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That trailer lifted my caryl spirits as much as everyone! Trust me, I was smiling like a dumbass for the rest of the night.

But I gotta say something here. I don’t care if Daryl and Carol don’t see each other for the first half of the season— that’s not important to me, right now. What I DO want to see is the two of them react to one another. I want Rick to tell Daryl that Carol left them. I want to see his reaction to that. Whether he’s mad, or hurt, or scared, or whatever, I want to see how he reacts. I want Carol to see Dwight wearing Daryl’s vest. I want her to see him with his crossbow, and I want her to react. I want to know if that terrifies her, or if it angers her to her core. I want to see her be afraid for him. I mean, you guys are friends, right? You care about each other, right? Then REACT please. 

is there anyone who is good at designing tattoos that would be up for drawing something for me? I have an example of what I want, but I want to tweak it so it’s more original. I would greatly appreciate it.

I would like to do at least one exciting thing this summer before I have to go back to college again. I would love to travel somewhere. 

No friends makes it hard to do things though since I don’t want to go alone.



Hope you like it!! I got the inspiration for this after I recently had a dream about it. I had also wrote something like this in the past but never posted it anywhere because it wasn’t very good so I wanted to write another one and see how it would turn out. Also, sorry if there is any typos😬 Enjoy Xx

The sound of a loud bang and infectious laughter erupted into the flat. You sat alone in the darkness of the kitchen waiting for Ashton to appear. It was 3am and yet again he had stumbled in, drunk like never before. His heavy footsteps were heard very clearly as he looked around looking for you. In front of you lay your half eaten dinner and an empty wine glass. You waited all night for Ashton to come home from the studio as you wanted to have a small romantic dinner before Ashton left for tour the next day. He had promised he wouldn’t go out and come straight home but that was broken pretty quickly. A sudden kiss to your neck startled you slightly. You moved away, grimacing at the smell that reeked from Ashton. The smell of alcohol was beyond tolerable. You were upset with him. Angry too. You weren’t in the mood for all the lovey-dovey nonsense he played when he was drunk. All you wanted was to go to bed and forget about what had happened but that was useless as you knew the routine would repeat itself yet again when he came back for tour.
“What’s up with you?” Ashton slurred confused out of his mind as you got up and walked away from him.
He grabbed your hand pulling you back to face him. His grip was tight hurting your wrists making you hiss in pain. “Why have you been acting so strange, distant lately?” He asked.
His eyes turned black all of a sudden making you turn your head to the side. He was swaying back and forth having no balance. His hand flew to the wall of the archway where you stood trying his best to stay upright.
“Ashton Irwin you want to know why I’ve been acting strange? It’s because of you! I can’t stand sitting to the early hours of the morning waiting for you to walk through the door, drunk off your ass. What kind of a relationship is that? I have to help you get to bed because you can’t even walk in a straight line and I’m up all night rubbing your back when you need to puke all the alcohol you had consumed up!! It’s not fair on me and this is not even a relationship anymore. I’m taking the place of your mum, not your girlfriend. You also have tour tomorrow, why couldn’t you have just come home and spent your last few hours before tour with your girlfriend instead of spending it with the people you would be seeing for ten fucking months straight!!” You shout, shaking your head frustrated.
“Y/N, I’m stressed and I need something to help that and you blaming me for this relationship not working is a joke. I work my butt off every single day to pay the bills and to have a roof over our heads. Why can’t you understand I need something to do to help me calm down and relax and going to the pub with my mates is what does!! I’m sick of you complaining, can’t you go one minute without criticising me?” Ashton commented back.
“Ashton what’s happening to us? What’s happening to you?! What happened to our love that was strong, the i love you’s. They just aren’t there anymore!! I can’t cope. Where is the old Ashton that always came home, wanted cuddles, kisses and wanted to spend time with me. What happened to that?! Something changed and not for the better. Tell you what, just get out! Get out of our house. I can’t deal with seeing you like this anymore and the smell of alcohol is actually making me feel sick, I can’t deal with all of this.” You shout a slow tear falling.
Not only was Ashton hurting himself he was hurting you. You needed time to re-think this entire relationship before you decide if you want to continue. The very few hours you saw each other were not worth the pain anymore. Ashton was a mess and he needed to sort out himself before he could put the pieces of the relationship together again.
“Fine, I’ll get out!! I’m sorry for hurting you in anyway, I’m sorry I changed. I..I-I just, I’m sorry ok?” Ashton whispered walking away slowly.
His boots making a loud clatter on the wooden floor. You watched him closely as he appeared a couple of minutes later, large suitcase in hand as he walked down the stairs. Your head leaned against the lounge doorway, your breathing heavy. Your lip trembling as you watch him walk out the door. No glance behind him whatsoever. You erupted into a fit of tears. You slid down the wall until you hit the hard ground. Something small lay underneath you making your eyes open. You placed your hand on the floor and picked up the object and brought it into eye shot. A ring. A diamond ring lay on the ground. What? You were confused. Was this for you or someone else. Little did you know, Ashton was going to propose. He didn’t know when or how but he kept the ring in the back pocket of his jet black jeans at all times just in case. When you told him to get out, he flung the ring to the ground knowing he wouldn’t need it. You stood up, the ring still in your grip. You couldn’t bear let it go. You fell on the couch and placed the ring on the coffee table and stared at it. You didn’t know what you were going to do with it. Ashton was gone forever, you didn’t know what to do. You were alone. The only thing you could do was grab the next flight and fly home to where you belonged. With your family and friends that were there from the beginning and will always be there. You packed everything and walked out the door grabbing the small ring in the process. You left the house locking it up and saying goodbye. You would never be back there.

