someone help me!!!!! i did it once again i am  a disgrace i am so mad @ myself i crave him i wanna have him spit on me and cgoke me lightly, i want us to go smoke some joints jus the 2 of us and ill call u babyboy and ill be your honey and well be singing and talking abt important stuff if only i werent so extremely insecure abt what i say around u i would say a lot of smart stuff and u would surrender and i wouldnt doubt your admiration of me i HATE being in love with an idea i hate being infatuated by something new and mysterious how could i possibly know who you are even though we had sex that 1 time i know nothing else than my infatuation of you and ur pretty fucking face i wanna kiss u fuck u

the-captive-actress-deactivated asked:

❖ im inactive as hell but whoops look what i droped

hey is that a liza i see kiss kiss xoxo

Writing Style:

From what we’ve RPed as, it’s very laid back and genuine. Not too hard to read, also simplistic and minimalistic - which are good qualities! Not entirely too much “fluffy” words or writing, but it’s got enough description to avoid being boring and stale. I absolutely loved reading Liza’s reaction to Kelpie’s abode on Rook Islands, and I’m looking forward to replying to that when I get PK’s muse back! [Sobs]

Staying IC:

Although there are a lot of OOC posts on this blog, when you do RP Liza, you rp her in a very unique and personal way. She’s someone I could imagine you liking and I could see both you and her in her, but she’s not out of character in the sense that you’re putting yourself into her, it’s more of her thought process matching yours which helps the two of you flow out easier. Liza’s compassion as well as her more restrained responses are great, and although I’ve not seen much of her or played FC3, I still really love your rendition of her because she just cares so much and meshes so well with Kelpie. UGH, I want to hug her and befriend her and ugh she deserves the best.

That kind of took a detour but I’m guessing yes you do for the most part play her ICly. uvu She’s like YOUR take on her… and I like that! <: