcanons* Tell me the things!

AHH thank you for asking. >:)

in current canon, we’ve seen at least two types of anooba: the more ‘wild’ type with the tusk-like protrusion on their lower jaw; and another type with a slightly more standard canine muzzle (seen in the bounty hunter embo’s anooba, marrok). marrok has what i’d identify as a pretty typical working dog temperament, in that he’s pretty level-headed, responds well to commands, and works very well alongside a single handler. so, this immediately suggests to me that anoobas are 1) domesticated (or, at least, certain types of anooba are) and 2) they can work well alongside sapient beings, and are probably at least somewhat biddable.

if this is the case, i imagine anooba would be a popular working/companion animal throughout the galaxy. they’re a good size – not too big, not too small – so travelling with them isn’t going to be as much of a headache as it might be with bigger working animals; and they’re capable of working alongside sapients and thus we can presume they lend themselves to training quite easily.

so, as with dogs in our world, i reckon there’d be quite a scene for the selective breeding of superior working anoobas and fancy anoobas bred for the show ring. just think of the types that could pop up! hulking molosser type anoobas with devastating tusks, bred for lives in gladiatorial combat or as impressive personal protection animals; tall, willowy hunting anoobas like the sighthounds of our world, designed for speed and used by communities dependent on hunting to get by; moderate type anoobas like marrok, who aren’t physically far removed from their wild cousins, save for their smaller (or entirely missing) tusks, perfect as either devoted companion animals or dedicated workers, depending on the lines you buy from; ridiculous small ‘toy’ anoobas, serving no purpose past looking cute, winning titles in the show ring, and costing their owners a lot of money in vet fees for their various health maladies; and a whole host of others.

all I’m saying is that the sw universe probably has a crufts equivalent and anoobas are probs at the center of it. :>

also here are some concept pictures I scribbled up (not in scale to one another):

So, I finished Gilmore Girls (took me a little while because I almost swore off it after the second ep) and I don’t know how to feel.

Story Time - Friends

Let have a recap for the new people.

My best friend’s future wife got cancer (5) years ago. He took care of her for 3 years before she passed. He was then single for 2 years before meeting a new girl. She moves in immediately to the previous woman’s house. Did I mention the ex’s parents talked him into buying her house after she passed? They never even lived their together. He keeps it secret for (3) months.

Now. I’ve only met this woman twice. The first time was when I forced him on a double date night maybe back in April? I invited them to everything every chance I get up until 2 months ago. He always has excuses then doesn’t show. So I started doing what any good friend who do, I started inviting her directly because a lot of SOs are the plan makers. She would quickly and gladly reply saying they’d be there then at the final hour he’d text asking if this was going to be “only bros” or if there would be “chicks”. I’d tell him they would be couples as well as almost always a few single males he’d back out. She’d then call me crying the next week, telling me she doesn’t know what to do. Clearly there is something going on, I tell her she needs to take care of herself.

Other friends started noticing too. So we finally agreed to go out “guys only” (which wasn’t true because I was also meeting clients) and we cornered him and asked him wtf was going on.

Me: Why do you always back out when we want to do shit as couples?

BF: Uh, I don’t know, I just like hanging out with my boys.

Me: That’s cool but we’re not kids anymore and I like spending time with you guys and my wife being present doesn’t take away from that.

BF: :-/

Me: Do you even like K377Y?

BF: Yeah but like…

Me: If you don’t want to spend time with her and hang out as couples what’s the point. Just break up with her, you’re not doing her any favors.

BF: I just like having someone to go home to. Just not in social settings. (Paraphrasing last part.)

Now I get it, he’s lonely AF. But at the same time I know there’s more to the story. For instance she tell me when they argue he tells her she’ll never be as good as dead ex, or she would have done it this way or that way. When they have arguments he “punishes” her by making her sleep in the basement, refusing effection, and/or refuses hang out outside the home. Now I understand this is literally psychological abuse. I’ve asked her to pack up and leave before he completely breaks her. She won’t because she “loves him” and he just needs more time. I’ve told him to just ask her to leave, but of course he won’t, why would he. I don’t know what to do with these two. So I guess I just keep inviting them to shit?