Todos luchamos nuestras proprias guerras privadas.”

“We all fight our own private wars.”

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The saddest thing is that we've already had a video today. But we would like...we want...we need another one. Ok, Skam? Pretty please?

AGREED. I want 24/7 Even and Isak surveillance please and thank you


Young daddy is the best! 😍Walked me straight into Giuseppe zanotti, told him to choose a pair for me and I topped up another pair I like!

Asked him which brand he likes then he pointed YSL and picked up another bag for me. Wanted another nude one, but I think I was too much, he said next time, 🙈

If only there was Chanel and I made it to Cartier 😝 well.. reminder to self, don’t get too greedy!

Will post my shopping hauls later!! Young SD is dead tired beside me now😬

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I agree with you on Kenny. I don't see how people can just straight up deem him gay. Like, this child is OBSESSED with tits. Just look at Major Boobage. All he ever talks about when it comes to girls is how he wants to fuck them one way or another. (I.e. Kept trying until Tammy sucked his dick, kept going after Kelly, trying to fight Gerald to the death over a fake girls tits while high off his ass, and not to mention when they were playing detectives, all he drew were big boobed girls.)

Yeah that’s what I was gonna mention too. Fucks sake even the weapons had tits all over them. That kid is undeniably obsessed with tits.

just reiterating something i’ve thought about  ( tv sherry, how she coped with losing dwight & the rest of the wives — we know she sacrificed herself willingly to be negan’s wife in order for him not to kill dwight, which he didn’t but he still got the iron. painful as it was for her to watch this happen and of course the pain of losing tina; she evidently coped for a while by wallowing in her own self pity  (ex: how mopey she was in the episode ‘the cell.’ )  though sherry didn’t allow herself to become consumed with her depression for too long, instead she focused on making the group of wives who joined her a little tight-knit group. no, they weren’t braiding one another’s hair, but making sure everyone was mentally okay, eating and feeling alright. as she said in the comics “the transition isn’t easy for us,”  ( hope she says this in the show tbh )  — it’s why they all leaned on her for support. it’s why she was there for amber while mark was getting the iron, she wanted to help make this new way of life as seamless as it could it  ( what better way to do it than with a friend? )   sherry’s role as number one wasn’t just the title, she genuinely looked out for all the other girls. she was like a mother-wife, so to speak. 

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Top 5 Brennan quotes :P

Can I make this one ‘quotes to/about Booth from Brennan’? :)

  1. Why does it make me so happy that everytime I try to sneak a peek at you, you’re already looking at me? (+ her entire wedding vows bc ASDFGHJKL)
  2. I want you to have it. I want you to be happy, that’s all I want.
  3. You and I, we’re bound to one another. So much so that I don’t feel that I could survive without you. You nurture me, you protect me.  You are my home.
  4. I’ve been afraid. I’ve been stubborn. And I’ve been in love…. I want you to be my husband, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.
  5. When Booth and I first met, I didn’t believe that such a thing as love existed. I maintained that it was simply brain chemistry. But… perhaps Booth is correct. Perhaps love comes first and then creates the reaction. I have no tangible proof, but I’m willing to accept Booth’s premise.

I want the love of my life to want to be with me, not need to be with me. Does that make sense? Am I alone?

I don’t want us to depend on each other for survival. I just want us to gravitate toward one another because our souls fit together so seamlessly.

I want us to possess the ability to burn with passion equally, to thirst for life in the exact same way; without each other. And admire each other for it.

Then, to be able to lay down our bodies together, pour that passion into one another, and lay our bodies at peace.

I think this is why the whole Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay thing works for me. Almost (dare I say) better than Mulder and Scully.

I will always ship MSR; until my final breath. *SPOILER ALERT* But, I think that’s why she left him in season 11. He became too dependent on her.

Face it, something happens to Scully; Mulder’s toast. He falls apart. I would guess maybe even becoming suicidal.

Mulder gets abducted; Scully stays the course. Keeps looking. Keeps working. Keeps his ‘truth’ alive. She becomes the driving force that Mulder needs to stay grounded.

Kathryn and Chakotay? I could easily picture either one of them being forced into a situation where one had to order the other’s death.

It would be painful; yet life would go on. The journey would still continue. Neither of them would give up; knowing that the other would never forgive them if they did. Because it was that passion and that thirst that drew them together.

That is love.


He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 


take my tablet away from me

i like the “cassandra’s still highkey crushing on hawke” fanon hypothesis

this has been in my head for a while now

also school starts up again tomorrow so i’ll be going on a semi hiatus