I want there to be a HUGE split even right down the middle for this houses starting dynamic. I’m tired of there being one big alliance and the other small alliances. I want the smaller ones to come together. I want the tension in this house to be like bb15. I want everyone in the jury house to be worthy of being in the jury house. I want flipped votes right before eviction. I want manipulation. I want to see blood. I want the pressure and anxiety in that house to open my sixth sense

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The truth is, I’m hopelessly in love with you. I said it many times to you, and I’ll say it many times about you. I’m crazy, I’m obsessive, I’m needy, I’m protective, I don’t care. I fell in love with you, and now I don’t know how to fall out of love. Now I don’t know where to put the memories, how to shake the thought of you and the truth is I fucking miss you. God damn, I want to hate you, I want to feel my blood boil at the thought of you, but I have nothing to hate you for. All you ever did was shower me with love, how could I hate you for making me happy? How could I hate somebody so innocently perfect? I miss you, I miss us, I miss the way you used to look at me and I miss the way you talk. I miss your stupid walk and your gross facial hair, I miss the tiny little things that I used to tease you for because now I don’t get to laugh at them. I took everything for granted, I took our entire relationship for granted because I made up in my head that it was forever, that for once a boy wasn’t lying to me. And I was so damn stupid to think that, to fall in love as if there was no tomorrow because of course you were going to leave and of course you were lying. What do I have that is so special? Nothing, I got nothing. And now you’re gone, gone for good and I’m left here not knowing what the fuck to do. Not knowing where to place all this love and not knowing how to smile on my own. You carried me through so much and dropped me like I was nothing, like everything we went through was all just a dream, and I guess now I’m living a fucking nightmare
—  I’m missing you

“I want to be alive again. Not in this half-life. I want to be really alive. I want to feel my heart pumping in my chest again. I want to feel blood moving through me hot, and salty, and real. It’s weird, you don’t think you can feel it, the blood, but believe me, when it stops flowing, you’ll know…. Look, I don’t know why this happened to me. But it’s hard. You know why dead people only go out at night, puppy? Because it’s easier to pass for real, in the dark. And I don’t want to have to pass. I want to be alive.”

Tweeter and Skeeter.

This is long, be warned. I live in a lowish income neighborhood. My little section is pretty nice, but if you go a few blocks in any direction, it gets pretty shitty. That means I’ve had a few run ins with skeevy meth heads and small time thieves.

This started when I moved in to my house. I noticed that on trash pick-up days, people would go up and down the alley where the trash cans go and dig through looking for recyclables. One of them was a guy I called Old Bob.

Old Bob lived a few houses down. He said he collected to buy presents for his grandkids. I don’t think the kids liked pints of Dark Eyes vodka, but he was harmless. So I started bagging up my cans separately so Old Bob didn’t have to dig through my trash.

Then, there were Tweeter and Skeeter. They would roll up and down the alley in a junky old truck with no exhaust that belched blue smoke. They looked like the after pictures from Faces of Meth. After they saw in was bagging cans for Old Bob, they started grabbing them. This didn’t sit well with me.

The next time I saw Old Bob, I told him I would leave my stuff just inside my yard, up against my shed, where you couldn’t see the bag from the alley. This went on for a month. Then, I heard and smelled Tweeter and Skeeter rumbling down the alley. I didn’t think anything of it, then I heard the rattle of a bag of aluminum cans being thrown into the bed of a truck. Those fuckers had gone into my yard to grab Old Bob’s drinking money. That shit would not stand.

I went to the hardware store; I bought a cheap pair of locks and some latches. I put the latches on my trash cans, I would unlock them when I left for work, which was about 15 minutes before the trash truck came down the alley. I also gave Old Bob a key. By this time, we were becoming downright neighborly. I would chat with him and have him help me around the yard and throw any spare cash his way.

After a few weeks, I heard Tweeter and Skeeter again. I heard them stop, then rattle the can lids, then drive off. I came out the next morning and the fuckers had pried the latches off my cans, and stolen the locks, too.

Now I was pissed. They were stealing Old Bob’s drinking money, and they had fucked with my shit. I stopped keeping cans separate, and started dumping used cat litter over everything.

