I think he should say “Poe” a few more times, I think he was really making headway with that.

Some faves from Rifftrax - The Force Awakens - Stormpilot Edition

The first Somali-American state legislator in the nation, Ilhan Omar 

In a historic upset, Somali-American activist Ilhan Omar unseated the longest serving state legislator in the nation during the Minnesota DFL primaries on Tuesday August 11th. 

Endorsed by many local political groups, including feminist, women’s, LGBTQ, and environmentalist, she commanded 41% of the vote, a full 12% more than either of her competitors. She will have her name on the ballot for general elections in November and is projected to assume office in the same month.

She is a refugee, community organizer, mother, and all around badass. She resides in the Cedar-Riverside community on Minneapolis’s West Bank, home to the highest population of Somali people in the US. Omar is part of a positive trend in the upper midwest. In 2014, Mineapolis’s sister city, St. Paul, welcomed the first Somali hijabi into the ranks of their police force

I want every young woman of color out there to know that they have the power – and support – to run for office and win.” - Press release

Here are some of the photos that best encapsulate what Omar means for her constituents.

Ilhan Omar helps wipe the tears from Habiib Farah’s face. Chris Juhn for MPR News

A woman breaks down in tears into another woman’s arms after learning about Omar’s victory. Chris Juhn for MPR News

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1. I dislike speaking French.
2. I have a younger brother.
3. I’m a tomboy.
4. I have a new Boyfriend.
5. I need my Tea every day to function.
6. I love fries.
7. My favorite color is Pink but I like every pastel color.
8. I don’t want more kids.
9. I love watching a movie before going to bed.
10. I want to marry john Snow.

I tag everyone who didn’t do this before!  

Oh man drawing Ollie was so much fun! I actually wanted to redesign Maren first but I just couldn’t figure out what to about them so yeah I was drawing Ollie and I was struggling with her hair and couldn’t draw it so I just drew a bun for her, but I wanted to keep the length. I ended up with the pigtail ls because they kinda resembled a merge of the two aspects of her hair. I also wanted to keep the essence of the suspenders so I decided on the overalls. However they were long and deniem at first because wearing boots with shorts is so impractical and I almost screamed. But in the end shorts looked cute so I rolled up the cuffs. When it comes to the colors it’s all honestly because I wanted to put every color in her design to show off her colorful personality. Obviously that’s impractical but I was able to fit orange (overalls) and pink (hair thingys) into her RYB design. It isn’t too different but that’s kinda was going for. I wanted her to stay essentially the same. I tried something new so it’s a but messy. I hope you like it!

For you guys: @hannahki-and-art and @addiemallory

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Ok love your big and everything but considering you are one of my faces it would be absolutely wonderful if you posted more pocs because honestly? I want to find some cute ass girls of color like every time I try and find cute fluffy shit its all white and I cannOt RELATE tbh we arent really represented well in the lgbt community

I feel the same way like we are not represented enough but I will try to find pictures. I promise I want everyone to feel represented on my blog so i Will try because there’s not much.

When I needed a logo I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. I knew I wanted simple and for it to represent me, colorful in every way. I’m so grateful to @folakemi my logo designer extraordinaire for making my vision come true.

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