“From here on out, I am only interested in what is real. Real people, real feelings, that’s it, that’s all I’m interested in.”

Almost Famous came out in 2000 and it is directed by Cameron Crowe and serves as a semi-biography. It is also one of the best coming-of-age films I have ever seen, shared along with Stand By Me. As you may know, this film is one of my favourites. It is my home, it’s like a hug, strange at it seems. It is the life I want, well if I lived in the 70s. It’s the film I choose to watch when I’m feeling down, although it gives you quite the heartache at times. Almost Famous is drama/comedy film about music, 70’s music to be exact.

So the story is about 15-year-old William Miller (Patrick Fugit) who wants to be a writer, a rock writer, mind. William gets the opportunity to travel with up and coming band Stillwater. Before that big event, William submits his record reviews to Creem magazine writer Lester Bangs (Philip Seymour Hoffman). The two becomes friends and Williams gets the mentor of his dreams. Soon after William goes on a mission for Rolling stone, where he meets the girls, the band aids, the un-groupies. Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) the band aids leader takes a liking to the teen and William falls head over heels for her. William leaves his home, with the band Stillwater (Billy Crudup, Jason Lee, John Fedevich and Mark Kozeleck) and leaves his “trying to mean well” mother, Elaine (Frances McDormand) to worry.

This film is filled with lovely, wonderful performances. Patrick Fugit portrays naive and young William very well, Frances McDormand is brilliant as William and Anita’s (Zooey Deschanel) mother. Billy Crudup and Kate Hudson fill the screen with romantic tension and a bit of heartbreak, or a lot of it actually. Kate Hudson as mysterious, ageless, nameless “Penny Lane”, yes like the song, is brilliant and honest. Her character is very relatable and it really isn’t hard to fall for her ways. The beer scene is one to really look closely at. As always Philip Seymour Hoffman is brilliant, he exudes arrogance and confidence, he’s always such a good supporting actor.

The soundtrack, of course, is so very good, filled with classic rock tunes, only the best. The music written by then-wife of Crowe, Nancy Wilson, for Stillwater is so bloody good. It’s a visually good looking film, but the cinematography isn’t an element that stands out, this film is about honest characters and good music. I recommend it forever, I really do, and if you want the get the absolute best experience from it I would recommend trying to find the extended version.

i’m sorry but i can’t get over her reaction it was so unexpected.

carol is such a fool in love. so precious and so vulnerable in a good way.

CAROL DIDN’T HESITATE. like she just opened the door and started crying.

then she hugged him right away and she would have kept hugging.

then she invited inside. like….all that with zero need for daryl to push her.

how people do not see they’re perfect for each other????

he doesn’t need to push her or vice-versa. THEY WANT TO BE TOGETHER.

gimple and everyone saying he didn’t want to leave her. and she wanted him to stay. he loves her and she loves him and it was so beautiful to witness.

they’re still gonna be together cause they want to be together. it’s clear to me.

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Teach me curse words in Russian please daddy-plant-lover-94

why does everyone always ask for curse words? how about i teach you some nice things you could say in russian instead?

your smile warms my heart - от твоей улыбки так тепло на душе (ot tvoyey ulybki tak teplo na dushe)

i want to hug you so much right now - так хочется тебя сейчас обнять (tak hochetsya tebya seychas obnyat’)

i like you more than french fries - я люблю тебя больше, чем картошечку (ya lyublyu tebya bol’she chem kartoshechku)

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Tuafw your parents touch you all the time (hugs, shoulder touches, rubbing your hair) and it literally makes your want to die but no matter how many times you beg them to stop, they say, "I'm your parent, that's what parents do. If you don't like it, tough." Like how fucking hard is it to respect others' personal space, you don't OWN me, you aren't ENTITLED to touch me -Kitty Kat

also my dash is p dead rn so i’m sorry for the spam, i’m going to bed istg, but i just wanted to make another mushy post saying that i srsly love everyone i’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with here, from likes to memes, to threads to smol ooc chats: i appreciate every single one of u & i love u ♥ u might be thinking that’s weird like i don’t really know u or u me but trust me when i say you matter to me. u reading this? if you feel ever like u want to talk, my ims are open to everyone and so is my askbox ♥

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Is anyone else finding the more they look at the hug gifs from episode 10 the more romantic they become? Like Carol's whole face and they way she's holding him in the second hug is like a scene from a period drama romance or an old war couple where the husband leaves, it's not the same bear hug as terminus it's more intimate, I see what the spoiler people meant now, also THERE ARE SO MANY MEN SHIPPING CARYL ONLINE is amazing :)

Could someone send me those reactions everyone is talking about? Cause I didn’t see any video and I want to see :(

She loves him so much 😭😭😭😭😭

i want to forget you & everything i learned about you that i grew to love & care for so much. i want to forget how happy i felt to see you smile, how warm i felt when you’d kiss & hug me. i want to forget the moments we had because they were the best to me & now that i know that you never wanted me the way i want you…. that i’ve realized how shitty you treated me, how i was the only one in love for so long, i feel like everything we went through was a lie & i want to forget you.

