My thoughts on the episode Prompto teaser, AKA WHY IS SUNSHINE BOY CRYING?!

(with intentional vagueness to prevent spoilers for those still playing/planning on playing)

First, I wanna start off with this: Prompto in that outfit is AMAZING. Warm floofy chocobo head, 10/10 would cuddle.

Now, for the actual analysis… I think the reason Prompto is so emotional over his ‘encounter’ is that he’s facing what he could have become. Head things turned out differently and had he not grown up in the environment that he did, he probably would had either dead or… Completely different (if you finished the game you know exactly what I’m talking about). I think that he’s come face-to-face with a giant “what could have been” and he’s hurting and is sympathetic to what he’s facing.

It easily could have been him staring down the barrel of a gun. Had anything gone differently, it probably would have turned out that way.

I think Prompto feels pain for those that weren’t as fortunate as him–those that didn’t manage to avoid that fate. I feel like he takes it upon himself to maybe give those souls peace… Or at least put them out of their misery. Perhaps that’s what the entire episode is about: his personal mission, while also settling some issues about his past. Of course, he feels bad for doing it, but he knows that there’s no going back–those unlucky beings have no chance of returning to how they once were.


PS: I could be totally wrong and Prompto is just crying over how cold it is and how he wants to go home. Who knows?? *shrug*


Edit: I never thought this post would blow up bUT SINCE Y'ALL JUST LOVE ANGST I posted a Zen theory awhile ago so if you wanna cry more you can check it out :)

fight me on this , but this will be the cutest video you’ll see today

How would Monsta x react to their first win
  • Shownu: Probably doesn't know where he is, what happened, what to do. Clueless about what kind of speech he should say. Awkwardly handing the mic to others.
  • Wonho: Crying. Bawling. Sobbing. Snot and tears all over his face. Saying "I love you" to fans and his mother.
  • Minhyuk: Either being his hyper self, screaming, jumping on others, shock all over his face. Dolphin noises. Would give an awesome, heartfelt speech. Or crying discreetly behind a member.
  • Kihyun: Cocky and proud af. Grinning from ear to ear. Showing the trophy to everyone. Being proud of his fans. Playing it off as no big deal. Laughing at Wonho.
  • Hyungwon: Michevious grinning. Standing there awkwardly. Probably would make meme faces. Maybe mantis dance. Laughing at Wonho too. (Lowkey wanna see him crying)
  • Jooheon: Another crybaby. Would try to thank his fans, but his words would be incoherent. Dabbing through the tears. Would hug everyone near him.
  • I.M: Just as clueless as Shownu. If he's got say something he would spill out some weird shit. Maybe funny dance. Kissing the trophy. Wouldn't know what to do with the bouquet.

yalit meme [3/10] series or books ≡ the song of achilles by madeline miller

He was watching me, his eyes as deep as earth.
“Will you come with me?” he asked.
The never-ending ache of love and sorrow. Perhaps in some other life I could have refused, could have torn my hair and screamed, and made him face his choice alone. But not in this one. He would sail to Troy and I would follow, even into death. “Yes,” I whispered. “Yes.”

this photo gives me difficulty in breathing || © 17_0808s2

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Are you feeling okay?

Taking this opportunity to vent vent vent..I’m on mobile so I can’t tag so tw for: hospital ment//
Sort of. I had a sugar high but now it’s fading and I’m back to my anxious self ;-;
I’m really worried about dad. The other day I broke down crying at the mall because dad like. Never complains about any sort of pain but he was clutching at his side and making faces it made me so anxious. I dunno what to do since we don’t have insurance and stuff and HHHHHHHHHH. I’ve never been so scared in my life. I guess most of this fear stems from that time mom almost di ed when I was like. 9 years old? 10 years old? I don’t remember. From a sepsis attack and the trauma never truly left me. I’m still really scared. Dad is going back to the hospital tomorrow. Ghxhsjsha I really wanna cry about it????? I’m so scared

The entire conversation in the C$ scene about Davids father was so….wrong. like….both their dialogues made absolutely ZERO sense. This entire show is just a bunch of….whitewashed garbage, where H00k can just cry and feel bad for himself and Emma doesn’t care about the fact that he murdered her dad’s father, oh no! It’s about him destroying his memories and not giving snowing a chance to FUCKING FORGIVE him?? What kind of fuckery is this? She literally just BRUSHED past everything to talk about how he’s “changed”? This show keeps using that fucking word over and over and over again. I just wanna bash both Emma and H00k’s faces in. I can’t fucking stand them and I was so utterly grossed out by this stupid scene. I will never understand the appeal in this stupid boring ass “relationship.” I guess I’m just thankful I’m not a shallow ass peabrain because let’s face it, that’s what you have to be in order to sit back and gush over Craptain fucking Yawn.

