OctoberFicFest: Politics As Usual

“So who’re you voting for, Scully?”  Mulder has his feet up on the desk, and he’s tapping his pencil against his lips.

“None of your business,” Scully tells him, calm and collected. 

“Come on,” he says.  “You trust me with your life, but you don’t trust me with your favorite candidate?”

“I trust you,” she says.  “I just believe that voting is a private activity.”

“I know for a fact you’ve donated to political campaigns,” he tells her.  

“As a private citizen, yes,” she says.  “I’ve also volunteered for campaigns before.  Campaigning is public.  Voting is private.”

“The one implies the other,” Mulder points out.

“An implication is not a certainty,” Scully retorts.  “As a psychologist, you should know that past performance is not necessarily an indication of future behavior.”

“There’s many a slip ‘twixt the tongue and the ballot?” he asks the ceiling.

“Something like that,” Scully says.

“I  never knew you were so stubborn about voting,” Mulder says.

Scully raises an eyebrow. “Maybe it’s my stern military upbringing.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a federal employee.  Maybe I just like knowing there are some mysteries you can’t solve.”

“Ha,” he says.

“Who are you voting for?” Scully asks sweetly.

“None of your business,” he tells her cheerfully, and she smiles.  “Want to watch the debate tonight?”

“As long as you don’t try to make me play a drinking game,” she says, scribbling something on her report.  “If we’re drinking together, who’s supposed to take us to the ER when we get alcohol poisoning?”

“Good point,” he says.  “What about debate bingo?  You can bring your spreadsheet comparing the candidates’ positions.”

“I don’t have a spreadsheet,” she says, but she’s smiling.

“It’s okay,” he reassures her.  “I won’t tell anybody you’re a geek, Scully.”

“Thank  you,” she says, completely deadpan.

“You’re welcome,” he says.  “And for what it’s worth - you’d have my vote.”

“I’ll keep that in mind if I ever get tired of this job,” she tells him.

“Four more years,” he chants, and they both laugh.

“At least four,” she promises.

“Good,” he says, and throws his pencil at the ceiling.

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Okay, so I volunteer at this scary maze/ horror house thing and one time I brought my masky mask for fun, how the hell do you function in that thing?! I jumped out from behind a door to scare this kid then ran back inside and fell through the fucking wall. How do you see?!?

the eye holes are too low, that’s why you gotta move with that weird head tilt all the time like i did

Compromising Shot

Part 10 of A+ Secrets

Summary: Thanksgiving week with Dean’s family. Your family is crazy, but his is a different kind of crazy.

Word Count: 2347

Warnings: None

A+ Secrets Series Masterlist

“If anyone calls with an emergency at the shop today, I volunteer,” you whispered to Bobby when he finally arrived at Sam’s house on Wednesday. You’d spent the entire night with Dean’s family playing games the previous night. It wasn’t until two a.m. that you and Dean could gracefully excuse yourselves and go home, collapse on your bed, and not move until morning when it was time to do it all again.

“Already had enough?” he asked knowingly.

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The story of Hope

In May - June 2016, a vet friend and I volunteered at an amazing animal sanctuary in Namibia called N/a’an ku se. They do a lot of conservation, rehabilitation, rescuing and research with various animals. They attempt to release as many of these animals back in the wild when it is possible to do so. One animal that rarely gets released is the chacma baboon. These are considered pests in Namibia and are often shot. Many mother baboons have been killed, leaving behind orphan babies. Whenever a good samaritan discovers an orphaned baby baboon, the sanctuary takes them in and provides them with the best life they can. As volunteers, we bottle fed them, had them sleep alongside us in our beds, fed them fresh food, took them for walks around the reserve and watched them flourish into adults. Unfortunately, they cannot be released back into the wild because they are too friendly with humans which would make them extremely likely to be shot and killed by farmers. After volunteering there, I continued to follow the N/a’an ku se facebook page and have been keeping up with the story of one baboon in particular:

Some cool personal ceta news!

I’m super thrilled to share that I will be doing volunteer work for the International Marine Mammal Project with Earth Island Institute! Had a lovely interview with two of their associate directors earlier this week, and they were quite excited to have me on the project. I’ll be assisting with researching and writing articles for a number of their campaigns, as well as providing them with some illustrations.

AAHH this is so cool!

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Relationship status:  married. so married. like. I have been married long enough I should start actually doing something for my anniversary soon ‘cause they’re almost milestone years? (I mean, if you count fifteen. Next year will be fifteen. gdi, the husband will be sad if I don’t do anything next year. OOPS. I AM VERY BAD AT ANNIVERSARIES. AND BIRTHDAYS. AND HOLIDAYS IN GENERAL.)

Favorite colors: GREEEEEN (nice dark foresty or jewel tone greens, none of that pale yellow or beige or army stuff. OOOPS AGAIN.)

Pets: We have a puppy. Her name is Jade. Someday after our next move I will have kitties. But until then I will go play with kitties on Monday mornings. (I volunteer for a rescue with one of those in-a-pet-shop-cubicle-things.) It’s lovely.

Last song I listened to: Love is a Battlefield 

Favorite TV show: erm. In terms of ability to flail and recommend to others, probably Leverage (y’all should be watching The Librarians too. If you can find it, I know TNT makes it hard. BUT HEY. NEW SEASON SOON!!! *pterodactyl shriek*)

First fandom: Sailormoon (not, by far, the first thing I was emotionally invested in and wrote stories about in my head, but the first time I found people to interact with in regards the things.)

Hobbies:  You mean there are people who do things they like just ‘cause they like them? Ah, I miss those days. The usual gaming/reading/writing combo of this corner of tumblr? I was having fun with a coloring book this week. 

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Forgot to upload these.

So… on the 8th and 9th of this month, I went to go volunteer at the Bayou City Art Festival in Downtown Houston. The college I’m currently attending was having a booth in the kids area where we did a little printmaking activity with the kids. We basically helped them make stamps.

It was pretty cool. But of course, me and some other volunteers couldn’t resist making our own prints. I made a few others but I just KNEW I had to recreate Dean’s initials.

So…. I messed up on my first attempt (the A was all slanted and the D was just… I don’t know.) So I had to google his initials so… yeah. I finally got them right. Plus, that bluish looking one? I did that one on my second day volunteering. It still had some black ink on it from the day before, so when I put the blue on top of it, it made this cool looking… gradient thingy.

I don’t know. I really proud of these though. I’m sure Dean would love them too. ^_^

@druun i used to volunteer @ warped tour during my youth and had a wristband to go backstage and i hate that jonny was a douche but my friend got a picture with the black guitarist (?) cause he was nice :^) love that him and mess are still there