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Does mark still love us?

He clearly cares.

If he didn’t care he wouldn’t have said anything. The fact that he came here and spoke directly to us with such a sharp tone reminded me of a disapproving older brother. Yes, he still loves us and we’ve hurt him but he won’t leave us. He won’t abandon us. I was scared for a little while, but he’s renewed my faith and raised my hopes

He wouldn’t be so incensed if he didn’t care about us. He wants us to love and grow and build each other up. “Disappointment” means “I expected better of you.” 

“I expected better of you. I expect goodness and kindness from you. I did before and I still do and I will continue to expect these things from you because I love you and I believe in you.” 

Mark still cares about us. And I am brimming with hope. 

Dan Means So Much To Me Because..

I’ve never seen someone so genuine. He cares about all of us, I know he does. He’s taught me so much about myself and life. He’s got me through some of the hardest times in my life just by making a dumb joke or smiling or talking for 20 minutes about anything. He’s beautiful, not just physically. He has a beautiful soul. He’s complicated and too hard on himself. He’s not perfect, but he’s a masterpiece. He deserves the world, the planets, and everything else.
He’s not just another pretty face on the Internet and I hope he knows that. I hope he knows that he means so much to me, and so many others

Okay but Mahir getting grabbed by some bad guys just because he happened to be there and getting stuffed into Kaiba’s limo cuz it happens to be there and carried off.

Yami not waiting for Kaiba’s helicopter to come pick them up to pursue it and literally swiping a nearby horse that someone happened to leave unattended.

The rest of the gang piling into the helicopter to watch Yami pursue a car on horseback.

Mahir finally managing to knock out the one captor in the backseat so he can get up and attempt an escape out the sunroof.

Mahir standing up out the sunroof in literally just enough time to watch his smol boyfriend suddenly come galloping up alongside the limo on a horse that just HAPPENS to be white.

Yami keeping pace with the vehicle long enough for Mahir to climb onto the horse behind him, salute the driver cheekily, and then ride away.


Khayr, it’s all the Qadr of Allah. Better things await.

Dan Howell.

Dan Howell. You deserve the world. You are the sunshine in so many people’s life. You have helped people and you have saved them too. You are the rainbow after the storm. You are beautiful from the inside out. If it weren’t for you I don’t know where i’d be right now. I wish you nothing but happiness I wish you everything good to happen in your life. I wish peacefulness. I wish you luck. I wish you love. Thank you for caring about us you are an angel but just know that no matter what we are here and remember Dan…We love you.

[sees ppl bashing nishiki, shuu, and touka]

….anyways, when will we see kurona and nashiro

Showsie on "TimGate"

Hey Ballsy! Showsie here. Was just reading about how one of the ubers overreacting (as usual) caused that bloke to lose his job.

 Geez, that’s awkward and embarrassing for the rest of us fans of BC. I don’t care if the ‘bad man’ said nasty things about the ‘Cumberbitches’ *cringes*… Why couldn’t they just build a fucking bridge and get over it?

 You’re absolutely hitting the nail on the head when you say that it makes us all look like overly invested, squealy fan girls by association… And that is quite simply not the truth.

 I’m still undecided if BC himself hates his fandom, despite the problematic things he has said in the past about it. Maybe he dislikes the uber/nan/stan elements of it. Can’t say as I blame him for that. I am, however, certain that his PR does not treat the fandom with any respect or consideration, though. They are pushing a continual misrepresentation of BC fans in the media, and alienating the more rational of us with their antics.

 It’s such a shame, really. As you say… We are the ones that actually put the $$ in his pockets by buying the dvd’s and movie/theatre tickets. We are the ones who stand quietly and patiently in line for a designated photo op or autograph.

 What we are not, is the ones who are stalking him in his neighbourhood in the hopes of 'accidentally’ running into him. We are not the ones blocking access to the stage door night after fucking night, preventing those who have actually seen him in his play from giving congrats for his performance on the evening.

