whenever i see fellow lightskinned girls crying abt being told they arent brown enough or whatever i literally wanna smack them do u not get that your dark skin sisters are literally told they arent worthy enough in any way unless their skin is like yours like can u really not wrap around ur thick kabab head that you are privileged?? like colorism is real and just bc u have faced racism by other groups does not excuse your colorism okay they are not the same they will never be the same

"Elf" Sentence Starters

•   ❝ Does somebody need a hug? ❞

•   ❝ I can sing, I choose not to sing.  Especially in front of other people. ❞

•   ❝ You sit on a throne of lies! ❞

•   ❝ I just like to smile!  Smiling’s my favorite. ❞

•   ❝ I think you’re really beautiful and I feel really warm when I’m around you, and my tongue swells up. ❞

•   ❝ Sodo you wanna go eat food? ❞

•   ❝ What about Santa’s cookies?  I suppose parents eat those too? ❞

•   ❝ Wow, you’re fast.  I’m glad I caught up to you. ❞

•   ❝ I like to whisper too! ❞

•   ❝ The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. ❞

•   ❝ Reach out in front of you and take a sip.  Don’t look. ❞

•   ❝ You’re so weird. ❞

•   ❝ I suggest you wipe that stupid smile off your face before I come over there and smack it off! ❞

•   ❝ I didn’t know you were naked. ❞

•   ❝ I thought maybe we could make gingerbread houses, and eat cookie dough, and go ice skating, and maybe even hold hands. ❞

•   ❝ So, good news  I saw a dog today. ❞

•   ❝ I know you may be a little, um…  uh, chemically imbalanced–  but you’ve been right about a lot of things. ❞

•   ❝ I’m sorry I ruined your lives, and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR. ❞

•   ❝ Sounds like someone needs to sing a Christmas Carol. ❞

Michael and Luke dating would include:

• “u love me”, “no I don’t” , “yes u do,” , “fuck u”

• “do it” “no” “do it” “no” “do it” “no”

• “no Michael I’m NOT giving you a blowjob while you drive remember what happened last time?”

• “fuck you” “if u insist”

• “Michael we’ve been cuddling the whole day my body’s going numb”

• “Luke luke Luke Luke Luke Luke Lucas luuuuukkkeeeeyyy” “WHAT” “I love u”

• Luke leaning into kiss Michael and Michael licks up Luke’s face instead

• “ew Michael ur disgusting”

• “wanna play spin the bottle?” “There’s only two of us?” “So?”


• Eskimo kisses

Transman Problems
  • Me:I'm going to do a beard makeup!
  • Mom:You do that and I'll smack that shit right off your face!
  • ----
  • Me:My friend just got chest surgery!
  • Mom:Don't you ever do that to us.
  • ----
  • Me:I wanna clean out my closet.
  • Mom:Remember, you are a female and always will be. Keep some nice blouses.
  • ----
  • Me:Got my first track practice tomorrow.
  • Mom:Be sure to shave those nasty ass legs.
  • ----
  • Me:Sigh...
Weird OTP AU first meeting prompts

Ever had your OTP first meet at a coffee shop while ordering coffee? At work by the water cooler? At school between classes? At a bookstore browsing books? At the park sitting on a bench?

Those are all cool places and ways for them to meet and you can’t go wrong with the classics, but I wanna see something different too.

I wanna see your OTP first meeting:

-on a rollercoaster when person A screams their lungs out and accidentally smacks person B in the face on the first hill.

-when person A is cycling down the street, and Person B is a jaywalker they crash into whose arms were loaded with bags of ____.

-both of them sprinting down the street with newspapers/bags over their heads to the closest bus stop(even though there are closer dry spaces) when it starts POURING rain and soon it becomes a race between them (until person A baseball-slides to the bus stop, winning but overall more soaked than person B).

-in a public restroom where they were both on their phone at the same time playing Neko Atsume(or some other app with recognizable music/sound).

-at the dentist/hospital where person A has just gotten their wisdom teeth out(or another kind of surgery that makes them loopy) and wont leave person B alone because they say person B claims they hate all cats and how could they????? They are the cutest, cuddliest fuzzballs???????

-at an ice cream place where person A buys themself and some random kid ice cream cones, but the kid drops it and then when person A goes to buy another one, they drop both the new one and theirs, so person B steps in and buys one for each of them but /in cups not cones/.

-one the side of a mostly deserted street at 3am where person A is stuck with one or both legs in the rain gutter/storm drain/sewer drain connected to the curb, being there for 4 hours now and accepting their fate before person B walks by and tries to sneak past before person A sees them and yells for help.

And so on

Guess this song

I got an ass so big like the sun
Hope you got a mile for a dick I wanna run
Slap it in my face
shove it down my throat
nigga where ya blunt? I could make this pussy smoke
I know how to fuck
I know how to ride
I can spin around and keep the dick still inside
Now ya mouth wide
Ya lookin real scared
I’m a man eater
head hunter I’m prepared
(You runnin now huh? You runnin. Imma put this pussy on you. Just like this)
Put this pussy in ya jaws now smack
like it’s thanksgiving and it ain’t comin back
I’m talking collard greens neck bones
Nigga chew this ass
both hold inspections don’t stop til it pass
Licky Licky Licky Licky Licky for an hour
Imma make it rain for you
here’s a golden shower
Smellin like a flower my pussy is a rose
Come a lil closer
I wanna fuck ya nose


Solas: I must admit vhenan, I did not expect you to be so strong.
Lavellan: (laughs) Really?
Solas: Yes, your physique truly betrays your strength.
Lavellan: (chuckles) I’ll take that as a compliment.
Solas: I also did not expect you to pick me up the way you did.
Lavellan: Well, that’s what you get for spraining your ankle.
Solas: I suppose I shall just have to accept my fate than.
Lavellan: (laughs) Exactly. You’re not embarrassed, are you?
Solas: Impressed actually.
Lavellan: That’s good then. Especially since you’re the one I’m impressing.
Solas: Now who is the sweet talker.

inspired by this super cute pic!! just had to draw some piggy back pics myself after hehe

Ok i’m drinking martinis like water so… i dunno, but if people wanna talk, i’m here with vaguely loose lips. maybe. Fic questions, talk about H a bit… I don’t have energy or brains for full imagines, but….

In the meantime, I’m filling a request: 

“You feel different,” you tell him. 

“How?” he asks, eyebrows rising up on his forehead. You lean in and kiss his forehead right between his brows with a short, sharp smacking sound, unable to resist how precious he looks.

“You’re harder.”

Harry’s eyes flash and then his cheek dimples with a smirk he’s fighting.

“Not,” you squeeze his face and push it away, “like that, you prat.”

“How’s it then?” he teases you.

Your hands skim his sides and dig in where his hips should be above his trousers. “There’s nothing….”

You trail off and he waggles his eyebrows. “Thought you’d like that,” he says. “Big, strong, brawny man’s man to take care of yeh?”

“No,” you pout and he laughs and nuzzles against you. “There’s nothing to cuddle and there’s all this change.”

You hadn’t noticed it much when you’d seen him last, because even once you’d both retreated to his hotel room for your short visit… he’d had his hips then, hadn’t he? The little swells above his jeans that you liked to pinch in the bathroom while you both brushed your teeth or when he was in your way in the kitchen and you needed him to, “Move, Harry, please,” when you were trying to get your breakfast.

“Sorry, angel,” he murmurs. “I’ll let yeh fatten me up proper after s’all over, ‘right?”

You make a small noise, because apparently you’re the one pouting now, and he’s the one kissing your forehead now 

“S’got advantages, don’t it?” he tries to coax you as you poke at his bicep. Already strong and your favorite thing to nestle into at night, it seems larger and stronger and an unbidden image of sinking your teeth into it flashes through your night.

“Like what?” you sulk and he kisses your cheek again. You squint at him but he smiles angelically.

You’ll let him get away with anything right now and he knows it.

“Stamina, for one,” he waggles his eyebrows at you.

“I’m still better than you,” you sniff and he laughs.

“Care to test that theory?”

“Hmm?” you hum. You sound absentminded as you graze your hand over his side again, but your sleepy ears have already perked up in disbelief.

