City Solarpunk vs. Country Solarpunk

So lately it occurred to me that it seems like you could split people’s ideas about Solarpunk into two categories: “City” Solarpunk and "Country” Solarpunk.

 “City” Solarpunk:

 Tends to focus more on the idea of cities as humanity’s future, and how to improve them to that end. Better urban design/planning, apartment living, walkability, better streets, better communities, etc. Want to make cities “greener” in both tech and look.

"Country” Solarpunk:

 More of a focus on the idea of Earthships and the Homestead, as well as a preference for smaller communities closer to nature. Preference for self-sufficiency for the household and the community. 

Both of these outlooks are perfectly valid! (Though I’m partial to City Solarpunk myself) In my opinion, any realistic future is going to include a little of both. This is also very much based on my own observations and ideas, so take this with a grain of salt. I just find the differences in what people think about when they think of Solarpunk very interesting. 

fic: love me now.

the four times alex danvers wanted to tell maggie sawyer how she felt and the one time maggie did.

rated t. ~4k. alex/maggie. read on ao3.


Maggie has a girlfriend.

A very pretty, very blonde girlfriend named Sophie.

Alex knows what it feels like to be punched in the gut and it feels exactly like this.

When she leaves the scene, she finds herself wishing she was home in Midvale. The view of the stars there is like no other. When she’d feel down, or angry, she’d lay in her backyard and look at the stars. She found that only good things came from the stars because the stars gave her Kara and she was far and away the best thing that happened to Alex.

But she was here in the city, where air pollution made it nearly impossible to find even the simplest of constellations.

Alex goes to her apartment instead.

She lays down on the comfortable throw rug that sits in the middle of her living room. It’s just about the only nice thing she bought herself for this apartment. She’s not here enough to appreciate fine decor most of the time anyway. But this rug? Well it was worth splurging on.

She closes her eyes and pictures the stars against her eyelids. It’s not nearly as good as the real thing but it’s going to have to do for now.

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some soc modern au(?)

* nina and matthias share a place out in the country (nina wanted an apartment in the city but the look on matthias’s face when they saw the house made her heart melt)
* sometimes jesper wakes up in the middle of the night to find wylan playing the flute or the piano but he doesn’t say anything because he never hears wylan play like this during the day so he just listens until wylan crawls back into bed with him
* inej finds a little coffee shop when she accidentally took a wrong turn and now goes in there every morning to read a bit
* she has glasses
* kaz thinks it’s adorable but doesn’t say anything
* nina always finds out about plays and concerts that are in town and makes everyone dress up and go with her
* they all look flawless
* when they see a really good symphony one day wylan gets blown away by the flutes and decides he wants to be in a symphony
* “wait you mean i have to audition?!” “yes wylan, that’s how you get into a symphony” “you know maybe i’ll just be a soloist”
* kaz sometimes just leaves the house to go on walks without telling inej and she doesn’t even worry because she knows he’ll be fine
* matthias never takes his life for granted and when he’s feeling happy he just walks up to nina and sweeps her off her feet and it’s the cutest thing ever
* jesper knows if wylan’s had a bad day so he always takes him to a movie or something and wylan knows if jesper’s had a bad day so he just makes cookies and hugs him a lot to make him feel better
* colm fahey discovers snapchat
* “jesper, how do you do the face thing?” “da, i’ve already told you, tap and hold” “it’s not working” “because you’re not doing it right!”
* he always sends nina selfies and stuff he’s doing and she finds it hilarious but also adorable
* one day kaz decides to take inej out to dinner
* inej is actually kind of suspicious like he’s never done this before
* he claims he was just in it for the good food but no
* imonadatewithinejimonadatewithinej she looks so pretty???
* he can’t get over the fact that she just looks so nice like the lighting is perfect and everything and he kinda wants to kiss her but they’re in public and also consent
* nina wants to take inej shopping but jesper wants to come too and now everyone’s shopping together and no one really knows how but it makes nina super happy
* “oh my god jesper you would look amazing in this lipstick”
* but jesper’s never actually worn makeup before and he’s super excited
* nina gives him a full on makeover and he looks perfect
* wylan’s secretly going insane because jesus christ jesper looks awesome
* but he’s happy when jesper takes off the makeup because come on jesper’s a work of art
* inej gets into wearing sundresses
* she invites the whole crew to have a picnic because she and kaz have this huge beautiful backyard surrounded by forest
* nina and matthias bring these adorable little sandwiches that took over an hour to make correctly
* like nina was yelling at matthias while he was laughing at her
* “matthias, they have to be perfect triangles!!!”
* jesper and wylan bring cookies and nearly burned the house down trying to bake them but it was actually a really cute bonding experience
* inej and kaz quietly roll out a blanket and inej makes tea and they wait for the others to show up
* it’s a nice sunny afternoon and everyone’s pretty happy to be around each other

Serena     (on the phone) Hello? Is that the writing team? What part of  'I need some romance, today’ are you struggling to script? … Hello? *lowers phone in despair*

Bernie       Sex drive been howling or pining? Any promising whiff of hot or scorching new interns?

