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Jazi was excited. She had been bouncing around the house cleaning and cooking in high spirits. She winced only slightly from her sore ribs as she reached high, but it did not damper her energy. She had spent the day learning something new and she could not wait to share with Dunn. When he finally showed up for dinner, she blurted out, "Guess what I did today! I learned some very cool hand-to-hand combat and Stana's going to teach me more."

Dunn was a little surprised by Jazi’s excitement. He had been out in Uldum again doing research, so he was a bit tired. But he was glad for Jazi “that’s fantastic! Always good stuff to learn…’specially in our field.” He paused “Frankly, I’m surprised ya hadn’t learned it before.” He looked at Jazi’s eyes, which clearly seemed to say that she wanted to show Dunn all that she had learned. “I’m guessin’ ya wanna brawl or somethin’.”

I wanna fuck someone of every sign in the zodiac as a field study/for my own research + enjoyment

So I’ve like made a list of who I have and who I want to

And I’m just like torn because Virgo + Sagittarius people are just not the wave we never vibe it’s never fun and sexy like how am I gonna complete this with Virgos + Sagittarians in the world



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What do you do at work? Also...if you could do any job you wanted...what would it be? 😌 -Tiffany

Hi Tiffany! 👋🏽 I work at a call centre.. Doing market research over the phone haha it’s SOOO BORING I hate it. Looking for a full time job soon.

Dream job… Would be… Related to my field which is environmental science. I’d wanna be a super senior enviro scientist working for the government or an international environmental organisation getting paid heaps to fly to and work on climate stuff around the world 😊😊

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what do I wanna be when I grow up: a lot of things! I want to have a small farm with james but I’d also like to be a plant biology researcher/field botanist and hopefully someday lead my own studies regarding conservation of native plant species! I’d also find it really cool to be able to work at a nature Conservancy and lead educational walks and other events to educate the public!