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uuUUHH QUESTION it is how do you make your art look sO NICE thanks (your art looks very nice) (esp your colors n your faces) (it isn't actually a question if you wanna talk about your process feel free but it's mostly just a roundabout compliment)

omg im crying this is very sweet!!!

And i’m not very good at explaining my process but lately I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from artists like jc leyendecker and mead schaeffer , especially in terms of their use of color! I very much recommend checking them out; leyendecker in particular is one of my favorite artists of all time and when I really need some inspo I always go to his work!

Also, if you want to go for this style of painting, I recommend paint sai over photoshop because it’s blending style is a little more conducive! Focus on the areas of light and dark and in terms of hue, dont be afraid to experiment. If you look at Ollie’s face in the last pic you’ll see that I relied mostly on greens, yellows, browns, and reds but there’s actually a bit of blue-grey in there as well! And here’s the brush I used for the majority of the last picture 

Thanks again and hope this was at all helpful!!!

jughead crying in the interrogation room was so fucking sad and i have a lot of feelings about it that i’ll have to save for a longer post, especially his mention of the satanic panic of the 90s and how outcasts (and specifically queer outcasts) were persecuted and demonized but most of all i just wanna say that he was a 15 yr old kid facing down a murder charge and he must have been so scared and thats enough to be sad about. so good for him for asking for a lawyer when he did and showing even half the composure that he did and im just glad fred got him out of there asap no holds barred and i just hope things go ok for him from here on out because that was a doozy and im sad thats all kids

well hi there im ava, the most gemini hoe in the world. i play some sick beats on the radio every weekday morning and the rest of the time im usually taking naps or crying along to lemonade. the key to my heart is good eyebrows and an extra large slushie.
if you wanna talk to me for some reason my google thing is redwhiny !!! 👻

“Make It Up For Me” (M)


Member: Lay from EXO

Genre: ANGSTY SMUT (low key the best smut)

A/N: What started as that gif above of Yixing thrusting on stage, developed into sexual thoughts, which then developed into this smut hahahaha i’m fine. anyways everyone enjoy while i go cry over Yixing.

Summary:Three words, Make up Sex.

“NO I DON’T WANNA HEAR IT Y/N” Yixing yelled all over his apartment, his face red from anger. “Babe I’m not sleeping with my boss ok? He kissed me but I didn’t return the kiss ok? And he did it right when you walked in because he hates the fact that I’m taken.” You replied, trying to rationalize the argument you’ve been having for the past 2 hours.

Yixing has always been paranoid about your relationship with your boss. He knew he had feelings for you because he used to tease him about it without you knowing. Biting his lip every time you turned around, checking you out right at Yixing’s display. He hated the guy but also knew better than to fight him since you loved your job and he didn’t wanna be the one to take it away from you. so he sucked it up. That is until you’ve invited your boyfriend to go to the office Christmas party with you. Everyone was drinking, including your boss. First you’re talking to your boss in his office and the next thing you know his lips were on yours while you tried to process the happenings. But before you managed to even push him away from you, Yixing walked in looking for you. He looked heartbroken for about one second before he swung his fist at your boss’ face and grabbed your hand, rushing you out of the party.

“Your lips were on his. Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t have feelings for that asshole.” He looked you right in the eyes; face inches from yours, his body burning from anger. “Xing listen to me, I don’t like my boss. I love you and only you. Please believe me” your expression softened. “Why should I?” he shook his head. “Everything I’ve done for you, everything we’ve shared, all the nights I spent making you scream my name, all the times I spent making sure you knew exactly how much I loved you….does that mean nothing to you?” he bit his lip trying to stop his tears from falling. “It means everything to me baby. But if you can’t believe me or trust me in every way, then what are we even doing?” you replied, looking disappointed.

