This is a video of Michael doing an impression of Bob Zemeckis and also casually ruining my life.

because I thought he was a serious, brooding actor, why the heck would I care about some 80s guy, and then I saw this video. and boy. whoo boy

I saw this video and knew I was in big. trouble.

i’m meeting him tomorrow.


always // panic! at the disco


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In what order should I read all the avengers comics (including the separate comics)

so the thing is, you can read comics chronologically if you want, but i would personally recommend just picking up a random comic which looks interesting to you and starting from there. make use of wikipedia and the marvel wiki when there’s a reference you don’t get, and read on to the next arc which grabs your attention. that’s generally more fun than stressing about reading everything :)

that said! some nice starting points for the avengers team are:

  • avengers vol 1: if you like the classic art, this is fun retro silliness with lots of adorable team bonding
  • civil war + dark reign: sort-of-but-not-really related to the mcu, good way to get introduced to pretty much all of the comics verse characters
  • avengers prime: fun silly adventures with cap, iron man & thor
  • avengers annual 2013: this is just cute af
  • all-new, all-different avengers: the latest run has a fun new younger team and they’re adorable (kamala <3)
  • avengers vol 5: still a bit salty about how this ended… but it’s a good run with lovely art

for iron man:

  • extremis: a++ run about the relationship between tony & his technology
  • world’s most wanted: who is tony stark without his mind? i loooove this arc
  • iron man vol 3: remember when tony was well characterised? *wipes away single tear*
  • iron man: final frontier: tony in spaaaace

for captain america:

  • man out of time: sort of a retelling of his origins. remember when steve had hope for the future?
  • captain america: white: mostly i just like this artwork
  • captain america vol 6: good stuff with steve & sharon

other volumes for team members:

  • black widow 2010
  • captain marvel 2012 & 2014
  • ms marvel vol 3
  • hawkeye vol 4
  • thor 2014

also check out @wingheadshellhead‘s comics FAQ here, it’s v helpful. enjoy!

callout post for myself
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Smol animation Tutorial?

So a bunch of people asked me to do an animation Tutorial ówo;;
I’m no pro at animation just a Junior .. and been animating for 3 Years in 3D Animation though and I still learn new stuff the more I animate ahaha ~
Especially in 2D I know not soooo much .. but I could try talking about sth. reaaaly basic if you really want me to ahaha ….ha …

Soooo .. maybe you want to hear sth. specific?
Let me know and I try to get it done the next time I do a thing owo!

yo, I’m in this Fire Emblem hell, might as well join in on the fatesonas. Here’s my good noodle. hope it’s on par w/ everyone else’s, bc they’re all cute!

if we are mutual && interested me letting me bother you, feel free to like this post for the following: to be tagged in random starter calls from time to time - whether this be long or short things, to be sent random asks at any point whether this be in character with a dilemma or a need for attention or out of character with love or head canons, to be messaged about plotting/thread ideas/etc. 

name aesthetics

so i kinda want to do this! so basically, just send me your name (reblogging this post would be appreciated but not required!) and i’ll tell you what aesthetics/concepts i associate with your name :) they may not be very good but! it’s worth a shot right?

I had been planning to take the next few weeks off. In part to recharge, in part because I had been anticipating moving at the end of september so I could have gotten a jump start on that, and in part to try and pull myself up from the massive let down of all of that just…utterly disintegrating in front of me and the various related ramifications. I was going to take Sugi up to Edinburgh to meet her cousins the Clone Cats. I’ve been turning work down to give myself that space and because I’m in a place where I can actually just…take time for myself. But.

Today I got a call from an unknown number that, within five minutes, had me in a spontaneous phone interview with a pretty amazing designer. So I have an interview-slash-first-day tomorrow, and if things go well I should be working on a pretty exciting film until I move onto the film I already have set for September. So.. yay! This certainly helps with the string of disappointments the last week has been. 


Ok so I’ve had multiple people reblog my ‘Dating The Joker Would Include..” with them saying they’re disgusted plus MULTIPLE inboxing me basically abusing me for posting it. I just want to clear up a few things…

1) Any imagines/would includes that I write for the joker is based PURELY off the joker in the Suicide Squad movie. Just let me repeat that, MY WRITINGS ARE ONLY BASED OFF THE MOVIE!!!! 

2) I have never read the comics, watched the tv series’ or even watched the dark knight movie with heath ledgers version of the joker. This is the first time I have ever watched/seen anything with the Joker. I have some understanding that the Joker is a lot more abusive towards Harley and others in the comics and tv shows and apparently he cut his face off or something?? Anyways as I said I am not writing about the Joker based off these things, so people who read this and have read the comics need to remember that I don’t know anything about the Joker from those comics. 

3) Anyone who would date/be in a relationship with the Joker would not be completely sane. That is why I added that in order to date the joker you would have to be kind of crazy. 

4) I would never add into any of my stories the Joker torturing, manipulating, abusing the reader because I am 100% not ok with that. As I said in my post, if you were dating the Joker you would have to probably be evil.

