Well. We WERE gonna go on a mission today to stock up on art supplies. We’re completely out of paint, markers, crayons, paper, all that stuff. I was gonna make a fun day of it, bring them out to lunch. It’s a rainy day after all.

But no, of course not. Silas got fixated on something. He was watching YouTube videos on my old iPhone that I let him use for games and stuff. in one this kid got a fire truck style power wheels that Silas decided he needed to have, TODAY. I tried explaining Christmas lists, birthday lists even. Tried explaining how much those things cost, maybe we can save up but it wouldn’t be happening today, etc.

Cue the world’s most ridiculous tantrum. It doesn’t even phase me because he literally has these toddler style explosions every day over the most trivial things, but he proceeded to hurl the iPhone across the room and fall down screaming. So step one was taking the iPhone away, for good. That thing causes nothing but problems every day. God forbid the battery dies and we need to find the charger, or maybe Isaac wants a turn or maybe he sees a video and can’t act out exactly what he’s watching the right way. Every day it’s an issue and I’ve been warning him for days that I was this close to taking it away.

So that’s done now. He’s in his bedroom screaming for daddy to save him from me. Cool. I sure as hell am not going to reward that shit with all new art supplies that he seems incapable of taking care of anyways. Not today. Today we will stay inside and sort through the post-school paper clutter that is taking over the house and deal with my MIL who just told me she’s coming over later, as if that’s just a thing you can do without asking.

Happy first day of summer break to us!