You heard me right; I’m doing a giveaway! (…kind of)

As the sign says, I’m doing a giveaway to celebrate my follower milestone which I recently hit.

How to participate?

  • To take part in this giveaway, you need to be following this dork :D
  • Reblog this post (likes or multiple reblogs won’t count, you have just one vote)
  • Reblogs after 1.8. won’t be counted.
  • Note: The prizes will be in digital form as I can’t send anything physical.

How will the winners be picked?

  • I’ll randomly pick one first price winner and two second price winners that will be announced not later than 3.8.2016.
  • I will contact the winners privately, but if the winner doesn’t answer in ten days, a new winner will be chosen by random.

What will the first price winner get?

  • The winner of first place will get a full detailed fan art (or fic art from a fanfic of their choosing)
  • A follow back from me (if not already)

What will the second price winners get?

  • Both second price winners will get a sketchy fan art (or fic art from a fanfic of their choosing)
  • A follow back from me (if not already)

All winners also get my eternal friendship and love (even though let’s face it guys - you already have it.)

What can the fan art/fic art contain?

Even though the winners will have almost full say to what I’m going to draw to them, there are some things I won’t be drawing. It’s also handy to keep in mind that my blog’s mainly about Doctor Who…

  • …so I personally wish that the winners will request fan art that contains characters I’m familiar with, preferably something related to my blog’s content.
  • Sadly, I don’t draw smut. Sorry guys!
  • The pairings I do draw are Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Tentoo/Rose as well as Eleven/Rose and Clara/Rose. I can also draw teninch pairings if wanted.
  • If you’re requesting fan art/fic art that doesn’t involve any of the pairings I listed, think twice before clicking that reblog button. I don’t want to portray your favourite character incorrectly just because I’ve never heard of them before :D

I had a wonderful afternoon with my girlfriend, @gettinghealthyonestepatatime. We went to the mall and I tried on several skirts, shirts, and shorts. I even tried on a bralette for the first time! Anyway, that’s one of the outfits that I tried on today! I thought it looked cute! What do you guys think? I would have bought it, but I don’t have the money for new clothes right now. Oh well. It still felt really nice to try things on!

kpopfanstan  asked:

Feeeelll my embarrassment plzzzz.... It's 3:20 am and I just got off the phone with my BF saying good night (cuz long distance) and well I tried to compliment him and I said "hey... You're a good guy" and then I tried to explain myself and fucked up then made it worse by saying "you know they say good guys finish last buy u finished first" *facepalm* I didn't mean it how it sounded but whyyy why does my sleepy mind betray me like this.

LMFAO THATS SO FUNNY.I shouldnt be laughing but I am omfg Im sure he understood what you meant though.This sounds like something I would do if I was in a relationship XDDD.


Part of the Second Order of the Phoenix

More members: Albus and Aberforth | Snape | Sirius and Remus | Bill and Charlie


Trainer Team SSSN want to battle!

(of course by trainer team I mean 3 poke-nerds and a professor)

After getting that RWBY GO ask yesterday I ended up spending today turning game sprites into Team SSSN and idk man I’m surprised how much I like ‘em.



This is for all the people requesting Stalka. I gave it my best shot.

Day 10: Beginnings

“He is going ta be chief of Berk, Valka.”

“I couldn’t care less, mother.” The young woman stared into her lap with a frown, toying with a stray sewing needle she’d found. She pressed the point into the pad of her thumb, testing its sharpness as her mother yanked her hair into an acceptable braid.

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So yesterday I reached 300 followers!!!!! (I’m still a baby) I’ve had this blog for less than 2 months and I’m already being followed by so many lovely people!!!! This is my first follow forever and I basically don’t know what I’m doing so forgive me, but this is a list of all my mutuals (except the really recent ones I’m sorry I’m sorry) they all have amazing blogs and have made this painful love of Seventeen just a little more fun!! (there are some occasional non-Seventeen ones though) 

Before I start I need a special mention to my children ksoo-love and ayentumw because without their constant talk about Exo during school, I would’t even know about kpop…now look at me now ❤️️❤️️❤️️

All are mutuals// Faves = bolded//Homies nice enough to talk to me = ❤️️ and i am so so sorry if I forgot anyone with side blogs!!!!


ahwonwoo// awhansol// awoozing❤️️// babyhoshii// bigpapacoups// bliss-of-azure// badboyhansol// cantwithjeonwonwoo// devilishvernon// dinomondlife❤️️// dreamyblu// dorkyum❤️️// exotictambi// fluentae// hansolence// hansolj// herecomeshoshi// highprincejisoo// hjsoo// hoshijpg// hoshis-got-me// idolling// iridescenthansol// iridescentwoo// jeonghansols// jihhoon// jhoonsgf// jishooua❤️️// jsoos// jungkookbot// junhuihui// junshuahan// kimbapkidding// kimjongdaely// koinuyeol// kwonsoonie// lee-seokchan// leeseokminnie// lh04//


meaniecoupletrash// minghaon// minghaozz❤️️// mingyus-eyebrows//  naegahoeshi// noflexyoongi// nyansol// overallwoozi/parkjimin-bangtan// peachyhansol// pink-sujong// ponytailwoozi// rollinglikeawolf// satansasiangrandchild❤️️// seokmins-angel// seungkwanraps// seungkwun// seungskwan// sevngkwans// shloun// sir-wonwoo// slothwoo// squidforchan// stn-seventeen// sunshine-seungkwan// svntn-meanie// swirlywoozi❤️️// thelessordinary// vernol// woozcluez// xiumeni// yoscoups//

I could have included way more blogs that I love but tbh I was lazy and I’m already sacrificing enough homework right now as it is.