“S’been awhile, sweetheart,” he rumbles as he runs the backs of ringed fingers – four of them – down the side of your cheek. “An’ I’ve been missin’ yeh real bad.” The word are gentle and they fail to belie the intended offer behind them.

The last time you two had fucked it had been a trailer and a bloody authentic costume that had nearly derailed your needs.

When he’d bucked into you without a rubber and he’d earned a teasing for a solid week and then some from how the news had spread amongst a few closer cast mates.

You lean against his hand momentarily. “These are new,” you murmur to him, fingering some of them gently.

“They are,” he confirms.

“Less hair, more rings or something?” you ask with a quirk of your eyebrow.

“Or summat,” he agrees with a deep chuckle.

Chapter 1: Try Me.

Naoki (Nae)

“Chris, you seriously should stop. You’ve been messing with that damn girl since 9th grade. Leave her alone.” I said sternly to Chris.

This girl has been through hell and back, because of him.

“Man, nah.” I sucked my teeth, and shook my head. My best-friend is a bully. A big ass bully.

“Why you messing with her anyway?” He looked down up at me, and smacked his lips.

“Man, I don’t wanna talk about it. Change the subject. You get on my nerves Nae.” I put my hand over my chest, and moved back a little.

“Well damn! When shots are thrown!!!” I yelled, making the same face that the girl made on a meme from instagram.

“Shutup.” He mumbled, while chuckling. I scrunched up my face, and snatched my phone off of his bed.

“Owe, let me get away from yo grumpy ass and go chill with bae downstairs.” He sat up, and looked at me.

“How is my momma bae?” I chuckled.

“See, I was talking about Ty, but Momma J is bae too!” I said, before skipping out of his room.

“I'ma tell her you said that!” He yelled from upstairs.

“Tell her!” I reached the bottom of the stairs, and my eyes landed on the love of my life. Ty.

We’ve been friends since kindergarten, but we aint start dating til’ we were in the 8th grade.

I took him to meet my parents one day, and they thought this fool was related to me or something. He was high, so his eyes were low. They already chink ass hell, so yea, he looked like one of us. But they love him, now.

“There ya ass go!” He said, getting up off the couch, and jogging over to me. He opened his arms for me, and I fell into them.

“Ayo ma, gimme kiss.” I said, trying to sound like Stevie J, but failed.

“Stop with that gay shit, but foreal.” I chuckled, and grabbed his face, slipping my tongue into his mouth. His hands roamed over my body, as our lips tongues wrestled.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Momma J’s said. She sounded close. Real close.

I looked to the side of us, and she was right there, causing me to jump.

“Momma, is that you? I miss–” She quickly cut me off, and swatted my hand away as I tried to hug her.

“Mhm, y'all better not let me catch y'all doing anything.” She warned.

“Yes ma'am.” Ty and I said in unison. She smiled, and pointed to the door, leaving Ty and I confused.

“Sorry babies, y'all gotta leave. I’m about to clean up.” Well at least she kicked us out in a nice way.

We said our bye’s then we bounced.

“She kicked us out so damn smooth, yo.” Ty stated.

I nodded, and chuckled.


I looked downstairs and sucked my teeth. This nigga Ty said he was still here, ole lying ass nigga. Shaking my head at his lying ass, I scratched the top of my head out of boredom.

I grabbed my keys off of the couch, and walked outside to my car. After everything was situated, I started the car, and drove off.  Turning on my radio, I started bumping some of that PAC.

Riding around with nothing to do or no where to go, I thought about all the possible places that I could go. Licking my lips, a few spots came to mind but they wasn’t satisfying me at the moment.

I should go to Raymond’s house since That’s where everybody is probably at anyways. We always go chill over there, because Raymond has his own house and we can do what we want over there.

If we go to my house, my momma kicks niggas out. If we go to Ty’s house, his momma be yelling all the time. And we cant go to Cameron’s house, cause Ty’s always threatning to fuck his momma. Dumb nigga!

Doing an illegal u-turn, I sped off in the direction of his house, not with out stopping at the near by  Wendy’s  and grabbing me some food.

Munching on my French fries, I took a sip out of my large strawberry lemonade, followed by a bite out of my spicy chicken sandwich.  Driving and eating was nothing for me.

Dropping the top on my lambo, I continued to cruise to Raymond’s house and stuff my face. I hope them niggas got the snacks cause I’m bringing Bookoo weed.

Staring at the full ziplock bag of purp, I smiled at the thought of getting high. There’s nothing better than getting high on a rainy Saturday night and chilling with your niggas.

Sucking my teeth, It clicked to me on who lives with Raymond. His bitch ass, pussy ass sister Raye. Cutting my appetite, I chewed the food that was in my mouth and threw the rest out the window, not giving a fuck that I just hit someone’s car.

Cackling at how childish I was, I swerve into the left lane and sped up so the driver wouldn’t try to tell me anything. Drifting into Raymond’s neighborhood, I pulled up in front his house and hopped out of my car .

Noticing everyone else’s cars, I got out my own and locked the doors. Walking to the front door, I raised my hand to knock but didn’t have to when Ty opened the door with a toothy grin plastered on his face.

“Thought I heard your car la bitch.” he dapped me up. Pushing his head back, it went flying into the door causing me to laugh loud af.

“I told you bout that bitch shit son..” I shook my head waking past him, going farther into the house.

Jumping on my back he tackled me to the grown, starting a while wrestling match. Laughing, I pinned him down on the grown with my butt sitting on his head. Holding still, I farted close to his mouth.

Getting up, I ran around the mini table into the dinning room to get away from his crazy ass. Peaking from around the bar, I made sure the coast was clear before fixing my self up.

Walking into the living room, everybody was sitting around on the couch looking bored as shit. ”Aye my niggas!” I said all hype, trying to hype their asses up.

Turning to look at me, all their faces lit up in excitement. Speaking back, I took a seat on one of the empty love seats.  Propping my legs up, I kicked my shoes off and laid back.

“What’s up y’all?” I questioned as they all looked at me with a slight smirk. Eyeing them weirdly, I heard commotion coming from the top of the stair case.

Averting my eyes towards them, I watched as Raye came down the steps with some pink booty shorts on, her hair in a high bun & a crop top on with her house booties.

Standing directly in front of me, she eyed me up and down through her nerdy ass glasses. ”Can I help you?” I questioned.

“You’re in my seat and I would like to have it back if you don’t mind..” she stated, crossing her arms. That’s why them niggas was eyeing me weirdly, cause I was in her seat.

Chuckling,”You got up and I took your spot. Get over it bitch..” I mumbled pulling the bag of purp from out my shirt.

“ You gonna stop talking to me any kind of way and learn some manners. Now get your stupid ass up and give me back my damn seat!” she spat, shocking us all. Only making this shit more fun for me. Rubbing up and down her arms, I knew she was nervous.

Licking my lips  at how sexy she looked fussing at me, I nodded my head and stood up but not for her to sit back down, but for her to follow me. Pinching her side hard af, she knew I meant business.

Throwing my phone in my previous seat or shall I say miss ”I wanna boss up”  seat , I signaled for to follow me up the stairs. “Don’t none of you nosey muhfuckas follow and try to be nosey either or I swear you can get it to.” I threatened.

Yanking at Raye’s arm, I dragged her tiny ass up the stairs in search for an empty room, matter fact ”Where’s your room?” I questioned with a slight mug.

“No..” she muttered. Slanging her against the wall, I made sure she hit her head nice and hard. Hearing the beautiful sound of a thud, I eyed her intensively.

“I said, where is your room?” I gritted in her face. Reaching over to the right , she twisted the door knob to I’m assuming her room door & pushed it open.

Scoping it out, it was indeed hers once I spotted the wall full of pictures of her, friends, family,etc.  Pushing her body into the room, I smirked at the light dent her head put into it.

Shortly walking into the room after her, I slammed her bed room door and locked it. Watching her jump, I chuckled at how nervous she was from being all alone with me. Pussy bitch I swear.

“Now you would think out of all people I’ll be the one you be the nicest to. But nope, you just had to try me today didn’t you?” I asked getting all in her face.

Turning her face away from me, I forcefully turned it back causing her to let out a low painful groan.”I asked your ass a question Raye..”