Tweeter and Skeeter would still roll up to my trash area, but they weren’t willing to dig through shit to get anything. Old Bob was still helping me around the yard, so I would hands him bags of cans when he was over, in addition to the extra cash.

Everything was quiet for a few months. Then, we had a bad storm and the gutters on the alley side of my shed got messed up. They were in OK shape, but the underlying board and gotten torn up. It was too late in the day to do anything, but I figured Old Bob and I could take care of it the next day.

That night, I was woken up by Tweeter and Skeeters damn truck. But before I could throw pants and shoes on and chase them off, they were gone. So were the gutters on my shed.

Needless to say, I was fucking livid. After I calmed down, I went to Home Depot to get a new gutter. As luck would have it, I heard the fucking meth-mobile start up in the parking lot as I was walking in.

I wasn’t about to confront them directly, since I like having all of my blood and internal organs on the inside. What in did do, though, was get a good look at their liscense plates.

They were expired (of course) but the layer of soot from burning oil had obscured the sticker. You wouldn’t notice it from more than 5 feet away.

Finally, I had a way to get back at them. I called a relative who knew a few of the local PD. They said the address on the last registration was a house that had since been burned down in a meth lab fire. They never caught the cooks, but they going to keep an eye out for the truck. If nothing else, they would get a ticket and have to put current plates with a real address on them.

I was OK with this, but I wanted blood. I got my wish when the city did heavy trash pick-up.

I put an old grill in my back yard and scratched “Not Trash”, on the underside, along with spraypainting the smokestack white. Sure enough, Tweeter and Skeeter saw it and couldn’t resist. Once they had done that, I spent a few hours on a Saturday driving around the shittier parts of my neighborhood until I spotted my grill sitting in a yard.

I called my buddy with the police contacts and told them where they could find Tweeter and Skeeter and their un-registered vehicle, along with a stolen grill.

A few hours later, Tweeter and Skeeter came home to a few cops waiting for them. Since scrapping from heavy trash pick-up had been good to them, they were caught with a not insignificant amount of Meth and a lot of precursors to make more.

Tweeter has to serve out a 5 year sentence in prison. He also pinned the lab fire on Skeeter, who will be serving 10 years along side him.

Old Bob still helps me out, too.

the crows as things i've done at school
  • kaz: sat in class, in full view of the teacher, doing the homework that should have been done when it was assigned a week ago, and somehow not getting any late points taken off
  • inej: spent like 20 minutes in the bathroom playing on my phone and my teacher never said anything?? i was gone for a really long time and nobody noticed
  • nina: exclaimed that i was "full on gay" right as my class quieted down and the teacher walked in behind me
  • matthias: got through an entire semester of health class without talking to anyone or making a single friend
  • jesper: laughed until i cried because i remembered that there was a woman named was "Janet McNutt"
  • wylan: got too enthusiastic about a project and explained the intricate details of a specific volcanic eruption on an icelandic island to my class for over ten minutes
  • kuwei: said that i didn't want to donate blood because "it's my blood. i made it and nobody else can have it but me"
Yandere Sentence Starters~! ❤🔪

{So this is my try at a few Yandere Sentence Starters! Hope you enjoy! ^^}
{Might be updated!}

(PS: If you ever write something with one of my starters then please tell me! Cause I’d love to read it!!)

~I really want to be gentle to you right now, but you’re making it impossible.

~You lied to me…You know what that means right?

~You’re happy being together with me, yes?

~Should I just break your legs? That way you could never, ever run away again.

~I saw you laughing with him… That’s unforgivable, Darling…

~Why do you think I’m stalking you? I’m only keeping you safe and clean.

~I’m the only one that can kill you.

~If I’m going to die. I’m taking you with me.

~I loved you since I first saw you, much more earlier then… Him.

~If you’re with me. I don’t need anything else.

~Please don’t cry…

~You’re the only one for me.

~You don’t need anyone but me.

~Love me. Love me. LOVE ME! I just want you to love me!!!

~Don’t worry. He’s all taken care of.

~If you will never give me your heart, then we should just die together.

