okay just one more thing: if we’re not familiar with one another, please don’t call me senpai? ;~; i know most people use the ‘notice me senpai’ trope as a joke, but i don’t really want people to see me in that sorta way. please don’t take this in a demanding tone or none, i just want people to be happy and comfortable when they see me; the last thing i want is for people to think themselves lesser than a complete potato sack like myself


But anyways just as it sounds! A Servap net, and while it seems early, with only 2 episodes out, the franchise has a lot of material out in terms of manga which both us admins have read most of so yeah!!


  • Must be kin/id with atleast one person from Servamp
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  • Please no other Hughs/Prides since I’m him and not to big on doubles
  • Doubles are only allowed if both parties are okay with doubles
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We hope to see you soon!

…yeah so what

I need them

I need them alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

…Okay that’s a lie, I haven’t used most of them in weeks

There were actually more but I deleted like ten

Though the youtube ones just keep multiplying, even though most are just music playlists and stuff

fall-and-shadows replied to your post “idk man like not every post is a Call to Battle i generally think we…”

This is one of the things I hate most about tumblr. We’re so used to being defensive and bad faith that we don’t see nuance or good faith here. Some of my worst conversations have been with feminists on here, but it’s like taboo to talk about or ask for some sympathy

yeah exactly. there are some really wonderful women on here who i’ve disagreed with and we’ve come out on the other side okay, but there’s also a lot of nastiness on here and it’s hard not to fall into that. i wish we could all be kinder and calmer. i wonder whether face-to-face discussion would be better, where we can read tone, facial cues, etc.

honestly homophobia is so powerful like i remember when i thought i was straight and i was a serious advocate for equal marriage and i used to fight so hard for equal rights for the lgbt+ community like i wanted to just be an ally and help other people who but as soon as i found out i was a gay … it all stopped… and i still believed Those people deserved rights but i didnt want to be one of Those people and that was so toxic and i just tried to separate myself from my own community internalized homophobia literally made me isolate myself its honest to god scary to me now and like im still unlearning all the negative shit i was taught and its rough 

but yeah im rooting for us ya kno for all the people dealing with homophobia and internalized homophobia practice self love its not disgusting or wrong its who you are its beautiful and good and the absolute most pure thing the way you love is not wrong they are wrong you are amazing okay pls remember that 

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Ooh! I love your tumblr! Prompt: Derek's all broody and jealous because Stiles organised a party for Isaac's birthday. But Stiles and Derek are not together ("yet, Erica, I'm working on it!"), so really there's nothing Derek can do about it. <3

oh thank you so much!!!! :)

Read on ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7471713

Derek sat on his couch as he listened to the pack talk all around him. They mostly talked about their plans for spring break and what classes they wanted to take next semester. The he heard Stiles and Erica talking.

“Okay so I was thinking Saturday, because his birthday is on Sunday. And no one likes a Sunday night party. I’ll probably do most of the cooking so can you get the decorations?” Stiles asked Erica.

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ok story time; me and two friends used to have a place in the woods where we would hang out (before the internet lol) but one day we get there and find a black plastic bag with something in it (not dog poop, mind you) and what did we find? a porno vhs. with pictures on it. they were the most obscene pictures we had seen (we were like 7) and anytime one of us would bring it up later we would all collectively cringe. so anyways this was my crude introduction to dirty pictures. what was yours like?

omg?? im laughign whyy would someone just leave that there?? but yeah my pre-internet childhood was like that too, a lot of running around with my friends and there definitely were some cringeworthy moments. 

and ugh to answer your question i always had older friends and one day they were like okay it’s time for you to learn some things you smol innocent child… i did not want to learn those things then…,, 

sleepover in my ask! 

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hi how did you change the background of the images to pink/black in this?? for example with the matches?? post/145953213763

wow okay so i kinda suck at explaining things but for most of the pictures i just cut out the background using the pen tool and make the background whatever colour i want 

but for some pictures (like the matches for example) where the background is one single colour, i create a new canvas with the colour i want, drag the picture into that canvas and set it to darken or lighten, depending on what i want to achieve so yeah thats pretty much it sorry i suck 

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99, 98 and 93 :3

99. Who are your top 3 members?

baekhyun, kyungsoo, suho (ha i have my bias list sorted out for the week. ask me again next week cause this list changes like the weather lmao)

98. Most significant song for you?

i’d say promise cause it was exo’s song to us. the song of them letting us know how much they aodre us and love us the way we love them. so yeah. (i may have cried for like two weeks about this song but who cares right hahaha)

93. Favorite fanfiction?

okay but do i really have to pick one? cause my life is full of fics and yes they define my identity hahaha. i’ll just say zodiac for now cause it still is the best mama!au fic for me and i just re-read the entire series last night so the feels are fresh hahaha (prays hard that they update in this lifetime yes)

thank you so much for the ask bby! love yaaaah!

100 EXO questions : send me an ask :))