”I’m sorry..” she apologized looking me in my eyes. Chuckling in her face, I didn’t wanna hear that I’m sorry shit. Tf was that?

“Oh you’re sorry?” picking her body up, I pushed her up against the wall with my hands wrapped tightly around her neck.

Gasping for air, she beat at my hands and scratched at my fingers trying to get me to let go, but that only seemed to make my grip around her neck tighter.

Titling my head to the side, I watched in amusement as her eyes turned red from straining her self. Finally letting go she tried to drop to the floor but I caught her.

“Next time you even think about telling me some smart mouthed ass shit, I swear,” I paused to slap at her thigh.

“I will break your fucking jaw..” I finished off my sentence. Placing one hand behind her neck and the other over her mouth I twisted her neck, getting a loud crack as an result.

Letting go, I watched as she cried silently in pain because of what I just did.” I swear you’re such a bully.” she sniffled.

Raising my hand to either smack or punch her, I couldn’t decide so I placed it back down to my side. What she couldn’t seem to realize was I’m an even bigger bully out of school, but she just couldn’t  seem to get that through her head.

“I’ll see your ugly ass whenever.” I laughed in her face before breaking her glasses. Throwing em down on the ground, I walked out of her room and down the steps.

Stepping back into the living room everyone stopped their conversations and turned their heads towards me. Smirking, I returned to MY seat and sat back with my hands resting behind my head.

“What you did to my sister man?” Raymond asked with a small grin and chuckle.

Licking over my lips,  “I just handled some business now who ready to smoke?” I mumbled lifting the bag in the air.


"Shit!” I hissed as I tried to move my neck, but failed. It was hurting like crazy thanks to Chris. Bully of the Year.

I should tell Raymond, but it’s too late, and I don’t wanna be a snitch. I wanna tell Chris to fuck off, I really do, but it’s hard. I just tried to, and you see what he did.

Sighing and rolling my eyes, I grabbed my phone off of the dresser, and made my way downstairs. As soon as I hit the last step, I couldn’t see anything, due to all the smoke in the air. Fucking pot-heads. I scrunched up my face, and attempted to get all of the smoke out of my face. They could’ve went in the backyard or something.

I shook my head, and went in the kitchen, going straight for the freezer. Moving everything around, I tried to look for an ice pack, but I saw none. I knew we had at-least one, cause I put it in here this morning.

“Looking for this?” I turned around, and saw Chris standing there with my ice pack in his hand, smirking. Ugh, I wish he would go home.

 "Could you please give it here, my neck hurts!“ He chuckled, and threw the ice pack on the floor.

"Should’ve never came at me like that then.” He shrugged, walking off. I huffed in annoyance, and grabbed the ice pack off of the floor, before placing it on my neck.

Sighing in relief, I made my way into the living room, because they had stopped smoking. Looking around for Raymond, I sat by him, and put my head on his shoulder, when I found him. I did not feel good.

“Yo, you alright?” He asked, sitting up and feeling on my forehead, which shocked the hell out of me. He never showed me any attention. You know, the attention that a brother would show a sister. That little bond. But yea, we’ve never had a bond, he never checks on me or anything, so why is he doing it now?

Plus, before Raymond graduated, he went to the same school as us. He knew how Chris bullied me, and everything. He probably still knows. And guess what? He’s never said anything. He’s always saying how I need to ‘man up’ or 'if I wasn’t so weak’ that Chris wouldn’t be so mean to me. That’s just pure bullshit, though. Raymond could still take up for me, and Chris has no reason to be mean to me. I’ve done nothing to him.

I pushed those thoughts to the back of my head, because I could never stay mad at anyone. You see how nice I a–

I was cut off by a remote being thrown at my head. “I know you heard that nigga Raymond calling your name!” Chris laughed loudly.

I sucked my teeth, and faced Raymond. “Can you kick him out?” I whispered, and just like I thought, he shook his head no.  I rolled my eyes and got off of the couch, going outside to sit on the front porch.

I need to get my own place, ASAP. I’m tired of staying with him. He doesn’t even protect me, so what am I staying here for? I might as well go move back in with my dad, but Raymond says I cant.

“Bye Raye, I’m leaving. Don’t miss me too much. I’ll see yo weak ass tomorrow.” I heard Chris say as he left out of the house, and walked down to his car.

Finally I can go back in.

Without saying anything back, I jogged back into the house and went to the living room. There was only that girl Nae in here.

“Where did everybody else go?” I asked, nervously. I never actually talked to her before, and I’m hoping that she wasn’t mean like Chris, because they were best-friends.

“You don’t have to be nervous around me, I’m nice. But they’re upstairs.” She chuckled, patting the spot next to her for me to come and sit.

“I’m sorry, it’s just Chris.. how could you be best-friends with someone so mean?” She chuckled, but I was dead ass.

“He’s not mean to us, he’s only mean to you. I tried to ask him why, but apparently.. #thatsnoneofmybusiness.” She said, sipping out of her cup, causing me to laugh.

“I like you..” I smiled. She returned the favor. “Yea, I like you a lot better when Chris is gone. You talk more.” She admitted, causing me to sigh.

“Because he makes me feel like complete shit, this has to stop..” I mumbled, not sure enough if she heard me or not.

anonymous asked:

21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” Sabriel, please?

21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

Here ya go, hon! I hope you enjoy this one!!

“Sam!” Gabriel cried, fingers curled around the screen door as he stepped halfway out onto the porch. He squinted against the heavy rainfall and focused on the man standing right smack in the middle of a downpour, arms open and head tilted up towards the sky. “Sam! The hell are you doing?!”

Sam grinned, the rain streaming down his face and plastering his hair flat onto his head as he looked away from the sky and towards Gabriel, eyes squinting against the rainfall.

“It’s raining!” Sam called back.

Gabriel huffed out a sharp breath of disbelief at the gleeful enthusiasm coloring Sam’s voice.

“I can see that!” Gabriel bellowed over the continuous crash of the rain against the porch roof.

“Come out! It feels great!” Sam yelled, stretching his arms out further as he walked slowly backwards, stepping further away from the house.

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm—“ a rumbling overhead further emphasized Gabriel’s point “—and you wanna stop and feel the rain?!”

Sam gave a full-body shrug, taking more steps outward. “Your loss!” he called out, turning his head toward the sky, grinning wide against the cascading rain.

Gabriel shook his head, chuckling as he watched the hunter’s antics. Sam was now slowly circling around, turning his back to the house, palms and face up towards the Heavens. His eyes were shut tight, but the hunter was smiling.

The archangel marveled at the sight of the truest smile he had ever seen gracing the hunter’s face as he let the rain fall down on him, embracing the downpour. Sam’s clothes were positively drenched and weighed down with water, and his hair was flat and plastered messily across his face and forehead.

Gabriel gave a minor start at a sound cutting through the air, barely audible over the rainfall.

Sam was laughing.

A wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful chime of low bells. The man was laughing as he slowly danced with the rain, and by his Father, this was the purest and most beautiful sight he had ever seen: Sam dancing and laughing in the rain.

His qualms with the freezing rain all but evaporated, Gabriel grinned and stepped out of the house, jogging down the stairs, and fled out into the day. The soaked, muddy grass squished loudly beneath his shoes as he quickly made his way over to Sam, feeling the water pelt at his bare skin, hair, and clothes. By the time he got close to Sam, he was just as drenched as the man was.

Sam twisted around quickly at Gabriel’s approach, the laughter dimming down to a hearty chuckle but his grin widening. The nearest arm to Gabriel he extended further, and Gabriel took the offered hand happily.

Instantly, Sam yanked him close, letting go of Gabriel’s hand to encircle his arms firmly around Gabriel’s body. Gabriel yelped softly at the abrupt action, a gasping smile on his face as he glanced up at the hunter. Sam was beaming down at him, and for a moment the rain ceased to exist and Gabriel was gaping at brilliant rays rivaling that of the sun.

It was a glorious sight to behold, but it was cut short as Sam leaned down and captured Gabriel’s lips in a kiss that caused the sun to explode into millions of little stars.

Gabriel was quick to return the kiss, arms slipping around Sam’s neck and eyes sliding shut as his mouth moved smoothly against Sam’s. The rain streamed down their faces, slipping past their joined lips. Sam sighed out a moan and tugged Gabriel even closer, kissing him even tighter, and Gabriel was suddenly was struck with the thought that whoever came up with kissing in the rain is a freakin’ genius.

