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Auntie's Peace Offering
  • Even the independent S Class Hero, Tatsumaki, has her weaknesses.
  • -At a food truck, Yon buys a special-of-the-day ice cream before heading home with Boros tailing behind him.-
  • Yon:Here, Bocchan. [-offers him a lick.-]
  • Bocchan:[-glowers at him, before giving it a whiff.-]Mwwrr~ (You expect me to eat this byproduct of some unknown vermin?)
  • Tatsumaki:Eeh?! What do you mean you don't have anymore special-of-the-day?
  • -Both turn around to see Tatsumaki floating over the edge of the window with a look of utter outrage, while the owner nervously tried to explain things to her.-
  • Owner:I'm sorry, Miss. But the last one was already sold.
  • -Seeing that she wasn't getting anywhere with this, she turned away sharply, nose turned up and hands on her hips in her usual annoyed pose.-
  • Tatsumaki:Hmph! And I flew all the way over here after my mission to get one...I've really been wanting one since Fubuki told me about them...
  • -Although Yon, like his other siblings, wasn't too fond of her, he couldn't help but note her sincere disappointment in not having gotten the ice cream. The Food Truck tended to change the flavors frequently, so odds are they wouldn't be having one like this anymore.-
  • Yon:[-plucks the courage to approach Tatsumaki and tugs the hem of her billowing dress.-]
  • Tatsumaki:Hm?....Oh, it's you. [-looking a tad more bored than she did earlier.-] Well what do you want?
  • -He jumped a bit as she asked this, wondering if this was such a good idea. But feeling like there was no point in backing out now, he lifted the ice cream to her.-
  • Yon:...You...wanted one, right?
  • Boros:(Huh?)[-confused by his caretaker's actions.-]
  • -She blinked as he offered to give her the last ice cream to her instead of taking it for himself. At first she simply stared at him with bewilderment, but the next second she started to yell (again).-
  • Tatsumaki:Hahn!? What are you, a moron? Do you think I'd want the leftovers of a brat? I'm not that desperate!
  • -He nearly dropped the ice cream at this, and felt like it was a mistake to be nice to someone like her. Even Boros had to duck behind him for fear she'd do something to them for, what he assumed, was an insult.-
  • Tatsumaki:...But...[-Uses her powers to bring the ice cream into her hand.-]
  • -Yon and Boros looked at her in surprise.-
  • Tatsumaki:I suppose it can't be helped if you can't finish it or something, so I'll take it for now...[-begs to fly away, but not before muttering something under her breath.-]...Thanks./////
  • -Yon blinked, quite surprised that she not only accepted his generosity, but even thanked him for it. He'd always thought she was just a sour and crude midget who said terrible things about Sensei and Danna, but perhaps she wasn't all that bad after all.-
  • Boros:Mwwrr~[-rolls his eyes-](These creatures make no sense to me in the least.)

OKAY, this is not only important because A) Black sails is one of the best shows on TV right now but because the last part of it has Max, in bed… with (if you pause it) a woman with red hair. DOES THIS MEAN MAXANNE IS NOT COMPLETELY DEAD? 

You know? Honestly? Yeah, it’s kind of funny that she’s threatening to sue, and yeah, this whole thing is a hot, despicable, mess and trust me when I say I hate it, but no one should have been threatening Briana. No one should have been threatening her family. You want to point out the crappy things they’ve done? Go ahead. But don’t mock them for things they can’t help, don’t mock them for their appearances, and for the love of God, there is never an excuse to threaten someone’s life.

CHWE HANSOL’S PROFILE  (Vernon’s Elementary School Profile)

English Name: Hansol Vernon Chwe
Gender: Male
Blood Type: A
Personality: sociable, outgoing, & good at lying
Hobbies: playing the guitar, reading/watching webtoons or movies, playing games, riding my ess-board, listening to music
Things I like: friends, sports, hip hop, rock, fantasy
Things I don’t like: a lot of homework, when my sister whines or cries, when I get scolded
Future dream: (to become a) movie actor/director

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