I just saw that OITNB has been given a guaranteed 7th season and I have so many questions.

Will Piper be there for the whole series? Her sentence was what, like a year and a half? Isn’t her time almost up?

Will Alex Vause be there for the whole series? I know schedule conflicts led to less Laura Prepon in season 3 but will she be given a main role in upcoming seasons?

Even if Piper is around for the whole series, will they stick to her storyline as the sort of “main” storyline or will they embrace the ensemble?

Will they learn from the mistakes of season 3 and give the people what they want in season 4?


Is Ruby Rose (hopefully) off the show?

It seems like Nicky is in season 4 but in season 3 she was sent to Max which we learned in season 1 from Miss Claudette being sent there, that you never come back from Max, so my question is how is Nicky back?


CON: this plane has been stuck on the ground for a freaking hour and counting because they can’t close the front door. 😒

PRO: wooo, season 4 refresher, I’ve been wanting to go back and rewatch these (especially Landline and Background Check). It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve watched the episodes in seasons 1 and 2 (hello BURST OF FANNISH OBSESSION in the summer post-season 2, you guys know, you were there) and how few times the ones in later seasons, which needs to be rectified.

doccarl asked:

If I don't pay, I'm not the customer. I have given you money for Season 3, and the series was everything I hoped for and more. But now I understand that you do not want to make a crowdsource drive for Season 4, and this I don't understand, and in fact it worries me. I am worried that if you don't get money from us, then from someone else. Then I watch the show, I will wonder: Is he presenting this game because it's the best of its kind, or because the publisher paid for it? Please take my money!

From the very beginning of the show, before we had ever even sat down to play a single game, I have been clear: there will never, ever, EVER be pay-to-play on Tabletop, and the only criteria that determine if we play a game have been clearly and unambiguously posted on my blog

One of the many reasons I had to fire a longtime, trusted friend from our show was because I found out he had been implying to publishers that if they didn’t do what he wanted them to do, their games would never be considered for the show. That was as bad and as evil as telling publishers that if they paid us they’d get their game on the show, and it was done in direct opposition to what I had clearly explained to everyone on our staff in private an in public. 

This upcoming season will be fully funded by our parent company at Legendary Digital Entertainment, and as far as I know, that’s how we’re doing it for the rest of the series.

This part of the scene I haven’t seen giffed yet (though hopefully someone who can actually make quality gifs has). It obviously really interested me, but I also think it’s what Wendy’s talking about when she says how Oliver has grown and is evolving–and “this Oliver is not going to leave [her] side going forward” (x). 

Felicity just kind of smiles and accepts it–but also, girl is on painkillers and has been through a lot, so who knows what she’s really feeling. I think she has forgiven him (again, as much as she can in this state), I think he has realized he was wrong and has grown in the process, and I think this episode gave me emotional whiplash because it was so wrong and then so right and I don’t know how to feel… 

But I love this sappy, flawed man… 


but what does this mean? what does it mean???? (x)
is he dreaming/hallucinating Valhalla when he is dying?

But does he want to go there and can’t therefore the scream or he wanted to go to heaven instead? 

It kinds looks like he wants to get in though.

But what I would like is for him to want to go to Heaven to Athelstan. I actually have a little theory/au about this. Ragnar dies (before Harbard heals him) and he sees Athelstan and he is happy  cause he will go to him

 but then Valhalla appears, but I doubt I am gonna get that.
What do you guys think?


35 Characters of 2015

9. Irisa Nolan (Defiance)

The Amazing Goddess of the Badlands returns to Defiance with a horrible case of PTSD, questioning everything about herself and desperately trying to distance herself from that role she was trapped into playing. Irisa of season 3 was in the middle of a journey to figuring out who she is and what she believes after being used as a puppet to bring destruction to Earth. As violence began to trigger her, she had to give it up, but dropping her gun forever was not her end destiny. It was a part of Irisa’s journey towards becoming a woman who understands the necessity of violence in a cruel world while looking for another way out of problems if at all possible. 

As the season went on, Irisa picked her gun back up and learned to fight when it mattered (to save her father’s life) without giving up her values (while holding a gun, she still pushed Berlin to try talking first rather than shooting first). I would have loved to see where this journey would take Irisa next as she takes on the position of lawkeeper in Defiance, working more closely with Berlin (someone she has a long past with and is finally getting along with, but who still has very different ideals) and Amanda (who was always very close with her father, but only really began interacting with Irisa in season 3. With Nolan at least temporarily gone, I’d love to see that relationship). And inevitably, Nolan would have returned home with an amazing story to tell and to reunite their little family had there been a fourth season. It would have been great to see where Irisa would go with her life after so many struggles to find herself.