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This is one of my favorite moments from Star Wars because

Look at these two. I don’t know who I love more, Han or Luke.

Han: Wow I’m smooth as fuck look at me I’m the motherfucking boss and she’s so into me but also oh my god she is so amazing lemme look her up and down real subtle to bask in the awe perfect nailed it Solo

Luke: is2g han you are so fucking exhausting i am literally recovering from almost dying and i still wanna get up and smack you for being a nerd

(also look at Han’s expression his face says smug but his eyes say besotted)

Fireworks - Nightangel

I’m sorry I couldn’t put it under a cut (curse you lack of Tumblr knowledge)


Warren swatted at the numerous bugs that flitted about his golden curls. A resounding smack was heard as he successfully defeated one of the many mosquitoes that had attempted to land on his arm. A small grin made its way to his face, his cheekbones glowing in the light of the campfire.

Scott had insisted on the gang joining him in his Fourth of July festivities, which so far has consisted of alcohol, candy, and loud music. Warren embraced the idea with open arms, and was thrilled when he heard about the end of the night - a huge bonfire and fireworks.

He couldn’t get enough.

So there he sat, arm tossed casually around Kurt’s shoulders - who had chosen to stick to Warren like glue - lazily watching the younger kids chase fireflies around the open lakefront.

He felt a nudge on his shoulder and turned his head to see Kurt grinning up at him with pointed teeth. Warren smiled back just as gently.

“S'up?” he hummed, shifting ever-so-slightly to let Kurt sink into his embrace even more.

“Vant to catch some fireflies?” Kurt whispered. He nodded his head towards an uncaught cluster of bugs on the edge of the beach. Warren tilted his head in thought. Did he really want to get up and sacrifice this wonderful moment?

Kurt gave a playful pout and rolled his eyes. He knew how Warren acted. With a huff, he stood and tugged Warren’s light jacket until he, too, was up and trailing the blue mutant. He couldn’t help the smile that pulled at his lips as Warren ghosted his fingers over Kurt’s clawed hands.

They reached the patch and Kurt released Warren’s hand to grab at the light-producing beetles. Warren stuffed his hands into his shorts pockets.

“Warren! I caught one!” Kurt exclaimed joyfully after a minute or so of struggling. Warren joined his friend and smiled as the bug in Kurt’s hands lit up, causing the blue skin to turn green, then fade. Kurt giggled happily and pressed his cupped hands to his cheek. “They’re so pretty.”

Warren nodded, before quietly adding with reddening cheeks, “Like you.”

Kurt’s beaming face could’ve matched the light pulsing from the flying bugs in the air, no, outshined them, Warren swore. He dared not meet Kurt’s eyes and instead busied himself with catching a firefly of his own. He grabbed one with one hand and studied his glowing fist a little too intently.

Minutes passed in silence before Warren drew his head up. He was met with a giggling Kurt with a fairly bright fist. Kurt’s ruby eyes shined with pure joy as Warren’s heart leapt into his throat.

“Watch, Varren!” Kurt opened his hands and a swarm of lightning bugs escaped into the night. Warren could admit that his reaction was a little childish, but he reached out, lips parted in awe, trying to touch the glowing heavens.

He didn’t notice his and Kurt’s proximity until the warm breath crawled across Warren’s bare shoulder. With a chuckle, he turned his gaze to his friend’s. Kurt stared back with some sort of unreadable emotion.

All Warren knew was that they were inching closer to each other. Suddenly, the music, the laughter and the cheering, it all went silent. It was him and Kurt and the ground beneath their feet. And that was the world.

Kurt was leaning into Warren, but he didn’t know why. His eyes began slipping closed, again for some unknown reason. His heart was beating much faster than normal, and the blue mutant was reminded of his experience with a brain freeze - could there be such a thing as a full-body freeze? For his entire being was numb as his hands grasped Warren’s jacket, pulling them ever closer -

“Hey there, lovebirds!” The two jumped away from each other with rushed apologies and excuses, faces red - or, in Kurt’s case, a satisfying shade of purple. Scott chuckled in amusement. He was currently decked out in American flag shorts and tank top and his now decorated shades, even though the sun had long set and it was getting colder by the minute. “We’re starting fireworks in a few, if you wanna secure a seat by the fire.”

Warren muttered a reply and dragged himself and Kurt over to the fire with a disappointed glare in Scott’s direction. Scott only winked and joined them, plopping down next to Jean with a loud sigh of content.

“America,” he announced, pecking Jean’s cheek proudly. She laughed and lightly shoved his face away.

Kurt had settled back into Warren’s arms, this time snuggled more into his chest. His tail nervously flicked behind him as Warren sighed into his hair.

Ten minutes of small talk and laughter later, the first firework went off with an explosive bang that shook the mutant friends’ campsite. Kurt jumped at the sudden explosion and buried his face into Warren’s shirt.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, just fireworks, look!” Warren rubbed Kurt’s shoulder and glanced at the sky as another firework went off. Hesitantly, Kurt peeked out from his hiding place and watched in awe as the sky was lit up with the dazzling explosives.

“They are…so much more beautiful than I expected,” Kurt murmured, adjusting himself to scoot closer to Warren, now nearly sitting in his lap. Warren had no issue with this.

“You’ve never seen fireworks before?” Warren turned his head away for a second to make eye contact with Kurt. The blue mutant shook his head.

“I have only heard the explosions, vhile I vas in the circus. I thought…people only exploded things. But now I see the appeal. Ooo, that one vas blue!” With an eccentric wave of his hand, Kurt gestured to the massive blue light that rained down upon the group of friends.

The show went on for several minutes. Kurt slowly relaxed more into Warren’s grasp, eventually laying his head down on Warren’s shoulder and watching the fireworks from there. Warren could feel his neck tingling and turning warm as Kurt’s lips brushed against it involuntarily. He fought back a sigh.

“Grand finale’s coming up!” Peter announced from across the fire. A warm feeling pooled in his chest as Kurt snuggled into Warren. It was an adorable sight, and though Peter wasn’t on fantastic terms with Warren he knew Kurt was happy. That was all he cared about.

Well, that and the newfound ability to tease the pair, specifically the one that would be most annoyed by it.

The firework rate steadily increased until the sky was a bright flurry of color and smoke. Kurt’s mouth dropped open with glee.

With one final explosion of red, white, and blue, the firework show ended abruptly. The applause wasn’t nearly as loud as the explosions from moments earlier, but held just as much excitement.

Warren hugged Kurt tightly in a instantaneous burst of courage and kissed his hair, laughing. Kurt grinned and tugged Warren’s arm that was wound around his shoulders.

“Happy Fourth,” Warren whispered, facing the blue mutant now. An attempt was made not to get lost in the cheery red eyes of Kurt’s, an attempt that failed miserably as Warren felt himself leaning in for the second time that night.

“Ja, Happy Fourth of July, Varren.” Kurt’s eyes dropped to his hands, which were dangerously close to Warren’s. With a smile, he gently brushed over Warren’s fingers. His breath caught in his throat as Warren grabbed his hand completely and folded them together. “Ah-”

“Just go with it,” the winged mutant muttered, turning his head as to hide the growing blush. “It’s crazy, I don’t understand it.”

Silence between the two, with the small conversations of their friends being the only noise in the cool night air.

A breath was sucked in between full, blue lips, before they connected with a soft cheek. Blue eyes opened wide at the contact.

“I suppose that you do not have to understand something in order to do it, ja?” Kurt replied with purple cheeks.

Warren let out a breathy laugh in response. He was completely winded from something as small as a peck on the cheek. He felt light-headed, thank God he was sitting or he was sure he would’ve fallen onto the cool ground.

Time was slowed to a crawl as Peter dashed over to the two flirty mutants. With a roll of his eyes he carefully pushed their heads together and positioned Warren’s hand on Kurt’s waist. Standing back to admire his work, he glanced around before jogging over to a cluster of flowers and plucking a few from the ground.

As he arrived back at the pair, he opened up Warren’s hand and placed the small handful of blooms in his palm. Peter turned, doubled back, and whispered, “Be good to him, man.”

