There’s a lot of things that trigger me to be upset, I hate to mask the pain of being unhappy, living with such stress/anxiety, isolating myself in my room for hours, sleeping away my depression.

I may be broken inside, but do me a favor and smile, not for me, but to the ones you care about. Be positive, you can do this. There was a lot of hardships down my path, and I know I have to move forward. I’ve cried a lot for being in stress, emotional pain is hard. Once I get over it, I just watch a lot of videos on YouTube about what makes me happy. Sometimes, I have to hug my companion Kuppuru, and he likes to reassure me with his purring while I hug him.

I don’t want anyone to be like this. Just be happy, guys. Don’t think about the bad times, just move on. Please, I love you guys with every inch of my heart, I don’t like seeing you sad. Smile, please. You will become stronger, and overcome all the challenges in life.

can taylor please call me Bridge & actually hug me? I wish Taylor was able to hug me when I met her..I want to know what having her hug you feels like so bad

imagine her calling you by your nickname while hugging you. i cry thinking about it.


Oh so that’s how he greets his fans. 

In Lucy’s Eyes

What about a Dragon heart-ish scenario in which a dragon-skinchanger Bilbo saves Thorin by giving him half of his heart, but unlike in movie, Thorin actually becomes half dragon?

What would his reaction be? Glad he has another chance at a life with Bilbo? Horrified? Enraged to the point to hate Bilbo for what he’s done to him? Would this rise the possibility of falling again into the goldsickness?
Would the dwarves cast them away, meaning that they could live their lives in peace, or Thorin would resent Bilbo forever?
What do you think?