2x10 is such a monumental episode for clexa because you can physically see them growing in love and finding so much comfort in each other, like the first thing lexa did when clarke awoke in the woods was reassure her that she was protected and the first thing clarke did was check how lexa’s arm was and despite everything else that was going on around them all that mattered in that moment was that the other was safe

Castle….is over…Caskett will never play out having littles onscreen…or see Alexis get married and take over his PI company…No Martha and her eccentric and beloved theatrics…there will be no more Ryan and Espo antics…no more “Writer"vest when Castle goes out in the field…there will be no Lanie and Espo wedding… There will be no more Beckett being an amazing detective captain and trying to keep castle in line, or her just being the best character on tv. There is no more Castle and I don’t know what to do anymore…

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And part of me just wants it back. And that part of me wants things to be okay again and for both of us to be okay with each other. I think all I’m trying to say is, part of me wants the relationship to be as free and uncomplicated as it once was, as if we were both children. I think part of me wants that again.
I don’t think it’s coming back.