 I don’t think he can afford to lose our support, given all of that. In actual fact, I think we are the quiet majority of his fans. The fans whose effects are certainly felt on the hip pocket, but who chose to act as adults, rather than children throwing a tanty when they think that daddy isn’t paying them enough attention.

 This is where PR is constantly missing the point in all of this.

 I think the shamwow was partly for the purpose of trying to prune the squealy girl part out of the fandom, but the way they went about it has only made things worse.

 Boundaries need to start being drawn. An official social media account needs to be created, so that those who run fan sites are not encouraged to engage in over-entitled behaviour by being given PR messages to relay.

 Karon is the person employed as his actual publicist, after all. I would respectfully suggest she actually tries doing her job properly for a freaking change, hmmm?


Ballsy:   Thanks Showsie!   All of that!  

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I'm one of the horrible people who posted a header. I only did so because I would have liked a joke if I were Dan, but I see that the phans don't like it, so obviously therefore Dan won't. I am truly sorry for my actions. I only wanted to brighten Dan's day but I obviously went about it the wrong way. I never meant to hurt or offend anyone and I hope that is realised. Please forgive me? I want us to all be friends. I care for and support Dan deeply and believe it or not, I am also concerned.

bless you, thank you for apologising !! i understand you wanted to cheer him up but i hope you realise that existentialism isn’t a joke, i am sure you know that now! im sure your intentions weren’t to upset anyone, you were only doing what you though was okay, which you now understand was not so it is good! thanks again for apologising!! 

Someone told me to go to this blog and it’s hilarious. 

“These are your views!”

“No they aren’t.”

“How fucking annoying of you to say that, blocked, blocked, you’re blocked you sinner, blocked!”

Responding to badly put together call out posts is super annoying behaviour. Not that I really care what someone who uses the term “opposite gender” says about me and how deeply problematic I am. 

People block me and then obsess over me, come to my blog and post pictures, like find your chill. 

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Honestly I'm so hurt by larries. First they take over RBB and now they are ruining Rainbow Direction. They keep using the rainbow with their ship at the concerts. They have no consideration for us gay directioners. I feel like they don't even care we already go through so much shit and now they are just taking everything from us and ruining it with their ship. They take away the attention of (1)

Our work and community and bring it towards their ship that they don’t even know is real. It’s making us feel even more invisible than we already are. I just want a little respect I let RBB go but taking our project and ruining it that’s the final straw. (2)

It really isn’t fair to you and the community at all. It’s probably what makes me most frustrated about the entire larrie fandom, the way they manage to minimize LGBT+ issues and only focus on their ship that has been denied time and time again. I wish they would pay attention to the community and how harmful they’re being but they never will. And I’m really sorry :(

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Yo, sup? I've never talked to you before, but... I just wanted to say, thanks for being a safe blog. I'm really glad that through all of this, even though I've taken no part, I'm glad that Mark still loves and cares about us. I could see that in the seriousness of his tone. Like a disappointed father, or something like that. I stuck through because I love Mark, and that was portrayed back from him. I'd never give up on Mark, or you, or this community for that matter.

Hey there! Thank you so much for your kind words. All we try to do is be there for the community. It’s very important to us that everyone here remains safe and happy. Mark has provided that to us, and we just need to maintain it. We try our best, and hope that is enough! We’ll be here for whenever anyone needs to talk. We will always be here. Always.


I hate that tumblr only cares about problems when it’s happening in big countries like the US or australia

I haven’t seen a SINGLE post about the 50 dead refugees found in a truck in austria a few days ago.
Or about the psychopath that killed 5 people with his car driving like crazy in a town.
He drove over a new married couple, a 5 year old little boy. He died in his father’s arms. He also drove over a beggar woman in front of a church.
Where are their posts? Why does no one talk about these people? Does tumblr only care about problems that affect the US???

Despite me being from europe, I always cared about the problems around the world that don’t actually affect me. I signed petitions against the KKK and ranted about Mike Brown in my class. I don’t want to complain and I will continue my support but I thought it’s not just me. I thought that tumblr maybe cares about small countries’ problems too