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asking you anything: 1.) do you think damian darhk is felicity's father? 2.) if so, how do you think that whole thing is going to go down in s4 (or how do you hope it's going to go down?)


2) Okay, I have high hopes for season 4. I want them to do awesome things with this show, things they should have done from the beginning. Family theme. I want them to focus on the found family between Team Arrow. And, well, let’s break it down.


Most of the conflict this season for Oliver concerning family will be with Connor. I want Oliver to wrestle with being a father, with trying to be a better father than Robert. I want Oliver to realize that he can be a good father. I want this to be something that brings Oliver and Felicity together, not drive them apart. And I want it to end with Oliver proposing to Felicity.


I want so much out of Felicity this season. They screwed up her character arc this season and I want them to explore her character more this season. I want her to reconcile more with Mama Smoak. I want her to wrestle with the fact that her father is a supervillain. I want her to wrestle with her own moral compass, the realization that maybe she’s more like her father than she’s willing to admit. I want her to deal with the fact that she’d kill or let people die if it meant serving what she sees as the greater good. 

You know what?

I want Damian to kidnap Felicity, not as some sort of manpain initiative, but as a way to reconnect with his daughter and even recruit her into HIVE. I want Daughter of Darhk? Damn, she’s gotta be powerful. I want Felicity to honestly consider it, if all else for the sake of connecting with her father. And Oliver? Oliver would do anything to save Felicity. But putting the man she loves and her father up against each other? That’s gonna be some conflict.


I want Diggle to be on the frontlines of this story arc. I want Diggle to deal with being a good father to his own family, but if Felicity is kidnapped and HIVE killed his brother, I can see no better way for Diggle to work with Oliver again than to save Felicity and bring justice for Diggle’s family. I want Diggle to be on the frontlines again. I don’t really want a mask for him, but I do want to see him out in the field and not just sidelined like he was this past season.


I want Thea to connect more with Oliver, to bond with him like we saw bits of in season 1. I want Thea to wrestle with the fact that her father is the Demon’s Head. I want her to start to think about how to defeat Malcolm once and for all.

And speaking of Malcolm…


I want Tommy Merlyn alive. I want Thea to deal with the fact that she has a brother. I want Tommy to come back and haunt the fuck out of Malcolm. I want Tommy to come back but I’m not sure I want him to be good. I want him to be changed by the Lazarus Pit waters or some version thereof. I want Malcolm to deal with the fact that he killed his own son. I want Tommy to seek justice for himself and for Thea. I want him to actively decide not to be like his father. Also, Merlance.

And speaking of the Lances…


Reconciliation between Laurel and Quentin. It needs to happen. 



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We share similar thoughts about the castor clones and I'm just as devastated as you that they aren't getting the backstory and screentime they deserve. There's so much potential but I feel we just had to imagine all these things bc it's just not going to happen or be shown on the show. I feel like writing a fic to let out all my frustrations. But I really want some Rudy and Gracie bonding time! (Hopes for season 4 but probably won't happen tbh) I'm just trying to not have expectations.

IMO instead of dropping 5 clones into the mix in as many episodes and killing off all but two, they should have slowly released them. We could have met Rudy and Seth and then Miller if necessary and had a chance to at least get to know a bit about them. I know they don’t plan out their entire season, that’s probably why they dropped Miller in only to kill him- I feel like they had a plan to explore him but then they ran out of time and space. He had to be the one to stab Paul, any other soldier Paul would have just killed and not left time to be hurt by. So that makes sense but if we’d known ANYTHING about Miller it would have been double tragic.

And yes no expectations then we’re just happy with what we get. We’ll always have this cool backstory of all the Castors growing up in their “wolf pack”. Who assigned their names? How were they differentiated as children, did they have wrist bands or were they marked on their skin? When did they get their tattoos? Who was closest with who? Did they have their own bedrooms or did they sleep in one big room together? Did they ever interact with other children at all? What were their lesson plans like? Did they learn how to assemble a gun blindfolded at 10 or something equally Alias like? Did they ever have a soldier pick on one of them and they all banded together for revenge? How did they feel about Miller getting hurt? How did they feel about Mark being sent away?

Tell me all the things, show!