For real though, I personally feel like Flowisk may as well be canon. At the very least, I refuse to believe that they’d be anything less than best friends, together on the surface. Too much of the game focuses on Flowey becoming obsessed with Frisk and putting on a hell of a show when he finally gets to fight them either time, eventually culminating in him telling Frisk they’re the friend he always wanted and later bargaining for their happiness above his own. Not to mention, them getting to hug while he’s still Asriel.

i never ever like to talk about specific people or things on here because at least a few people in my home town follow me and i don’t want to hurt anyone or spread gossip or anything like that but i need a little advice. this guy at work makes me really fucking uncomfortable but the thing is he doesn’t do anything worth talking to a manager about or even just talking to the guy himself. he just has this horrible creepy vibe and look in his eyes and touches me on the arm, shoulder, or back every time he walks past me. he hugs me hello and goodbye no matter what i’m doing and doesn’t leave until he finds me and hugs me. last week he hugged me while i was mopping and last night he hugged me while i was refilling an ice box, my hands were completely full and half my body was practically inside the ice chest. during my break he told me “if you’re feeling down i can brighten your day by telling you you’re beautiful” and it made me feel worse honestly, i’m a very friendly person and it gets misinterpreted as flirty sometimes but i’ve been trying to act a little bit colder towards him so he’ll stop but he isn’t getting it! my sister thinks it borders on sexual harassment and wants me to talk to him or a manager but i can’t stand hurting people’s feelings without major cause, and i just started working here so i don’t want to make a scene. my coworkers have all told me their favorite part of working here is that there is no drama and they all get along! he hasn’t done anything i can point out as wrong, it could all be considered as him just being friendly so i think i’ll just wait till he does something outright or asks me out and then let him know i’m not at all interested and hopefully that’ll end it?

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Your cosplay is so amazingly detailed and gorgeous!! Honestly, I squealed when I saw your pictures, you're so beautiful! I was having a down weekend but your pictures cheered me up. I hope you had lots of fun and thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with cosplay and awesome Yuuri art!!

Thank you so much for liking it!!! I worked really hard on the bedazzling and lights, I wanted to be SHINY (*hears the Moana song echoing in the distance*). I had a lot of fun, and I’m so glad my dumb pictures of myself and friends cheered you up! ;A; I hope I can continue posting things that make you happy! *HUGS*

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In your tags for Kai cheating at pool you said you have so much to say about him and games. Please say it, I'm interested! :)

 …how much i love those Jongin’s moments!!! Well… JongKID want’s to win…has to win…must win. ALWAYS. If he was my child I’m sure i would always give two winning places at each game in order not to see his unhappy whiny self. If you remember at exo’s first box and the basketball game….(THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR IT YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE IT….TILL THE END) or the pool game with Taemin…..or the game which Chen didn’t let him seat down by hugging him…. or the leg strength game at exo’s showtime which made everyone act like a mother would….YES MY DEAR CHILD YOU WON,YOU ARE THE BEST …and many other small moments in those 5 years..aaaaaaaaaa i love him!

p.s sorry for my eng ✍(◔◡◔)

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I never thought it would happen but Daryl made me cry more on episode 10 than Carol with his broken voice and face when he asked why she left and that he found out she "just left" man his face I had been dying to see for years of shipping them, proof that he loves her more than anyone else, even though their scenes were so short I really think the episode delivered in giving confirmation of feelings on both sides

I read some people around upset that he was a little “mad”/ a little hurt in the first hug and kind of upset with her, hurt, and reading it like he doesn’t care so much about her and I’m like… to me it only made his feelings even more canon?

Is what I said, he showed everyone how much he loved her, how much she is his whole world, but he held back a lot from her, simply because he wanted to be there for her this time (also because he knew if he allowed himself to just feel, he might had not ever left that house).

But that first hug? It was the moment where he was bare to her. Daryl simply looked at her and exposed everything she is to him, everything she means to him, and more, how much powers she has over him, because she is the person who makes him the happiest in the world and the person who can destroy him by just… leaving.