Several months had passed. Six actually. You were finding it difficult to stay happy without him but you were starting to get back to normal with the help of others around you. The world had started to notice the distance between you two. Magazines and newspapers had wrote articles about the break up daily and it was everywhere. Neither you or Ash had commented on the situation but everyone knew it was true. You still had fans asking for pictures and saying how cute you and Ashton were which made your heart break even more. You would reply either with the simple smile or thank you. The date was 7th July and it was in fact ash’s birthday. You didn’t know what to say or do. You hadn’t spoke one word to him since the break up. You couldn’t bare sending a text or pick up the phone and click his contact. It would only hurt more than it already did. You never wanted to see him again as you thought that the more you spent apart the more you would soon fall out of love but that’s not the way it works. Your friends and family had something else in mind. A load knock on your bedroom door, made you sit up from your bed. It was mid afternoon and you were feeling down so you decided to go relax and read a book hoping that your mind would soon picture something else other than Ashton. You best friend popped her head through the door.
“Hey Y/N! I was wondering if you want to go out for dinner or something like that and maybe go for a walk afterwards? Only if you want to..” She said happily.
“Ok..sure. I definitely need to get out and get him off my mind, this is ridiculous!! I can’t go on like this.” You reply shaking your head at how stupid you were being letting Ashton suddenly control your life.
You follow Y/B/F/N out the door. You grabbed your bag and looked back. The ring lay on your bedside cabinet. You quickly grabbed it and placed it in the small pocket in the inside of your bag. You didn’t want to bear loosing it. It was the only piece of Ashton you had left. You climbed in the car and off she went. She hit the motorway and out of nowhere a hell of a lot of traffic hit. Teenage girls in every single car wearing some kind of merch of a artist. Another stupid band playing in the city again you thought. Not thinking too much of it, you kept driving in the direction of the storm of cars. Loud honks, people shouting and the occasional blast of the radio was heard all along the motorway. As you approached the city you became curious to what band was playing. Girls walking everywhere wearing similar clothing to the other person that strolled by. Your car drove in the direction of the arena until it came to a stop. In the multi story car park which stood next door to the main arena. You were confused. Were you going to a concert? A sudden scream made you turn in that direction and your identity was blown. The girl wore a tight black tee with five seconds of summer written across it with a very casual red flannel on top. The super skinny black jeans, ripped at the knee which made it look like everyone owned a pair and basic dirty white converse. A poster in her hand. She ran towards you smiling bright. You waited alone as Y/B/F/N had left to go pay for the parking ticket.
“Your Ash’s girlfriend right?” She asked giddily.
“Well you could say that..nice to meet you!” You reply with a simple smile.
“omg you are absolutely gorgeous in real life, I understand why Ashton loved you from first sight. Is it ok if I have a photo with you?” She said shaking.
“Aww you are so lovely, sure lets take a picture.” You said leaning in getting in the selfie.
“Was so nice to meet you, this has been my dream omg I can’t believe it.” She said speechless.
“Aww love, you are so sweet. Was nice to meet you too, enjoy the concert and hope you’ve had a nice day today!!” You say waving goodbye.
A group started to form around you until it got too hectic and security became involved. They took you and your friend backstage and told you stay back there until the show started. One empty hallway and two silent young adults were all that was around. Your back to sudden footsteps that had appeared out of nowhere. You turned on your heels to come face to chest with a tall figure. Your eyes wander upwards to see a familiar face. A very handsome one in fact. Luke Hemmings.
“Y/N??” He asked confused.
“Um hi Luke. How have you been?” You asked a hint of awkwardness in the air.
“I’ve been good, the real question is why are you here?!” He asked curiously.
“To be honest I don’t know. I just came to say happy birthday to Ash I guess. Well I better go, see you around.” You say slowly walking away before Luke grabbed your arm.
“He wants to see you…” Luke whispers.
“Who?” You question.
“You know who. Please do something to make him happy again, even a lil happy birthday or give him a hug pleaseeeee!!” Luke pleaded.
“Ok fine and I have something he might want back anyway..” You sigh looking away.
“What..?” Luke asked.
“This.” You confess bringing the small ring out your bag placing in your finger tips.
“No he didn’t..!” Luke said.
“He didn’t but was going to. I’m guessing when we fought he must of flung it to the ground in my house, that’s where I found it.” I exclaim shaking my head. “Go talk to him love, he needs you.” Luke said pointing in the direction of the dressing room door at the end of the hall.
You turn your head to look in that direction. You look at Luke again to see him nodding, placing his hand on your shoulder. “Go on babe, you can do it!!” Luke whispered smiling.
