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1. If I asked you to draw your personality, which would be the first three colours you used? Green, red, black.

2. You own a horse ranch. What’s your favourite horse’s name and what does it look like? (Dude horses scare the flying fuck outta me..) Uh..his name would be Hodor and he would be huge and dumb as shit. (Wow I’ve never sworn so much in a post. I blame uh..yeah I don’t know)

3. Are you left-handed or right-handed? Left handed *screams* EQUALITY!

4. If you wrote a book, what would it be about? Oh gosh darn, to be honest it would probably end up just descending into one huge pseudo fanfic..that or some of the epic fantasy novel ideas I’ve had piled up in my head for years.

5. What’s your favourite food? Curry of any sort.

6. If I asked you to get rid of 1 of your possessions, what would you get rid of? One of the hideous items of clothing in my wardrobe.

7. Would you rather have wood or tile flooring for your home? Tile

8. Dark chocolate or white chocolate? I will always miss being able to eat dark chocolate.

9. Are you a cat person, a dog person, a neither person, or a both person? I freaking love cats, as Sophie well knows. They are grumpy furballs who exist to warm your lap and sulk outside your house.

10. What’s your favourite breakfast spread? Nutella..ooh but marmite..but nutella..no..Marmite, gotta be Marmite.

11. Pretend you were in a stage play acting as yourself. What would your exit line be? Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

My Questions:

1. Would you rather have finger sized legs or leg sized fingers?

2. Describe briefly your most embarrassing moment (optional)

3. What’s your mbti personality type? (Link)

4. If you had one trip on the TARDIS, where/when would you go, and why?

5.  Favourite musical?

6. Arts, sports, intellect, or all three?

7. What wouldn’t you eat, even if held at gunpoint

8. Who’s your favourite musical artist?

9. Describe yourself using only song names from that artist

10. Favourite fanfic. Go.

11. Favourite book. Go.

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