The Bratva needs to return to Arrow as a threat and a presence. Oliver’s interactions with the Russian mob were always some of the most thrilling of the first two seasons. Maybe Flashback Oliver’s freighter will be hijacked by Soviet pirates who have been at sea so long that they didn’t know that the Cold War was over. Maybe Oliver accidentally got on a ship that takes him to Coast City, Russia. Maybe Oliver will become part of a mail-order groom service that ships American bachelors overseas. It doesn’t even matter. Viewers have sat through two years of Island Oliver and one year of Hong Kong Oliver; the time for Bratva Oliver has come.

The show needs to really immerse the audience in the flashbacks by featuring Oliver speaking a great deal of Russian. The show is also welcome to feature Oliver speaking Russian in the present. Lots and lots of Russian. Shirt optional.


“ What worked, what didn’t, and what needs to happen next” (x)

How I want season 4 to open

My muse wanted this in script form but I have no idea how to do that so this will have to do.

Scene opens with a sweeping view of an unknown beach, panning over the ocean toward a simple looking villa tucked inside a cove. The water is clear, the sand is white, and the pale light of dawn peeks over the horizon. The view pans toward a window on the second floor, through billowing curtains, toward an arm hanging off the side of the bed, peeking out from underneath a plush white comforter. The well manicured nails are painted red.

Something vibrates on the nightstand, but the hand doesn’t move. It vibrates a second time, and then–

Another arm appears, one more muscular and obviously masculine, reaching across to silence the phone buzzing on the nightstand. The view pans up above the bed to find Oliver spooning Felicity.

Things I want to see in Arrow Season 4

- Bratva!Oliver
- Olicity’s cuddle
- Good(Night+Morning) kiss
- Felicity’s Father

- The (stalker) Lacrosse player!?
- Jealousy
- Felicity kick bad guy ass
- Oliver teach his girl How to shoot a bow and arrow
- Pet name
- Move in together
- Hubbie+Wifey cooking time
- Olicity with baby Sara

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HOW WORTH IT IS CATCHING UP ON THE LAST TWO SEASONS OF SPN I NEED GUIDANCE AND YOU ARE A TRUSTWORTHY AND REPUTABLE SOURCE (also i need first hand info on how much brother-angst to expect bc i live for that)


I just got home from work and i’m exhausted because of staying up too late for Sleater-Kinney and many people want me to answer many questions and do many things but I would just like to drink this beer and listen to old Belle and Sebastian records. I am feeling very past and present and future ME right now. 

Pretty good list. I do want to see these. The first 5 items on the list are definitely “musts” for me.


1. I want to see Oliver struggling with a normal life. The hood and Diggle were how he delt with his PTSD and now that he doesn’t have either I want to see him having trouble coping. Whether it be horrible nightmares or being withdrawn from Felicity I need to see him needing at least Diggle in his life.

2. I want to see Felicity struggling with a normal life. She has spent the last few years helping heros and being a hero herself I just can’t see her turning that off. I want Oliver catching her helping the team from her tablet from whatever corner of the world they are at a Felicity swearing “this is the last time” And Oliver just giving her a look because he knows it’s not.

3. I want to see the Team struggling without them which is why Felicity keeps helping them. They doing what they can but it hasn’t been easy which is why Oliver and Felicity will come back.

4. I need to see the city struggling without Oliver and Felicity. Not in the same way when Oliver died but crime rate is up and the people don’t feel as safe, drugs and guns are flooding the glades. I want people asking for the Arrow back knowing that Harper wasn’t him. I want to see the people who he has saved stand up for him and what he did for the city including people from the police department.

5. I want the reason Oliver suits up is because Diggle asks him to after something happens to Lyla. Diggle’s family is in trouble and Oliver doesn’t think twice about helping him and thats what starts the mending of their friendship.

6. I want subtlety brought back in Oliver and Felicity’s relationships. As much as I loved the big love speeches and sex scene. I miss just the small stuff. A touch to calm Felicity down, a joke and a smile, a conversation though looks. I need these moments back. Those moments tell the real story if two people committed to each other.

7. I want Oliver and Felicity to be a power couple. This season can’t be about their relationship. They need to show that they are committed to each other and leave all the other internal drama at the door. This serves two purpose one being that Oliver can focus on being a better person and hero knowing he has someone in his corner no matter what without worrying if he’s good enough or if she will move on. Second it frees up so much time to tell other stories without having to come back to this drama.

