Sans: “you mean papyrus’ boss? of course i know her, she comes here often to try to beat the crap out of him… and she usually succeeds.”

Sans: “that’s our dog. papyrus tries too hard to make him obey his orders. he never succeeds. and i have fun watching him try.”

Not my OTP for Sans, but…. ehehehehehehe

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Hi so I was wondering what your favourite eighth year fics are? I'm pretty sure I tried to ask you this before I'm 99% sure I made a million typos and you were wondering what the fuck I was trying to write. If you gave some then awesome but if you don't that's cool too. Thanks!!!

Hi! I’m sorry if I didn’t reply when you asked before! It’s very hard sorting only a few favourites 8th Year fics because there are just so many amazing fics out there. But I think you can start with pretty much any of these and find something awesome.

Master Work by  mahaliem (R, 35,1K)
Summary: Harry’s eighth-year at Hogwarts is going about as well as all the others. Someone is out to get him, Aurors keep questioning him about the final battle and, worst of all, Draco is determined to repay his life debt to Harry.

The Ties That Bind Us by faithwood (NC-17, 27,8K)
Summary: An accident leaves Draco and Harry bound tightly together. Literally.

Something I Don’t Want to Stop by traintracks (NC-17, 16,2K)
Summary: It’s Harry and Draco’s eighth year, the Houses have been all but demolished in favor of unity, and they’re being forced to room together. How ever will they cope?

He Was He and I Was a Bunny by  bryoneybrynn (NC-17, 37,6K)
Summary: he war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?

This Is a Test by Oshun (R, 8,8K)
Summary: This is an Eighth Year at Hogwarts story in which Harry and Draco are a couple of months into a relationship which began during the summer immediately following the defeat of Voldemort. In the absence of old friends and enemies, and during the first flush of a new relationship, everything has gone swimmingly until they found themselves back at Hogwarts for an extra post-war year. Draco can be anxious and prattish, while Harry finds it hard to give up saving the world. It might involve stupidly creative use of a time-turner on Harry’s part that could threaten to overturn recent history and put even the defeat of Voldemort in jeopardy (well, that last part’s perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but sounds like a good hook!).

At Your Service by faithwood (NC-17, 95,7K)
Summary: Hogwarts students are in danger; Harry is determined to save them all. There’s only one thing he knows for certain: Draco Malfoy is somehow involved.

Symbiosis by  fireflavored (NC-17, 20,K
Summary: sym·bi·o·sis (sĩm'bē-ō'sĩs) n. Biology A close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member.

The Frog Prince by  fantasyfiend09 (PG-13, 7,6K)
Summary: ‘I will retrieve your ball, but in return you must bring me into the castle and care for me. You must feed me from your plate, protect me from harm, and let me sleep on your pillow.’

In Plain Sight by  oldenuf2nb (R, 37,5K)
Summary: Draco Malfoy had stopped believing his wishes would be granted long ago. He could perhaps be forgiven for being startled, then, when one of them came true.

Twice as Much as an Earthquake by @firethesound (NC-17, 18,6K)
Summary: Accidental bonding. Breaking and entering. Conspiring, however unwillingly, in the strange one-man war Malfoy’s waging against detention. This isn’t the normal school year Harry anticipated having, but at least it’s not boring.

Mission Impossible by simeysgirl (PG, 5,5K)
Summary: It was their motto: Never a case too small. There were, though, cases that were maybe a bit too big.

Golden Age by @lol-zeitgeistic (R, 52,7KK)
Summary: The Celtic druids once made a decision that kept magic in abundance in Britannia, but they couldn’t account for the technological advances Muggles would make centuries later. Now magic is dying on the isles, and this is not a dark lord that Harry can fight. OR: Harry Potter doesn’t save the world this time, but he does get a lot of hugs.

The Wolf Pack by @dracogotgame(PG-13, 13,6K)
Summary: Nobody said achieving your animagus form was easy. Draco could handle being a wolf pup for a while, right? How bad could it be?

Checking out the Opposition by birdsofshore (NC-17, 6,1K)
Summary: Harry and Draco seem quite wound up after their latest game of Quidditch.

