• How I want OB S4 to be:Cosima looking for Delphine. People saying she's dead. But Delphine's fighting for her life to "come back for you [Cosima]". Cosima finds her. Crazy science together curing Cosima. They live Happily Ever After.
  • How OB s4 will probably happen:Cosima doesn't even notice Delphine's gone, she's with Shay. Out of the blue someone tells her Delphine's dead. She's cries for 5 seconds. Than everyone forgets Delphine ever existed.

some other things i want to see in oitnb season 4:

- donuts needs to fucking die

- sophia needs to mercilessly sue litchfield

- less alex

- soso feeling happier and more accepted beyond her new relationship with poussey (regardless of whether they decide to make their relationship romantic or not)

I’ve seen several posts about what people want to see in season 4 and a few of them have mentioned Stella coming back being a thing that people want and I really, really, REALLY am trying to understand why you would want that?  Seriously, I’m really curious here (and no “because she is hot” is not a legitimate reason on its own, IMO).  I’m trying to be open minded.  Because, honestly, I literally breathed a sigh of relief when she was shuffled off to Max in 3x13 because I was like “well at least we won’t have to put up with her in S4…”