I bought a ticket to Cali today!

I’m visiting the boy during my Thanksgiving break off work/school! If you’re new and need to catch up on the very short saga that has been my love life recently click here. 

He’s on call that week for work but he knew that I was starting to worry about waiting too long to get tickets. He’s still trying to find someone to cover his shift but last night he was like, “Buy the ticket and get here already.” So our visit might be movie marathons while he’s on call instead of exploring Northern California together, but I don’t care as long as he’s there. He even offered to let me use his car and go to Tahoe or San Fran on my own if he has to go in for the day. I swear he’s like a unicorn. Is it November yet?

So I was at the mall earlier and I saw this GOD’S GIFT TO MANKIND. I asked the owners if I could pet him and they said yes and then he started to relax and they said he must like me and I was just so happy and my friend took a picture of me and I just realized that I am an actual kid.

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Pictures | ChanBo | 30 | Thanks!

“When are you going to realize that I don’t care?”

Chan-Young paused with his hand on the terrace door. The climb up her parent’s estate steps had taken a lot out of him, so he intended to wait and catch his breath, until he heard Bo-Na yelling at someone. The glass making up the doors was tinted and frosted so he couldn’t see more than an outline.

He took a deep breath and prepared himself to interrupt until he heard Kim Tan’s voice. “How can you not care that he doesn’t want to fuck you? No used condoms, Bo-Na. Nothing in the sheets. A movie charge? He left in the morning before you did. The only conclusion is that he’s broken there, too.”

There was the sound of a slap and Chan-Young didn’t hesitate. He walked in and adjusted his grip on his cane. Kim Tan had a bright red mark on his cheek. “That’s invasive,” he tried to say calmly. “And none of your business. President Choi won’t be happy to hear that his staff can be bribed.”

“Chan-Young…” He tried to smile at her but her eyes were wet and she looked ready to cry. “Kim Tan was just leaving. We didn’t…I promise you we didn’t…”

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Nobody knows true sadness until you get emotionally attached to one of your neighbours in animal crossing and then they move away and never come back