~Why are you trembling? It can’t be because of me…

~You’re absolutely gorgeous when you cry.

~I’d advice you think twice before saying things like that. You’re not leaving me, ever.

~You’re MINE!!! Is it that hard to understand?!

~I’ll break that spirit of yours. It’s gonna be fun.

~There is no escape from me and my love.

~I want to earn your trust. Your faith. Your heart. You will never be deceived.

~I want to mix our blood and put it in the ground, so you can never leave.

~This hurts? Good. Keep showing me that expression, my love.

~Anyone who gets between you and I shall die.

~Am I wrong? You want to be loved, Don’t you?

~I will eat up your heart and you’ll be forever mine.

~I will mark my proof on your entire body.

~I won’t let you run away.

~I will treasure all of these tears that you shall shed.

~There’s nowhere to run, so let’s just get it over~

~Soon I know you’ll see. You’re just like me.

~Don’t scream anymore, my love.

~Because all I want is you~!

~Only I can protect you~!

~I do EVERYTHING for you!!! Why can’t you just understand it?!

~I will gouge out those eyes. Then the last thing you will ever see is me.

~I’ll cut out your tongue, if you won’t stop yelling.

~I want your innocence.

~I want your every step.

~I will destroy everything in my way until I have you.

~Come to me and you won’t regret it.

~I’m not jealous. I just don’t like others watching MY property.

~You’re going to be mine, all mine.

~You’re much more beautiful when broken.

~You’re only my enjoyment.

~I love the way you react.

~You’re lying. You love me, I know it.

~This is all your fault. You have nobody blame but yourself.

~Choose me and I won’t kill anyone.

~I’m not asking for much. Just give me your heart.

~Tell me you love me!

~You’re so cute while sleeping!

~I’ll be watching you…~

~Oh can’t you see~ You belong to me!

~Get Ready! Cause here I come!

~I’ve never met someone who makes me feel the way you do.

~My love is pure and true.

~I’m gonna try to make you love me too.

~Let me in! Just let me in!

~I’m your Guardian Angel.

~Keep crying. I like that sound.

~It will kill me leave when you will leave me…

~You’re beautiful gagged and bound.

~Don’t scream!

~You know I did this all for you and me!

~Our love is caught in your eyes~

~You take my breath away.

~I don’t know what to do besides… killing you.

~I’ll kiss. I’ll touch. I’ll cut you.

~ know you feel the same!

~You’ll see that I’m the only one for you!

~I’ll break you to pieces~

~But you don’t understand! Why can’t you understand?!

~You do feel the same way… Do you?

~Don’t worry! You’re only like that so you couldn’t escape!

~I’ll cut off these wings, so you can no longer fly.

~I will monopolise everything you do~

~I’ll lock you up all for me, in a dark room~

~Even this beautiful hair covering your head. I won’t stop until it’s all red.

~Just looking at the face of the frightened you. Gives me a Thrill that’s unbearable.

~On this hand. On this eye. On this leg. On your cheek. My mark will forever show~

~I’ll make sure this time spent with you will not be ruined.

~I’m the only one who will ever love you.

~My love, keep your eyes on me.

~I am the only one who will treasure everything you do~

"It's for the city, Eric..."

A bit of back story:
I’m the dm for my newly started group, and im starting each player with a solo session to get them use to the world and to give them a good grounds for how they got together. When I got to the rogue’s session he was having a blast. He started with looking for a bounty for a smuggler and found out that his bounty was apart of a crew that found “Black Dust” (Gunpowder) and the smuggler lost it all.
He then goes to his contact who is a sadistic slave owner, whom he got out of trouble with his own bounty with the help of the rogue, and saw him torture a pair of elf slaves who were sisters (This is important later on he found out). And something about the rogue, he likes to give his victims three options, the first is to turn them in for the alive bounty, the second is to collect dead bounty, and the last is to hide the person with the bounty for double the price.

Anyway, so the main adventure is done, and the rogue helped out a famous pirate captain with finding his lost blackdust, this is them talking in the captain’s office.

Dragonborn Captain: “Right, so here is ye payment. Have to say boy, you really helped us out.”

