I’m mature for my age

i’m mature for my age

im mature for my age

immature for my age

What Sonja said to Isak on the phone about taking care of Even makes me want to cry each time i hear it. It’s such a beautiful and earnest thing to say. Although Even may have broken her heart slightly, she continues to want to ease any pain he has. And you may not agree with me but that’s love too. She reminded me so much of my mum. Because, sometimes my mum tells me, “you can starve to death if you want but stop making everyone around you suffer already” and other times she tells me “you’re the only reason i’m living, please don’t leave”. I guess what i’m trying to say is that Sonja is a character that represents the people who take care of us and stay with us when literally no one wants to deal with our mental illness any longer. There are enablers and there are controllers. Sometimes we see them as evil and heartless, and maybe they are, but most times they’re just in pain because they’re lost and have no idea what else they can do to keep you breathing, to keep you by their side and to keep you from hurting. So, if you, like myself have a parent, a partner or simply a friend who looks after you and would give you the world, tell them that you love them. I’m watching my mum as i type this and she’s making food for me. I’m going to quietly accept what she’s giving me tonight as my way of saying thank you. 

I also want to sincerely thank Skam for giving us a character like Sonja and a character like Even and literally every other character. I could not hate any one of them even if i tried because every single one of them somehow represents a person in my life or someone i’ve met. I’m saying this for the millionth time but i have never in my life resonated so much with the characters of a show where i almost feel like i’m watching myself at times. Thank you Julie Andem, everyone involved in the show, the lovely people who introduced me to this show and all of you wonderful souls of the skam fandom that i’ve “met” and spent these last few emotional weeks with. Much love.    

In all honesty, I do enjoy the Christmas quests because they get me in the holiday spirit, but the decorations really annoy me. I’m not sure how old they are, but they’re tacky and it looks like Santa’s sleigh exploded all over Jorvik. I wish SSO would take the time (and of course they’re busy and have other things to do, which I respect) to update them and make them a little more… tasteful, I guess? Maybe make it look a bit more varied and update the textures so it works better with the game aesthetic, and just tone them down a bit. Or maybe add new decor, I don’t know. (fairy lights fairy lights fairy lights) I also want to be able to decorate MyStable and give all my horses their own stocking on the stall door, but that’s just wishful thinking.


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Hello! I just had a quick question/request I guess? I'm trying to keep any negativity off my dash right now and while I totally get your point about the shipping stuff, I was wondering if you have a consistent drama/discourse/whatever tag for blacklisting purposes? Thank you! Have a great day!

yup, it’s just “drama /” and also “pedophilia mention /”

Yay thanks @quartermasterswill for tagging!!! The questions are interesting! 

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1. As a child, have you had an imaginary friend?                                               Um I guess no?? But I did try fantasise being friends with the characters in cartoon or TV shows.

2. What’s your favourite fairytale?                                                                         Little Red Riding Hood but I didn’t really read many fairytale when I was a kid

3. What’s your favourite pizza topping?                                                                  Pepperoni and cheese 

4. Do you ever dream about TV shows or films?                                               Yes.What I dream pretty much depend on what I have bingewatched. Back when I was small, I often had nightmares after watching those horror films with my bro lol

5. What’s the song you identify with the most?                                                   Wonderwall by Oasis atm

6. Have you ever ended up dating your crush?                                                   If only (Besides I tend to develop crushes on “wrong people” )

7. If you could have superpowers, what would it be?                                           To control time and space because I have made way too many mistakes and had too many regrets. And the power talk to people who were dead??

8. Do you like old films?                                                                                       Ohhhh yes I like all kind of films :)

9. Can you play a musical instrument?                                                               I have absolutely no musical talents (which is actually quite sad for a person who enjoys music) but learning how to play the recorder is often a must for students in where i live. And I played piano when I was a bit younger. Stopped after passing the ABRSM grade 3 exam cause I started I want to find pleasure but all I got was pressure smh . And I have learnt how to play some percussion instruments but I am really bad in it lol

10. Electric Christmas lights or candles?                                                           CANDLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I really love the scent of a burning candle and the little flickering light always makes me happy and brighten up my mind

11. Have you ever travelled outside your continent?                                        I was born and I grow up in Hong Kong and I have been to Europe a few years ago.

And here’re my not-so-interesting questions:P

1. What is your comfort food?  2. What was your earliest memory?   3. A song that soothes you?  4. Proudest thing that you have ever done?     5. Is there one thing that you’ve always wanted to learn/achieve?  6. A book/poetry/quotes/film that has a great effect on you?  7. What’s you dream job when you were small?  8. What’s your most treasured possession?   9. What’s your mother tongue and how would you describe it? 10. Home stayer or explorer?  11. Is having internal monologue common for you?

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To the creator: I love Kenji c: How did you become comfortable with liking things like this? I always wonder I I'm a bad person for thinking about gore or making light of violent things... Of course if I met Kenji irl, I would have to run away :^•

First of all, Thank you!!

Well, I’ve been interested in gore and such for years, but it’s first recently I’ve been, like, drawing gore with Kenji. He’s been a violent character from the start tho and like, I use it as a coping thing?? Kinda like, hurt Kenji more and myself less, so I don’t really know how to tell you how I became comfortable with gore because it’s like a normal thing for me to think about tbh 
well, I kinda got really exhausted with constant emotional pain and resorted to some not-so-good coping mechanisms ٩( ᐛ )و so, like, I try to keep that in check with gore i guess, so I don’t really think about it being a bad thing to think about. I’m no where near being a violent person irl, so just keep it fictional, like, don’t go stab someone and that stuff because that’s pretty bad
I would have to run tf away from Kenji, too, because I know I’m not qualified enough to not be murdered by him at some point. He’s not a good person yo


Alice: Well- I… I mean, I just got this new job! At a bar. I guess I’d like to sorta try that out first because, well, motherhood is a big deal and very time-consuming and–

The truth was, I didn’t think I was ready. David had been so distant lately– so distant. I wanted him to be there to help me care for it. I wanted my own place. I didn’t want my baby to be raised by its relatives. I was too proud for that.

Sally Mae: Oh, don’t you worry about that! Sure, you find joy in work but there ain’t no greater joy than holding that little mix of you and your true love. You’ll understand one day, pumpkin.

I’m gonna try to sleep I guess I feel so empty rn idk why like. Two minor things totally ruined my day but here I am wanting to die

Got a few more questions than I thought I did!

Guess I’ll try to record this video later today!

Just a heads up: I don’t record myself a lot…ever. I’ll probably be doing it on a webcam so it’s gonna be a little grainy haha. I just thought a video would be something a bit more fun. And also something I haven’t really done before. I’d like to learn more about video editing and I figured this would be…I dunno…something that would help?