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It's weird last time the bex kissing thing happened I lost my life I was so sad. And this time I'm way more chill. I mean I was furious for about an hour. But after last week it's been made so clear how stupid in love they are. yes I think it's lazy biphobic writing. But the context of where the relationship is at is very different this time. So I'm going to very much dislike it when it happens but it's not gonna make me doubt the ship like last time. And hopefully ED will finally get the

Helloooooooo anon!

Ah yes. November 15th, 2016. A day that will live in infamy.

But yes. After last week? And knowing the future plans the show has for robron? Their context really is… completely different right now. Functionally, I feel like November was about creating strain so that things could realistically spiral out of control enough to get us to Aaron’s attack on Kasim. But right now? After last week? Like?? God?? they’re so???? in love????? And this story already feels like testing and growing and emphasizing that LOVE is the main purpose. <3

What she says: I hate antis

What she really means: I don’t mind people disliking a ship for their own reason but the anti-shipping movement is driven by hate and bandwagon bullying to police what people are “allowed” to enjoy. They use fundamentally abusive and manipulative tactics on real people in the name of protecting survivors from speculative things in fiction. Antis want to act morally superior over ship wars and claim that to ship something problematic you must be a survivor. By doing this antis force survivors who may be uncomfortable with coming out with their status to out themselves and then hold them to impossible standards. Except when it does come to survivors who ship anti-deemed problematic things we are attacked, harassed, and then pushed under the bus anyway. Antis trivialize terms such as abuse, rape, and pedophilia by using them so often and out of place against a group made up of many survivors and minors– the people they claim to be protecting. They have bullied and suicide baited artists and other content creators they dislike in the name of “policing the bad ships uwu.” All antis are at fault for this, even if an anti claims not to send hate themselves they are still influencing this bad behavior because they are part of this hate group. The entire anti-shipper movement is a toxic cesspool that makes me feel sick.

To my friends and followers who don't ship J'lock

Dear smaller-ship-shippers,

I would like to remind you that the J'lock ship is HUGE, and that the majority of us J'lock shippers are *not* Conspiracists, are *not* assholes, and are *not* being nasty in the tags. Most of us believe in YSINMSATOK. Honestly, we think you’re pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, the loud minority in the J'lock ship is….loud. Honestly, to the rest of us it’s deeply embarrassing. Like the loud racist uncle and his loud racist wife that you have to deal with at thanksgiving. Yes, technically they’re related to you, but you really wish they weren’t and oh gods did he just really *say* that? Seriously? *attempts to slouch so far under the table that there is no chance you could be photographed with them*

I am doing what I can to provide a counter voice, but as someone who dislikes confrontation it’s not easy, and as someone without a huge follower count, I don’t know how effective it’s being. I’m at the point where I’m posting almost nothing but Warstan love (because seriously, I adore these two) just to make that clear.

Still - just as Trump is not my president, the Conspiracists are not my people, and just as I resent his election I resent that they seem to have become the default.

Actually maybe it’s more like the Bernie Bros/Jill Stein voters. To where I want to shout “Shut up!!! Yes, I agree with you on some basic fundamentals but 1) you’re wrong and 2) you are RUINING this thing for everyone else!!!”

But I digress.

If I may - next time they piss you off (which I’m afraid they will, sorry) and you need to vent about them being assholes (which they are, sorry) , please - consider using the term “Conspiracists” rather than “J'lockers.” This puts the rage back exactly where it belongs, and doesn’t paint those of us who are just here being cool with the same brush as those fuckheads.

I know this post is pretty “Not all…” and I understand why you might not want to go along with me on it. Still, please think about it. Reblog this if you like - I don’t mind disagreement or debate, as long as it’s mutually respectful. (See above dislike of confrontation)

Take care, y'all. May you each receive 23 new, awesome fics of each of your pairings, and may the new series not break anyone’s hearts too bad (except the Conspiracists, because fuck them.)

Sorry again for all the bullshit.


Anti Hypocrisy and Abuse of Staff/Creators

Okay, I’m still catching up on discourse … 

I don’t want to spam my dash, so I’ll just say this:

If anti-shipping is supposedly about ‘morality’, why would you hate the guy who’s saying ‘immoral ships are bad’? If anti-shipping is about ‘protecting children’, why would you publicly harass a man and use atrocious cursing in the process? Is this really about ‘right’ or do you just want to ‘win’?