8. I want them to address the effects the Lazarus pit had on Thea as well as continue to show how much Malcoms betrayal affect her and the fact that Oliver still allowed this man to be a part if her life after the fact even if it was for the greater good.

9. I want Diggle to get his identity concealment. It’s overdue.

10. I want a Felicity story arc that is outside a romantic relationship. I know it been promised but the writers really need to follow through.

Three things I don’t want.
1. I don’t want another love Triangle. For goodness sake please writers don’t do it. If cw put in your contract that have to have one every season make it between Detective Lance Mama Smoak and Papa smoak other than that stay away.

2. I don’t want people making stupid choices for the sake of drama or to prop up other characters. We know these characters and what they are capable of. Stop dumbing them down to make others look good.

3. I don’t want the team keeping things from each other any more. The lying has to stop. Things need to be delt with in a timely manner.

Bonus want : If Tommy does come back I want him to be evil. I want Laurel to be the one to bring him back to himself and believe in him.

Bring Back Tommy Merlyn for Season 4.

I’ve been seeing so many Tommy posts in the past two days (and we shall not speak of why), but I want/need him to come back in season 4 and this is why it may actually be possible (in my opinion). 

                                             Damien Darhk

We know he has some of the water from the Lazarus Pit and we know that he was Ra’s nemesis. When Malcolm was forced to leave the League at the end of Season 1, what if he went to Darhk to try and bring back Tommy? (Or Darhk could have brought back Tommy on his own so that he could use him against Malcolm; Malcolm was Ra’s right hand man before the whole earthquake fiasco so he was still an enemy of Darhk). Maybe Tommy was brainwashed after being back or the Pit had a more of effect on him than Thea and he was trained to be the new Dark Archer. I mean Malcolm is known as The Magician and yes, they also called him the Dark Archer in season 1, but Tommy could still be called the Dark Archer now that Malcolm is leading the League. 

Anyways, what if he’s a member of H.I.V.E. and he has a more prominent role in season 4 to take out Oliver and the team? A subplot of the season could be to try and bring Tommy back to the good side. If Darhk is Felicity’s father, he will have a more personal relationship to her as the Big Bad next season, but with Tommy present, Oliver, Laurel and Thea will have more of an incentive to fight Darhk to get Tommy back. This also gives opportunity for Malcolm and the League to show up. If Malcolm and Darhk are now enemies (since he’s the new Ra’s), Malcolm could be invested in the fight to save his son (or make Tommy join him…and then they all kill Malcolm and Nyssa becomes the next Ra’s, hopefully). 

In my opinion, Tommy was the love of Laurel’s life; I’m Team Merlance all the way and bringing him back gives her something to fight for beyond just saving the city. It will give her a more personal connection to the enemy this time and give her chance to develop more as a character and as a hero. Plus, once they save him (because you know they will), Tommy and Laurel can live happily ever after

Also, a personal headcanon of mine is Tommy and Felicity being bffs. At least in season 1, Tommy was adorable, quirky, and light with a great sense of humor. If he was saved with the Pit and he could get back to being normal by the end of the season or during season 5, I would like to think he and Felicity would get along great; his humor and her babbling? That’s what bffs are made of. Plus, I can totally see him teasing Oliver and Felicity about their relationship and how in sync they are, about them being totally married, and beverything else. I want double dates with Olicity and Merlance, family dinners with the entire team and everything in between.

I honestly think that the theme of season 4 is  family. If that’s the case, then it makes it the perfect time for Tommy to come back. Darhk will, hopefully, have a connection to Felicity as her father, but Tommy will have a connection to Malcolm, Laurel, Thea, and Oliver. Diggle will have an extended connection to Darhk as well since H.I.V.E killed his brother. This pretty much ties everyone into the fight next season personally which hasn’t really been done before. We also know that season 4 is supposed to be somewhat lighter compared to this season and Tommy was definitely one of the lighter characters in season 1; he was fun, cute, and he had some of the best lines that season. Once they save him, he (and Felicity of course) will help keep that lighter tones with babbles and innuendos and the whole shebang.

So bring back