Half-elf Rogue: “It’s no big deal, I got my payment that’s all that matters.”

DC: “Indeed, but before you go, I have something to ask of ye.”

HR: “Hm? Sure, what is it?”

DC: “You see, I was adopted into a half-elf family… I haven’t seen my two sisters in sometime, and I be worried.”

HR: (Worried about where this is going.) “…I- I see… I suppose i can try to find them… do you know where they were last?”

DC: “On this island actually, they went to work as models for this one painter named (Contact’s name), I’ve been meaning to see them myself but with all this business as of late…”

HR: (Sweating like a pig) “Oh…. um… I don’t know the guy, i’ll be happy to look around for them… But, just a question, what would you do if you found out that something happened to them…?”

DC: (Without missing a beat and way to cheerfully) “Oh, just raid the city in search for the bastard and murder anyone who got in my way, nothing too drastic.”

Later on, after the Rogue found his contact’s place and found out one of the sisters was dead, the other missing a leg.

HR: “Shit! Do you know where Eric (Contact) is?”

Slave: “W-why? P-please don’t tell me you’re here to torture me too…”

HR: “No! Your brothe-”

Eric: “FRIEND! It’s good to see you again! I knew you wanted some blood shed on this worthless piece of meat!”

A long pause, with the Rogue just staring at his contact.

HR: “Eric, I have three options for you…”

Eric, who knows what’s going on when he says that: “… Friend, please, i’ll pay you double…”

HR: “I kinda lied about the third option this time.”

Eric: “Why, you know i’m good on the money!”


Best Friends Forever

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson

*Requested smut, read carefully ;)

Imagine: You are angry because you ex seems to be really hitting it off since you two broke up. In order to help you through it, Klaus Mikaelson, your best friend, shows up in your place. There, he decides to come clean about his own feelings. After that, things get a bit hot in your room.

Word Count: 3043 

A light rain was pouring outside, matching your horrible mood. Today you had the misfortune of bumping into your ex boyfriend, Matt Donovan, and, to make things even worse, he looked like he could not be any happier, babbling about his growing success. Like you wanted to actually know that! Urgh! And that son of a bitch still felt in the right to comment about your life and fucking laugh about it. So what you had been going out and drinking more? It was none of his business.

Taking a deep breath, you turned on the radio. Music helped a lot to discharge the anger and keep your emotions together. Right now, it was exactly what you needed. Luckily, your girl power song was on: Beyoncé’s hit Single Ladies. A smile fastly appeared, as you started to sing and dance along.

“Acting up, drink in my cup! I can’t care less what you think.” You swayed your hips to the tune and rolled your eyes, wishing you were telling him that. “I need no permission, did I mention?”

“I take you are in a good mood, Y/N.”

The singing stopped and strangled scream came out instead. It took a few seconds for you to realise who had barged into your room, invading your privacy. After the fear went off and Klaus was laughing out loud, you frowned, angry. 

“This is not funny. I could have had a heart attack.”

“You’re a banshee, I’m pretty sure you are able to predict your own death.” You narrowed your eyes. “I’m just kidding! I came back town yesterday and heard Matt was at Mystic Falls as well. Thought I’d come to see how you were doing.”

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Stormblood is almost here!

And I know we are all very very excited to play. I know I will be grinding my way to lvl 70 Bard right away and diving into the story, but there are some things I wanted to mention:

  1. Blood clots are a very real thing. Please take some time out of the grind to stand up, do some stretches and move those muscles.
  2. Stay hydrated. Drink some water, don’t rely on coffee and energy drinks to sustain you, your body needs water. 
  3. Healthy snacks over junk food. Popcorn and chips are great but snacking on some delicious fruits and veggies will give you the energy to grind!
  4. Don’t forget to sleep. Make sure your body gets plenty of rest. Take naps if needed. Do not deprive your body of much needed sleep for some extra levels.
  5. Take care of yourself, don’t forget your meds. Your health comes before a video game!

Stay safe my friends! Have fun! And I can’t wait to see you all in 4.0!

The Mark

Characters:  MOC!Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean has the Mark. The reader can tell he’s holding back during sex and urges him to just let go.