Time resumed as it does as Peter sat back down on the blanket across from Kurt and Warren. He felt proud as they looked surprised, then melted into the kiss. Peter turned away out of courtesy.

“Woah,” Scott murmured, gesturing with a noisemaker to the boys locking lips. “Are they…?” Jean grinned in his direction and leaned in to kiss his cheek herself.

Peter sat frowning as Jean and Scott fell into their own make-out session. “Well then…damn, Peter, you’re lookin’ fine today, mwah mwah mwah.” He laughed loudly at the glare he received from Warren.

Kurt wrapped his arms around Warren’s neck and sighed happily, while the older man glanced at the yellow flowers in his hand. He carefully took one and placed it behind Kurt’s ear.

If every Fourth of July could be like this, they would be quite content.


That actually sucked but :) hope y'all enjoyed it anyway

oooh I saw ur request and was like yeh i should do something cool for penny but then my inspiration was viciously murdered so yeah I just decided to do chapter 2 of that one au u mentioned to me about the revenge thing!! hooray for me being lazy and uncreative


girl almighty

aka act my age part 2

part 1


“I just…I wanna lick him.”

“Nasty. That’s so nasty, Juvia, god.”

Juvia flipped her hair and made a ‘la-di-da’ expression. “Not in a weird way, like, I just wanna lick his face. You know?”

“I can’t even describe all the levels of not knowing I’m going through right now.” Erza answered. She peered through the peepy hole in her magazine and sighed.

“Oh, shut up. You don’t have any room to talk, Miss I’m-gonna-spy-on-a-bunch-of-hot-guys-for-research.” Juvia huffed.

Erza blanched and set her magazine down with a smack. “Well it’s not like you’ve got any better ideas!”

“I do have a better idea.” Juvia said haughtily.

“Let’s hear it then.” Erza pressed.

“Well…there’s a party at his dorm later tonight, right?” Juvia began. By now Erza had lost her focus and stopped spying.

“So…?” Erza failed to see her conclusion.

“Duh. You hide a mouse trap somewhere in his house – so then when he least expects it – blammo! His hand gets decapitated!” Juvia smacked her hand on the table loudly to prove her point.

“A mouse trap?” Erza asked disappointedly. “That’s it?”


“Well, well, well, what do we have here?”

Erza didn’t even conceal her groan. “Natsu, go away.”

Natsu sat down with a pout. Gray sat next to him.

“Don’t you lovely ladies want some company?” He asked while batting his eyelashes seductively.

“How can I say ‘no’ in a way you’ll understand?” Erza wondered.

“Not a chance, come on, what were you guys just talking about? Boobs? Periods?” Natsu inquired.

“Everything you just said was mildly offensive. I’m impressed.” Juvia admitted, even though her gaze was fixed on Gray.

“We were talking about revenge, if you really must know.” Erza informed tightly.

“Revenge? Any particular reasons?” Gray asked, interest piqued.

“If she told you, she’d have to kill you.” Juvia joked. Well, who knows. Maybe she wasn’t joking.

“Of course – standard revenge procedure, we get it,” Natsu nodded like he wasn’t going to pry any further. “Are you guys going to Jellal’s dorm tonight to study?”

Erza scoffed. Like any studying was actually going to occur.

“We sure are! We love to…study…” Juvia trailed off awkwardly, probably losing her train of thought to Gray’s hair, or face, or whatever she was attracted to.

“Awesome. Bring hot friends.” Natsu said pointedly. “I’m counting on you guys.”

“For what? Pussy? We’re not a delivery service, do it yourself.” Erza sniffed.

“Yeah, if you’re that horny, why don’t you just use each other?” Juvia asked before letting out a happy laugh. She probably wasn’t even joking.

“Gross. Gray’s an STD circus, I don’t want any of that biz.” Natsu informed. Gray punched his shoulder blade.

“Yeah? Well Natsu can’t even put a tampon in, I doubt he could take me anyways.”

“You wanna fight?”

“Right here. Right now. Let’s go.”

“Wait, are they doing it, or fighting?” Juvia asked lowly as the two boys stared at each other heatedly.

“I can confidently say both?” Erza responded. There was enough passion in their gazes to say they were far past being straight.

“Cool it, we’re not supposed to talk about fight club, you idiots.” Juvia decided to intervene.

“Yeah Gray, rule number one.” Natsu reminded. Gray kicked his shin.

“Hey, totally unrelated question,” Erza began begrudgingly, hardly able to believe she had sunk to this level of immaturity. “You guys wouldn’t know where I can buy mouse traps, would you?”




“-and then I was like, why even bother dating Edward, if that sexy piece of werewolf was right there in front of you? I totally don’t get this emo bitch Bella, hell, why won’t werewolf hot guys chase me? “

Erza stopped short, lamenting not taking a migraine pill and massaging her temple. “I’m gonna be honest here – I stopped listening a long, long time ago.”

“Aw, you missed my impromptu Twilight review.”


“-accident, probably.” Juvia interrupted with a cute little blink. “Right Erza?”

Erza stopped in front of Jellal’s dorm, digging her hand in her purse gently. “I got the mouse trap, what do I do now?”

Juvia slapped her arm. “What do you mean, ‘what do I do now’? You hide it in his cereal cabinet, and then when he goes for a little cap’n crunch he gets his hand chopped off!” Juvia ended her charade with a karate chop.

“That…I don’t think that’s how mouse traps work-“

“-course it is! Haven’t you ever seen Tom and Jerry, Erz? Honestly, what would you do without my boundless knowledge?” Juvia asked rhetorically. Naturally, Erza didn’t give her the pleasure of ending on a good note.

“In a better place, probably.” She answered her question before looking down at her outfit. “Ok, I look hot, right? Hot enough to destroy Jellal where he stands?”

Juvia looked at her sideways, tightening her lips and sighing. Then she reached forward and tugged her crop top down a little bit.

“Christ Erza, why do you cover them up so much? They’re there, use them.” Juvia gestured to Erza’s boobs disappointedly. “And you look so good in black, you’re making me look like a sad petunia.”

Erza scrunched up her face. “Are petunias blue?”

“Shut up.” Juvia seethed. She pushed a small red strand out of Erza’s face and nodded at her work. “Perfect. If Jellal doesn’t explode from jealousy, or whatever you had planned, I’ll be absolutely damned.”

“I don’t want him to explode – I just want him to hate himself for being an asshole to me and missing out on all this.” Erza corrected, gesturing to her well-endowed body proudly.

“Ah. Self-hatred. And after that, we can steal his identity and buy a lifetime supply of cat food!” Juvia plotted deviously.

Erza looked at her blankly. “We went over this. We’re not stealing his identity.”

Juvia pouted. “Can it be plan B?”

“We’re going inside now.” Erza said, knocking on the door crisply.

“Ooh, pull up your shorts a bit – let him see that ass – hey, Jellal!” Juvia halted her sentence midway through with an awkward smile.

“Hey – wow, you guys look…”

Erza smiled. Amazing? Gorgeous? Fantastic? Ha, suck it Jellal, you motherfucking-

“-dressed up.” He finished lamely.

Erza felt her spirit droop. That was anticlimactic.

“Yeah, Erza was just on a hot date, so…yeah.” Juvia said, snapping her fingers like she was a sassy twelve year old.

“Wow. Sorry to interrupt, I guess.” He concluded. “Do you guys want to come in, or…?”

“Step aside, pretty boy!” Juvia yelled, pushing her palm to Jellal’s cheek and quite literally forcing him to step aside.

Erza scooted around Jellal. He looked rather awestruck at Juvia’s forwardness, but shut the door after them anyways.

“Looks like the party’s arrived, come sit by me, flower child!” Cana wailed from the futon, referring to Juvia’s short flowery skirt.

“Wow, you guys look great!” Mira admired aloud. All of their fellow speech kids were cramped up in Jellal’s living room, doing a lot to do with nothing and nothing to do with studying.

“Thanks,” Erza responded, making the decision to sit next to her.

“Wow Erza, wow. I thought I told you to bring hot friends. I’m not seeing any hot friends.” Natsu deadpanned.

“Ouch Natsu, that hurts.” Juvia whined, kicking him in the head from her spot on the couch next to Cana and Gray. Erza was sure she was losing her mind being that close to him, but she seemed to be hiding it quite well.

