Dear Journal,

Sirius was extremely cuddly this afternoon. His head is laying on my lap and i’m running my fingers through his long hair. A few minutes ago, I stopped for a second, but he mumbled so i continued. We are all in the common room, doing our own things. James and Peter are playing chest and Lily is braiding Sophie’s curly hair while talking about Ilvermorny. Sophie has been here for only a day and she loves it already. After lunch, we had defence against the dark arts. I was taking notes and felt sirius’ hand on my thigh.

“Sirius what do you think you are doing?…” i asked, trying to hide the smirk on my face.

“I want to cuddle…” he whined, letting his head fall on my shoulder.

“You are so needy what’s going on with you!” I laughed.

“I just want my boyfriend to hold me what’s wrong with that!”

“Nothing’s wrong! I would love to cuddle you but we are in class right now baby..” i giggled.

“If i fake being sick will you come with me to the hospital wing?” He winked.

“Sirius.. Seriously.. we are in class!”

He started to laugh without stopping. A few students turned around because he was being loud.

“What? Why are you laughing?” I asked.

“You said «Sirius.. Seriously..»” he said, still laughing.

I smilled and got back to my notes. His hand found it’s way to my back. I ignored him, trying not to encourage him. The professor dismissed us and we got out of the class. Sirius took my hand and guided me to the common room, our friends following, not far behind. When we arrived, he dropped his books on the nearby table and playfully pushed me on the dark red couch. I giggled and looked in his shinny eyes. He slowly kissed my lips. I could taste the minty candy he ate during class. His lips travelled down to my jaw and then my neck.

“Ewww you guys! Get a room it’s disgusting!” James screamed, as he was walking in the room.

“Stop James! They make a great couple!” Sophie said, softly punching James shoulder.

“Ouch! I’m not saying they don’t make a good couple! I just don’t particuly enjoy watching my two best mates make out!” He said, laughing.

I never thanked Lily for telling me that I should write a Journal. It really helped me. Sirius just got off of my lap and sat close to me. His black hair all messy.

“You look so cute when you’re sleepy love.” I whispered to him.

“Stop i’m not cute! I’m badass!” He laughed.

“That, you are!” I giggled.

“You are gonna be proud of me baby… today, i smoked my last cigarette..” he said.

“Baby that’s great! I’m so proud of you! I knew you could do it!”

I jumped to his neck and smelled his scent. He pulled away and smilled. The dimples on his cheek were visible and a strand of his hair was loose on his forehead. I extended my hand to brush it off.

“You drive me crazy do you know that?” I told him.

“I tend to have that effect on people..” he smirked.

“Stop! I’m being serious!” I whined.

“No i am Sirius!” He laughed.

“Babe! I’m trying to be romantic!” I said.

“Okay okay.. What were you saying my love?” He said.

“I was trying to say that I love you very much…” i whispered to his ear.

“I love you way more babe..” he whispered back.

“No i do!” I laughed.

“No it’s me!” He laughed too.

“No!! I love you more!”

“We are being so cliché right now” He laughed. I did too.

“I think it’s romantic.” I smilled.

And he kissed me.

I’ll write tommorow..
January 23rd 1976

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they definitely at least hug if nothing else, revel in that sweet sweet imagery

let’s talk about dan and phil!

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Yknow something cool tho. Imagine asking Bokuto an Kuroo to cuddle and they will just tease you endlessly about it like ' Oh you want to cuddle, is that so? Bro, what do you think, should we let them? ' - they wiukd take the chance to turn it totally into dirty joke mode or smth XD

God, they make me so frustrated sometimes. Just shut up and cuddle with me, I know you want to! 😂

-Mama Lana

I want a girlfriend and I want to hold her hand and walk with her and kiss her under a streetlight as the snow flies around us and I want to lend her my jacket when she’s cold or borrow hers it doesn’t matter I just wanna share clothes with her and I want us to build snowmen and make snow angels and celebrate Christmas together and get each other gifts even though we didn’t agree to do that and drink hot chocolate and share cute kisses under mistletoes and wear oversized sweaters and fuzzy socks and have lots of blankets and cuddle and be really soft and I just really want a girlfriend to keep me warm during winter is that too much to ask


supergirl season 2a meme → [¼] characters

“When you first suggested that I was gay, I denied it. And then, I thought it was just about you. I mean, how would I not like you? But deep down, I think I still wasn’t comfortable that that was my new normal. But it is my new normal, and I’m happy that it is. Because, I don’t know, I finally… I get me. And now I realize that it wasn’t about you, but it’s about me living my life.”


In which Bakugou is me