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I mean this in the best way possible but I really hope rick keeps reyna single ... she doesn't need a romance plot

I KNOW ANON !!! Honestly, I hope that Riordan not apply this thing that he did with the rest of his characters about ‘they need a boyfriend/girlfriend a to be happy’ with because he is sending a wrong message to his readers and is not.

While on the other hand … We need more representation of love between girls and Riordan is our hope.

I feel so contradictory.

So, I’m probably gonna move blogs and start over

I just
don’t feel safe here anymore

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So I've heard that Masashi Kishimoto decided to add the NaruSasu kissing scene "as a joke",or, " to make things funny". But why didn't he stop with just one kissing scene? Why did he decide to give us another one? I feel like Kishimoto wanted everyone to know that he ships this pairing too. Sheesh. What do you think?

I have to be honest here, I think he mainly added it as a joke. While I have no doubts about him ending up in relationship writing fumble and starting to enjoy making Naruto and Sasuke interact this intimate with each other, I disagree with the notion of him trying to show how canon SNS is through homoerotic jokes.

The kiss happened once in the original series, but it was played up many times and also used by Studio Pierrot for certain filler episodes. Due to the genre and the cultural background, homosexuality was present, but never treated seriously. In the context of the story, the accidental kiss between Naruto and Sasuke is merely a joke that is used to repeatedly tease Naruto. Every time the validity of the kiss is questioned, the problem doesn’t seem to be the fact that it was an accident, but that it was “only” a boy. Other instances of using implied homosexuality for comic relief are

  • the relationship between Lee and his sensei, plus their clothes, and
  • Naruto and Konohamaru surprising everyone with a refined version of an all-male Sexy Harem Technique, and
  • everything regarding Sai.

So including the genre, the cultural context, and most likely Kishimoto’s (conservative) editors’ views, I can’t see Kishimoto attempting to canonise SNS through homoerotic jokes, but rather through Naruto’s actions and Sasuke’s responses. 

Naruto is a queer-bait issue. Studio Pierrot is notorious for using queer baiting. Queer baiting describes people in the media that intentionally add homoerotic tension between two characters to attract more liberal and queer viewers, although they won’t let said characters get ever together. 

In this case, they are trying to attract shippers and fans of SNS, just to deny them later on by not making them a pairing. Again, their dynamic is set up throughout the series in a way that the characters and/or creators must constantly remind us that it’s a joke, or simply on a friendly basis. It’s problematic since it’s sending the message that gay relationships are less deep, valuable, and real.

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26, 31, 36

26. What’s your favorite anime soundtrack?

thats a tought one…. i would say ping pong the animation and mushishi soundtrack have my favorite pieces

go listen to those they are so amazing

31. What anime made you the most depressed?

probably haibane renmei its overall a really dark anime and doesnt really have happy moments + the whole atmosphere is really intense

36. What anime ‘universe’ would you want to live in?

another tough one…. i would say the one in Mushishi it just has such a unique universe and overall atmosphere which i absolutely love (another one would be the ARIA universe)

Reigen as a youtuber

Paranormal Investigator.
Goes to abandoned houses and claims that every little noise means that is haunted. While walking around he usually tells funny stories, gives good advices, talks about life and so on. Sometimes he vlogs about his tiny garden talking about “Proper care for tomatos” and “the development of Mr,. Potato face”. Everyone knows he’s a fake but they all watch him for his monologues. His comment section is filled with “fake” “this guy is so cute omg” “hey what do you think about this theme…” “how’s captain ketchup doing? you could try planting some lettuce” “hey I got this problem …”. He adresses every single one on video. Sometimes Mob appears as camera man.



Far less sarcastic than I expected honestly


i can’t find the original post that this is based on, but it’s one of @pinkconsultingsociopath that i fell in love with when i entered this damn fandom.

Aaron makes plants sprout randomly.

Hibiscus: perfect, Daises: cheerfulness, Anemone: luck, Carnation: admiration, Rose: love, Ponyleaf Oxalis: I looked it up but it won’t fucking tell me