BUT EGGSY TAKING EVERY AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE SELFIES WITH HARRY and harry just simply doesn’t understand the appeal at all but he’ll still humour him like at least half the time and smile politely like the gentleman he is whenever eggsy so much as aims his phone up in the air in front of them

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I’ve been trying for a while now to write a decent review of this book. I can’t. This book is amazing. I thought the movie was great, but the book was so much better. We get so much more insight into the characters’ thoughts and lives that just didn’t shine through in the film (although it was still great).

I loved the characters, especially Aibeleen. Her story is just heartbreaking. I wasn’t a big fan of Skeeter in the beginning, funny enough, I thought her chapters were a bit boring compared to Minnie and Aibeleen’s. But as soon as she started to feel the injustice being done to the help, and gained more insight into their lives, I loved her. 

The only drawback of this book is the very distinct lack of Emma Stone, but other than that, this book was perfect. This is going to be a classic, and everyone should read it.

Feels Like Happiness

Ok, here it is. Madi’s birthday present! Because apparently I say happy birthday one day too early and get the present done two days too late. Must be my aesthetic. Any who, this is for one of the most fabulous people I know and one of my oldest and best online friends. Madi you are sunflowers and sunshine. You brighten everyone’s day and I am so proud of you. You are all a friend could ask for and I wish I could do more for you than this. Hugs and love are being sent your way. Why is the Pacific Ocean in the way again? I really hope that you enjoy this because I had a blast writing it. So without further ado, your Haikyuu!!/Harry Potter Quidditch AU.

           Daichi glanced nervously across the pitch at the Hufflepuff captain again. He knew this would be a tough game. Even though Hufflepuff was notorious for never having a great quidditch team their new captain, Sugawara Koushi, had gotten them into decent shape this season. He was a 6th year like Daichi and they’d started on their teams the same year too. Not to mention since Daichi was a chaser and Suga was a keeper they had a lot of interaction in the air. Over the years they had become friendly acquaintances.  Pairing up for projects in their few shared classes every now and then when the teacher forced the houses to have mixed groups. And slowly Daichi was finding he wanted to know more and more about the Hufflepuff captain. The boy was currently talking to one of his chasers, Asahi. A big lad with the temperament of a rabbit.

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i feel good about myself tonight!!! 8] i hope you are all having nice esteem days too!! if not i would like to say that its okay to have your downs and feel bad because we all do (i know i do!!) but that does not undermine your worth and you are still valued even if you dont feel like it!!


#for those bellarke fans who are upset #channel your passion into something positive #for instance #i’m channeling my passion into appreciating the way Clarke occasionally can’t help but look at Bellamy’s lips #and suddenly #i feel better #if that doesn’t make you feel better #well #appreciate it anyway #because this is a thing #and it is glorious #be happy

It's done (for now).

Finally, months later, I’ve fixed the many broken links in the treatise (oh god, I hope they’re all still working). I created a new sideblog, treatiselinks, and reblogged everything I could to there, and then changed the links in the treatise to the posts on that blog instead — so when y’all change your URLs, my links don’t also break. Still can’t do anything about read more posts or links to content found elsewhere on the web, like YouTube, but this is already a vast improvement. I also edited quite a bit of it, and added content from the last number of months, so the treatise is once again a reasonably decent — though far from comprehensive — summary of the evidence that Harry and Louis are in a relationship.

Massive thanks to those who helped with identifying broken links and finding replacements: jaw-drops (who truly went above and beyond and even sent messages to people trying to track down posts and bloggers), madame—me (who turned around a list of links in like one day and then never yelled at me for complaining to her for four months about not wanting to do the work), larrystytom (who sent me a list of links before I even ASKED for help), and lifechangeing (who thought up a bunch of ideas for making the links more sustainable, including the idea I actually implemented). You’re all fantastic.

Thanks as well to everyone who has suggested content to add to the treatise. (I continue to welcome suggestions/corrections/etc.! I’m sure I forgot lots of things.) I am very very grateful for everyone’s help.

Those of you who asked for my permission to do translations and have been waiting on me all this time: thank you for your patience, and you should feel free to translate now if you still want to.

You can find the treatise here and the short(ish) version here.