Serena       *harrumphs* Define ‘promising’.

Bernie       *casts a cursory look over the scene, and adopts a stern, yet ever-so-slightly amused, tone* Oh dear! Middle-aged female character bed-death may have descended.

Serena       Sounds bad. *grimaces*

Bernie       Tis, if you ever want your heart to beat faster again.

Serena       Funny, you don’t look like the sodding hacks. Well, apart from that strange contraption you have there. 'Gaydar beam, ’ eh?

Bernie       Oh, I’m not a writer; *laughs saucily* I’m your new love interest. *extends a perfect, elegant hand, with telltale shortly-clipped fingernails. Serena’s normally so observant of the finer details of grooming. How could she have missed this, not registered what it might mean?*

Serena       Ah, you must be Berenice Wolfe! Serena Campbell. *gives off frantic, yet unconscious, eyebrow action while shaking hands … now glancing down and gesturing hastily at the peculiar gun-like gadget poised between Bernie’s fingers. Oh, those fingers!* … I think you’re meant to point it.

Bernie       No, ha ha … I’ve had this old thing for two years. The writers made me take it when I left the Dr Who set. So I tore up every dress I had, just started wearing trench coats and skinny jeans, and cultivating a hoarse, adorably dorky manner. No idea how this thing works, *peering at the gun* … but I thought I’d keep it as a symbol … of my sapphic appeal, my future queer icon status. *looks skywards, in mock innocence*

Serena       As seduction tools go, it’s a bit pants  - you know, stuck on 'Yes of course you are, Bernie,’ as it is. Set it to 'Slay the straight girl’, however, and who knows what could happen …?

Bernie       Ooh, now that would go really nicely with some lingering looks and killer smiles *wistful grin, and the first of innumerable, highly gif-able hair swishes*

Serena       Oh dear, those writers are clearly going to sacrifice all vestiges of heterosexuality.

Bernie       Ha, I wish you’d tell them to hurry up about it!

The City Part 5

Genre: Angst

Summary: Your two year long relationship has ended. With a new apartment and job you’re ready to move on from your relationship. But The City seems to have other plans for you.

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings/Triggers: none

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Part 5

It had felt like you had barely just closed your eyes when it started. Both of your phones were thrown across the floor during your reunion and the sound of their constant vibrating was radiating across the floor boards. You rolled over to look at him because you both knew what those calls and texts and probably e-mails meant. He looked at you with comforting eyes and reached over to gently stroke your cheek.

“Are you ready?” he asked you quietly.

“Can’t we just smash our phones? Or flush them down the toilet? I don’t want to leave this bed. I don’t want to leave you. You can’t make me”, you whined. You knew that you eventually had to pick up your phone, but once you did everything was going to change.

Namjoon wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you in close. You couldn’t help but bury your face and breathe him in. He still smelled like mint and cedar. “Y/N, you’re not going to lose me. I promise. We are in this together. I’m not going anywhere and neither are you”, he said as he kissed your forehead. As he got up out of bed you let out a small whine.

“It’ll be okay, Y/N,” he tried to comfort you but you knew he was nervous. He reached down and grabbed both of your phones and sat back down on the bed.

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“So what was that lead you had about an apartment Eli?” Teagan said as soon as they food had arrived on the table.
“Oh yeah right, I saw this girl putting flyers up around the gallery about wanting a roommate so I just snagged a whole flyer for you. I can give her a call later and see if we can come by and see the place if you’d like?”
“That’d be awesome yeah, thanks Eli.” Teagan smiled.
“An apartment in the city huh?” Millicent smiled “My little girl is growing up so fast.”
“Mom stop it.” Teagan chuckled.
“There is something I wanted to talk about actually.” Millicent said “Your father and I have been working on our wills lately.”
“Mom, come on - do we have to talk about this?” Ellis asked as his smile vanished.
“Darling.” Millicent chuckled a little and looked at him “It’s just a matter of fact my love. Don’t be sad, it’s all a part of life. It’s not like we’re dropping dead tomorrow.”
“Mom, jesus, don’t be so morbid.” Ellis said “I just don’t wanna think about you and dad like that, that’s all.”
“I know baby, and that’s fine. I just wanted to discuss some of the details with you guys so it won’t come as a surprise later.”
“Okay?” Teagan said curiously.


