Honestly I loved the entire photo reel scene but I just, it didn’t hit me until they showed Victor’s face after Yuri was hugging/humping him and asked him to be his coach. Like, that face, you can point out the exact moment that Victor thinks to himself “oh, shit, this really , isn’t like, some one time fun, oh fuck, I’m in love, holy shit,” and like I wanna CRY it’s just so pure and so good and I just can’t believe Victor has a big gay schoolboy crush on some dude who literally showed him a good time and now they’re getting MARRIED

“The bud of our love will swell up during the summer wind, and blossom into a beautiful flower next time we meet.”

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do you wanna build a snowman?
  • do you wanna build a snowman?
  • sungjae ft. minhyuk

sungjae: do you wanna build a snowman? come on, let’s go and play
minhyuk: (I never see you anymore)
sungjae: I never see you anymore
minhyuk: (come out the door)
sungjae: come out the door
minhyuk: (it’s like you gone away)
sungjae: it’s like a gone away
minhyuk: (please-)
sungjae: please to the plate…
minhyuk: (and now we’re not)
sungjae: and now we’re not.
minhyuk: (I wish you were…)
sungjae: I wish you were anymorE OK BYEE


I know everyone has mentioned this but I just wanna talk about this quick little moment after Killian tries to first summon Emma. He stands there and glances to his side, looking directly at Henry. And he sees Henry’s face fall, feeling hopeless that getting his mom back won’t be that easy. And as soon as Killian sees this he turns back and tries again, tries HARDER than before; his voice cracks and he looks so pained. Because he knows that not only he needs Emma back, but Henry needs her back. He needs his mom back. And it just makes me cry seeing that determination on his face as soon as he sees how upset Henry is. 

Give me all the captain cobra this season.

aph canada's contact names
  • america: my underpants fuck you al im not a hat
  • france: last time he got drunk he forced me and al to dress up as the cast of les miserables and storm englands room screaming ‘do you hear the people sing’ at the top of our lungs
  • england: he hasnt left his room since zayn left one direction in fact i can hear him crying rn
  • sealand: arent you an amusement park
  • kumajiro: why do you have a phone youre a polar bear
  • russia: #illegal meme network
  • china: once south korea was being really annoying and he slapped him across the face and sent him to the corner for a timeout without even batting an eye
  • japan: hey kid wanna buy some yaoi
  • prussia: he cries on easter when we eat peeps
  • spain: ‘@nicki minaj fight me irl’ -spains booty
  • romano: ‘i am a strong independent italian woman and if you take me to olive garden i will slap you’
  • italy: he seems innocent but ive seen him asking japan for some gerita doujinshi before
  • austria: ‘ah yes im fancy and sophisticated and please dont tell anyone that I drink apple juice from wineglasses’
  • hungary: last week she threw a tampon and hit prussia in the eye
  • belgium: she secretly ships waffles x pancakes
  • netherlands: this guy made a club with russia called the ‘i wear scarves a lot club’
  • denmark: his hair could poke someones eye out
  • norway: when i was little norway came over and england told me he knew magic and god dammit i am still waiting for the bunny to come out of the hat you suck at this its been 200 years i think the bunnys dead
  • iceland: i think mr puffin, gilbird, and kuma have had a threesome before
  • finland: why does santa run around the earth screaming heavy metal songs
  • sweden: we all had to go to a formal party and bring a plus one and he brought a dining room table

imagine niall coming home from work after a long day and he’s all sleepy and a bit grumpy and upset, not really in the mood to do anything but sleep. so you both get in bed, and he nearly falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. and because he’s so tired, he wouldn’t cuddle and kiss you as much as he usually does, he’d just be lying there beside you with his eyes shut and his mouth open a bit, the covers tucked up under his chin. and you’d snuggle up beside him, tangling your legs together and putting your hand on his soft lil tummy, and you could feel it rising up and down slowly as he’s breathing. and you’d leave little kisses all over his neck and nibble on his ear a bit. you’d continue to kiss him on his cheeks and then on his nose. he’d open his eyes a bit and blink at you before he managed a small lil sleepy grin. and he’d pucker up his lips for you to kiss him and when you did, he’d giggle and it’d sound all raspy and tired. and then he’d pull you onto his chest and wrap his arm around you and rub little circles into your back. and before he finally fell asleep he’d mumble ‘i love you’ and you’d smile at him and kiss his chest and say it back. 

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk, only for him to say things he really shouldn’t.

(I mean he doesn’t look drunk at all, but just picture him- Also, READ IT I PROMISE IT’S WORTH IT!!!)

“Come on Dean” you groaned, dragging him towards his room “Just a little more”

Dean huffed and puffed, literally doing nothing to help in your situation. If anything he just put more weight on top of you.

