i want someone to ask me what’s wrong and let me vent to them but even if they ask, i just end up saying i’m fine and i turn the conversation around onto how they are

i want someone to hug me tightly and let me sob into their chest and not let go until i’m okay because it’s so fucking hard trying to handle all of this on my own

i want people to help and i want to tell them just how shitty and difficult everything is but the reality is that i can’t open up to people because my problems are not valid or worthy of attention and talking about it makes me feel like i’m manipulating everyone

other people have it worse which means i should just suck it up and be grateful that i have things like food, clothes and shelter. but oh my god, i am just SO fucking miserable. i would give anything to just be happy, to not wake up disappointed that i didn’t die in my sleep, to not spend every day crying and shaking with anxiety and thinking about hurting and killing myself

i want to be calm, happy and at peace. i feel like i’m at war with my brain and it’s so draining, so exhausting and i feel like the most pathetic, worthless person in the world

i-demand-a-hug answered your questionGods I want to draw!!! I got the Cintiq but I…

Draw the robot!

Keebo! Kibou! SHSL Robot!! What a wonderful boy!! We have this saying in Finnish that goes something like “A beloved child has many names” and I think that is applicable for this dear boy!! At least in my heart!

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could you maybe do a mystic messenger headcon on how the guys would put up their daughters hair?

So I’m trying this new style of writing headcons so lets see how it goes!


  • hair?
  • whats hair?
  • he would stick some bobby pins in her hair to keep it out of her face
  • but then she was crying
  • oh god she’s upset
  • now he’s calling you for help
  • things are on fire now…


  • she put your daughters hair in the most beautiful dutch braid
  • and now your daughter never wanted you to put up her hair again
  • and Jahee realized her mistake at being so perfect
  • but she loved seeing you pout over it
  • “I wish you weren’t so perfect Jahee!”
  • and now she was hugging you
  • and now you were blushing


  • he curled her hair
  • and maybe burned himself one or two times
  • but her hair came out so cute!
  • so he took pictures of her
  • and by pictures like 100 of them
  • with just her
  • and then with the two of them
  • and the two of you
  • and then all three of you
  • you couldn’t help but laugh at how funny and cute he was being
  • and he made his favoite one of all three of you his lock screen and icon in the RFA chat obv


  • ha
  • lolololol
  • he called in a stylist to do her hair
  • but then she started giving him the puppy dog eyes that you gave him now and then
  • so he decided to put it up in a pony
  • like
  • how hard would that be?
  • but then his wrist got stuck in her hair tie
  • as well as her hair
  • and she was laughing
  • but her hair never got up
  • and Jumin never told you of the disaster that happened


  • he
  • was
  • so
  • excited
  • this was his chance
  • he got his gel and put styled it into a mohawk
  • and she was laughing
  • oh and now she was charging at him like some sort of rhino
  • and he was running
  • “the great daughter of 707 is now attacking her own father!”
  • and you walked into the door
  • and dropped your keys
  • as you saw her stabbing him with her spiked hair
  • “I go get milk for 5 minutes!”
I know I won't shut up about it

But I’m *expels sigh* SO excited about my new desktop coming in on Tuesday. I’ve never been able to run a current Sims game on the highest setting. In the early 2000s I could barely run The Sims 2, and I haven’t been able to really run The Sims 4 without major lag and my sims looking like crap. Making stuff for my sims was always half pointless to me because I could never play with them outside of cas. But I shoved all my mods into my save file on my husbands computer (same desktop I’m getting) and it just RUNS SO AMAZING on ultra omg just the light rays and it’s so seamless jdndjbdhs. Rant over. I’m just so happy I’ll be able to PLAY my game on ultra and it makes me want to hug the community even every hateful anon🌹

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I am so angry! I wanted those pictures. I stayed up for them.

Listen man, I feel you.  But try not to be angry! Ok!  Please just - you know it’s all part of the ways comebacks are with this group.  They make us wait for things.  And thing is - nobody ever SAID EXPLICITLY that these photos were coming out today.  We just assumed.  And got excited.  And then they didn’t. 

Comebacks should be fun! If it’s not fun for you to stay up then don’t - the photos will still be here when you wake up in the morning.  Just because you aren’t awake when the photos are released doesn’t make you any less of a fan or anything like that.  I know it’s fun to scream about pics with people, but - you know….

Just anon, try to laugh at this, love it, enjoy it! It’s part of the fucking show it’s part of the build.  ‘Buy the ticket ride the ride’ and all of that ok?  Just try to not be too angry ok,  And if you don’t feel like you can stay up tomorrow then don’t - I think Yoongi said it best here - 

Hugs to you anon!  If you are up tomorrow and the photos are released come be excited with me, I’ll be here and ready to go!



He said he cried too much yesterday but it seems like he wont cry today so he might be able to say goodbye while smiling ㅠ

Teuk said he prepared a special present for Sunday(the actual last broadcast)

Some of the older writers and PDnims came and gave teuk a present~

“When I become someone who is greater with a bigger heart, when I can give everyone a bigger hug, I will come back to this spot once again.”

Teuk wanted to do handshakes with everyone outside here but theres too many people :(((

Teuk says when you listen to the ‘present’ on sunday, you might be like 'what..this is the present?’ Lol

LT:  "How can I survive?“ was my biggest goal and that to me was work and part of that was sukira. Sukira is like my life and now I’m-

Teuk said that while he was in the army his depression was severe that he wanted to die :c


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I kinda want Kon just to show up in National City at Kara's school and be like WHAT IS GOING ON!?












Paradise Fears - You To Believe In

So, in celebration for @justchasingghosts’ brilliant idea of a day to spam Jack’s tag, I thought I’d actually use what I’ve learned in my Digital Design class and put something meaningful together.

I honestly don’t think I deserve to take part in such a thing, since I’ve been in this community for a much shorter amount of time compared to many others’ (will be a year on the sixth! I might make something for that too.), but I thought since it’s a day dedicated to Jack and how much he’s impacted us, I knew I’d want to make some appearance.

My favourite part about searching for all these videos was seeing Jack’s never-ending smile whenever he meets someone, whether he’s met them before or not, he always treats the people he meets as if they’re his best friends and you just haven’t seen each other for a while. Those tight hugs with him look like the best you could receive, and I hope one day I might be able to do so.

Now for the corny part: I chose this song as a way of emphasising how this community relies on Jack to make us smile and laugh, the same way he relies on us to make him smile and laugh. We are here together, everyday, interacting - person to person - as if it were natural. And, being in this community, I’ve noticed that it is natural. Interaction shouldn’t be scary the way it is in some other communities and fandoms, and Jack makes sure we know that he will always be here for us the way we are for him.

And to that, I have to say thank you, Jack. Thank you for continuing to interact with us, thank you for getting that same smile whenever you meet someone, thank you for appreciating us and caring for us like family, thank you for always giving us that bear-hug tight enough to strangle.

Thank you for always giving me someone to believe in. I hope I can continue to do the same for you.  

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can you please help me understand the concept of "other-hearted"? is it like, you relate to animal/character/whatever but you know you aren't kin with them? but its stronger than a sympath, so its like in between? sorry I'm confused

Otherhearted: I want to BE that.

Otherkin: I AM that

Synpath: I want to HUG that.

Otherhearted: that’s who I am in my heart, that’s what I should be. #goals

Otherkin: That is who I believe I am. I identify as this thing. #me

Synpath: I feel connected to that on an emotional level. I feel a strong sense of empathy for that. #same

Otherhearted: Someone with a strong emotional or spiritual connection to any species, without believing that they are that species.

Otherkin: A non human thing, or a fictional character that someone believes that they were in a past life and still identify as it.

Synpath: Any creature that a person strongly identifies with or feels an empathic bond with.

-hearted is something you feel in your heart like you *should* be.

a synpath is something that you feel a connection with or empathy for, like you’re the same.

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omg "save the last dance for me" is sooo good! and i'm not even a fan of dancing ^^ i just wanted to tell you that you write the characters so good, i didn't even had to wait till the end (of the line :D) to find out who the two people in the car are ^^ and who the reader's boyfriend is. i just knew it from the way you wrote them, because it sounded like something they would say :) i hope this makes sense?! ^^ anyway: i looove your writing!!! you never fail to make my day. feel hugged <3 ^___^

Awww thank you hon! Yesss, I get what you’re saying, a friend told me the same thing haha.

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“Save the Last Dance for Me”

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I have a really big crush on a guy, but he has a boyfriend. regardless, every time I see him he gets really excited and runs and jumps into my arms and hugs me like a koala (im a dude whos a head taller than him so i can lift him pretty easily) and its the cutest thing in the world and I dont know how to deal, I want to kiss him so bad ;-;

Ohhh my gosh this is.. so adorable! I’m sad he has a boyfriend but who knows what the future may hold? Whichever the case, I just hope he continues making you happy!

