Clarke: I wanna go down on you
Lexa: no need to do it again. everyone already saw you bow
Lexa: that has an alternative meaning in the sky, doesn’t it?


SO HOW ABOUT MORE RUBY AND SAPPHIRE FUSIONS THAT RESULT IN DIFFERENT GARNETS. Like, seriously, what a good idea…I really hope it was okay for me to draw them. I was just so inspired.

So the top is Pink Sapphire and Ruby who fuse to make Malaya Garnet. They’re by @topherhaunartstuff The second is Yellow Sapphire and Ruby who fuse to make Spessartine Garnet. They’re by @gemcrust 

I took some artistic liberties with Spessartine and her Sapphire but they’re definitely NOT mine. I drew this before the official version of her was put up. Sorry :[ 

Um…that’s about all I have to say? OH! Um, I didn’t know what kind of weapon Malaya would have… I really hope y’all like it. And please click the links and reblog or like the owner’s versions. Thanks :)

Okay but I wanna see Cyclonus and Tailgate finally meet after all this. Like I wanna see Cyclonus overjoyed and get down on his knees and Tailgate run into his arms and they hug because all this hell is finally over for them and they can just go back to drinking together and singing. 

You can see them at the bar sitting side by side and Cyclonus just rests his hand on Tailgates head. They are happy, everything is okay.


-has nicked the hair dryer singing beyond her capability at the moment stressing her vocals chords singing like plant with Zeppelin blasting playing fully trying to one up her uncle on the Zeppelin not ever letting him live down the stairway incident- I wanna a whooolleeeeee lotta loveeeeeeeee ah ah ah ooooooooo baaabbyyy shake for me girl !!!!


M: We originally had planned to get married at the Redwood Peak Viewing Center, where Pen’ and I had our last date on the show. Unfortunately they backed out last minute, something about too many people, they can’t put together such a show. Anyway it broke Pen’s heart. My mom has a friend that owns the Brokerfield Lake House Mansion here in Hidden Springs and she was able to book that. We were grateful of course, but I know deep down, Pen’ really doesn’t wanna get married in a mansion. 

Constantly torn between being young and living my life doing whatever I want with whoever I want and wanting to be tied down and serious. 

I just wanna be a happy heux, but also a loving heux.

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So of course Jude lifts the shirt of a random guy, but not that of Connor's! (at least on screen)...

off screen we have jonnor making out without shirts on and on screen we have jude lifting jack’s shirt up to check if he’s hurt/how hurt he is. I wanna know how this scene is going to go down. 

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With no robron spoilers, and the whole episodes likely being mostly about stupid Paddy and Tess SL, do you think it's even worth it to watch Thursday and Friday?

Definitely!! You never know what little snippets we might get, Robert pining in the background for example. Even though Aaron isn’t on screen they will still talk about him. And there is a lot of Kirin/Johnny stuff going on too and I wanna see the paddy stuff even though I don’t like him right now I wanna know what happens because somewhere down the line it might effect the Aaron SL!! So yes! Keep up to date anon even if you don’t watch live it’s all worth it 💕