hi guys!!

it’s @lilsimsie here

Zoo is taking a little break from social media, but she asked me to come on and check up on her blog for her and all that. I was given explicit permission to post whatever I wanted (she basically asked me to troll you guys), but I’m too nice.

I know some of you are worried, so I wanted to let you know that she’s okay and she’ll be back soon.

p.s. maybe reply to this post with some love? That’ll really make her day when she gets back.

anonymous asked:

I want to be happy, I want to be able to go out without feeling like it was a mistake. I want to love me. Basically I want to feel like I'm 6 again..... i wanna feel free.

I feel like that too

viviornitier  asked:

I saw you called John Crichton "best mentally ill protagonist that comes to mind" and I totally didn't even know that! while I'm not trashing on your opinions or faves, I was if anything, very bored by John as a generic white human male protag because his presence always devolved the humor into repetitive iterations of john:[human culture related joke], everyone else:"i dont get it". As a result I never got into Farscape despite how much i WANTED to. Basically, please sell me on John Crichton.

First I will say: if I’d only seen the first season, I’d probably agree. John is absolutely a white human male protagonist, and early on it doesn’t look like they’re going to do much with that. Though Farscape seasons 2-4 is kind of a completely different show than Farscape season 1. S1 does pick up momentum towards the finale, and once that was dealt with in the S2 premiere, I thought it would go back to business as usual. I remember watching the second ep of S2 and realizing that the tone/style had changed a LOT, and it only increased from there. Farscape is a rare show in that it’s not afraid to take risks and have actions have consequences and make things CHANGE. Things don’t always boil down to the status quo, and that really makes for an exciting ride. And I think John actually gets explored as a character, as a person, instead of him just being the window into this world.

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