“You don’t count, blue.” Gray added in, most likely for brownie points.

“I’m honored to be the exception to Natsu’s wannabe booty call.” Juvia said to Gray, one hand poised over her heart.

“Did you guys finish yesterday’s homework?” Jellal asked conversationally, entering with a bucket full of pretzels. Literally, a metal bucket. Maybe he was out of bowls.

“No way,” Cana answered for the group. “I’m waiting till midnight tonight to finish that shit.”

Erza said nothing. The truth was she had finished the homework. She was a fan of getting a good night’s sleep – as far as that extended when you share a room with Juvia.

“Writing intros sucks, I never know how to write an attention-getter, or whatever their called.” Gray said.

“How bout this – you shout the word boobs. Then you’ll have everyone’s attention.” Juvia offered with a shrug.

“You have a nice dorm, Jellal. Who’s your roommate?” Mirajane asked. His dorm was remarkably clean, almost like he was there alone.

“Ah, his name is Laxus. He’s pretty cool, but he doesn’t come here much. He’s kind of a party animal, actually.” Jellal informed.

“Is he hot?” Juvia asked crudely. Cana high-fived her and waited eagerly for Jellal’ answer.

“I…don’t know how to answer that.” Jellal admitted.

“Do you have any cereal?” Erza interrupted, not really listening to the conversation at hand.

“Uh…yeah?” Jellal asked, raising his eyebrows in suspicion.

Erza gave him a sharp look.

“Do you…want some?” He asked cautiously.

She nodded, her face a mixture of ‘obviously’ and ‘please don’t think I’m weird’.

Jellal stood up from his sitting position to go to the kitchen to fetch her some cereal. Erza, unwilling to bail on her shitty revenge plot, quickly stood up to follow him.

“So, cereal, huh?” Jellal asked as soon as the rest of the group began their own conversations. They were alone now.

“Y-yeah. Juvia eats all of mine, so…” Erza covered up. Jellal looked mildly skeptical, but not to the point where he’d refuse to give her cereal.

“Alright.” He accepted her excuse. “By the way, you uh…”

She awaited his words with bated breath. For some reason, he always put her on edge despite his up-front friendly behavior.

“You look nice, is all.” He said, looking down in the slightest like even he was embarrassed by the declaration.

The second he looked away, Erza broke into a full-fledged smile. Finally – that idiot was falling right into her trap!

“You ok?” He asked, his hand buried in the cereal cabinet with a concerned look across his face. Right. She was making a Jared Leto face.

“Yeah, oh yeah. Just remembering this…this thing, Juvia told me yesterday.” She excused casually, looking at anything but Jellal.

“We have Lucky Charms,” Jellal told he, retrieving the colorful box from the pantry.

“Awesome,” Erza let out, forgetting how delicious sugary cereal was. Even though the cereal was merely a stepping stone to her intricate revenge, it couldn’t hurt to get spoiled a little in the process.

They both headed back to the living room while Erza waited for the best moment to plant the mouse trap in the cereal cabinet. She just needed a distraction…

As if she had been telepathically summoned, Juvia stepped up to bat with the most ideal distraction there was.

“Does anybody have a tampon?” She asked, particularly loudly.

“I think I got some,” Cana said, digging through her purse experimentally.

Erza continued eating the cereal slowly. It was amazing, just as she had suspected. Stupid spoiled Jellal, probably had oodles of good food spilling out of the pantry that he refused to share with the rest of them.

“Yo, Erza! Throw me some cereal!” Natsu requested, holding his hands up pitcher style.

“Eat a dick,” she hissed protectively, wrapping her arms around the cereal and almost letting out a dragon roar.

“I have more cereal, if you guys want some,” Jellal offered kindly. There was an uproar of positive feedback and he went back into the kitchen to get more, foiling her mouse trap plan.

“So guys, FMK, Gosling, Seacrest, Reynolds.” Cana said. It took Erza a brief second to realize she was referring to three different Ryans.

“Ew, kill Seacrest.” Juvia said with a wrinkled nose.

“Marry Reynolds,” Mira pitched in helpfully.

“FUCK GOSLING.” Natsu said, freakishly loud. It made Erza question his sexuality on a whole different level.

“I mean, or yeah, whatever.” Natsu added in. Gray was practically puking his guts out from laughing so hard at Natsu’s confession.

“Ok, we have Froot Loops and Honey Comb.” Jellal presented the remaining cereal boxes and they were greedily snatched up by the rest o the group. Erza was slightly intrigued by his generosity, normal kids would be fighting like rabid hyenas for delicacies such as these yet Jellal seemed to be feeling rather charitable today. Interesting.

Unfortunately, Jellal took note of her bewildered expression and decided to take a seat next to her. Of course.

“What’s on your mind?” He asked, obviously referring to her dumbstruck expression.

“You sure like sharing,” she mumbled, shoving a dry marshmallow into her mouth ungracefully.

“I guess so,” he shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

“Why?” She pried annoyingly. He sure didn’t like to share in primary school, she could first-hand vouch for that.

“Misery loves company.” He said mysteriously before smiling slyly like he knew something she didn’t.

She felt hatred course through her veins immediately. How dare that smarmy idiot look her in the eye like he knew more than she did?

She crunched her cereal rather loudly and plunged one of her hands inside her purse. It was go time.

“I’m gonna go put this back,” she said, hoping her voice didn’t crack as she made slight eye contact with Juvia. She grabbed the mouse trap from inside her purse and scurried back into the kitchen.

She shoved the box back into the cabinet, and then slowly set the mouse trap and put it in front of the cereal box. There. Now she’d get her revenge. Sort of.

It was then that Erza realized exactly how many flaws her plan had. Who was dumb enough to not see a mouse trap in front of a cereal box? What if his roommate is the one who gets trapped? What if-

“Erza?” Jellal asked, peeking his head into the kitchen.

“A-ha…sorry!” She called, yanking her hand out of the cereal cabinet and placing it on her hip awkwardly. “Be right there!”

Oh well. She’d just have to hope for the best.




The next day at speech class, both Juvia and Erza were pleasantly surprised.

“You saw it, right?” Juvia asked excitedly, practically bouncing in her seat.

“Of course I did,” Erza responded. There was a band-aid on Jellal’s pinky finger. Their plan had worked. Sort of.

“I told you the mouse trap thing would work!” She boasted.

“Keep it down! It’ll be embarrassing if he finds out it was us!” Erza barked, still wary on the idea that she had actually stuck a mouse trap in someone’s cereal cabinet. It didn’t get much lower than this.

“Oh whatever! Next time, we should steal all of his toilet paper, than put it back the next day, and keep doing that for like, ever, and then he’ll think he’s going insane-“

“What’s the story, morning glory?” Natsu interrupted Juvia’s brilliant insight with a yawn, smacking his stuff down on the table.

“Shut up, we’re watching.” Juvia said, pointing Natsu’s head to Jellal who was talking to Gray.

“What? What are we watching? Do you still hate Jellal, or whatever?” Natsu asked boredly.

Yes, now shut up and watch.” Erza grabbed his mouth and closed it.

“Hey guys,” Jellal greeted before taking his seat behind Erza.

“That was…anticlimactic…” Juvia whispered.

“Well, what were you expecting?” Natsu whispered back.

“Perhaps a moan of pain?” Erza put in.

“Yeah, that would’ve been good.” Juvia said. “I should probably get back to my seat – I’ll catch you after, Erz.”

“Ok.” Erza grumbled, barely interested. She couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe she just wasn’t cut out for revenge.

“Hey Erza, can I talk to you for a sec?” Jellal asked suddenly, breaking the tension with ease.

“Somebody’s in trouble~~” Natsu sang softly. Erza punched his shoulder and begrudgingly stood up to follow Jellal.

“So,” Jellal began, once they were out of earshot. “I have a question for you.”

“Uh…fire away.” Erza said, wondering what he could possibly ask of her.

“Did you, uh…” he scratched the back of his head anxiously, “leave a mouse trap in my cereal cabinet?”

Erza stared blankly at him. She hoped her expression didn’t seem guilty, because on the inside, her conscience was in flames. How the hell did he know it was her? Well…besides the fact that she was the only one that went in the kitchen…hm…she really didn’t think this through, did she?

