a few messy sketches of Julian the janitor!

u know something is really good when it makes you draw for the first time in 8163738 years

The super-cool Persian poet Rumi once wrote:

‘Where there’s ruin, there’s hope for a treasure.’

A single-line drawing of Dizzee from The Get Down.

                                                                              |    W I P

the true visual of nct, haechan / donghyuck

time spent; 2hrs 30mins

                  i realised i mispelled my own username ffs

stop sexualizing minors.

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Is it bad that I feel like beer is better for my ADHD than Adderall?

anonymous asked:

Im really afraid of me feeling like im not a girl really is just a phase.. bc all kinds of trans people get that all the time, and i dont wanna contribute to that stereotype. I constantly feel like im "too femenin to be trans". and even though im not sure of my identity, i constantly feel bad for liking "girly" things. Plz help

1. You are not too feminine to be trans. Trans people express their gender in all sorts of ways and present in all sorts of ways.
2. You can like whatever you like. Being trans doesn’t mean you have to give up anything that you enjoyed before you came out or before you realized that your gender was different than you thought it was.
3. Even if your gender turns out to be a phase, it’s real now. Your experience as a nonbinary person isn’t suddenly invalid just because it might not be permanent. Right now you’re nonbinary and that’s what matters. If it turns out that your gender changes and nonbinary is no longer a useful label for you, that’s fine and doesn’t invalidate you taking up space and being in the community now while you are nonbinary.
4. It might not be a phase! Enjoy your nonbinary self.


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what's fujoshicon and why is it making The Discourse occur

it’s a chilean con where illustrators make tons of money so i decided to postulate this year and i got a stand, that’s it

Anonymous said: “Fujoshicon” time for my gay ass not to judge you bc I’m an artist too and as much as I hate fujoshi culture and don’t wanna contribute I get that feel of needing $$$$ too.    

i know nothing about fujoshi culture tbh like when i postulated i sent my regular art blog so im still surprised i got a stand there but yeah