@dallitza: Two weeks post show. In the past after a show I would binge eat for weeks, I guess because I was trying to eat everything I could in fear that I wouldn’t be eating those foods again.
I have learned a lot since then and have learned to have self control and to still enjoy myself with certain foods without over doing myself. I worked very hard to prep for my last show and I still want to improve and progress from there. I enjoy eating healthy and working out, it’s when I feel my best. I’m happy that I didn’t let vacation and the start of summer ruin all the months of hard work. I look forward on working to get my body where I want and making improvements. There’s always room to be better and to keep pushing harder. Excited to see the changes I will be making in the time I take off and to get back on stage with a better package. 😃😃 happy Thursday everyone. 😘😘 ❗️Dallitza20-20%off all #primenutrition supps❗️only supps I use during prep and when I’m on an off season. Best supps around!!!! Only the best 💪
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i can’t believe i forgot the context of this panel but its my fav for obvious reasons

i feel like there are fewer and fewer nothing-but-atl blogs around nowadays … not that that’s a bad thing, it’s super healthy, i’m one of those that used to be but no longer is, it just means that when an anon asks you to recommend some good atl blogs you have to start questioning how much atl someone posts before they are classed as one!!!

5205) I've been working out a lot of gender and sex stuff, like am I this or that, is this more comfortable, could I happily see myself as this. that type of thing. I've been talking through it with a friend since the beginning, and I know she tries her hardest to understand what it's like, but I guess I feel like she could try a bit harder? the least I could ask for at this point are the correct pronouns.

Guys im really sorry i haven’t been answering messages. I’ve just been feeling super low and i’m so terrified of being triggered and stuff. If today goes okay (which so far it doesn’t seem to be doing so) i will definitely try answering my messages. I guess i just want to apologise for changing- for not being who you guys probably initially followed, who relentlessly used to give advice, tried to remain positive and was constantly active. It’s not that i’m losing interest in Tumblr, but things have been particularly tough and overwhelming and i’ve tried my absolute hardest to make positive choices, and some of the time, Tumblr doesn’t count as that.

open house on Flickr.

The owner of this house asked us to come in and look around then he proceeded to tell me he was a psychic. He guessed that I had a girl and I (trying really hard to not laugh) said “no”. We quickly got out of there hahaha

Idk why jealousy is seen as cute bc like?? I don’t like being so possessive of my best friend that I’ve cried countless times? Because I feel so worthless in comparison to her other friends?? But yeah it’s really cute how I get upset and hate myself bc she wants to hang out with other people! YEP!

Body positivity is hard. It’s hard convincing myself that my legs and thighs aren’t hideous and that I won’t look like a monster in a Sailor Moon cosplay in three months. It’s hard trying to stop myself every time I have derogatory thoughts, and it’s hard convincing myself that body dysphoria does not reflect reality. It’s hard convincing myself that I don’t have to hide my body,that I’m allowed to feel attractive even though I’ve been criticized and told to cover up by family members for at least a third of my life. But I guess I’m trying. This is my body so I’m trying to learn to be happy with it.

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Hello! So I'm curious, would you consider yourself a racist? Like, I get the whole white pride thing (which I totally support) but I guess what I'm trying to figure out is this; would you not like a person based on their skin color or the way that they act?

Here’s where the word racist has been warped and twisted.  Its a word that almost has no meaning anymore.  I do not blindly hate every member of any other race.  Yeah, even you, Jews.  I don’t hate them and wish them harm simply because they are a different race.  That is a straw man that the left has been burning since Trotsky.  No, really Trotsky started that whole thing. 

I simply acknowledge that we are different, not superior, different.  All races have their strengths and weaknesses.  I’m the first to admit that on average, with sample pools in the millions, Africans are better runners than Europeans and Asians are better at complex mathematics than us.  I am not some master race, white supremacist and even in the circles I hang out in, I don’t know any.

What are whites good at you ask?  Well, go anywhere in the world and you’re likely to find our cultural and technological influence.

I don’t hate or want to eradicate other races.  I think that its best for all parties if we remain separate.  I mean if there are not white people around to oppress black people then there won’t be any racism, right? 

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I'm sorry for the super long time with a total lack of reply, but I finally figured it out. What makes the ponies you draw look like they're meant to be huge is how they're placed on the canvas. There's very little whitespace surrounding the subject, usually, which makes it look like the pony pictured is either *very* close to the viewer, or just plain huge.