When Virus arrives to his Z-City hideout late at night and finds it empty, he feels uneasy. It’s not that he’s worried about the apartment’s regular occupant, he’s simply grown to be wary of change: it’s usually just a fancy way of spelling “trouble.”

And for what? When the clock struck two and he went out in search of the barely self-sufficient man, he found him tangled up in a set of swings, completely wasted.

If he carried him all the way back home (his home, not their home, not Virus’s), it was just because he couldn’t risk him being hauled back by some meddling hero or the police.

“Whassthe matter?” he could hardly pick up his head, and Virus was having a hard enough time supporting his swaying chest to try and help out. He also didn’t want to look him in the eye right then. “You d’nt like udon?”

“I hate udon.”

The one-armed supermarket worker tossed his head back again, calloused fingers digging into the soft black skin of Virus’s neck as he scrambled for purchase. Saitama’s grip was weak and pathetic. It was also somewhat soothing.

“You’ve got th’ worst taste, dude.”

He did. Oh, he absolutely did.

I have so many bad endings for this AU it’s not even funny. (。ŏ﹏ŏ) But this bit’s fluffy and mostly nice.

France friends, I have another question!  (two of them, actually.)  We’re buying train tickets and I could use advice on the practicability of some of these plans.

  • One day we are taking a train to Nice and the trains website has us routed through Paris, with a 1 hour layover.  In that hour they want us to go from the Lyons station, where we got in, to the Montparnasse station.  Is that doable?  They look like they’re about a half hour metro ride apart, but I don’t know how complicated it is getting off the train, finding the metro, and getting checked in or whatever at the other station.
  • On the day we leave, we are flying out of Charles de Gaul, so we are taking the train into the city (from Nice again).  The option that the train website brings us in to paris and then has us do two transfers just to get to the CDG station.  We’re wondering if it’s more reasonable just to take the train into the city and then use the metro to get to the airport. 

@mamzellecombeferre @feuillyova and anybody else who knows trains in France well, we’d love some input from experts! ^_^  (especially my mother would, because she gets anxious about travel so she just wants to have to plans set so she can stop worrying about them!)

we all know how frustrating it can be looking through the tags for a good plot. so, under the cut is a masterlist of plot bunnies. there are fifty-three of them (and i will continue to add), gathered from the tags, 1x1 blogs, or from my personal experience. some are detailed while others are just little snippets. feel free to use them for 1x1s or connections in your group rps. i didn’t credit anyone, so if you would like me to or if you would like your plot removed let me know! a like/reblog is very much appreciated!

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Hogwarts House - Interior Aesthetics

A/N: I was shooting for the kind of bigger picture here, combining details with how the apartment/flat/etc would look in general and I hope it turned out okay. Of course that is just my take on it and how I imagine it and if you want a more detailed thing or something just let me know, but I really hope you like it! :) Requested by @doomaday


Slytherin: loft apartment with a huge glass front, a view of the entire city, light colours on the walls like white, maybe silver or beige here and there, heavy dark curtains mostly pulled to the side so you can see the city lights at night ~ comfortable and big black sofa (no leather), open kitchen, big bathroom, shower with several shower heads so it feels like you are standing underneath a waterfall or in the middle of a drizzle ~ modern designs but it still has a certain warmth to it, polished wooden floors, a little decorative spring, pictures of friends and family on the mantelpiece, huge bookshelves filled to the brim with books and dvd’s and cd’s, a lot of carpets that never really look out of place ~ a big bed with a lot of pillows on it, stars are painted on the ceiling above the bed, silver mirror in the entrance hall, fancy lamps like chandeliers or lamps decorated with gemstomes that twinkle in the light

Hufflepuff: small flat in the middle of the city, white or flowery curtains in front of the windows, paintings and pictures can be found in almost every room, the walls are painted in either white or warm colours like yellow and orange or the colour of sand ~ a lot of plants mostly sunflowers and tulips, the living room is small but the most comfortable place with a tiny sofa, an armchair and a wooden table with magazines and books piled on top of it ~ a bookshelf in the bedroom, queen size bed with at least 3 blankets and several pillows, more books on the nightstand (vintage design), patchwork carpet right in front of the entrance door with a little table next to it to put your keys ~ the kitchen is the biggest room with a huge fridge and a round table with two chairs and it always smells vaguely like tea and buiscuits or other food, the bathroom is small but just big enough, light spills in through the round window and it’s decorated with shells and jars filled with sand from the beach

