“I don’t want any of this… But I won’t run away anymore.”Isana Yashiro
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So, this is a video of Tyler Hoechlin, JR Bourne and Daniel Sharman imitating what cats sound like when they are having sex. They turned it into a competition of who sounded the best.

This is from Tyler, JR, and Daniel’s panel at Wolfs Bane 2 (13th July 2014)

Please do not repost/steal this video as it is mine and I would really appreciate it if you didn’t.

Critical Role Episode 72 - Percy/Vex Convo Transcript

Hello! Did this for me/anyone out there who needs it for reference or wants to read it and sigh because, fucking wow everybody. Conversation starts at 3:37:35 with Vex pulling Percy aside. I didn’t include the initial couple lines of confusion over whether Laura meant Percy or Scanlan, but otherwise I’ve kept all dialogue, including ooc & matt’s.

Laura: As soon as the cube comes out:

Vex: Can I… talk to you?

Percy: Sure, I’m just gonna do nothing but stare at that bloody ship if I don’t, so sure.

V: How are you? After dying.

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You wanna know what we need more of? People actually talking about APH Sweden’s relationships with the Nordics OTHER THAN APH FINLAND like there is so much potential and yet everyone seems so focused on portraying him as following Fin around everywhere and being completely obsessed with him to the point where it’s creepy