More Topp Dogg Stupid AUs: Roommates - Lions & Knights/Apt. 95

An artistic aura lingers around the bizarre door to apartment 95, with splashes of colours and patterns that would normally look horrendous together but they are so overflowing on one tiny door that they are almost endearing. Like their door, the tenants are very unique with different experiences in life and are always there to lend a voice of wisdom to their neighbours. On dark city nights, when the rest of the building has already gone to sleep, the light shines strongest from their windows.

“Who let Yooncheol decorate!? The place looks ridiculous”

“Tough luck Sanggyun, I asked you if wanted to do it but look who ignored me”

“Wow Taeyang, you should just trademark the word mom and get it over with. And Yooncheol should trademark the term dad while he’s at it”

“Why do I get ‘dad’, Sanggyun?”

“I’ve known you for years, you make lamer dad jokes than an actual dad! And just look at your taste in furniture!”

“Morning Sangwon”

“Hey, mornin’. Hey Yooncheol do you know why Taeyang was spraying water in my face this morning. I didn’t wake up fast enough to ask him”

“Apparently that was holy water. I asked him why holy water and all he said was, and I quote ‘that boy needs Jesus that’s why’ before he walked away. I didn’t ask anymore after that. I think he was mad that you knocked all that paint over while you were drunk last night”

“But he’s the one who drinks the most!”

“But he’s also got a better tolerance than you, who gets wasted on Alcopops”

Lexi’s headcannons!

Sonic: Lives separately from Tails in a location far from any town or villages. (he doesn’t hate tails’ lab, he just prefers a little more nature for his home) With his own wooden house. The area surrounding his house are home to many chao and wisps. Sonic is a big reader, he collects books and whatever books he doesn’t feel like keeping in his library he donates.

Knuckles: Gardens a lot, wants to keep Angel Island as green and clean as possible. Plays with the chao. Is helping big the cat learn how to read/write and speak better. (I figured he’d be the one since everyone else has a busy schedule)

Rouge: Lives in a nice apartment in a city along with shadow and omega. She customized her bed so she can hang upside down above her bed or on her mattress with a canopy covering her bed. Enjoys looking at the city lights at night while hanging out with shadow or omega on the balcony.

All Those Cherry Crushes

Those girls I had crushes on are gone now. 

I fell in love with a lady named Rachel. She was five years older than me, which was a whole world when I was fifteen and she was twenty. I got to spend time with her when I came out to the city, and it was something special I treasured, just us and her weird friends hanging out in some basement apartment in East Vancouver. I didn’t know where I was, or who I was, I just knew that I wanted to be a part of this other world. Old people who looked like punks and hippies and who probably liked better books than any of the kids I went to school with.

Or that girl who was cute who had a locker next to mine, but only for a few months because she wasn’t gonna stay more than a few months in that shit town we were living in when we overlapped with each other. She fell for some piece of shit older dude I never understood, but there was so much I didn’t understand back when. I couldn’t see how the social strata functioned, how all the different levels were self-imagined and self-created and self-imposed and yet there was also something larger going on with the people we considered our friends and foes. 

The others before all that were just school girls. It’d be creepy to even think back on them now. 

These days I don’t crush like I used to. Imagine it literally, like crushing a tin can. The first time you do it, you can really see it, feel it, know just what happened. That can was standing there straight, and now it’s flat. But then, 25 years and an infinite numbers of crushes later, the can flexes and bends so easy you almost don’t even notice when it changes shape again and again. Maybe the shape was an illusion. Maybe I’m always crushed now. Maybe I’ve been crushed for years.

Maybe this is just the new form I live in now. I live inside this moment, inside this little castle of flesh, inside this trailer-park of memories and scars. 

And I’m good with that.

But I do sometimes wonder what ever happened to those girls.

They just drifted away one day.

And then one day, so did I.

SUPER exciting news!

So, a music venue in my city recently had a job fair and I went and it’s looking like I’m 99.9% hired! Of course, I have my fear that something will go wrong because this is tooooooo good to be true but I’m pretty sure it’s true and I’m so excited! I’ve been working at a job that wasn’t really fun this whole summer because it was something I didn’t wanna do and now, having a job that I love, it’s going to be so easy to go to work. I’m going to be looking forward to it more so than anything! It’s really great to have this opportunity and to live in a city that has so many great shows and now, I’ll definitely be able to be more so apart of it and I love it! Just wanted to make this little post about it haha.

