“Are you taking a picture of us for pride month?”

“Um…should I?”

“Well aren’t you proud of us? We’ve come a long way.”

“I mean, of course I’m proud of us. I just don’t see why we need a picture-”

“So you’re not proud of us.”

“Oh my Fuck, Even. Yes- I’m proud. I hate it when you use this weird reverse psychology bullshit on me.”

“So let’s take a picture.”


“Okay. Good. See there? That’s good.”

“Nah we aren’t cute enough. I want another one. Oh, don’t give me that look. If we are going to take a Pride picture it better be the cutest thing the world has ever seen. I want Eskild to shit rainbows when he sees us, Even.”

“Competitive Gay. That’s a way to get into the spirit.”

Art Challenge #4: Expression challenge!

I made an emoji one a while ago, but since I was experimenting with brushes and faces, I wanted to do another one but less lazily!

If you use, feel free to tag me or put it in the #artmemesarchive or #epicmurdock (my main blog) tag! Do Not Repost on Tumblr, only reblog, but feel free to share it on other sites as long as all the credit is still on the page!

Have fun!

  • [after the silence became too suspicious]
  • Steve: Where are the kids?
  • Tony: Kiddos? ... Okay, here we go again.
  • Steve: Peter? Kamala?
  • Tony: Hey, hey. Found them.
  • [both are looking at kids sleeping on the couch]
  • Steve: I want another one.
  • Tony: Yeah, me too.

“Arsenal have finished above Tottenham for more than two decades. Have won the Premier League title twice at White Hart Lane and the rivarly is just most intense than ever. Players that have played for both teams make the atmosphere electric when they return to play against their former team. Tottenham fans have never forgave then club captain Sol Campbell for leaving on a free transfer and he went on to become an Arsenal legend. When these players return to their old home grounds, they recieve plenty of abuse from the supporters and they want their team to win to get one over on the player and the other club. This is more than just a derby”.



I got so emotional imagining a video for it that I almost want to make another one?!  but I always feel weird about making two videos on the same theme…using the same general set of clips…idk though it would be REALLY GOOD

anonymous asked:

you are one of my favorite writers and i was so happy when you said you would write riverdale scenarios too, i know you said that you have a long list of alec requests that you still need to write but can i pretty please have a Reggie scenario where he is jealous of the reader because she is good friends with Jughead? it is my birthday today so this would really make my day! i love your writing, hands down best writer!!!!!!

AN //
Happy Birthday babe.👸
Enjoy your day and if you’re legal, take it slow on the alcohol.✨

Reginald Reggie Mantle // Expression.

Reginald X Reader.
Genre // Fluff.
Word count // 3.7K

Credits to the rightful owners of these gifs @kulo-ren


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