ok today summed up: i had about 3 breakdowns, ate 4 plates of salmon sushi, got extremely stressed because of harry styles, realised that i have a spiritual connection with this really weird picture of charlie brown where he looks like a sad bald egg, referred to a pizza as mother, took a really cute pic of me in my underwear that looked like someone else took it and realised wow i want a boyfriend but only 2 take cute pics of me, thought “what the fuck” because everywhere i go tbere is glitter ………

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Hey so I just wanted to share a bit of joy with you today. I'm panromantic asexual and I go to a French catholic school (I'm American and trying to learn French in France). I'm a bit uncomfortable with all the crosses everywhere and I have a class in the church (not church stuff, just in the church). Today I was sitting with a bunch of friends and one of them asked me if I had a boyfriend back in America. I said no. Then they asked if I wanted a boyfriend. No again. 1/2