Ravenclaw: apartment a little outside of the city close to the woods, a lot of windows that are mostly open to get fresh air, a lot of wood, wooden chairs and tables, a wooden dark wall in the dining room/kitchen, wooden floors, not many curtains but a lot of lamps and plants and books are piled in every corner on every table and especially on the big desk in the little office ~ a lot of huge bookshelves, bronze mirrors in the bedroom and the bathroom ~ since there is a lot of wood, everything else is kept in light colours, especially white, pastel blue and cream, open and modern kitchen, metallic picture frames and some abstract paintings here and there ~ jewelry and precious/important belongings are kept in little old fashioned jewelry boxes that are found in every corner imaginable, lose papers, notebooks and pencils are resting on top of the desk and the little glass table in the living room, forgotten sweaters lying around over chairs and/or the sofa 

Gryffindor: small house in the suburbs, close to the city (to the busy life) but also close to forests and fields (to freedom), downstairs is the living room with glass fronts looking in the direction of the woods, one wall is painted scarlet red and with a round golden mirror on the wall, the rest of the walls are white (similar patterns in other rooms only in white/cream with orange or yellow or a faint chic gold on one wall) ~ two armchairs and a big sofa, two big shelves for dvd’s and cd’s and one for books, fireplace with a cozy carpet in front of it with a blanket still lying on the floor, closed off kitchen but an open dining room ~ the bedroom is the biggest room and on the second floor along with a little office, not many pillows but a lot of personal belongings lying around in corners or on little decorative tables, big bathroom with a modern shower and also an old fashioned bathtub ~ pictures of friends as polaroids or framed in every room, vintage looking furniture, an old treasure chest in the office filled to the brim with memories (keep sakes, pictures, gifts, postcards, etc)

t-rexfiles  asked:

1, 14, 20 :D

1: Apart from tumblr, what do you like to do in your spare time?
I often drive out of my city and wander around in the mountains. Mountains sounds far too grand for what are essentially very big hills, but for the southern UK they’re big!

14: What are five things you absolutely have to have in your dream house?
Five cats

20: What is one of your favourite song lyrics? (Who is it by?)
This one has stumped me - I love my music and I definitely have favourite songs but I can’t think of my actual favourite lyrics right now… I’m gonna put this in drafts and think of an answer
OK look I take these things far too seriously but here are some faves. I know that this specified one lyric but I do what I want etc etc

“Do not listen to a word I say, just listen to what I can’t keep silent” Manic Street Preachers - This Is Yesterday

“And together we got lost, lost in something bigger than us” Tall Ships - Phosphorescence 

“I have wasted years of my life agonising about the fires I started when I thought that to be strong you must be flame-retardant” Amanda Palmer - Ampersand

“It’s easier to hide behind a line about a troubled mind than to explain that I am the cat to your asthma, and you are the smoke to my cancer” Million Dead - Asthma

Shake It Off

(An anon prompted me: A solangelo AU where Nico moves to a city and Will visits him and Nico answers the door shirtless and half-asleep. I tried! I’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted, but I did try. Feel free to prompt me or talk about Solangelo 😍)

It takes Will twenty minutes to find the right door in the maze of corridors that make up Nico’s new apartment block. He wanders up two flights of stairs, treads on the paws of a vicious-looking poodle with an owner that smells a little like bleach and bananas, slips on what he hopes is a puddle of water and knocks on three wrong doors.

When he finally, finally, finds the right door, Will comes to a relieved stop, dropping his bag down at his feet. He’s just raising his hand to knock when he registers the sound of music.

It can’t be the right door.

The music is loud, thumping, and it almost sounds, to Wills trained ears, like Taylor Swift.

He glances down at the piece of crumpled paper with Nico’s address written on it, and then glances back at the door.

It’s the right door, but there’s no way that Nico could possibly be in there, listening to Taylor Swift at a high enough volume to burst anyone’s eardrums.

Will chews on his lip, bemused. Then he shrugs, and knocks on the door. He’s already knocked on three wrong doors, there’s no harm in doing it again.

Of course, over the music, the apartments occidental can’t hear Will knocking, no matter how loudly he does it. He’s just resorted to shouting when the door clicks open slowly, and Nico comes into view.

It’s been six months since Will last saw Nico, not counting the watery, distorted iris messages which always cut off too quickly. Six months too long, in Wills opinion. He understands why Nico left, and he’s proud and happy for his friend for having the courage to move and go to school in the city, but it still makes Will feel empty every time he remembers how far away Nico is.

He’s not far away now, though.

Nico also hasn’t seen Will yet, which hardly surprises him, even though Will is half a step away from him. It gives Will a chance to drink in the sleepy figure in front of him.

Nico drops a trashbag in the hall, right next to Wills bag, one pale hand clinging to the half-open door. He hasn’t got a shirt in, just a pair of black cut-off cotton pants. The drawstring is loose, and Will flushes, averting his eyes from all the pale skin.