Word Count:  1277

Warnings: Language and Smut.  Really, it’s just porn.  

A/N:  My headcanon is that Dean is a very giving lover. For him, sex isn’t just about getting off, but about human connection and mutual pleasure. I’ve been thinking a lot about (and discussing with @torn-and-frayed ) what MOC!Dean is like. Here’s what I came up with.

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. 

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The Mark

Fucking hell, she feels good. She’s spread out beneath me, her legs wide, her feet hooked around my ankles. I’ve only got the tip of my dick in her, but fuck me. She’s so wet and warm and tight. I’m trying my hardest to hold back, I’m feeling so desperate to be inside of her, deep and hard. I take a shallow breath and close my eyes, just trying to focus on the feel of her wrapped around the head of my shaft.

I feel her hand cover the Mark on my forearm, it feels soothing somehow. The Mark is constantly tugging at me, digging into me, but her touch relieves some of the irritation. I open my eyes and focus on hers. It grounds me somehow, staring into those beautiful eyes.

“Dean,” she says softly. “It’s okay, let go. I know you’re holding back, just let go.”

I swallow hard because Jesus Christ, I just want to let go. The Mark has changed me in so many ways. It scares me but makes me feel so alive all at once. Sex has always been about giving for me. I mean, getting it is good. It’s really fucking good. To be honest, this life is a lonely life, there hasn’t been much warmth or human connection, so when I’m with a woman, I want to make it last. It’s about her as much as it is about me. The Mark makes me volatile, it freaks me out. A lot. I don’t want to scare her. I’m a goddamn ticking time bomb, I feel like I’m going to explode at any moment.

“I…can’t…” I trail off. Jesus, I’m inside of her, and we are having this discussion. The Mark is screaming, roaring in my blood. I want to take her, I want to do it hard and fast. I want it so bad.

Her eyes soften. “Dean, I trust you.”  

Jesus Christ, that does me in. I give in to my urges and sink as deep into her as I can, right to the fucking base of my cock. She gasps, her eyes rolling back in her head. The look of pure pleasure on her face sends me over the edge. I take her breast in my hand and palm it roughly, pressing against the taut nipple, she bucks her hips up and moans in response. Fuck, that’s hot. Leaning in, I kiss her, shoving my tongue into her mouth. I’m not gentle and she doesn’t want me to be, her tongue fighting with mine as I pound into her. The sound of skin slapping against skin fills the air. When I pull my lips from hers, she’s breathing so fucking heavy, her eyes lidded. Her breasts jiggle every time I slam into her, and damn, it’s sexy. I’m overcome with a sudden desire to taste her. I pull out and she makes a high pitched, keening sound. Damn, I should’ve done this sooner.

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Anonymous said:What about the hero kidnapping the villain’s sidekick/lover?

Anonymous said: We’ve got villains with the hero’s lover, do you have any for a hero interacting with a villains lover?

1) “You need to let me go.”
“I’m sorry, I can’t.”
You need to let me go,” they said again, flatly. “I don’t want your blood on my hands when they catch up with you.”

2) “You think I don’t know what they are? I’m neither blind nor stupid. Don’t fucking patronize me.”
“And yet you stay?” 
“Where else would I go? Into your arms, swooning into the sunset? Please.”

3) The villain’s lover looked at the hero, silent for a beat. “I think you want some fragile little damsel you can rescue, some broken bird that proves that they were evil and monstrous all along. Inhuman. Incapable of loving anyone or anything. I’m not going to give you that. Great kindness and great cruelty are not mutually exclusive traits.”

4) “You seem rather too nice to be in love with a monster.” 
“You seem rather too judgy to be a hero - or is that what makes you one? The arrogance of assuming you alone understand the world enough to deliver it justice?”

5) “It’s alright, you’re safe now.” The hero looked at them earnestly, careful not to make any sudden movements. “I’ve got you.” 
“Is that supposed to reassure me? You just kidnapped me!”
“No - that’s not - I rescued you!”

