“Bisexuals only deserve representation for being bisexual if they’re in same-gender relationships”
“You’re secretly gay”
“You’re secretly straight”
“Bisexual is just a fancy word for confused”
“I’m not biphobic I just don’t want to date someone who’s dated a different gender.”
“Bi means two which must mean you only date cis men and women so you’re transphobic”
“Talking about problems with bisexual representation in the LGBTQIA+ community makes you a homophobe”
“You’re a slut“
“You’re greedy”
“If you get assaulted it’s your fault for dating a different gender”
“I don’t want to date you because you’ll cheat on me”

“You left it here. When you came last.” 13 year old Sam sits cross-legged at the head of his bed, hand held out towards the angel was sat cross-legged at the end. In his hand was a golden feather that was glowing gently, illuminating Sam’s hand, the dirt under his fingernails and the tiny scratches on the back of his hand. 

Gabriel looked at the feather before shrugging. “I got more. Wanna see?” Sam’s jaw dropped and he nodded. Gabriel sat up, plucking a lollipop from mid air and popping it in his mouth before closing his eyes. 

Since Sam was holding one of his feathers, he could see the wings as Gabriel get his Grace flow into them, dribbling at first before a stream, making them become real, solid things that could be touched. The tiny thrum of Grace in the loose one pinched between Sam’s thumb and forefinger was making Sam’s hand warm as the whole room was aglow with pure gold. 

“Wow.” was all he could say as all six snapped open, tips of his largest primaries brushing the walls. 

“Eloquent.” he snorted, drawing them back in and furling them behind him. It took Sam a minute to notice the three interlinking halos above his head as well and he swallowed through a dry mouth. 

“You have-?”

“Three? Yeah, ‘m an archangel kiddo.”

“Woah…” Sam was astounded. An archangel. The archangel. “D’you want your feather back?”

“Keep it. You need it more than I do.”

Gabriel was right. The night he left for Stanford he reached into his jacket pocket, finding the soft feather in there, winding it around his fingers. Same thing happened every time he needed it. He’d reach into his pocket, and it’d be there, ready for him to twist around his fingers, feeling the Grace hum under his fingers like a heartbeat.

Presenting: Kawaiizumi Hajime

So I have this theory that they made Iwa less cute in the anime so he doesn’t take attention away from Oikawa.

Compare him to the Manga where he is much more adorable:

Look at him! (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

To this:

So I decided to use my MS Paint skills to change the most obvious thing: THE EYES.


Look at him looking at his best friend:




Take a hint, Oikawa!


you’re all saints. one day ill figure out the right way to do this comic. soon, just need to get past what i have already in wips (just two more pages or so) and then i can kind of revamp my process. i want to do longer updates so it can be like a once a week thing or something, but itll be better quality and more story. 

dsaglbsab HI ITS KS

i used ms paint to recreate the Vibe your blog has,,,

also i love you i love your art and your au please be happy bc you deserve it

KS!!!! oh my goodness!!! the details!! i’m in love(⺣◡⺣)♡* you stay happy and healthy too my dear♥♥

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I needed to see this colored so sl;aknf;ankfdna; yeah. 8U I used MS Paint again, so sorry for it being rough (I mean this is a rough sketch so it’s hard to start with, and I know that it looks like some hair falls over her shoulder but it’s like whited out and flskndl;alf;a yeah). I think it turned out decent considering what I have to work with XD I also made the “V neck” a bit more apparent too so yeah. 8U I know someone can color this better and I’d love it someone else did it (and if you do send it time ;w;)


I wanted to upload these again mostly in regards to all the “Bad Art” blogs lying about on Tumblr.

These are both drawn by me, once when I was 13 and one when I was 21. The reason I progressed was that nobody ever told be my art was bad, nobody ever made jokes about it and nobody told me that I. Can’t. Draw. When I made the picture as a 13 year old I was very proud and I thought I was really funny. I used mouse and MS paint and was really proud of myself for pulling it of.  If someone would have uploaded that onto a blog only to make fun of it it would have crushed me and most likely scared me of from sharing my art. If you make fun of little kids for doing something they just think is fun then guess what, they might not think it’s so fun anymore.

Bottom line is kids are growing, learning and thinking beings. They are gonna upload some goofy art and they are gonna make terrible OCs but for fucks sake let them have fun doing it without having to worry about some 30 year old loser making fun of they Sonic-persona online infront of thousands of people.

So @ bad art blogs; Stop being fucking twats