That seems like a fair assessment.  I tend to draw on tiny canvasses, especially on my sketches, which are usually only 700x700 or 500x500 if I’m answering an ask on Tumblr.  Working with such small canvasses doesn’t give me much room to add much detail, so I try to make the most of the canvas I give myself.  I guess characters looking huge is just an unintentional side-effect of that.

Totally intentional here, though.

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Oh my gosh,, I am glad you like them I guess? Here we go,,, I’ll try not to do too many holy sh it//

America likes to watch France cook. Now, when I say ‘watch France cook’ I mean ‘wrap his arms around France’s waist and rest is head on the other’s shoulder or the top of his head and sway back and forth to a slow tune while the Frenchman cooks.’

France enjoys resting his head in America’s lap for multiple reasons: A) America plays with his hair and ends up braiding it into a million different types, like holy shit this boy is amazing?? B) He is in the perfect position to blow a raspberry on America’s stomach because the other’s real laugh is really cute and so is his smile holy crow// C) America’s thighs are hella soft, like hot DAMN.

America loves to kiss France.  He kisses the other’s lips and his cheeks and all of France’s knuckles like he were a princess. He kisses the other’s neck and his forehead and every single scar with the care and love France always likes to express. He kisses away the other’s tears whether they are of sadness or of happiness because he is so lucky they found each other even if no one else thought this would work.

France enjoys being the big spoon. He knows America is taller and stronger and overall bigger than he is, but he loves being able to hold the other to his chest. He loves being able to card his fingers through America’s hair and tangle their legs together. He loves tucking America’s head under his chin and knowing that they are both happy and safe. He loves kissing the back of the other’s neck and wrapping his arms around the other’s waist. He loves just being able to be there together, even if it is in silence, because he can just feel how safe and the love they both have for one another in those very moments.

America loves dancing with France. They both complement each other so well when it comes to couple dancing that it seems to be illegal. France was one of the people who helped him learn ballroom dancing in the first place, back when he was trying to become himself, and now they can glide across the floor in sync. America even taught France how to dance too. It’s not all slow with Swing and some of the more ‘experimental’ music from the late 20th century. [ALSO] Some things they’d totally fucking dance to:

La Vie en Rose - Louis Armstrong

Pencil Full of Lead [Remix] - Paolo Nutini

I Want You Back - The Jackson 5

Honey, I’m Good - Andy Grammer

Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) - Regina Spektor

Dance with Dragons - BrunuhVille

//Yee I think that’s enough of that//

France loves cooking for America. America will eat just about anything, but he compliments France’s cooking so much. His eyes light up as he takes his first bite and he will quite literally just gush to the other how amazing everything tastes and they can often have long conversations about different types of food. It’s a bit different than many other people who joke about frog legs around him if France brings up his cooking prowess.

America loves carrying France. The other is very slim and light and, to be honest, having the other trust him so much that America can carry him around like he’s a sack of flower is just fun. He will often spin them around with France in the air after seeing each other after time apart. He lifts the other up constantly when he visits Alfred’s home, often carrying him bridal style over the threshold of the house or carrying him up the stairs later at night because he tiny boyfriend is tired after a long day and still wants to snuggle into America’s chest not get up and walk, thank you very much.

France loves dragging America into the photo booths that are often scattered different places that the nations travel for meetings and the like. They always get two sets, so both of them can have the little reel from the day. They make funny faces or just smile and kiss. It’s always very fun, especially if France gives America’ butt a little pinch at just the right time to catch his facial expression.

In turn, America loves taking selfies of the both of them together and posting them on his social media, or just saving for them to look at and laugh over later.  Whether it’s because the other looks cute, or they are in a good location, America has pictures of most of it. Bunny ears are often held over France’s head however, America also often has the faintness of a hickie showing where his shirt collar is dropping down just a bit, so it all evens out.

France loves dressing America up. The country has a very good and well sculpted body and with France’s fashion sense it becomes a good 110% more irresistible. And it is so much fun being able to parade around one of the hottest pieces of ass and everyone knowing ‘he is all mine.’ Of course, America thinks it’s funny too seeing random people get boners in the middle of meetings when he shoots them an, aah, ‘friendly’ smile.

That’s all I want to say b/c I’ve done a lot but,,, I hope this is satisfactory///