I mean, Josh Keaton said that ages aren’t important … he didn’t say it’s okay for a grown man to sleep with a child, in fact he explicitly said that power imbalances are bad (explicit example of teacher/student relationships) … he said that it’s wrong to abuse your power, and he dislikes when people romanticise/glorify these types of relationships … he agreed with you.

Still, because he thinks age gaps - as a whole - are okay … that alternate universes are a legitimate way to explore relationships, or ageing up characters, or just not focusing on age (but the relationship itself) … you start bringing his children into things and calling him a paedophile? 

Heck, he said the ages aren’t canon. This series in itself is an alternate universe of an older set of series … he isn’t advocating abuse or even condoning abuse in fiction, but advocating/condoning creativity in fandom to explore all ships … 

Like, this actually works for you?

The shippers who write student/teacher or mentor/brother or non-con etc., Keaton expressed an explicit discomfort over that … your ‘morals’ that such works are detrimental and harmful is potentially being agreed upon by Keaton … but it’s not about ‘unhealthy relationships’, is it? Even though he explicitly said that Shaladin is not ‘paedophilia’ and to ‘learn the definition’, you still want to attack shippers and attack him … 

So … what’s the problem here?

It sounds like you don’t care about healthy representation of relationships in fiction, or creating a safe space for all fans, or even respect what the creators say … you don’t care it’s not an adult/minor relationship, or that alternate universes exist (and what the series was based upon) … you just care that your basic ‘adult/minor’ point was contradicted … 

You just care you were wrong. You’re lashing out like children, because you can’t handle losing a basic point and your smoke/mirrors illusion of ‘morality’ has come crashing down around you … you’ve become the monster; you’re harassing fans and staff now. You’re proving yourselves to be children.

Take a good long look in the mirror.

When we say you should keep your romantic/sexual shipping in private, we don’t mean that you can’t write fics, or make fanart, or fanmade videos about these ships. Because that’s great, that’s cute, and I can appreciate all that because it takes some talent and hard work to make all of that.

However, you don’t have to send/show erotic fanart/fics/vids about your ship to your ship. Seriously, that’s disgusting….

Yesterday Baekhyun wrote a really cute birthday message to Chanyeol on his ig using a picture of his lips. Sure you can write how you think it’s cute and that you love their friendly affection for each other. BUT DON’T WRITE SEXUAL COMMENTS ON THEIR SOCIAL MEDIAS INVOLVING YOUR SHIP!!!!

Also for the love of god, don’t make everything about your ship…. I have a pure dislike for kaisoo because of the oh so many delusional shippers…. Where one is, the other is always brought up. Yes I am talking about you too baekyeol shippers:)))

You can have a ship, but don’t be a dick <3

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Tjeffs and A.ham for the shipping thing UwU also have a nice day !

hope you have a nice day/night too!

1. how do much do i ship it?:

never heard of it / notp / dislike / used to ship / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / IS IT CANON YET?

i don’t like the borderline abusive jamilton,,,

2. what non sexual activities do they like to do together? probs roast each other on twitter. i could see them reading to one another too.

3. who does chores around the house? thomas

4. who’s the better cook? alexander

5. who’s the funniest drunk? alexander,, he talks 10x faster than normal + it’s funny. he does karaoke.

6. do they have kids? i don’t really see them with kids.

7. do they have any traditions? they go on little vacations once a month. their first trip was down to virginia and alex got to meet thomas’ family. they’ve been doing it ever since. mostly to historical places since alex geeks out a little bit.

8. what do they fight about? everything. what cereal brand is better. what’s the best kind of music. honestly everything.

9. what would they do if they found their paring tag on tumblr? (If they have one) alexander would be so wary about it, but thomas would probably be so intrigued. he’d probably read it all the time lol

10. who cried at the end of Marley and me? thomas

11. who always wins at Mario kart? alex–he does not like to lose.

12. one thing I like about this ship? the haters to lovers idea is always pretty hot. idk.

13. one thing i don’t like about the ship? i don’t like it when thomas is abusive!!!

14. the song i would say fits them? no clue lol

15. another headcanon about the pairing? (free space)

if alexander is drunk enough, thomas can convince him that he’s lafayette. he just pulls his hair back and speaks french. it’s quite entertaining.

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Opinions on: L E O K U M I

Total trash abusive ship cus they used to dislike each other and we are only allowed to ship 100% kosher free-range healthy ships >:0

All bad jokes aside, it’s totally my OTP. I love them both as individual characters (fucked upness and borderline abusive traits included) and I love them in healthy dynamics, fucked up dynamics, with a family etc etc.