“Aww but I don’t wanna sleeeeep!” he whined like a little child “Uness it’s with you gorgeous” he said and winked, soon followed by a feat of giggles. It was actually cute to see him like this, and you didn’t get the chance very often.

“I’m sorry Dean but that can’t happen” you chuckled, pushing the door open in the meanwhile trying not to let him fall down.

He pretended to cry, an overly sad - but still adorable - look on his face as he pouted visibly “Is it- is it because you don’t want me?”

You shook your head “No, Dean. It’s because you don’t really want me” you gave him a sad smile.

He looked at you with a deep frown for a second. He let out a big huff as you let him fall on his bed.

“But-” he spoke, licking his lips “-But how do you know that hm?”

“Because… I know”

“That’s not a very good reason ya know” he said with a giggle and despite the pang in your chest you chuckled at him as well.

“And how can you know? You’re drunk off your ass” you retorted and he fakes a glare.

“That’s mean.” he pursed his lips in a childish way “But- But if you wanna know you, miss, are wroooooong!” he pointed a finger in your face, wiggling it a little around.

You pushed it off your face and shook your head at him “Whatever you say”

“No, no no” he pushed his lips out in almost a duck-face, as he shook his head stubbornly “You just don’t get it.”

“Well neither do you. You’re drunk Dean, just relax a little and tomorrow everything’s going to be alright” you stood up but before you could move you felt a hand on your arm and before you could realize it you were dragged back and down.

A loud huff and then groan left your lips when your back collided with the matress and Dean, who didn’t miss a beat to wrap his arms around you.

“See, not so bad” Dean grinned widely at you “I mean not to brag about it, my I’m the best in bed sweetheart and for you I will be the only one from now on” he chuckled at what he said and you just rolled your eyes.

“Dean, stop this. I know flirting is your thing but-”

“Flirting? Who said I was flirting? Oh sweetheart I haven’t even began yet” a lopside smirk was on his face as he pinned you down on the bed and hoevered over you. You felt your face heat up dangerously.

You groaned “And you are not going to either” you hit his chest to push him off you.

He laughed out loudly “You are so cuuuute when you blush”

“Shut up” you grumbled “You don’t know anything. You’re drunk”

“I may be drunk but you still remain cute. And dorable. And sweet. And beautiful. And- So. Damn. Hot!” he almost groaned the last part and you jumped when you felt him slap your-


“Hey there gorgeous- can I ask for something?”


“Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back” he grinned and you hit his shoulder.


“Oh (Y/n)” he cut you off, saying in worry “You look a little pale. I think you’re suffering from lack of vitamin me” he chuckled and you rolled your eyes.

“Very funn-”

“You know, that shirt’s very becoming on you. If I were on you, I’d be coming too.” he smirked and you felt your face get incredibly hot.

“My face is leaving in fifteen minutes. Be on it.” he said in a low rough voice, leaning closer to you and your eyes were all but wide.

“Dean, sto-”

“Would you like to try an Australian kiss? It is just like a French kiss, but down under.” and that certainly was all it took for you.

“Dean!” you shrieked.

He erupted into a feat of giggles “Oh gosh look at you! Here it is! The darker blush! Honestly I have no idea which one looks better on you- maybe both” he sighed happily, throwing an arm over you and nuzzling his face at the croock of your neck “Damn” he whispered and you felt goosebumps form over your skin.

“Have I ever told you how good you smell? Because you do. You smell so so soooo good” he snuggled closer to you.

“Dean” you sighed “Please, just let me go. You need to rest and sleep.” you tried to ingore how your entire face felt as if it was on fire.

“No.” he said stubbornly “You’re gonna stay here so that when I wake up you will be in my arms and I will stare at you all morning till you wake up and you will tease me and I will deny it and you will hit me and I will attack you with tickles and kisses and it will be all- all romantic and those crap”

“Dean” your voice trembled as did your heart. You really wanted that more than anything else.

“Sshh it’s much better this way” he whispered, placing a small kiss at the crook of your neck that made your heart skip a beat.

You let a small sigh, closing softly your eyes as you began to relax. Maybe you could just for a little while enjoy this. He was not going to remember anyway.

“Gosh I love you so much” he whispered and your eyes snapped open.

Did Dean Winchester just say that to you?

Part 2

The only 1 time that Yongguk got really mad at his member...

Source: one_chocho (Twitter)
[Kor to Jpn Trans: MusicChacoBABY (Twitter)]
[Jpn to Eng Trans: hellosaya]

20160312 Fansign

Q. Have you ever gotten really angry at your members?
Yongguk: Only once. Zelo skipped school so I scolded him.
Junhong who was beside Yongguk added: I finished Bang & Zelo’s practice in the morning and I didn’t go to school, so Hyung got angry… Junhong said it with a “wanna cry” face.