The way he says “Morgan said you just left” and “why’d you go?” And the way he looks at her

Is him telling with all letters that she didn’t only left her family, she left HIM, and he just-


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bless yea @anon tarjei is so slim I remember hugging him really gently cause I didn't want to snap him he's tall tho'. Henrik is slender bit bigger than tarjei but also good grief is he tall, I want to be that tall. I'd feel like a God amongst men. It's lucky he's nice. I'd stand in the way of people's videos for fun screaming "PRAISE ME INSIGNIFICANT SOIL BALLS" speaking of I used to make sand balls when I was younger, out of thick mud and dry sand... I don't know what's happened to this ask

i wanted to share this,,,,

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not looking forward to the forced malec drama over this shitty addict plot next episode either. i'd like to think it'll be resolved by the finale at least but i'm not getting my hopes up. i know there was a tweet about the finale from todd saying "beautiful malec" scene but coming from him that could just mean they're stood in the background of the same scene that's probably focused on clary and simon making out.

*hysterically giggling* You know, Anon, I just talked about that “beautiful Malec” hashtag to @warlocks-nephilim today and mentioned something along the lines like… maybe it only means to Magnus and Alec both having dandified haircuts and clothes.

But jokes aside, isn’t it sad how we’re all so suspicious now after they (and especially Todd) fucked us over so often? I mean like… this was all so very unnecessary to begin with. Of course we are all living for spoilers and all but how can you actually tell the fandom shit like “Malec Mania” and then act all surprised when it backfires when the so called mania consisted of 3 fucking minutes? I don’t get it.

And don’t get me started on that artificial drama next week. I know Malec will be all fine and all but that storyline was awful and stupid from the start and can it just please die finally??? It ruined the character of Isabelle completely and now it also serves as a catalyst for more drama, regarding Malec and Raphael’s role. Do. Not. Want.

Oh god I imagined a scene where like Petra and Jane are dating and Petra tells Rogelio she wants to propose to Jane and she wants advice because he’s so over the top and romantic and also Jane’s dad so why not

But they still struggle with each other’s accents and it takes much longer than Petra wanted it to but then they get to the end of it and Rogelio hugs Petra and says, “Bienvenido a la familia, mi hija.”

And Petra’s Spanish still isn’t great but she understood that and starts to tear up.

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Hi Prompto! Just wanted to ask. On a scale of 1 toSnuggle Monster, how cuddly would you rate yourself and every one else in the group?

w-well, i… i think i’m the one that likes hugs the most! o((*^▽^*))o

i guess that makes me… a promptopus! o(≧∇≦o)

and noct… noct can be a cuddlebug if he wants to. but… he… usually doesn’t want to 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

gladio… i’ve seen him hug iris! and noct! but… i… i wouldn’t know (灬º 艸º灬)

and iggy hates hugs. he’s like, negative 10! (・:゚д゚:・)

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top 5 blogs outside of your fandom

|| send me “top 5″ anything and I’ll make a list

All of them. Is that too much of a cop out? Cause like, forreal bud. All the damn blogs.

1. @nimueries - I’ve never read Mists of Avalon, I have only a rudimentary knowledge of Arthurian legend at best, but holy shit the level of dedication, intelligence, wit, and talent brought into Michelle’s writing of Nimue makes me want to read it, and even then I think I’d prefer her writing of the character over any other.

2. @wildhearted - Have you seen the level of thought that is put into Mia? This is a fully fleshed out character, with NPCs and a whole world behind her that, if she were part of a book, I’d read the shit out of it. Honestly top notch!

3. @mxdam - Again with the fleshing out and the headcanons! The fact that Rabbit has a full page or so dedicated to all of the headcanons for Margarethe, the meta, down to what her voice sounds like, is amazing and inspiring on so many levels. I feel like I really know Margarethe here.

4. @classiqve – the writing, the background, the character themselves. Takara is a wonderful OC that I honestly feel like I’m lucky to have come across, and Ivy is such a wonderful person and a wonderful writer, than I’m so glad to be writing with them.

5. OKAY BUT FORREAL EVERYONE ELSE. My fandom is tiny. Like the tiniest tiny to ever be tiny. It’s only just recently grown larger, and it’s still growing with all the recent announcements. That’s really exciting! But for the first year of playing Mrs. Coulter here, I interacted with entirely outside of my fandom blogs, and let me tell you, it has been wonderful. @certiorarias, @sanctamater, @yourneighbourjerry, @quantcm, @fionagoode, @humansveiled, @morgxine, @amesbrisees, @decoratedhunter, @tobewhoimnot, and so many more. Thank you all for writing with me, gushing in chat with me, reading my shit posts and meta/HC in equal measure. Y’all make coming onto the blog every day a fucking delight <3