I really love them together and if you’re really concerned about how healthy your ships are then I have to say I find them to be actually really healthy together in canon with a lot of potential to grow together as individuals and a couple.

I also disagree completely when people say they are “too alike”. They have the same hobbies and interests but they actually have really different personalities, very different likes outside of hobbies and food and also very different ways of coping with their unique trials and situations.

PS: Whoever thinks these boys are healthy characters is honestly kidding themselves tbh lol. Doesnt mean you can’t like em just cus they’re kinda fucked up tho, flaws add spice to stories.

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I would definitely go for Akakuro for the ship thingy. One Akakuro please XD

Haha I can always count on you.

  1. How do much do I ship it?: Never heard of it/ Notp / Dislike / used to ship / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / IS IT CANON YET? (i had a dream it was canon and it was beautiful)
  2. What non sexual activities do they like to do together?
    They’re probably really classy and do stuff like go to art museums and libraries for fun. 
  3. Who does chores around the house?
    The question here is really “which one of them do I prefer as the housewife”. And the answer is actually both of them. Tho I bet Akashi insists Kuroko stay at home and relax while he does the work because let’s be real if Akashi is working then Kuroko doesn’t even need to. So we’ll go with Kuroko.
  4. Who’s the better cook?
    In canon Kuroko doesn’t seem to be the greatest chef so I’m just gonna default Akashi here lol. 
  5. Who’s the funniest drunk?
    AKASHI. He slurs his words and is climbing all over Kuroko and hugging him and just being generally inappropriate for public viewing. 
  6. Do they have kids?
    YEAH MAYBE???? I love family stuff and Kuroko’s good with kids anyway, so I’m sure they’d end up with some. 
  7. Do they have any traditions?
    Playing basketball together every weekend. (◡‿◡✿)
  8. What do they fight about?
    Nothing major, they’re both very mature. Probably stuff like Akashi working too much. 
  9. What would they do if they found their paring tag on tumblr? (If they have one)
    Akashi definitely complains that there’s not enough smutty fanart. Kuroko probably says (with a really straight face) “why is the more popular ship name Akakuro and not Kuroaka” 
  10. Who cried at the end of Marley and me?
    Ok I haven’t seen that movie because I’m pretty sure the dog dies and if I know a dog is going to die I will stay far away from it. It’s both of them btw. Kuroko cries because he doesn’t want to think about Nigou dying and then Akashi gets really upset too and they just end up crying and holding each other and Nigou and Nigou is confused but happy to be getting a hug. 
  11. Who always wins at Mario kart?
    Equal. They’re both masters of it, and whoever doesn’t come first always comes second. Kuroko has a habit of getting blue shells right before the finish line though. 
  12. One thing I like about this ship?
    Um everything? Um smth I really love is the idea of Kuroko helping Akashi through all his angst. 
  13. One thing I don’t like about the ship?
    Gosh. Can I say how little top Kuroko there is? Lmao
  14. The song I would say fits them?
    I’m not good with songs all I listen to is kpop (that I’ve never looked up the lyrics for) and anime soundtracks (also that I’ve probably never looked up the lyrics for). Uh wait actually. VIXX’s Eternity. -nods-
  15. Another headcanon about the paring?
    Vaguely remembering the plot of Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares. Something about Akashi hiding love letters in obscure books that no one else ever reads at the library because he knows Kuroko will read them at some point. 

Send me a ship~~

Soooo Julie Plec said “sort of” about klaro-line, i wonder what does she have in mind

haha no offense but i really, really hate how every single bumbleby shipper gets labeled as arrogant, toxic, and entitled for the actions of a few when most of us are actually really nice and chill. not all of us are petty little brats who go out of our way to go into the tags to bash blacksun. most of us are just here to enjoy the show and ship and let ship and this reputation is really grating on my nerves, tbh - and so is this stupid ship war. 


I do not ship Captain Swan just because of Killian. Considering I’m not into guys


I ship Captain Swan because Emma loves him and he loves her back


I do not dislike Rumbelle or Rumple because Rumple is Killian’s nemesis

I dislike Rumple and Rumbelle because Rumple is manipulative, a back stabber, and a mass murderer through my eyes (also considering I ship Red Beauty)


I do not dislike Swan Queen because I’m homophobic. Considering that I am a lesbian that is into f/f ships and creates homosexual characters

I dislike it because Regina belittles Emma and uses personal insults that are below the belt


I do not dislike SwanFire for any reason other than Neal taking advantage of a minor (keep in mind that Emma was hungry for love) and then laughing in her face when they see each other again

Making assumptions is useless. Liking a ship or character does not define who you are. But the way you act really shows your character

(I have this properly tagged btw)

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do you ship bughead

*James Madison voice* Let’s take this moment to establish a precedent, shades.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jug’s ace confirmation in the comics. Personally, I’m not aro/ace, but I believe that aro/ace ( or really, ANY )  representation is SO SO important in today’s media. I LOVE that they confirmed it for us! But I DO understand that Riverdale is different from the comics. And tbh, I appreciate that.