5) I got a lot of people asking for me to write for the Joker and I myself was comfortable with writing it. I don’t think people understand that a lot of people requesting joker imagines have probably not read the comics or watched other versions of the joker????

6)  If you are not comfortable with it just don’t read it and simply scroll past it. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MESSAGE ME AND ABUSE ME ABOUT HOW YOU DON’T LIKE THE POST. 

7) Last but not least, it is a fucking movie. It is not real so please just calm down.

8) Also a lot of the blogs that have been sending me messages are more than happy to endorse Harley x Joker ?????????????? Please do not be hypocritical it pisses me off quite a lot.  


An extremely pissed off blog owner :) xxx 

It’s fic writers’ appreciation day so I’m gonna do a thing. I’m in millions of fandoms, and sometimes I even read fic from fandoms I’m not part in, so I have an eclectic list of favorite fics/writers:

  • Play It Again by metisket is my favorite fic of all time. I think I read it before I watched TW, since metisket is one of my favorite fic writers since KHR days. Basically, everything they write is filled with great characterisation and a clear voice. It feels real. And this one is like condensing everything I liked about Teen Wolf and making it into this flawless version that would forever give me happy vibes.
  • Not Quite Lost (Not Quite Found) by @alocalband is like… Peak Me. This is it. The fic that will forever be etched into my heart as The Best Sterek Fic in my life. I’m being dramatic, but seriously. I am the biggest fan of fics about healing and finding a quiet life and a whole!!! town!!! adopting Derek Hale. Basically, if the Hales aren’t alive like in Play It Again, my dream scenario is just Derek and Stiles being happy and taken care of in a town far from Beacon Hills, and This is IT. Not to mention, alocalband is just crazy good at writing. (Plus, they went to the omgcp fandom!!! I’m so glad ;w;)
  • @notaflower​ writes the most beautiful things. exit, seraphim basically made me lie down on the floor in both complete overwhelming adoration for the way it was written and extreme jealousy in all that. I forced my friend to read it and we both cried at this line [For a little while Connor thought they were in love but of course it was not that: how could you fall in love with your own right arm, your own beating heart? It is simply there; it is simply yours.] Even if you don’t know hockey rpf, you could totally read it as an original work. It’s that good. I have it on good authority, since I did force my non-fan friends to read it.
  • Also puttin’ on my shades (to cover up my eyes) by the same author made me cry for days. Like. Just thinking about it right now makes me wanna cry tbh. My twitter followers are so tired of me shouting about this fic. I don’t care tho I will shout about it 4ever.
  • @themorninglark​ is my favorite fic writer in the Free!dom, which you probably know because I also repeatedly just shout about The Pyre of Us all the time. If you haven’t read it, GO READ IT. It is the most perfect nagirin fic and it works as both an otp fic and a brotp fic. It’s just!!! really really good!!! And also everything I wanted but can never write. It’s my ✨dream come true✨.
  • Speaking of Nagirin, A Mile in Your Shoes by @overlymetaromantic​ is a fic about the END CARD. It is so cute. Like. So ridiculously cute. And they really wrote the characters so in-character + their interaction is SPOT ON. Sometimes I just stop and think about that part where Nagisa talks about dreaming of seeing Rin on TV and I go (●´□`)♡ Even if you don’t ship nagirin, you should read it!!! Also, read their fics because they’re basically the Patron Saint of NagiRin and I am v supportive.
  • @isumiilde​ is the love of my fic-reading heart. This Tune is Where We Belong and Flowers are Too Much of A Hassle (but if you liked it, okay then) are some of my faves. Someday I’ll just sit down and read everything they wrote because I’m Weak and also there are so many fics there that deserves my undivided attention.
  • @ezzydean​ is also the love of my heart and one of the most prolific writers in the fandom who ALSO ships ALL THE SHIPS. That’s like… the best gift ever. It’s like one day god asked “what do you need” and we collectively said “a saviour of the small ships” and THERE SHE WAS. The Savior of Lifeboats. go to her tumblr and appreciate the gift to us all.
  • Different Strokes by @karasunovolleygays​ is an AkaKage fic, which you probably don’t even know I ship. I didn’t really ship it until I read that fic, and then I just fell down hard. Read it and suffer with me pls.
  • He’s Collecting Bugs on His Body; by @tmntransformer​ is a really fun piece and one of the most memorable TsukiHina fics I’ve read. It’s set in college and the little bits about everyone made me smile so much. It’s a to-go feel good fic for me.
  • I just finished reading Captaincy by sounds like gibberish (preciselypotter) so I’m gonna list that here too. It’s a nice look into the idea of Tsukishima being captain and Hinata being his vice captain, and how they would be like when they’re third years. first-years-as-third-years is always 👌👌👌 but this one in particular really hit all the good spots for me.

okay so i run the lgbt section of my bookstore and we’re woefully understocked; plus i want to read a ton more lgbt fiction!!! so basically…. send me your favorite novels/poems/whatever about or by lgbt people!!! i probably won’t respond to each one but i’m going to make a huge list 😊😊

this panel… haunts me