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Your art style and work is downright creative, incredible, and shows insane amount of skill. I want to SEE MORE. I check monthly for your stuff (only cause I know you don't pose that often). Seriously though, don't hesitate to show us more of what you got. Don't hold back. I don't care if it's a scribble/sketch thing. I'm a huge fan. I WANT MOAR. *gets on knees and begs like a cute dog*

Thanks dude, I was actually having a bit of a rough day so this was really nice to receive in the mail, lifts the chin up a bit :) I’ll try to post more sketches and WIPs and stuff! Maybe stuff I’ll draw over the weekend. I agree that I need to loosen up lol, and probably value my work more…I usually dont post sketches cause I dont find them “worth people’s time” and that’s a self-destructive and bad habit I need to stop.

it’s like a huge pet peeve of mine when people put their pencil down on the paper their finished drawing is on and then posts a picture of it like perfectly aligned as a sign that they used this tool to do this drawing like no shit dude I can figure that much out and …………..