6) “I’ve know all about you,” the hero circled the chair. “You’re the most powerful person in this game so far. You could be king of the court if you weren’t so loyal.” 
They said something, not acknowledging the words. Hyper-aware of the weight of scrutiny. 
“Why are you so loyal?” the hero asked softly. “They don’t deserve it.”
“And you do?” 

7) “They don’t love you, you know.” The hero knew that achingly, painfully, well. Looking at the villain’s lover was like looking at old photograph of themselves. A slap in the face. “If they did, they wouldn’t put you in the middle of this.”
“I put myself in the middle of this!” They met the hero’s eyes, fiercely. Even as their voice cracked. “Unlike you, I’m not a miserable traitor. Or what, you think I haven’t heard about you? You think they haven’t told me what you’d say? Your lies, your jealousy, your obsession.” 

8) “They miss you, you know,” the villain’s lover said. “Talk about you all the time. They still have your bedroom, perfectly intact. You make me a ghost in my own home.”
“You really love them.”
“Don’t you?”

9) “Oh, drop the victim act,” the hero spat. “I know what you are. You’re as bad as them. Snake.”
They hissed gently, teasingly, between their teeth. “You’re the one who brought me into your home. Tempted?”

10) “Don’t use a bomb for leverage, sweet thing, and be surprised when it blows up in your hands. Or what, did you think they kept me just for the pretty face?”

So about Matt Holt: A Voltron Theory

With Season 3 coming out some time in September I thought I’d take a moment or two to wax poetic on Matthew Holt, Katie “Pidge Gunderson” Holt’s elder brother and missing member of the Kuroberos space mission.

Matt is an odd one because what little we have is from Pidge and Shiro’s memories, and neither are 100% correct since we’re only seeing what they saw rather than who Matt really is. So with that in mind what do we know about Matt Holt?

Well when we first meet him in the very first episode where they’re captured, Matt is very invested in the ice and talks about how the ice may hold the key to meeting aliens. From this very first interaction with Shiro and Dr. Holt we get a sense that Matt is a young man that his highly involved in the idea of research. He’s soft spoken, polite and very invested and excited about what the universe has waiting for them.

However this changes when we next see the Galra attack them. Matt is both confused and shocked and it takes Shiro grabbing his arm and pulling him away, forcing him to drop the ice sample to get him to move. This is very different then Katie who acts on her own when in danger and reacts quickly by either following Shiro’s lead, or reacting on her own as a means of helping herself or her friends. Matt it seems needs some push to get him moving.

We don’t see Matt again until we get Katie’s backstory when Shiro gets his memories back.

 According to one of the aliens that the crew rescues Matt was the first set to fight and that Shiro injured him.

 However Shiro clears this up and notes that Matt was scared. Matt states that he wasn’t going to make it and the first thoughts were of not seeing his family again.

 Shiro then pushes Matt back and goes after the robot that is holding the blade weapon and shoves him into another alien.

To everyone’s horror Shiro wounds Matt on the leg and then attacks him screaming “I want blood!”

This terrifies Matt and seems to really shake him up something fierce. 

Keep in mind that his and Katie’s father has been taken away with the weaker prisoners. (If this wasn’t Voltron I would say that he’s dead.) 

However his look changes when we see him reacting to Shiro’s sudden change to normal, “Take care of your father.”

There’s a lot of things going on here, but I’ll try to dissect it as best I can. From these few scenes there’s a lot to take in on regard to Matt and Shiro, their relationship and how Matt sees both Shiro and himself.

At first Matt is clearly terrified. He knows that his life is practically over as he’s not built for fighting. This means that he never served in the Garrison in a post like Shiro did. He more than likely was on the research end of things, and never had to worry about facing combat. His fear comes from an internal worry of dying and not being able to see his family again. We see it in the way that he starts to freak out and the way his body language shows utter fear. What’s interesting is that Shiro sees this too and tries to calm him down in his normal tone, however Matt’s not having any of it and seems to be on the verge of a breakdown. 

Shiro, realizing what’s going on here, after the robot comes out and shows the weapon to them, pushes Matt back then proceeds to act crazy and attacks him, wounding him in the shin with a blow and allowing himself to be taken away to fight.