Mingyu // Fluff

Anon Requested: hi fellow carat i really liked your college au nice(feeling puny sorry)ly done. ill admit i got pretty excited when you gave my bias gyu the same profession i want to pursue keke so can i request a readerxmingyu scenario along similar lines of that pretty please with sugar on top, thanks for your hard work

Hi hi!! I am so sorry for being so late, I have a lot of stuff I wanna work on these past few days~ Here you go
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✨ Dreams 

The house which had always made me felt like I was enclosed, imprisoned, almost, was a low-rent apartment just off the outskirts of the city. I mean, the view of the dull ocean was nice every once in a while but the salty air made me gag. The view was not much to look at, other than the rocks and sand which choked with litter.

The street did not have much to do or look at. It was the actual definition of ‘nothing much’. Don’t get me wrong, the area was not poverty-stricken or anything like that. No one here spent their nights hungry or walking on egg shells for their finances. Still, no one here was able to afford five-star dinners every night.

Most of the apartments did not have any unique design of their own, with the exception of the different coloured curtains. Roofs were either made of dull, grey bricks or it was simply a flat ceiling made of concrete. There was almost nothing much about this part of town which made me stare at it in awe. It was just the fact that there was nothing much going on and it irritated me to the core.

Everyone was lovely, always making an effort to greet their neighbours with a smile and some warm pastries. They had all the time in the world to start pleasant conversations about their families, jobs, work-drama. Either way, there was never a day where their smiles were not on their gleeful faces. There was never a day when they felt any hatred for either themselves or for the world.

Their lives were complete and full enough.

While everyone was leaving the comforts of their home to go out, to go to work, to even take a simple stroll around the park nearby. I was at home, all day for twenty-four hours of the day. I spent days lying down on my bed, with my limbs all stretched out as thought bubbles floated over my head.

I dream, yeah, that was all I do.

I had a decent life going for me, going to college and getting a degree. I would not say that I liked it but if it was going to bring me money to get out of here, I would rather take that. My home was not the best one out there but I had everything.

I had a fridge for my food, a desk for my typewriter, a drawer for my films and a window to look outside. I had nothing. I sat in my room almost every morning, typing and typing every single project until my fingers turned red and sore. Not once did my college life ever give me a damned break.

I wrote articles, every day and took photos with my camera. I would wrap myself up in a quilt, preparing for myself to rain heavily every night as I typed. Shivering, my fingers were barely able to push the metal to one side to continue the next line.

I played music every time on my radio which was somewhere near my bed. On most days, I would play some good of the classics from the past few decades, letting my stress drown in the music. As I lay down on my bed, I would always smile and close my eyes, thinking about the life I would have after I graduate.

Imaginations do not mean that they would turn to reality but I wanted to try anyway. Exploring the world bigger than my own was something too tempting to resist. I resented myself for not leaving sooner to make that childish thought bubble a real, adult reality. But what could I say? I am a coward. I was timid.

This dream was too grand for me to possible try to achieve.

“Okay, today, I would go to the store, buy some milk and bread. Then, I would greet and tip the cashier for common courtesy and I would go back home!” I announced to myself as I hurriedly grabbed my keys and wallet from the table. As I dashed towards the door, I finally felt a rush of adrenaline in my veins.

But once again, I stopped myself in my tracks as I stared at the door with fear. This surge of hesitation was strangely odd to me even though I had felt this so many times before. I slowly backed away, unsure of my next action.

“Wait, I drank milk too many times today. So, let’s uh… Buy cheesecake! Cheesecake, yes! After I come home, I am gonna eat that cheesecake and some tea,” I told myself about the revised plan. I smiled to myself as I jumped around. Smiling, I pressed my hand on the doorknob again, preparing to twist it open.

Damn it. It wouldn’t budge.

I have locked in again. By me, of course. I wouldn’t want anyone just breaking into my home. I could feel nothing for myself as I opened the door to catch the bus to school but not whenever I opened the door to get some food. If it was not school, then what? I could probably consider myself a prisoner to myself, to my own home.

Sighing, I went to my bed. I plopped down onto it, my heart long gone and dead as I stared into nothing. I loved my typewriter more than I loved myself. It was a gift I had received when during my sweet sixteen. I loved it so much. Mother tried to throw it away and claimed that it was 'collecting dust and taking up space’.

