I said it before, but I’ll say it again…


I mean,

Look. At. Him!!! 😭😍😈

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The stolen pen

I’m so angry. I’m beyond angry. I’m apoplectic.

I have this classmate, right? (Not related, but I recently found out he’s an ISTP. Saw it coming from a mile away.) And my friend, who always sits next to me. Yes.

So, my friend picks up a pen and says “whose pen is this?”, and I say “it’s mine”, because I can fucking recognize my own damn pen.

She doesn’t give it to me. I don’t fucking know why. I think she’s trying to see if someone else claims it. So I try to take it. She doesn’t allow me to take my own fucking pen.

When all of a sudden a classmate (not ISTP, ESTP) takes it away. Everyone starts fighting over my pen (I bet you had already forgotten it was mine, just kidding)!

All of ISTP’s friends is repeating “it’s ISTP’s!” over and over again. Why!?

And my classmate keeps the pen. Not even my teacher is helping. I’m physically weak, I can’t do shit. I’m seething.

So I whisper in my classmate’s ear: “Hey, ISTP, why did you steal my pen? Is it because mommy and daddy don’t love you enough to buy you a new one?” He says “haha, yes”, but I hope he was just bluffing and his heart is crushed. I hope I hurt him.

And, I know, it’s childish of me to get so angry over just a pen when I can just buy another one. It’s immature of me to say such hurtful things because of a pen. But I don’t care. I don’t regret it. Does that make me a bad person? Maybe. If you want, you can unfollow me.

And here comes the MBTI part.

I started thinking, right? I’m determined to recover that pen and/or punish ISTP for stealing it. I won’t stop at nothing. I must get my pen back.

Now, I don’t think that sounds like something a stereotypical INTP would say.

It kinda gives off an INTJ vibe, I think.

So, I don’t know if this is because a) a person is more than their MBTI type or b) not all stereotypes are true (both statements are true).

Probably both.

What do you think?

I remember the old Supergirl times when you got bts pics and Pics from Episodes from Melissa and Chyler, Mehcad and all the other actors. And now you get drowned in Sanvers pics. And only pics of Chyler and Floriana. I miss those old times. I miss when Supergirl was still Supergirl and not “ a Sanvers centric, I know my dad is missing but I don’t care and I shove my sister into a horrible relationship with some dude who just want to get in my sisters pants so I have free time for Maggie show, also a everyone is suddenly a hero while in the first season they were cowards (James - who seems to took on a Karate class and got the black belt in 2 weeks), and a Supergirl who was once the strongest girl in the Universe and now looks like she cannot handle anything on her own anymore. Who is only strong with the help of some man. Who get shoved in the background so some frat guy can bath in her light. And who seems to have lost her intelligence along the way to fall in love with a dude like Mon-ew. Who is abandoned from all her friends and her sister when her earth birthday is. I miss those old times with the Danvers sisters hanging out together, eating ice cream and potstickers and talking about the day. Were family always comes first. I miss the mentor figure in the series with her humour and her sarcastic comments who is capable of bringing out the best of Kara and Supergirl. I miss a whole plot that we had in first season and now seems to be swallowed by a big black hole. I miss the charming villain who despite his evil intentions is still a kinda cute guy. Yes I am talking about Maxwell Lord.
I miss Astra who let Kara struggle with emotions because she was a relative.
I miss those moments when you sat in front of your TV and were on the edge because you wanted to see how Supergirl will handle the situation on her own. I miss those times when you cursed the TV station because they put the commercials on when it was the most exciting.
I miss Kara with her adorkable face and her ability to make everyone smile on a rainy day. Who struggles to find a balance between being just Kara Danvers and Supergirl.
I miss Alura or her holographic device who gave Kara at least a sense of her old home she did loose.
I miss the fandom that once was a loveable place, where every ship existed in peace beside the other. No ship wars. Where friendships were created. Where wonderful Fanfiction and Art were created.
This rant could go on and on. So to make things short. I miss the spirit of first season that made me fall in Love with Supergirl and the Danver Sisters.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget when I first watched the OA because of the feeling I got, the color tone of day turning into night, and me giving up on fixing my keyboard shelf thingy
it just feels so magical when I think back on it