Now, MY Jughead. 99% of the time, I’m GOING to write him as ace. He generally has a dislike of romantic relationships in general. And I honestly believe that aro/ace people CAN be in relationships/have sex, whatever. I mean, in a comic from a while back, I believe Jug was even married to Ethel at one point??? I can’t remember the arc name, but I digress. That remaining 1%, he’s going to be ‘grey’– meaning that he is VERY rarely drawn to an other person in a romantic or sexual way. And when he is, it’s someone he’s comfortable with ; someone he’s known for a really long time.

And HONESTLY, I believe that Betty might be the only person I really can ship Jughead with. The ONLY other person I MIGHT see Jughead with is Archie. However, that would take a LOT LOT LOT of OOC development. 

Needless to say, yes, I do ship Bughead. Rip me. I resisted it so hard for three and a half episodes but then I gave in. whoops. @futiledevotee also had a part in getting me on the Bughead train. lmao.  SO LONG AS RIVERDALE DOESN’T MAKE THIS SHIP EXIST SOLELY FOR THE IDEA OF MAKING ARCHIE JEALOUS I SWEAR TO THE LOVE OF GOD I WILL RIOT.

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How do y'all feel about Solangelo?

Hey friend! To be honest, it really depends on which admin you talk to on here. I know there are several who dislike the ship, some who are indifferent, and some (like me) who love them. But the nice thing about us all liking different ships is that this blog gets a wide variety of content on it (or at least we try to)

Mod Isabel

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1. how do much do i ship it?

never heard of it / notp / dislike / used to ship / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / IS IT CANON YET?

2. what non sexual activities do they like to do together? go shopping. thomas likes to spend money on james + make sure he’s taken care of.

3. who does chores around the house? james

4. who’s the better cook? thomas

5. who’s the funniest drunk? thomas,, definitely

6. do they have kids? don’t really see them with kids. maybe just one. 

7. do they have any traditions? they always carpool to work together. they hold hands during meetings under the desk too.

8. what do they fight about? who has had a more annoying incident with alexander

9. what would they do if they found their pairing tag on tumblr? (If they have one) james would refuse to read any of it. thomas would love it so much though 

10. who cried at the end of Marley and me? james–thomas heard sniffling but james was like “i think i’m just getting sick”

he’s a little baby it’s okay love the baby

11. who always wins at Mario kart? james

12. one thing I like about this ship? they’d be good boyfriends to each other!!!

13. one thing i don’t like about the ship? they make james sick like 24/7 like i’m sure there’s a little more to james than coughing and sneezing 

14. the song i would say fits them? no clue ahah

15. another headcanon about the pairing? (free space)  

james gives thomas little presents. they’re no where near as extravagant as thomas’ gifts to him but they’re more heartfelt. thomas always kisses james immediately after james gives them to him.

sometimes thomas will sleep in james’ office and vice versa. 

thomas always keeps tissues/cough drops/hand sanitizer around for james in a drawer in his desk just incase he’s not feeling so well. it comes in handy when he’s feeling under the weather too.

I was tagged by the lovely @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9

5 OTPs from 5 fandoms

  • Inazuma Eleven - Hiromido, BurnxGazel and Takuran. I used to ship a lot more but these are the ships I still actually ship. There’s a lot of ships I can’t stand in this fandom, but I’m not gonna name them.
  • Owari no Seraph - Mikayuu is one of my fave OTPs ever, but I also really ship Mitsunoa, Kimiyoi and Gureshin.
  • Voltron Legendary Defender - Klance (I am in Klance hell atm please help me). Shallura is also a pretty nice ship. 
  • Free! - Rinharu is the best ship from that show, hands down. Reigisa is pretty cute too. 
  • Tales of Zestiria - SORMIK. and Rosali too.

Okay so those are more than one ship per fandom but when it comes to shipping I cannot contain myself

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I used to like NaruHina, but thanks to Studio Pierrot and the fandom's nasty attitude towards NaruSaku and Sakura, I don't like it now. They keep stealing art and crosstagging.