But I had saved it just in time, just before it hit the rubbish bin. I showed her. I placed it on my lap, typing out my essay due the next day. What’s worse was that it was graded. I sighed as I began typing sentence by sentence, referring to the photographs for inspiration. Words were barely able to slip out of my mind as I typed.

My whole body ached as I typed, my fingers crying in pain as I typed out one more word onto the paper.

“Hello,” a familiar voice chirped, breaking the silence between me and my thoughts. “Is anyone home?” I nodded intently as I finished up the last sentence and turned towards the door. “I’m here, just leave it by the door,” I told the boy as I stared into blank space as usual while taking the sight of the dusty carpet.

“As usual?”


The silence continued on for a little while longer before his voice shattered it again. “Hey, uh… Have you heard of the news recently? The shooting or something?” He asked. I laughed sheepishly, that was old news. Quick-witted, he changed the topic, “What degree are you taking?”

“Literature, a little strange, I don’t really know…” I replied him. I could feel his warm smile coming from the other side. It was so nice from here, even though I had never seen his face before.

“Oh, a friend of mine took that too!” He continued. He cleared his throat before looking at his watch for the time. It was late and he had to leave soon. He coughed for a little before tapping his foot on the doorstep. He smiled and prepared to leave until I called for him, “I had never caught your name? Or your degree… I know it’s a bit strange but since you asked me…”

“I want to be a reporter,” he states. “I’m Mingyu, it would really be nice to see your face.”

“I would be honoured but I’m not the prettiest girl out there…” I admitted to him. He smirked and continued, “I am not the most handsome one out there either.” I laughed at his remark, this one was definitely cute. I smiled and replied, “One day, at college. I think I heard of a Mingyu before.”

“Please? At least something,” he pouted. “____ is such a beautiful name… Please?” Giving into him, I smiled again but this time with a red on my cheeks. I took out the essay and replaced it with a new sheet of paper. I placed it in and began typing out my phone number for the boy. Once the number was in one, neat line, I slipped it under the door. He took it with a smirk and knocked on my door again.

“Thanks, beautiful but when can I actually get to see you?”

“In your dreams, Mingyu, in your dreams.”

I hope to see him in my dreams too. Why can’t I open my door to pursue my dreams? Was it so hard?

—  dead muses haunting aspen.  just fuckin do it i want actual identities for the ghosts in her apartment tbh.  scare / annoy the shit outta her please
friends for aspen???  opening up to people is kinda hard for her after her best friend died but god she needs some friends so bad she’s got one ( 1 ) total friend in the entire city
—  or even like.  neighbors.  people concerned about how frequently there’s screaming and scared noises coming from aspen’s apartment bc she really needs to get outta the habit of screaming whenever she sees a ghost like really how have her neighbors not called the police at this point????
—  aspen in a stranger things verse!!  passing through hawkins while she’s traveling & while everyone’s out looking for will  ;  decides to stay and help for a lil while and gets way more supernatural shit than she bargained for
—  older more experienced ghost - seers taking aspen under their wing & helping her be less afraid of her gift
—  also       # Give Aspen A Girlfriend 2k16

lukestrikesback  asked:

ur aesthetic is beautiful spacious apartments overlooking a city with comfy bed sheets in a high rise also pretty girls who are smiling and not quite lookin directly at the camera

LMFAO i’m dying yes this is definitely the section of my Aesthetic which i like to call : the Future I Want. Cute apartment w/ good view and pretty girlfriend and a life thats just fun enough that we dont look directly at the camera.

who can guess the other parts of my Aesthetic???


            even little missions like these could turn out to be more than imagine and the fact that it was just him and the finder made it difficult for him to look around as he did not desire to leave them alone. alma himself was more of a lone wolf went it come to missions, to end things as quickly as possible and having more time to look around the city before coming back to the order. sure, the use of innocence hurt his body and part of his soul, but work was work and he did not want to have the chief angry at him for not doing things correctly and as ordered. the male knew that komui was more of a calm person, but he still did not trust him, not other exorcist here apart from two of them; finders that joined here willingly were a mystery for alma, to come here to this hell instead of living free from here, it was a joke for the akuma. ❛ let’s hurry ❜ spoke, not loud, but silent and clear.