“You’re right. Get out we’re over.” His face hardened the minute the words came out of his mouth. “Wait what? That’s not what I meant baby let me explain!” you blurted out, watching him make his way to the door. “Get out.” He grabbed your jacket and held it out for you with hooded eyes. You walked over and snatched your jacket from his hand, opening the door and taking one more look at his face to see if he would do anything to stop you, but he only stared you down with his face on fire. You slammed the door behind you and ran home.

A week went by and nothing. Not even one message from Yixing. You thought he might think things over but there was no sign of regret from him what so ever. You’ve been a mess the entire week, crying before bed every day, Yixing not leaving your mind for a minute.

“Ok I know you’re going through a break up Y/N but this is your third ice cream pint and it’s starting to look desperate and I won’t let you stay a miserable whining mess. Go out with us tonight! Please? For me?” your best friend spoke beside you, grabbing the ice cream away from you as you sat on your bed, wearing your sweats.

“You know I don’t like clubs all that much……I don’t know…” you said as you clicked on the next episode of your show to play. “Y/N. it’s my birthday. You’re not missing my birthday for more ice cream and tears. Get your short black dress out and those heels I love and drag your ass to the club before I do it myself.” Your best friend said, getting up from your bed and opening all your dresser drawers. “OK OK FINE JUST GIVE ME AN HOUR TO LOOK SOMEWHAT PRESENTABLE OK?” you shouted at her, getting up and stopping her from making a mess. “Hurry up everyone’s already there and I wouldn’t want the hot guys to leave before we even get there!” she smiled at you, closing the door behind her.

An hour later and you almost looked like nothing ever happened. Your hair looked perfect, your makeup, your favorite dress that showed all your good attributes and the heels that made your legs look long, everything fell into place. “That’s the Y/N I’m talking about! You look fucking hot! Now come on we have to go” your best friend smiled brightly. You surly seemed to cheer her up.

Once you both arrived at the club, you searched for your group of friends through the club, passing all kinds of guys who looked hungry for you. “I knew this dress would work” you friend winked and nudged you. “Let’s just look for them ok?” you rolled your eyes and kept on with your foot steps before your friend froze at her place and tried to drag you in the other direction. “Wait wait where are you going? I think I saw them there by the bar!” you shouted in her ear, confused. “NO NO I REALLY THINK THEY WOULD BE BY THE DJ” she shouted back.  “What are you…doi…” you pulled her back in your direction, clearly seeing your friends standing behind some guys.

“HEY GUYS” you shouted at them, dragging your stubborn friend with you. They turned their attention to you and so did the guys that stood in front of them. Your gaze shifted to the guy who turned around and faced you from afar. your body instantly froze. “Y/N no… look…we can go…” your friend mumbled at your side, but you were blacked out completely and so was he. “HI CHANYEOL” your friend shouted at the tall figure beside Yixing. “Hey… um funny seeing you here…” Chanyeol let out, both him and your friend were eyeing you and Yixing, clearly trying to analyze the awkward air between you two. The drinks they ordered before just arrived and Yixing immediately grabbed one and headed to the dance floor, leaving all of you in silence before he snuck a quick look at your body.

“Uhh…. I dragged him and Baekhyun here with me…. I didn’t know you two would be here too…I’m sorry Y/N” Chanyeol said, offering you a drink. “No it’s ok. I’m here to celebrate this hottie’s birthday” you winked, biting off your shock from before. “I think we need to get everyone drunk!” your friend smiled before ordering a round of shots.

All of you sat at the bar, exchanging laughs and in Baekhyun’s case, also the looks of thirst he was giving your friend. Classic, You laughed to yourself. An hour went by and things stayed the same. From time to time you glanced over to Yixing on the dance floor, grabbing some other girl’s waist and giving her the dance of her life. He was always a good dancer and those moves always transformed in bed. You’ve had enough of this, you were drunk enough to go and dance with some guys so you stood up and headed straight for the first guy you saw.

He grabbed you with excitement on his face and you began grinding yourself against him to the rhythm of the song. Clearly getting Yixing’s attention when you saw him focus on your doings instead of dancing with his girl of the night. You made eye contact and he pulled the girl closer to his lap, his hand squeezing at her ass. You chuckled and returned the move, making eye contact again. He scoffed and positioned his head at the crook of her neck, sucking lightly as his gaze shifted back to you, smirking. You laughed at his challenge and grabbed the guy’s neck, pulling him closer to you. Soon attaching your lips on his, letting his tongue take over. You opened your eyes and glanced over to Yixing when you saw him making his way towards you. Without looking at you, he grabbed your arm and snatched you away from the guy’s lips. Dragging you over to what seemed like the VIP room, he opened the door and pushed you inside, pinning you against the now closed door.

