I maintain Fearless as a song has some of the best lyrics she’s ever written lmao
it’s not particularly like “OMFG QUOTABLE AMAZING!!” but it’s just REALLY well written and the visuals are fuckin AMAZING AND I WANNA FIGHT~!!!!

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you know we can sit here and say we're ready for the coming out all we want but we all know once it happens its game over the internet will break we won't know what to do with ourselves I mean we could barely handle lairport imagine A FUCKING SELFIE LIKE KISSING AND HANDHOLDING AND I LOVE YOU BABES WHAT THE FUCK IM READY BUT IM NOT READY I WANNA FIGHT TJEM FUCKI


Fuck off

Listen here Bitch. You think you won? You think you actually fucking won? Ha, don’t make me laugh. You think you’re all big and bad, when you were to scared to fucking admit that anon was you. You little fucking fake, you even admitted it was you to Socks. Wow and calling me a “thing” is so hurtful(pffttt hahaha) like omfg XD Wow you think you can hurt my feelings, calling me shit when you haven’t done shit. Like seriously, i see you talking, but you ain’t doing shit. So you wanna fight, I’ll bring the damn war. Seren, i’m not scared of someone who thinks they can hide behind anon and act like it wasn’t them. Then to have you flip? XD funniest shit ever. Honestly fuck off ‘cause the “big bad wolf”(aka you) isn’t so big, now is she? No. So leave everyone alone and take your sorry little ass somewhere else. 

i’m SO MAD at louis after that article comparing harry kane to harry styles…HE’S SO FUCKING TRANSPARENT I WANNA FIGHT.

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im a cap but all my hoes are leos aquas aries or gems and i wanna fight every other capricorn ive ever met theyre so 👏extra👏 is this normal for caps??


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(ノ▼д▼)ノ (that escape sequence from the gulag? o H MAN)

(Send me one that you think I’m best at)

(ノ▼д▼)ノ Action

REALLY?!!!??? I—- O.O

Well I did have fun writing that scene!! I wanna fight more soldiers now!!! xD I love writing kickass N. Italy!!!

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i HATE naughty boy, s2g he brainwashed zayn and his ugly ass brought so much shit to the fandom. now he's indirecting us on twitter, i wanna fight him.

Lmao I know listen i just wish it was 2012 again everyone was so happy