He stares at Nico’s face instead, his eyes roaming over little scar on Nico’s cheek from their Quest a few years back, to rescue Apollo and the Oracle. He takes in the soft, sleepy look in Nico’s eyes, the relaxed drop to his shoulders, the stifled yawn and something inside of him feels lighter and warmer, like someone dipped his heart in honey.

Nico frowns down at the bag next to his trashbag, glances up and yelps.

“Fuck!” Nico yells, eyes wide and alert. “What-how did- hunf.”

Will cracks up, doubling over as he laughs hysterically. Every time he calms down enough to glance up, he catches sight of the confused, shocked look on Nico’s face an dissolves into laughter again.

“You’re an ass,” Nico tells him firmly. Will keeps laughing, shoulders shaking with mirth. “You’re an ass and I don’t care why you’re here, you can drag yourself back home right now.”

“Oh come on,” Will protests weakly, grinning as he straightens up. “How many times have you snuck up on me over the past, what, four years?”

“Those don’t count.” Nico shakes his head. “I never try to sneak up on you, shadow-travelling is supposed to be subtle, to avoid detection. Besides, you usually pay me back with pranks, so you’ve got no room to complain.”

Will manages to rein in his laughter again, even as images of Nico covered in flour and eggs, Nico spouting limericks with a completely murderous expression, and Nico wearing entirely pink clothes for a whole week flit through his mind.

“Those were pretty good, though, you have to admit.”

Nico sighs exasperatedly, and opens the door fully, stepping aside to let Will in. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you,” Will says cheerfully. He knows that, to an outsider, it might look like Nico isn’t pleased to see him, but Will knows he is. Nico has always been a little awkward, a little insecure, and he’s never seemed to grasp that Will always wants to see him, always wants to be near him.

“Why?” Nico shuts the door behind them, and then turns to face Will, folding his arms across his chest. Will watches the blush fill Nico’s face, like he’s just realised that he’s shirtless.

The music is still playing, but it’s gone from loud bass music to something softer, acoustic. It’s still Taylor Swift though, and it still fills the entire apartment with enough noise to deafen a draken.

“Because I missed you, obviously,” Will says, tossing his bag on the floor. He smiles down at Nico, who shakes his head hesitantly, then smiles back. He drops his hands back by his sides, and Will grabs hold of one and tugs him in. Nico muffles his protests into Will’s t-shirt, and Will hides his grin in Nico’s hair, which is sticking up. It looks like black candyfloss, and smells of apple conditioner.

“Are you sniffing me?” Nico mumbles, loosening his grip.

“It’s impossible not to, you stink.” Will laughs when Nico tries pushes him away, but Will’s taller, and it’s easy to keep Nico encircled in his arms.

“I need to go shopping, and clean up, but after that we can do whatever you want,” Nico says eventually.

“You might want to turn off your music first. I didn’t realise you were a fab of Taylor Swift.” Will let’s Nico go when he pushes him away this time, watching as Nico storms across the room to the sound system.

“You recognised her too,” Nico points out, and Will shrugs, unashamed. Lou Ellen loves Taylor Swift.

Nico looks at him for a moment, and Will is about to ask if there’s chocolate on his mouth- he may have indulged a little on the train journey, but then a shy smile spreads across Nico’s face.

“I can’t believe you’re here.”

Even at seventeen, Nico still has the same effect on Will as he did all those years ago. If anything, the feelings have only gotten stronger, solidified into something real and warm and heartfelt.

“I wanted to surprise you,” Will says softly.

Nico grins wryly. “I think I can say with absolute confidence that you’ve succeeded.”

Will laughs again. He’s laughed more in the last ten minutes than he has in six months. “Good. Mission complete.”

Nico rolls his eyes, and gestures to the couch. “Make yourself comfortable, I’ve gotta get shoes and then we’ll go out.”

Will nods, and waits until Nico’s disappeared into his bedroom before he shouts at him. “Hey, Nico!”

“What?” Nico pops his head back out of his bedroom, eyebrows raised.

Will smirks. “I’m not complaining, but you might want to put on more than shoes if we’re going out.”

Nico glances down at his less than dressed state, turns red, and then disappears into the bedroom, leaving Will in a fit of laughter on the couch.

Will changes his ringtone on Nico’s phone to Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off, and rings him in the middle of the grocery store, and everything is good, even when Nico answers the phone just to swear at him in Italian.

Especially when Nico answers the phone just to swear at him in Italian.

songsandeyeglasses  asked:

the first ten unusual asks!!

OMG yes I am so excited! Thank you for asking.

Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora? Spotify. But mostly I just listen to Ryan Adams’ album Jacksonville City Nights.

is your room messy or clean? When I lived with my parents my room was truly a trash heap. When I moved out I found candy wrappers from five years previous wedged in the crack between my bed and the wall. I don’t know why I never wanted to clean, I just didn’t. 

Totally changed when I got my first apartment, I got used to cleaning my apartment once a week and deep cleaning every two months. It’s evolved even more so since then because my current apartment has wooden floors. Wooden floors are so much nicer than carpeted ones, but you have to constantly vacuum them because you can actually feel all the little pieces of dirt and dust on your feet. I have a dishwasher so it makes sense to do the dishes daily. I like the look of a neat living space, so I fix the couch cushions and make the bed. I mop every weekend. Now that I have a nice looking apartment that I feel proud of, cleaning is less of a chore. 

what color are your eyes? Light brown! But my boyfriend has green eyes and long lashes that any girl would trade her left arm for. It’s not fair AT ALL.

do you like your name? why? My favorite part of my name is my middle name. I was named after a friend of my father’s who was having an affair with an unhappily married woman. She was in an abusive relationship and he was trying to help her escape. Unfortunately the husband found out about them and killed them both before killing himself. I am so honored to carry his name with me everywhere I go.

what is your relationship status? In a relationship. Five years in August!

describe your personality in 3 words or less. Loud, opinionated, artsy?

what color hair do you have? Black. And if you’re one of those people who says “Black isn’t a color of hair, you just have really, really, really, really, really dark brown hair” then unfollow me this minute.

what kind of car do you drive? color? Subaru forester. Green.

where do you shop? I try not to… but H&M, Target, and the Salvation Army.

how would you describe your style? Dresses and skirts all year long. I haven’t owned a pair of pants in the last three years. Also Steven Madden boots and ballet flats. Sparkles. Lots of sparkles.

Spectre - 4 (Cisco/Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

Originally posted by theflashdaily

Voices. So many voices. You clamped your hands over your ears crying. You just wanted them to stop, but they wouldn’t. Like a tide they came and went crashing over you.

You let out a scream in your apartment. You were so alone.

You crossed your arms over your chest as Cisco finished relaying his long story. You swallowed shaking your head, “This is so messed up.”

“You’re not wrong.” He smiled at you a little.

“So you’re telling me that the Harrison Wells that fucked everything up in Central City wasn’t actually Harrison Wells…that he actually was killed by some psycho from the future who took his identity so that he could kill some CSI? Oh and that guy that I just saw IS Harrison Wells, but not at all from this university.” You looked back at him again, “You really expect me to believe all this?”

“Well…” He perked up a little playing with his hands, “when you say it like that…it sounds…kind of crazy.”

“Ramon, if you’re messing…” You pointed at him.

“I’m not.” He let his hands fall to his sides, “I wouldn’t. If you don’t believe me, read me. We know you have some sort of telepathic ability. So go ahead…”

You stared at him for a moment, “I don’t…”

“You don’t have to hide here.” Cisco told you, “We help metas like you.”

“I do just fine on my own.” You told him, “Speaking of which…”

He stood in front of you, “Where are you going?”

“I’m leaving. I don’t want to be a part of your little superhero squad.” You told him, “I’m not really the superhero type.”

“Look Caitlin’s going to be back soon. Just stay until she gets back to make sure that you’re alright.” Cisco looked at you concerned, “I just want to make sure you’re alright. You lost a lot of blood earlier.”

You huffed rolling your eyes. His emotions were strong. Strong enough that you felt you had to stay, “Fine…but once she’s done, I’m gone.”

“Okay.” He nodded a small smile coming to his face, “Can get you anything? Coffee? Water?”

“Aspirin would be nice.” You sat back down on the bed as he walked over to a cabinet, “How much do you guys know about me?”

“Well about you, nothing…” Cisco smirked, “About Spectre…she’s got telekinetic and telepathic abilities. She’s clever and pretty badass.”

“Spectre?” You took the aspirin and the glass of water he held out for you.

“Yeah…what do you think? You kind of come in like a shadow and disappear like a ghost.” He told you with enthusiasm, “The port side villains are terrified of the stories about you.”

“Really?” You raised an eyebrow setting the glass down, “So…what it’s like a code name? Like the Flash?”

“Yeah, you’re Central Cities very own vigilante. I’d think you’d put the Green Arrow to the test.” Cisco smiled at you.

You stared at him for a moment before looking at your nails cleaning out some grime, “…Right…well don’t get used of this working together shit…Next time pretty boy gets in my way, I’m gonna send him flying.”

“That’s fine…just know that we’re on your side. We want to protect this city too.” Cisco told you. He really believed it. That his little band was doing good.

