Okay new rule:

If you’re not going to talk about the fact that fifty people with disabilities were just stabbed by a man who wants the disabled to ‘disappear’ then you are not allowed to call yourself a disability advocate. 

I don’t care how many ramps you want to put in. I don’t care how many words you want us to stop saying. I don’t care how many people with disabilities you know. If you’re not going to talk about the fact that people are killing us every single day, if you’re not going to give our deaths the same amount of attention that you do for other minority groups, you are not a disability advocate and you never were.


Hey guys. so I got a TON of people asking why they can’t watch the Slowpaint video of this, and I was confused because there shouldn’t have been anything wrong with the video. So I just went to check it out now. and I found the problem. So, Apparently a claim was put onto my video– someone put a claim on a Donkey Kong Country Song from Tropical Freeze at around an hour or so in. (which is fine, that’s not where I have a problem, because that is to be expected being as I’m using original soundtrack from games and stuff, and I don’t care about monetizing for money, so I’m ok with the claim) 

 HOWEVER!!! the problem is that this claim wasn’t made by the original content/copywrite owners. the owners to this song is to Nintendo, however the people claiming that this is their copywrited music is from hong kong, and a Turner EMEA kids, CartoonNetworkJP and a lot of other claiments, which is… totally weird being as none of these companies hold rights to this song. And in that list, Nintendo, isn’t even one of them. All I could figure is that there are some companies out there, apparently from JP and China, and who knows where else, that is trying to make money off of music that is not theres but placing claims on Nintendo’s music that does not belong to them. Now I usually wouldn’t care about this, except for the fact that these companies claiming to own rights to this music is making the slowpaint video blocked in some countries because of their (fake) claim. and the list is too long to count it’s ridiculous how many countries are blocked because of this fake claim. The only reason why I can assume that these illegal claimers made it blocked in, I swear, most countries of the world, is so that Nintendo doesn’t find out that they are making money off of my video with Nintendo’s property. But the point is, because of these guys, they are holding the video from like everyone, and being as I share my stuff with you guys, especially how the slowpaint is specifically open for you guys to learn from, having it blocked by someone trying to put a third party claim on a song that doesn’t even belong to them, and keeping it from literally dozens of countries, is where I have my problem. 

 Now I CCOOUULLDDD file a dispute but…. that’s a head ache I’d rather not deal with, so I’m just gonna delete the slowpaint video and just reupload it with different music. It should be up again for you guys to watch and observe for learning purposes tomorrow night. I’m sorry these jerks came around and block my video from like 90% of you guys, I’ll fix it as soon as I can. :> ((the music just might be boring is all :/))

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I'm fucking done. Leafu says he likes us, then the next day joins in on the sarcastic remarks, and shit talking.

I know, I haven’t really voiced my opinion but I will here. I think it’s bs what he’s done and it really makes me question if he actually cares about us you know?

I’ve low key followed the community for a while on tumblr and everything’s seemed pretty peaceful but as soon as Calvin had a slight interaction with a platform other than Twitter, Twitter freak out and go crazy and start throwing hate.

If he’s going to say anything it should have been supporting all of his fans and showing that he cares. Not getting caught up in pitty drama and siding with the people who are throwing hate at the other fans.

I have no idea what he will do next but I hope it’s fast and positive because people just want to leave and it’s absolutely unfair and uncalled for for how he’s treated us. I literally just properly came into this fandom and I don’t want it to break down but Clavin is kind of the main leader of all this in the end and it’s his move but he needs to do something and quick.

ppl who make posts abt wlw being sexualized need to be careful to not conflate the concept of “inherently sexual” with “wants to have sex.” it’s one thing to make sure people know that lesbian or bi identities are complex & shouldn’t be reduced to sex, it’s a completely different thing to “prove” that lesbianism & bisexuality aren’t all about sex by pointing out that there are lots of lesbians & bi women who don’t have sex. wlw who want to have sex aren’t “inherently sexual” just like ace wlw aren’t “inherently sexual” - you can make the point about how wlw orientations aren’t all about sex without making it sound like you’re demonizing wlw who do want to have sex

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I've fallen in "love" twice in the last 3 years. The first person used me on and off because I was convinced she cared. however the second time was different. She treated me human, bc she did care. I told her 'I love you', she didn't feel the same.

I can’t help but feel like we’ve lived similar lives.

Leafy Is Among Us?

I’m gonna be giving my honest opinion.

We all have heard that 100% no doubt; Leafy has a Tumblr account

I don’t really care nor do I want to expose him. If leafy ever did legit give out his Tumblr, the Twitter bitches would flock to Tumblr and spam him to get his attention and it would pretty much drown out all the people who genuinely care about him make fan made work just for the sake of making it and for the community, not particularly to get noticed. If he follows my blog cool he’s one step closer to actually getting to know us. Plus if he secretly does have a blog n like fucking DMs us then we could be friends n shit n he’d be treated like anyone else in this community. Rather than being spammed by a bunch of attention whores. High key I really want him to be friends w/ all of us that care about him.

