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Usually when Dan makes a video I just want to squeeze his cheeks and tell him he did a good job because he is so cute and I want him to be happy, meanwhile when Phil makes a video I mainly just have a renewed desire for him to fuck me

There are two kinds of people and you’re both of them. (I can totally relate to the thing about Dan’s cheeks though I just wanna smush his face together so FUCKING BAD)

tagging the bias!

i was tagged by my beautiful bumblebee (she probably gets that all the time) @yeolology

rules: write down the last 15 associated tags with your bias - ah fuck trashy jade is about to be exposed

     01: #i’m actually fucking sweating!!
     02: #how dare he look so bloody gorgeous!!
     03: #i’m swooning
     04: #wtf is he doing?!
     05: #looking beautiful like always
     06: #he’s really coming for me so early
     09: #the first picture made me lose my shit for a millisecond
     10: #don’t fucking test me boy!!!!
     11: #the words fuck and me come to mind
     12: #brb while i go and punch my face
     13: #major heart eyes
     14: #i wanna smush his face between my hands and tell him he’s beautiful
     15: #i feel a panic attack coming on

and this pretty much sums me up!

now i would like to tag: @whosexo, @hentaibbh, @nunchiwrites, @yeollieollie, @pikadae, @lovesehunright, @chanyeolspout, @sammsdreaming, @mochibaeks

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Niall has really bulked up. Not a whole lot but he gave himself some definition and especially in his pecs like I wanna smush my face in his cleavage and motorboat him. And I bet his thighs have gotten toned from his physical therapy for his knee and you can grab on to the flexed muscles as he makes you bounce up and down on his dick wow I need to go to church.