You looked away from him laying back down. Problem was they were only scratching the surface. You digging right down to the vein. Central City was a shining light, similar to Metropolis but the rot of Star City and Gotham was slowly ebbing its way here.

“Are you from Central City?” You looked at him still in the room. You thought laying down would’ve been a strong indication that you wanted to be left alone, “I mean…you don’t have to say…but…”

“No…I’m not from Central City.” You told him looking up at the ceiling.

“Really? Where are you from?” He asked eagerly.

You let out a long sigh, “Metropolis…but that was long time ago. I moved here when I was sixteen. Dad got a job here.”

“That must’ve sucked.” He said as he sat on a stool next to the bed.

“That’s an understatement…” You chuckled a little glancing at him, “Just ask the question Ramon.”

“Wh…did you just…” He tapped his head.

“I don’t need to read your mind to see that you want to know my origin story.” You turned your head looking at him fully, “Not mention…you’re a huge nerd who gives vigilantes code names because he thinks it’s cool.”

“Hey, Spectre is a cool code name and you know you like it.” He smirked crossing his arms, “But you’re right, I want to know how you got your abilities.”

You sat up swinging your legs to hang off the side of the bed. You cleared your throat. It wasn’t something you liked to talk about and since no one knew you were gifted you never had to, “I was working at Mercury labs when the particle accelerator exploded. McGee had me working on serums that helped stimulate the brain in Alzheimer patients.”

“Stimulate the brain?” Cisco squinted as he asked question.

“The theory was if we were able to stimulate the brain to regain back memories and routines, we might be able to come up with a drug therapy to help Alzheimer patients. The test were promising.” You told him, “I was working and the whole building shook…things were falling off the shelves…”

You looked down at the ground remembering it happen, “Stupidly I tried to save my work, like every good scientist. The second wave that hit the building knocked me down making years of work smash…I apparently was knocked unconscious. When I woke up the whole world was in my head.”

“What do you mean?” He frowned watching your face grow serious.

“I mean…I could hear every thought…every cry for death in the hospital. Every nurse’s doubt.” You looked at him swallowing down the tears. That night had been so overwhelming, “I couldn’t go anywhere without hearing what people were thinking. I didn’t sleep for weeks. Finally I moved away from the city. Quiet country area to do some research to find help.”

“Did you find it?” You looked at him. There was so much heart in his eyes.

“Yeah…I did.” You nodded looking away, “There you have it…serums and particle accelerators…opened up parts of my mind to become what you see now. A broken, angry, woman, who wants to make a difference no matter the cost.”

Cisco sat there looking at you about to say something when Caitlin walked in, “Y/N…”

You looked over at her and smiled, “Hey C what’s up?”

“If you ever scare me like that…” Caitlin stood in front of you for a moment before hugging you tightly, “You are infuriating.”

“I try my best.” You chuckled a bit before she let go.

Cisco stood up as she started explaining a few test she needed to run. He glanced back catching you staring at him. He swallowed feeling his ears get hot as he looked away.

“Great Scott!” He whispered walking toward his computer.

Woozi Fic 16

oh my god 16…we’re approaching guys XD i hope you like this one! i think im gonna continue this story line in the next fic but we’ll see XD

“Wah! That was so good!” you exclaim at the end of the movie. “I’ve been wanting to watch this for a while, but woah! Baby, what was your favorite par-” you start to say, but stop yourself when you see Woozi’s face.

Your boyfriend’s completely asleep, his head tilted back against your couch and his arm still draped around you. Smiling, you take a second to just stare at his adorable, sleeping self, his chest gently rising every time he takes a breath. You shake your head and say to yourself, “No wonder you were so quiet.”

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23rd Birthday Self Portrait

April 29, 2015

For seven years I have been taking a self portrait on my birthday, it’s a tradition I plan on carrying out for the rest of my life. Much like last year, I am in another big transition in my life. This time last year I was about to move to Boston, and in my self portrait I was in my new apartment in Jamaica Plain. Today I am sitting at my desk in my new home in Jacksonville, FL. I spent an amazing year in Boston, but I had to follow my instincts and my heart and come back to my city in the south. I can happily say that although I feel so far away from my 17-22 year old self in many ways, I can look back on each version of Lex like a little sister who I love and care for and understand and just want to protect. Today, at 23, I feel so much older, and I feel like I am being more true to myself than I have been in years. I am in a really happy place right now, on the edge of so much fun and creativity and love.