You walked forward with caution. The occasional head turn to look at Luke and Y/B/F/N. Both nodding and placing thumps up in the air. You were extremely nervous. You didn’t know what you were going to say. It was like you were meeting your idol for the first time. Shaking hands and sweaty palms. Your throat dry as you stood outside the dressing room door. All that was between you and Ashton was one door. Singing was heard through the heavy surface. A voice you knew all too well. He was a brilliant singer and it was upsetting that he hardly ever got to express it during his time in the band. He was always insecure about his voice but you always made him sing for you while you both sat in bed, you cuddled up to his chest as he had his arms comfortable around you which made him feel more confident about singing. Just thinking about what you and Ashton used to have made you feel more upset. You missed everything about him. His voice was so angelic and peaceful as he sang wherever you are. Your heart crumbling even more as it was your favourite song by 5sos. You listened to every single word, taking in every single moment. It was something special. You lifted your hand to knock on the door quietly. “I wish Y/N was here to hear me singing, this was her favourite song..” Ashton said before turning the door knob and coming to face you his eyes widening in the process.
“Well look…she did?” You reply, a nervous laugh escaping your mouth.
“hey..um I didn’t expect you to be here.” Ashton said a awkward smile on his face.
“Either did I…” You say your eyes wandering towards Luke and Y/B/F/N standing down the hall. Ashton following your gaze. “Anyway, happy birthday Ash!!”
“thanks um.” Ashton said silence laying upon you two.
“I wasn’t really sure what to get you but I thought you would like something back.” You exclaim, placing the ring in the palm of your hand. “Here!”
Ashton took the ring in his finger tips and looked at it closely.
“You found the ring…tell you what keep it!!” Ash said smiling.
“What, why?” You question confused.
“I don’t need it back, having you here is the only present I could ever ask for.” Ash said blushing a smile creepy onto his lips.
“Aww, you’re lucky you’re cute Ashton Irwin!!” You say giggling pulling him in for a hug.
His distinctive scent filling your nostrils making you sigh. You missed him so much you never wanted to let go and Ashton the same. You hung on to each other, swaying back and forth. You put your head in the crook of his neck and placed a gentle kiss. You could sense him smirking.
“I miss you!” You blurt out.
“You do?!” Ashton asked in disbelief.
“Obviously, we’ve been together for nearly two years! How could I not miss the person I love most and will never stop loving. You mean everything to me Ash, how could I not be heartbroken but I had to do what’s best for both of us. You weren’t in a stable environment and it was putting a strain on our relationship!!” You tell him looking deep in his eyes.
His eyes full of regret and sadness. The closer you looked at his beautiful features you noticed changes. The bags that lay under his eyes were bigger. Small spots that were plotted along the sides of his face which he got when he was stressed. His beard well over grown and in need of a shave. You could see small flakes of dry skin on his forehead. Still staring into his eyes you noticed them fill with tears. a small tear escaped as you placed both hands out in front of grabbing Ashton’s large ones.
“hey..Ash it’s ok. You are still struggling with your problem aren’t you?” You ask.
“Yes I am and that’s what is hurtful!! I know you won’t take me back until I sort myself out and it’s heartbreaking that I struggle so much. I need to find help..” Ashton whispered, voice cracking as the tears ran down his cheeks.
“Tell you what, let’s do it together. Seeing you like this is so hard. Ashton I love you with all my heart even if you have an addiction. You are my world and I’m not gonna stop dating you because of your problems. When I broke it off it was because it got too much and I needed time but now I can’t go a day without thinking about you and I’m ready to get back to where we were. Not the different Ash, the original Ashton that I fell in love with from a blink of an eye.” You explain smiling wide.
“oh my god I love you so fucking much!” Ash shouted pulling you close, his soft warm lips landing on yours. It felt good to be happy again.
“I’ll be here more, see you more, love you like never before. I did an awful thing which meant I lost the person I loved most but I’m glad that I have you back.” Ashton exclaimed a beautiful smile reflecting off his handsome face.
“I love you Ash, we can do this, fight it, together and as one!!” You whisper cuddling back into his chest.
His lips coming in contact with your forehead. His arms wrapping around you. The little things he done made your heart flutter and that’s what you loved about Ash. He went that extra mile to make you just that little bit happier and made you feel special. He treated you like his princess and everyone else saw that too.

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yeah sure cute............. but why the fuck is just harry in the pic?? Im sure she have some pic with all of them..........

can u believe harry has ANOTHER styles shirt 😱😱😍!!! i want one!!!!

Catch 'Em All! AU

Characters A and B are avid pokemon fans, so when Character A asks Character B if they want to go to their local park and look for pokemon on the new Pokémon Go app, it’s a date.

Cue Character A bringing a nice lunch and lots of water – they’ll need to stay hydrated while walking so much – while Character B brings two portable phone chargers, so they don’t risk running out of battery.