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I hate that sound when you take something out of a freezer and it slides and crunches against the ice making that painful screeching sound.

Aaah I’m just going through and answering all these messages i missed i’m such a butt sorry for being slow anon/s!! 

Not the best sound I’ll give you that. 

My hatred of chewing is so bad it kinda makes me wanna punch things and/or cry??? I think it’s a thing called Misophonia… My doctor threw that word at me and I was like cOOL. 

my brothers really funny cause he knows how I get and sometimes he will sit there eating pasta and he will make the noise and I’ll cringe and look at him
And he’ll look at me with his mouth full of pasta
And then he just slurps it up rEALLY LOUD to be super annoying hahah. 

uhh,,, i barely have 30 followers (thats pushing it i actually only have 29, lamo), so this probably isnt a smart move, but,,,

i unapologetically despise and am disgusted by billdip. i hate it with a burning passion. if that ship was a person i would punch it in the face and steal its wallet, grunkle stan style.

jsyk cause i see some of my followers ship it, idk if u wanna unfollow me cause while this blog tries to stay positive, and the only ship i really blog about is mabifica,,, you still may very well see hate for that ship, if i happen to reblog such a post that i relate to.

so yeah. if my passionate disgust and loathing for that ship makes you uncomfortable, you might wanna unfollow me. i dont post a lot about it, but still, it might happen.

just wanted to give you all a fair warning, before you saw something and got upset.

peace ✌ and have a good day! ❤