every year since 17

looking for collaborators, flâneurs writers

One thing I’ve been working on by myself for quite some time is what I call “the Google Earth Project” and it’s basically screencapping all the places I have lived and writing a memoir/fiction/whatever piece inspired by the picture of my apartment, gated community, house - back to apartment. And I’m an obsessively curious person (a repressed stalker) so I kinda want to know about other people’s places. My friend Imani wrote a booklet (I don’t think it’s online) about strolling in her city and it is the type of things I am researching. I’m obsessed with the movie My Own Private Idaho. I’m just interested in how you occupied/still occupy your place (s), your environment (s). How do you remember them? It doesn’t have to be a huge piece, it can be memoir, it can be fictionalized. I’d like to say that there is not deep reason behind this project but there is, ever since I start reading this one Caribbean writer I’m not going to name because you guys are probably tired by now (EDOUARD GLISSANT) and the way he asks people to claim their environment, like their direct environment, their landscapes, their streets, neighborhoods instead of pathologically dreaming of an elsewhere. I’ve been doing it and realizing that I am so alienated and estranged from the places I have lived while still being full (too full) of memories of those places. Also, living in France, as the child of immigrants I am always told that I do not own anything in this country and black/brown people are always reduced to a single space (suburbs/housing projects) when I know, from personal experience and simple observations, that we live everywhere and we own places in this country just by existing and living in it. So I’m interested in this “everywhere”, how it looks and the stories that it produced/can produce, how we own it.

I do not want to intellectualize this too much, it’s simple just write about the places (streets, lane, roads, intersections, towns, houses, cities etc.) that made you, how you see them, also show them to me! I just feel like it could a cool and fun collaborative, collective thing.

ok so if any of you want to collaborate with me on that project then hmu please fansylla@gmail.com

Please share?  😁

I want Genos making those painstaking bentos for Saitama, the ones with fucking characters made of seaweed and rice and those immaculate pictures
One day, Genos makes a Saitama’s face with rice and seaweed
Next day, he makes King’s face out of bread and cheese
After that, he makes Mumen Rider’s face in a fruit salad
And it keeps going like that to the point that Saitama always looks forward to being called out by the Association so he can get another bento
Gradually, they settle into a relationship and maybe Genos makes cute little hearts using fish cakes and shit
Then one day, Saitama’s out– he’s just cleared all of X City of some bullshit hoard– he sits down on the rooftop of some apartment complex, fishes out his precious daily bento, opens it up–
Genos made a dick out of rice.

Favourite buildings

Been caught up with things this week so apologies to my follower, a second generation Scot from Yorkshire, who asked what my favourite buildings are in Edinburgh and Glasgow are. this post covers Edinburgh as I know the city better. I don’t want to go into the history I will make it more personal as to why I like them, they are in no particular order….well apart from the first one! 

Edinburgh Castle

Just look at it, it’s there it has always  been there, well not always but they do reckon a Castle of sorts has been on the volcanic rock for nigh on  a millennium. Back when I was a bairn ma Mum used to take us places that didn’t cost a lot of money and back in the  early 70′s it was free to get in, the only part that had an entrance fee was if you wanted to see the Honours, our crown jewels.  I love walking around Edinburgh and just looking up, not just to see some interesting piece of architecture or statue but just to see if I can see the Castle, it gives me a feeling of feeling at home, I used to post a lot of pics of it on here and just type in “My Castle”  It is the heart of Edinburgh. 

St Giles 

So much history in one beautiful building and a great place to nip in to shelter from the rain if you cant afford a pint! Well I hate paying tourist prices. It’s not the building as such I love, but the Crown Steeple, another focal point to me when looking at the skyline of the city. the original was added to the Kirk in 1495 but was rebuilt 150 years later. I’ve not been yet , but they recently started tours I will hopefully get round to it  this year in better weather, it costs £6. The entrance to the Kirk is free but they have a charge if you want to take photies, there is also the Thistle Chapel which has a couple of quid “donation” There’s a statue of Robert Louis Stevenson which I like but the man himself will have turned in his grave, he was no fan of the building, like me though he liked the spire. 

Whitehorse Close

Aye ah ken it’s no a building, but cum oan it’s a bonnie place tae huv a wee daunder in and hae a look at. Surprisingly for such a nice setting you can usually get this place to yourself . It used be an Inn which no doubt served as the departure lounge for the stagecoach which would take you to London 

Paisley Close

It’s the story behind the carving you see here, when showing friends around town I always tell them about  14-year-old Joseph McIver and his shout of Heave Awa that has gone down in history, to those in the know it is  “Heave Awa Hoose” google it or search my blog I just checked and have posted about a few times!

Canongate Tolbooth 

Another one with multiple pics and posts on my Tumblr.  The Tolbooth was built in 1591, it was here that the tolls or public dues were collected.It also served as the council house, courtroom and prison for the Canongate, it is now a museum.