Dating Selina Kyle (Catwoman) would include

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● Persuading her to only steal from corrupt politicians and business men.

● Helping her plan heists, if you wanted to.

● Calling her ‘Sel’.

● Selena calling you 'sweetheart’.

● Moving in together.

● Selena always bringing strays into your apartment till she finds a good home for them.

● Selena sneaking into your apartment.
♢ Acting like you don’t know who she is if she’s wearing the domino mask.

“I’m afraid I don’t know you.”

● Hugs from behind followed by cheek kisses.

● Cooking together.

● Selena laughing when she saw you how flustered you got around her in her catsuit. “See something you like?”

● Meeting in an alleyway when you were walking home from work.

♢ Some thugs cornered you.
▪ Selena interfering and kicking their asses.

“Thank you so much.”

“You can thank me by joining me for coffee.”

¤ Exchanging numbers.
• Going out more and becoming official.

● Selena telling you she’s Catwoman a few months after you started dating.

“Wait so you fought Batman?”

“That’s what you find the most interesting.”

● Selena sneaking up on you.

“Can’t you just make one sound.”

● Movie nights.

● Selena biting your lip during kisses.

● She’d phone you if she was on a heist and would run late.

“Hey sweetheart I’m going to be a little late tonight.”

● Her getting jealous when you two are somewhere.
♢ She’d strategically buy a drink and spill it on them.
“I’m sorry.”

▪ Knowing she isn’t sorry at all from the smirk on her face.

● Lipstick stains all over your face.

Season 4 just aired and until now, I´m really happy to have TB back, cause I still love it. I may not love every aspect and of course sometimes I wish characters would act differently, but until it´s over I want to stay open to see new stories and devellopment.

As a shipper I ´d like to see Red and Lizzie together in the end. I wish, she would treat him better these days, more trust- and thankful , but on the other side, there is this danger all around Red, even if he may not be the reason for  it and a part of me does understand her.  

Red is-  as much as I am TEAM Red - a dangerous man and it was not a big surprise to me that he killed Kate Kaplan. I did not like it, I wished for something else, but TB is still is a journey and I can jugde it in the end , looking back.

I would not have wanted a big hugging scene between Red and Lizzie by now. She will say sorry, when she knows about her past, when she knows it´s about her and not Red´s fault.

“Kirk is full of shit”. That´s what Spader told us and dear lord in heaven… why is it so difficult to understand, that Liz is torn between what Red says to her and what Kirk is telling her? I wish she will get to know the truth soon so we can go back to “We make a great team.”

Let´s get rid of Fakob and Kirk and Red and Lizzie will rise up stronger then before. I´m sure of this.

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this is the best place to say this, I really hope we can get a chance to see nygmobblepot do cute things, like even a hug would be great, or ed or oswald grabbing the others hand with a silly excuse like oswald did with jim one time, to see them laugh together or just stare at each other and get that intensity between them. Though I really love nygmobblepot, the chances of them actually becoming romantically canon is really low because of butthurt fans, but there is always hope. Love your blog!

Hi! Yees I want everything Nygmobblepot! From the fluff to the angst. We know we will get loads of stuff this season so the future seems bright! And yes to all the cute things you suggested, bring it on aaah.

Yeah this heternormative please hetero-butthurt-white-guys media is getting on my fkn nerves. And I’ve been constantly let down with my ships even if there is endless of teasing and baiting :( I REALLY hope Gotham won’t be as shitty with that. The way they force hetero relationships is ridiculous. How little it takes for heteros to fall in love and kiss, while Nygmobblepot has shown 100 times more affection things they’ve done for each other than any of the hetero couples!! But I mean I love build up, I hope this IS a build up! And Cory & Robin feels like they obviously wouldn’t wanna be a part of queerbaiting since they are so supportive of Nygmobblepot and are lgbt themselves. 

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"Zenny!" the small brunette basically tackle hugs her boyfriend, burying her face in his abdomen. "Today was hard. I'm never going back to work again!" [pxtypcrty]

Zen laughs as he tackled by his girlfriend, placing a kiss to her forehead. “I’m sorry work was tough for you, my darling. Do you want me to make you some tea and we watching something on tv? Hm…If you’re never going back to work then it looks like i get to spoil you more~”