“W-why would you think that?” She laughed, sharing his awkward neck scratching trait and smiling creepily.

“Well, it seems kinda dumb, but…” he paused for a second to evaluate her expression. “I found your receipt.”

No way, she cursed herself, I put it in my pocket…god damn it! Fuck girl pants and their pocket-lessness!!


“So, I figured it would make you feel better if I was hurt.” He added, holding up his bandaged pinky finger. Her eyes narrowed. What did he mean by that?

“I…uh…” she continued to fumble around her words like a dumbass.

His face fell at her lack of response.

“So, I guess what I’m trying to say is – why?”

Her mouth opened and shut like a dying goldfish.

“I…saw…a rat? In your dorm…thought I could…take care of it…”

Jellal shook his head, like he was disappointed in her.

“In that case,” he said, peeling off the tiny band-aid with ease, revealing a fully healthy pinky.

Bastard! He had pretended to get mouse-trapped! What a twist….

He watched her remorseful expression and laughed. “That’s what I thought.”

“I…don’t think I-“

“Erza, if you’re trying to do some petty revenge scheme for all the shit I threw at you in primary school, then have at it.” He said, surprising her by holding his arms in the air like he was surrendering. “…but I expected more than this from you, Erza.”

At this point Erza was fairly sure she looked like the entire audience during the Empire Strikes Back, only this time, it wasn’t her father who was trying to recruit her to the dark side.

“You…want me to…”

He smiled briefly, looking impressively sexy and Erza cursed every god out there for making her mortal enemy as attractive as sin.

“Impress me.” He said, before walking back to his table like nothing had happened.

Erza stared at the whiteboard, at a complete loss for words. Huh. So this is what it felt like to be check-mated. And if there was one thing she hated, it was losing. And chess in general. And Jellal, and his stupid, smug ass.

He may have won that turn, but it was her move next – and she’d be damned if she didn’t win this game.

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Hey, fellow queer trans women...

…can we drop the narrative of privilege placed on trans women who date and/or sleep with men? It’s the story doctors and gate keepers wanna hear, sure, but so what? Out in the real world, from what I can tell, trans women who sleep with men, especially cis men, face a shit ton of violence and bigotry and isolation and stigma from all directions. When I see reports of violence against trans women, that violence sure does seem like it’s usually coming from a man they’re romantically/sexually involved with. Think on that a tick.

It’s not easy being a trans woman pretty much no matter how you slice it, but I see straight & bi trans women standing smack in the middle of the intersection of patriarchy, misogyny, transmisogyny, homophobia, heteronormativity, etc. etc. and I see some of the rest of us throwing shit at them for it and that sucks. Applying “straight privilege” to trans women simply because that’s how it works for cis people isn’t a good look, ya’ll. It’s not that simple.

Chapter 18

Song for this chapter:
Too Late - 5 Seconds of Summer
“Wanted to tell you what I feel inside. I don’t wanna hurt you, I’ll make you feel alright.”


Luke’s POV

I sit on my bed, with my face in my hands. I hear the front door close, so I assume that Julian left. I don’t make any movement to get up and go see Vivian. She’s the reason my brain feels as if it’s about to explode.

I can’t believe I kissed her.

I smack my forehead, trying to punish myself for my careless actions. She’s vulnerable, and I kissed her. I took advantage of the fact that she’s vulnerable and I fucking kissed her.

I can’t believe I kissed her! I am such a jackass.

I groan, and flop back onto my bed, squeezing my eyes shut, trying to erase what I did.

I kissed her, and she kissed me back.

She was vulnerable, she didn’t know what she was doing. I took advantage of her and she kissed me back, that doesn’t mean anything.

But the kiss was amazing.

It was so wrong.

But it was so amazing.

She told me to forget about it. She doesn’t feel the same way about it.

“Luke?” Vivian’s voice is quiet, but interrupts my internal argument nonetheless.

I sit up, and open my eyes to see her with red eyes, “Hey.”

I pat the spot next to me, and she sits down. I see tear stream down her cheeks, and without thinking of it, I wrap my arms around her and pull her into my chest. She curls up into a ball in my arms, and hugs me back, her sobs muffled by my shirt.

“It’s okay, let it out,” I whisper, and rub her back soothingly.

After a while of her crying, she pulls away. I don’t ask why she was crying because I already have an idea.

“You can stay with us for as long as you need. You won’t be intruding, I promise you. I don’t want you to stress about that okay, you already have enough to stress about,” I reach out and wipe away a stray tear from her cheek.

She smiles up at me, and nods, “Thank you so much Luke.”

“Of course,” I reply, because saying ‘you’re welcome’ doesn’t seem good enough to say to her.

This makes her smile more, and she lets out a breath. I watch her stand up and look around my room. It’s filled with band posters and a clutter of papers. I’m about to apologize for the mess, but she turns to me before I can.

“You play the guitar?” She asks, pointing to my old acoustic guitar leaning against the wall by my dresser.

I nod, “Yeah, I’m um.. Actually in a band.”

Vivians eyes widen, and she nods her head, “I heard that you were! With Calum, Michael, and Ashton.”

I nod my head, and feel my cheeks heat up. I don’t know why I’m so embarrassed, but the thought of Vivian seeing us perform makes me extremely nervous, and embarrassed.

“Play something for me?” She has her hand around the neck of the guitar, and is now standing in front of me.

“I don’t know…” I bite on my bottom lip.

Vivian sticks her bottom lip, and gives me puppy dog eyes, “Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee?”

I sigh and give in, “Sure.”

She hands me the guitar, and sits down next to me, staring at me with wide eyes. I gulp, then start to play the first song that comes to my mind.

I strum the chords, and start to sing the lyrics without thinking twice.

“Ever since the day that we met

I couldn’t get you out of my head

There was always something about you

Every chance that I seem to get

Finds a way to end in regret

There was always something about you.”

When I realize what lyrics I’m singing, I choke up, and end the song abruptly.

“Wow, Luke, that’s amazing,” Vivian stares at me with wide eyes.

I nod. “Thanks, um, Calum writes most of the lyrics…” What I tell her is the truth, but I can’t help but think of her every time we’ve practiced the song.

“I meant your voice, but the lyrics were amazing too. Whoever that’s about must be very special,” she smiles up at me, completely oblivious of my feelings for her.

My cheeks heat up instantly, and I have to look away, “Thanks..”

“Of course!” She answers immediately, “Play me another one?”

I look at her, still embarrassed, “You sure?”

Vivian nods vigorously. I sigh, but position my fingers in the first chord of “Unpredictable”

She watches me intently as I strum, and sing. The smile on her face make my heart skip a beat, but deep down I can’t help but feel sad because there’s no way that she feels the same about me.

When I’ve finished “Unpredictable” I set the guitar down on the bed. I look at Vivian, and try to sound casual about it, but there’s really no way to.

“What do you remember me saying from last night?”

The look of confusion on her face is the strongest I’ve ever seen, “What?”

“Right before you fell asleep, what do you remember me saying?” I ask, as I try to come up with a slightly believable lie for when she asks what I’m talking about.

“Just about how strong you think I am, then something about puzzles but I don’t remember from there. Why?”

I don’t know how to feel. Disappointed that she didn’t hear my confession, because of the sliver of hope that I still have for her maybe having the same feelings towards me as I have for her? Or relieved, that I saved myself from the embarrassment of her rejection? Some of both I guess.

“I just wanted to make sure that you knew how strong you are,” I reply.

She nods, “Yeah. Thank you for that whole speech. It helped a lot.”

I guess in some way it helped me too. It helped me get all of the feelings off my chest, even though she didn’t hear me.

“Of course,” I smile at her, and am about to ask he what she wants to do, when my phone starts to vibrate on my dresser.

I cross my room and grab it, seeing that Calum is calling me. I turn back to Vivian and hold a finger up, asking her to give me a second. She nods, and I answer the phone.

“Hey Cal,” I say, and Vivian’s expression changes, I think it’s embarrassment, but Calum speaks before I can determine it.

“Luke! How’s your rescue going?” I can’t help but roll my eyes.

“It’s good, what do you want?” I cut to the chase, so I can save myself from answering any embarrassing questions.