“What kind of sick game do you think you’re playing?” he eyed you, his face looking as red as it did a week ago. “The same game you’re playing” you chuckled at his question, your hands pinned down to your sides by his grasp. “Well at least it’s not your boss.” He scoffed.  You escaped his grip and pushed him away from you with one sharp move, taking him by surprise. “HOW MANY TIMES AM I GONNA HAVE TO TELL YOU, I.AM.NOT.SLEEPING.WITH.MY.BOSS” you shouted at him, losing all control. “AS MANY AS I NEED” he shouted back, walking towards you. “You know what Xing?” you chuckled, about to say something else before he hummed back at you. “What?” his expression turning obnoxious and heartless. “I…”, “You…?” he replied, his body close to yours.

There was a weird silence in the room where you just looked at each other with pure hate. He let out a chuckle before he sharply grabbed your waist and pulled you to his body, attaching his lips on yours, kissing you roughly. His lips were moving fast and hard against yours, biting your lower lip between breaths, his grip on your waist tightening. You grabbed his neck and pulled him closer to you, returning the roughness and grabbing his shirt before throwing it above his head and onto the floor, revealing the body you so missed.

He backed you onto the wall and lifted you up so your legs wrapped around his waist. Both of your lips not giving up, he grabbed your dress and pushed it up your legs so he could remove your lace panties. “Actually….” He stopped, his lips murmuring against yours. He dropped you harshly on the floor and backed away from your body. “Strip for me.” He stood there with hungry eyes, commending. You stood there a hot mess, obeying his saying. You grabbed the straps of your dress, not breaking eye contact with him. The straps fell off your shoulders and the dress slipped off your body and landed on the floor as his gaze followed he bit his lip. Your fingers graced the sides of your underwear and you slowly slipped them off your hips as they joined your dress on the floor. You shot an innocent look at Yixing before he strut to you and grabbed your hip, turning you around with him as he leaned against the wall and dropped on the floor, bringing you down with him. “Ride me baby girl” He dropped your knees by his legs and unhooked your bra, throwing it carelessly to the other side of the room.

You grabbed his jeans along with his underwear and slipped them down to his knees, straddling your hips on his now hard dick, earning a hiss from him. His grip on your hip tightened as you began to move your hips against his, grinding and teasing. You grabbed his shoulders and lifted yourself up a bit before slipping him inside of you, slowly he dropped his head against the wall behind him and let out a long moan, closing his eyes. “Fuck…” you muttered, slipping him all the way in. once he was in deep, his hands traveled both to your sides, grabbing and slowly starting to guide you. Your hips began to move with his will, you bounced on him, every time you came down, he swirled you around him, making your walls clench and your mouth to let out countless moans.

Not letting you have any moment to breathe, Yixing continued to guide you and grind his cock deep inside of you, making sure you knew exactly how much he was determined to hear you shout his name in pleasure. Now with every move upwards you made, his hips buckled up and he thrusted roughly against your burning core, his one hand reaching over to your clit and beginning to rub pressure in circles. “YIXING” you screamed out, making him smirk in pleasure. “Come for me baby girl” His lips attached themselves on your neck as he sucked roughly against your soft skin, making you let out another loud moan as your head dropped back. A couple more thrusts and presses on your clit and you were out. You came, screaming his name across the room, gripping hard at his bare shoulders. His head dropped at the crook of your neck and he came as your walls came crushing down around him, making him moan in relief, dropping his hands to the side.

You both laid there on the floor, panting hard and your minds lost in your orgasms. His face slowly traveled to yours and he placed a soft kiss against your lips that lasted long. You opened your eyes slowly at him, seeing his gaze focus on your lips.

“I’m sorry. For everything. I overreacted and I’m sorry. I love you.” He let out. You smiled and pulled him into another kiss. “Your lips taste better anyways” you smiled against his red lips. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around your waist. “That’s right baby girl….I’m not done with you yet. Grab your things, we’re going home.”