 Shiro also tells Matt to take care of his father and get stronger. These actions show how much Shiro cares about Matt as a friend and crew member. His first goal is getting Matt out of danger, even if that means hurting him to do so, his second action is to tell him to protect his father. This shows that Shiro cares deeply for the Holts and wants to keep them safe.

What’s interesting here is Matt’s reaction to all of this. He sees Shiro go crazy, is terrified of that, then recognises that he’s not about to truly hurt him and he’s sacrificing himself so that Matt can find a way back to his father and keep him safe, since he’s weaker now due to the wound. The fact that Matt seems to take in what Shiro says indicates that there’s respect there, possibly a brotherly love going on as they are crew mates and Shiro is the sort that will do what he can for his friends.

But what about Matt? Thinking about it a bit more, while we see Matt is scared, to me at the very least I got a Raditz feel about the whole thing. What does that mean? Well in Dragon Ball Z Radditz was Goku’s older brother, an older Sayian, but he was different then Goku. He was cowardly, afraid of death and also someone who thought of himself.

Now, the thing about Matt in these scenes makes me pause. While we can tell he’s not one for a fight, that’s more Katie’s area, we also can see there’s some selfishness to him. He doesn’t think about Shiro, he’s more worried about what’s going to happen to him, rather than trying to think of a way out and help the others. Now this doesn’t mean that Matt’s a bad person, but rather he’s less altruistic then Katie or Shiro is. In fact it looks like he’s taking in what Shiro said about getting stronger. The question is, is he looking for Shiro, or is he planning on getting revenge with the Rebels.

Remember there was a reason why those two former members left, and that indicates that whatever this group is doing it’s not going to be like the Voltron crew nor the Blade who seem more empathetic to protecting others and willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their crew. Something Shiro willingly does, Matt on the other hand…

Then we have the situation at home in Katie’s memory. Matt teases his dad about eating peas and we see the family together. The issue is that it’s just from Katie’s view so we get more about her dad then Matt. However we do see that they care a lot about one another and that he took a picture with her.

Things change up during the escape from the space jail Beta traz. We know that Matt was held captive for a time in a place where the Rebels were able to find him and take him. The question is why? Could his dad be part of the rebels, or was someone else looking out for Matt. Or could it have been the Aliens that were let go by Voltron that informed the rebels of matt? That doesn’t really tell us much of who knew where he was or how though.

What’s interesting is that he willingly seems to go with them, he’s being led by the arm again and it’s clear his cell was the one that was targeted.

 It also seems like they broke him out of a similar jail where there were guards, the robot kind, but again the question is who knew all that? Even Shiro didn’t and why do the Rebels want him in the first place.

Now here’s where things might get depressing. If the story of matt plays out like I think it might, this is not going to be a happy home coming for Pidge. Matt in the time that he’s been with the Rebels will have changed, a lot. Assuming that they didn’t just recently break him out, as he’s wearing the uniform that he was in the pit, then he’s been with them since before the time that Shiro escaped. If this is true then that means that Matt has been staying with the Rebels for some reason rather than finding a way to get to Earth and back home. Why? My guess, he’s become obsessed with what Shiro said. He wants to stay with the Rebels to fight Zarkon and get back at him for attacking them and other people. It’s clear that Matt is a sensitive caring person but also one that is selfish and tends to see things in ways different then Katie.

What I think will happen is that Katie will find the rebels, either with Lance, Hunk or Keith at her side. However while Matt is happy to have her back he gives her an ultimatum. Either join with the Rebels and fight Lotor with him and take back over the places that Zarkon had with less than good ways of doing so, or become their enemies. I can’t see this turning out good till far later, and I’m pretty sure that Matt will have to eventually accept the Voltron group working with Keith and the others. This is going to put Katie in a rather bad place, one that will ultimately pit her against her brother during events of this or future seasons.

Given that I have a feeling Matt might be more selfish then Katie I’m kind of betting on this happening in the end.


“I want to be alive again,” she said. “Not in this half-life. I want to be really alive. I want to feel my heart pumping in my chest again. I want to feel blood moving through me–hot, and salty, and real. It’s weird, you don’t think you can feel it, the blood, but believe me, when it stops flowing, you’ll know.”