“Ash want’s to have a band practice meeting thing. He says that he’s got us a gig or something.” He replies casually, but I start to freak out.

“Really? Where?” This would be great for the band. We’ve only played for a few people a few times, so we need all the shows we can get.

“In the city over or something, Ash will explain more when you get here,” He answers, and my eyes move to Vivian who looks confused.

“Now’s not really a good time Cal, can we reschedule it?” I ask and Vivian stands up walking towards me.

“What is it?” She asks.

“Just Calum, he says that Ashton want’s to have a band meeting right now, but I’m sure they can change it,” I shrug, but Vivian shakes her head.

“No Luke, don’t put off your band for me,” She looks serious.

“Yo, Luke! Is that Vivian?” Calum asks, and I remember that I’m on the phone with him.

“Yes Calum, and no Viv, I’m not leaving you here we’ll just reschedule,”

I hear movement of the phone, then Michaels loud voice sounds in my ear, “Tell Vivian that she can come too!”

I know that she heard him, but I put my hand over the phone anyway, “What do you think?”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun to see you all play,” She gives me a real smile, but I know that there is some nervousness about it.

“You’re sure?” I ask, not wanting to make her do something that she doesn’t want to do. She nods,  and I know she’s telling the truth.

There’s some fear in here eyes though, and I don’t know where it’s coming from. I’m about to ask her what it is, but Michael and Calum start screaming at me on the other line, so I let it go and put the phone back up to my ear.

“We’ll be there in ten minutes,” I say, then hang up the phone and look down at Vivian.

“If you don’t want to go, we don’t have to. I don’t want you to think that you have to come, because you don’t, at all,” I say softly, but seriously.

She shakes her head, “No, Luke it’s fine, really.”

Again, something in her eyes contradicts her statement, “What is it?”

“What?” She looks confused.

“What’s the reason that you don’t want to go, and please don’t lie to me, I know there’s something.” She sighs, and sits down on my bed.

“I just don’t want them to ask any questions about this,” She points to her cheek, where the red is gone, but there’s a slight bruise in the shape of a hand.

I sit down next to her, and grab her hand. I have to push the feelings she gives me aside, and focus on her problems right now, “I’ll tell them not to ask any questions. If you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to.”

She leans her head on my shoulder and sighs, “Alright.”

She peeks her eyes up at me, and all I want to do right now is lean down and kiss her plump lips, but I can’t keep doing that. She’s emotionally unstable right now, and needs to be comforted, in the way a friend would, so that’s what I’ll be.

Her friend, that’s it. No kissing, no relationship, nothing. Just her friend. Nothing emotional. I have to constantly remind myself that she doesn’t feel anything towards me, except for friendship. It kills me, but it’s life.

“Come on, we have to get dressed,” I smile down at her, and can’t help but want to just stay here with her all day and watch movies.

She tucks a piece of hair behind her ear and stands up, “Julian brought me my own clothes, but they’re all so uncomfortable. Could I maybe borrow a t-shirt?”

I have to bite myself from letting out some noise when I see her in my clothes. It doesn’t only turn me on, and want to kiss her even more, but it also makes the feelings I have for her even more intense.

This is going to be so difficult.

“Definitely,” I stride over to my closet and grab the smallest shirt I can, and hand it to her.

Her cheeks are growing redder by the second, “Thanks.” She whispers, then rushes out of my room.

I fall onto my bed and groan, trying to stop myself from thinking about her, but it’s so damn hard. I’m falling more and more in love with her each day, and she can’t see it at all.

Eventually I get off of my bed, and change into the first things I can find. Some black skinny jeans, and a random shirt. I pull on a jacket, because it’s still cold out. After I’ve put some shoes on, I grab my phone and walk into the hallway.

“Viv, you ready?” I’m about to knock on the guest room, but I see her in the bathroom. She’s got my shirt on-which is enormous on her-some dark jeans and sneakers on. Right now she’s brushing through her long strawberry blonde hair.

“Yeah, just about,” She ties up her hair into a ponytail, and turns towards me, with a bright smile on her face. Seeing her like this, without makeup, without her hair done perfectly, not dressed up, in my shirt, causes so many feelings in me.

She was beautiful to start with, but now, I have no words to describe her beauty. I’m breathless just looking at her, which worries me. I have to clear my throat and look away in order to speak clearly.

“You don’t mind if we take your car, do you?” I ask, and glance at her to see that the vibrant smile still adorns her perfect lips.

“Not at all, but I want to drive,” She lets out a small giggle, making a grin adorn my own mouth.

“Just as long as you don’t kill me,” I reply, and let her walk out the front door before me, and lock it as I close it.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” She says seriously, but a her smile is still intact.

This is the happiest I have ever seen Vivian, and all I want to do now is do all I can to keep her this happy. Because as her happiness increases, so does her beauty, and my god, she is beautiful.


Authors Note: 

chapter 18 alright, I’m super excited for where this is going. 

I hope you guys are all doing well, and enjoy this chapter. 

Please give it some notes if you do enjoy it!

Hugs & Kisses


A/N: Decided to write a short imagine/oneshot, whatever you want to call it :) And Y/D/N means “your daughters name”.

My lips parted apart as I saw him in bed with another girl in our shared bedroom. Tears coming down my cheeks as I open my mouth to speak but no words would come out. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath, I had to be strong and think about our daughter. “Fucking amazing.” I finally let out and he immediately turned around covered himself, pushing the girl off the bed. “Y/N, babe. It’s-she’s nobody.” I laughed as I went up to him and smacked his face. “Fuck you! I knew all this time you were doing shit like this behind my back and in our fucking bed that we sleep in! You’re disgusting! How could you?! I gave you the world and you pull this shit? I didn’t wanna believe it but I guess my I was right after all. Enjoy your fucking whore, I’ll come for mine and my daughters stuff later. There’s no way in hell that you’ll see her after this.” I walked away with tears filling my eyes. Yes, he was the love of my life, he was my everything.

After what seemed hours I decided to go back and get our stuff back and decided to bring our daughter. The door was slightly opened so I didn’t bother to knock or anything. From the corner of my eye, I saw that Zayn was sitting in the couch with puffy red eyes. He got up, surprised that I was back so early. “Babe, please.” He cried getting closer to me and my daughter. “Daddy!” She smiled grabbing his cheek with her chubby hand. I pulled her away from him, not wanting him an inch close to my daughter. “Listen, I know I messed up but you have to see we both messed up in this. I-” I cut him off, “I did too? This must be a joke right? All I ever did for you is give you my everything. I was always there for you and you thought it was easy to cheat on me. Now, move out the way. I’m packing our stuff Zayn.” Our daughter stood there as we argued, not saying anything. I saw little tears come down from her face as I kept trying to push Zayn so I could put our clothes in the suit case.

Although Zayn tried everything to win me back, nothing worked. I finished putting the last piece of clothing in the suit case and I took my daughter and headed towards the door. “Y/D/N baby, I love you with all my heart and I promise that I’ll make this work with me and your mum. We’ll be a family again, okay?” He cried trying to get a hold of her hand. “Daddy noooo!” She cried as she stretched her arm so she should touch him once more. “I love you daddy, forever and ever.” This broke my heart but I had to do it for myself and for us. I gulped as I wiped any tears that wanted to come down. I put our little girl in the car seat and drove us far away from Zayn. My daughter looking out the window, wanting nothing more than having her daddy by her side.


Mista brought his hands closer to the point that he ended up smacking his face. ❝Eleventy two!❞ He snickered, taking another swing of the alcoholic drink.

Hey Leo, you wanna know what rhymes with drunk?❞ He snickered once again in a drunken manner.

Sex.❞ He laughed, falling back onto the floor. He stared up at the ceiling ❝..I’ve fallen… Am I getting old?! I don’t even have a lifealert!

Leo laughed brightly and fell back down, smacking his head on the ground though the laughter still continued. At this point he didn’t even know if he was still laughing at Mista or laughing just to laugh. The joke wasn’t even funny or correct and despite the fact that he knew that he still continued to laugh at it. They were beyond drunk and while normally Leo would never condone underage drinking Mista seemed to need it today.

“Are you hitting on me?” If he was joking back or not Leo had no idea.