Not gonna lie; its fine to joke about.

So far @leafysmuts @leafy-conspiracy-blog and @leafy-intolerant have been accused of being leafy when all of them are obviously not (besides Leafy-conspiracy that is) because he was shocked (or pretended to be) to find the screen caps when it happens all the time after a face cam and both of those blogs have been around long enough to know. (Not leafy-conspiracy tho I low key think its him) 

I wonder who is gonna be accused next?

Birthdays get worse every year tbh…

It’s almost 4am, time to analyze.

So i have a lot of time on my hands and i decided to re-watch some episodes of Shadowhunters, and one of them was, of course, Malec. 

I payed very close attention to one of my favorite scenes in this episode, this one 

(i know, not the best picture to use, i’m too tired to care).

We all know how this scene ends, Alec gets emotional, Magnus gets emotional and disappears, but that got me thinking, Magnus can’t teleport, right?

Now, I’ve read the books, but i can hardly remember anything well, so i decided to go to Magnus’ wiki page and see if he has the power of teleportation. The only thing the page says is that Magnus has magic, but doesn’t go into too much detail about that

We all know that Magnus can make portals, and when he makes one there is a sound effect that indicates that a portal was opened, during this scene, however, there is no such sound.  

(Just to be sure I double checked Magnus’ wiki page on the whole teleportation thing, there’s nothing)

So, if I’m not forgetting anything and not messing things up, I’m pretty sure that when the camera zoomed out

Magnus has walked into the other room, presumably the one he came from in the beginning of this scene and Alec just didn’t go to check and just left. Why did i think this needed analyzing? Idk i just imagined Magnus quickly running into the other room before the camera zoomed out

Reasons you should watch The Grand Budapest Hotel:
  • A white man who LITERALLY puts his life on the line with Nazi’s, to save an Indian man (several times) NOT even because he was his friend yet, but because he believed that hating someone based on their skin colour was wrong.
  • Prison break.
  • Will break your fucking heart and leave you with bittersweet tears.
  • Rich people are dumb, it’s so fucking funny.
  • Seriously, it’s hilarious and sad and happy and all the things you didn’t ask for because feels are gross, but you won’t regret it.

if someone’s rude, they’re rude. i don’t care eliza is a celebrity, i don’t care i actually loved her, i don’t care that people i love from the cast are friends with her. i don’t care if she’s a person who use that word on a daily basis. she was talking to a curious crowd there, if she was careful on how she talks about clex.a to not to make them angry, she sure as hell can think about where it’s going before she talks about bellarke as well so don’t you dare tell me it was something like a reflex or anything.. she is a grown up. what she said was rude. she was being rude. rude. RUDE. R U D E.

I know that no one outside the US cares about our politics, but at this point the cold hard truth is that we’re trying desperately to not let Immorten Joe nuke you all into non existence. 

We’re running out of ideas quickly, and we’re scared, so we’re probably going to keep talking about it.


Vivienne: “You’re scared? You are always so stoic and composed. Even when I told you I was pregnant.”

Luca: “Years of practice. Look, Viv, I’m terrified if I am being honest. I don’t know anything about kids or babies. I’m the youngest child, I don’t even know what it’s like to have a younger sibling. But I do know that we love each other, and we will figure it all out along the way.”

Vivienne: “I’m glad to hear you say that. Because I’m anxious, too. But I know you’ll take care of me…..or, us. So, I feel better about it all.”

Luca: *smiles* “Of course I will. That is a given.”


I’m opening commissions ya’ll here the prices and info

things I will draw:

  • ocs
  • furries
  • humans (if you want to see an example before buying just ask!)

things I will not draw:

  • nsfw (any kind sexual or gore stuff but gore might be possible in the future!)
  • mecha or any other things with a lot of detail
  • any offensive or triggering things (like homophobia or transphobia etc)

other info:

  • I’m shit at backgrounds but if you really want one that’s not the simple ones I do it will be an extra 2$ extra 1$ for icons
  • example for negotiable price is for my bright style if you don’t want the textures and highlights and just flat color and colored lines the price will be reduced!
  • you can ask or suggest a certain texture on the painted or sketchy style or none at all but if you don’t care i’ll pick my own c:
  • I use paypal
  • icons are just heads btw

contact info:

shoot me a message on my art blog @a-trashcan-who-draws if you’re interested in commissioning me! i’ll email my paypal and wips with the email thetrashtrinity@gmail.com wips are optional tho!