Do you know what DYAD’s done to her? What she’s become?
                                                       Back on your feet again thanks to Ira’s help.

back to the future

Her hair, her outfit: it would all work in 1983.

I mean, I do want to get a better look at the waistband of her jeans before I Make Pronouncements - back in the day the waistband was supposed to hit your waist instead of somewhere south of your navel - but a black shaker-knit raglan sweater over jeans, basic layered above-the-shoulder hair, a ring on a chain?  She could go grocery shopping in this in 1983 and not raise an eyebrow.  

I <3 the stylists here, because they picked a look that a woman who was just transplanted from 1983 might choose on purpose and that works in 2016.  It’s designed to show off her character, rather than her cleavage.  And - surprisingly - she’s showing less skin than her sons.

Strangers and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Characters/Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Emma (OC)

Word count: 476

Warnings: Lots if Friends quotes

A/N: I wrote this like a while back, and it came back to me as I was watching some friends… 

Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. character are you? I’m a Phoebe-Monica-Joey-Chandler mix lol

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Could you do a Monsta X reaction to you (A girl they work with but aren't close with) accidentally sending them a picture that was meant for a friend.. And they respond because they find you cute.


He would probably think something along the lines of ‘This is y/n, right? Why would she…?  Either way, she looks cute. Maybe I should tell her that? I mean, If she sent this it would mean that she’s interested, right?’

“You’re really cute you know, y/n”



He would immediately save the picture to his gallery and probably set it as his home-screen. He would then proceed to send you a pic of his own, and attempt to ask you out with a cheesy pick-up line.

“ You mind if I send this picture to my mom? I want her to know what her future daughter-in-law looks like.”



He would probably realize immediately that it was sent to him by mistake. He would probably ask you if you knew who you were sending it to, but after you responded to that he would likely drop a hint that he thinks you attractive.

“You know, I wont mind if you send me more pictures like that in the future.”



He would, like Wonho, probably figure out that it wasn’t meant for him. However, he wouldn’t say anything about it. He would try to use the opportunity he was given to his full advantage.

“ You should text me more often, you know. Especially if it’s something like this”



Hyungwon would probably get really happy when he gets the picture, thinking that you had developed a crush on him. He would read the message be and try to talk to you about it in work the next day. However, when you mentioned that it was an accident that he got the picture in the first place, his face would visibly fall. He would try to play off the whole incident as a funny joke.

“Yea of course it was an accident lol. I mean, why would you have a reason to send me that?”



Minkyuk probably wouldn’t put much thought in the whole situation lmao. He would simply send you some cute emojis and then ask you out on a date.

“( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡ You’re so cute y/n-ah! You should go to a cafe with me tomorrow after work if you’re not busy!”



He would probably look at the picture, but not respond or anything. He would probably sit on his feelings for a while, before approaching you weeks after the fact in work. He would simply ask you to go on a date with him, and not mention the picture at all.

“Hey y/n… you should go on a date with me, okay?”

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My mom texted me this morning to say she’s going to the scholastic book fair and do I want her to look for something for me? Mother I am in college of course I want something from the book fair, plus Mary Downing Hahn’s new book is there

I had to doodle something from the latest chapter of Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear cos it gave me so many goddamn feels and if you aren’t reading that fic then you are missing the hell out like you don’t even know ok


Recently rewatched Legend of Korra and realized how much I miss this show.
So here are my favorite ladies in some 20′s outfits. 

Outfits in the second image are based on the ones in this post which were based of this piece of fanart

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….