You connote NaruHina with negative behaviour displayed by certain fans and thusly dislike it. It’s pretty logical and understandable. However, if you really like the ship, you shouldn’t let the fans influence you too much. 

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Hey, what are ur gotham rogue ships?

these are probably my mains:

  • harley/ivy (my ride or die)
  • harley/ivy/selina
  • ivy/selina
  • edward/jonathan
  • edward/oswald

then like, the rogues with heroes, also mains:

  • harvey/bruce
  • selina/kate
  • selina/bruce

i used to be a j*rley but i ain’t like that no more and i generally hate any ship involving the joker (like b*tjokes.) i tend to dislike straight rogue crackships too, esp ones that involve ivy (i’ve seen joker/ivy and jervis/ivy and honestly i wanna Die lmao.) there are a few crackships that i understand but aren’t really my thing like selina/edward. 

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hi, do you have any teacher aus? please and thank you :)

(I love these AUs)

  • I’m the theater teacher and you’re the choir director and we’re collaborating for the first time for the fall musical get ready for sleepless nights, a starbucks bartering system, and an awesome show. (Bonus band/orchestra teacher helping with the pit)
  • biology and chemistry teacher rivalry/friendship
  • someone keeps taking the last muffin from the teacher’s workroom and luckily as the forensics teacher I know how to figure out who’s taking the last goddamned blueberry muffin
  • my classroom is across from yours and every time I look through the window of my door, you’re always wildly gesticulating but it’s really cute
  • awkward sexual tension between the band and choir teachers
  • we’re both professors competing for the same grants
  • bonding over dislike of the administration
  • our students ship us, the faculty ships us, you’re really cute and intelligent but when it comes to romance, you are so oblivious
  • you’re so far behind in grading papers that I think you’ve constructed a fort do you need a cup of coffee?


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What about SJ and Lafayette? If you're still doing that ask thing, sorry for bothering you if you're not, I just really love Savanette


How do much do I ship it?:
Never heard of it/ Notp / Dislike / used to ship / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / IS IT CANON YET?

What non sexual activities do they like to do together?
cuddling and watching harry potter and netflix

Who does chores around the house?
both of them while singing high school musical songs

Who’s the better cook?

Who’s the funniest drunk?
sj just gets incredibly sassy

Do they have kids?
if they do, they name them after harry potter characters

Do they have any traditions?
h a r r y p o t t e r m a r a t h o n

What do they fight about?
which one of them is cuter

What would they do if they found their paring tag on tumblr? (If
they have one)

idk i feel like they would be very very happy

Who cried at the end of Marley and me?

Who always wins at Mario kart?
sj because if we’re being honest, laf is just bad at mario kart in general

One thing I like about this ship?
very cute ship, i ship it very much

One thing I don’t like about the ship?
nothing, they are perfect

The song I would say fits them?

Another headcanon about the paring? (Free space)
concept: sj falling asleep on lafs chest

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Can you do Aaron and Theodosia for the ship thing?

1. how do much do i ship it?

never heard of it / notp / dislike / used to ship / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / IS IT CANON YET?

2. what non sexual activities do they like to do together? mostly cuddling. aaron doesn’t get to see her a whole lot so he just likes to hold her + be with her. aaron is always cold so she warms him up.

3. who does chores around the house? theo

4. who’s the better cook? aaron

5. who’s the funniest drunk? burr. theo just gets really giggly but aaron–oh boy,,,

6. do they have kids? one! theodosia, jr!

7. do they have any traditions? they always kiss each other goodnight and before they go to work. 

8. what do they fight about? don’t see them fighting a whole lot. maybe over more important issues like money or family needs. at the most, i could see theodosia maybe yelling at aaron for not taking an opportunity at a better job/better life/etc. 

9. what would they do if they found their pairing tag on tumblr? (If they have one) aaron would be ready to die but theodosia would be all over it

10. who cried at the end of Marley and me? theo

11. who always wins at Mario kart? theo–aaron lets her win.

12. one thing I like about this ship? i think it’s funny how aaron had an affair and got away with it but alexander had an affair and everyone hates him. 

also theo just seems really sweet and nice + aaron deserves one good thing in his life.

13. one thing i don’t like about the ship? not enough love for it

14. the song i would say fits them? no clue,,, something soft + sweet. maybe love me tender by elvis presley?

15. another headcanon about the pairing? (free space)  

theo is the one thing that aaron has stood up for. he’s firm in his beliefs when it comes to her. it all goes back to the underlying fact that he loves her more than anything.