Right Hand Red by lumosed_quill (NC-17, 74,1K)
Summary: Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory. // Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy. // Malfoy felt inevitable.

Like I said, it was very  hard. In fact, I have a list of 8th Year fic that include over a hundred recs (because I’m a maniac like that. ^^). It’s here: Extensive 8th Year Fic Recs, and trust me, I wanted to include every fic listed there here, so please check those as well. :)

And please, please don’t forget to leave all the love to the authors who share their stories with us. They deserve all the love. <3

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headcanons for dating loki?

I don’t see dating Loki as being a pleasant experience really. There’s a lot of danger and a lot of fights. He’s not a great person and you both know that and he does some pretty unforgivable things. He tries his best probably but I feel like it would be quite one sided on your part; he’s not too involved, he doesn’t try as hard as he should. He’s overprotective and gets jealous very easily. He doesn’t portray his feelings well but he tries. There would be rare moments between the two of you when you realise that under all the anger and walls, he’s scared. You have to deal with his anger as well, not directed at you, but you’re the one who’s able to calm him down most effectively and you need to be able to help with that. It’s a lot of work, especially since he wouldn’t put in as much work as he should.

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well Juzo's way of solving problems includes too much dickery for them to really work. He's a interesting character and they're probably going to make us cry when he dies but he cannot get involved without gratitious violence which makes it pretty hard to like him.

Exactly. But I like that mechanic that they added to his character.

He’s still an asshole, but he tries to fix one situation… but because he’s so harsh, it just makes it worse.

I’m not going to say that it’s his fault that the whole Tragedy happened because that’s way too melodramatic, but he might have just blown Munakata’s entire operation.

He’s a tragic character in his own way. I like it.

niallsblckgirlfriend replied to your post “I don’t get how Hillary can do the same thing Obama did, go on talk…”

nah its cuz she is clearly trying to hard and it aint working. its un natural and i aint buy what she selling lol

i dont see how it isnt working when she won the nomination, someone is buying what she’s selling. And that’s what campaigning is though, Campaigning is trying a little too hard so you can win, getting people to believe your promises and get on your side. My point is literally every politician has tried too hard and sold themselves but suddenly she does it and it’s a crime??? I’m confused 

it’s really funny to see oso casually mentioning to ichi “お前可愛いな(You’re cute)” in the drama cd even if ichi’s doing his weird furry stuff that time. There’s generally a more playful nature whenever these two are together (crane skit, oso seeing ichi transform, ep 16 etc)

come to think of it, from like 2 scenes(ep 2 and ep 16) whenever oso sees ichi the first thing he does is asking if he wants to play with him, though oso may just be joking around in ep 16 since it’s possible that he knew the one sleeping was kara, not ichi, STILL

i feel like oso feels much more of an older brother whenever ichi’s around. kara’s out of the question, choro tries too hard to be independent, jyushi is jyushi, and todo may be the spoiled youngest but he’s more independent than any of them. ichi’s like the only one who complies to his invites most of the time, and he def gives a younger bro vibe once he’s around oso and becomes more passive. idk, that’s rly cute, i wish s2 would give more screentime w them together, they’ll probably act like partners in crime too

Alone at Sea

*exhales deeply*
Alright, that wasn’t too bad..~ It’s so good to see my precious Happy Lappy and I really like how hard Steven tried to make her smile because that’s how I am.

But what I was really surprised about was when Lapis said that she missed Jasper, and then Jasper suddenly appears and actually got to her knees begging to fuse again. It was really shocking.

I was so proud of Lapis when she came to her sense and said what they had was unhealthy. And it was! I’m certainly no doctor, and I’ve never been in the situation but this is what I feel abusive relationships can be like sometimes. Don’t hold me to it but sometimes people realize it and sometimes they don’t. Doesn’t make it any easier to quit especially when it’s for such a long time.

Enough ranting though, I’m glad to see my Lapis finally breathing easier. Even though Greg is not doing as well as her..~


Thank you @mrs-entwistle for tagging me in your six selfie post (coincidentally, I read yours while listening to “Success Story” last night and am posting it while listening to “Song Is Over”). ✨💖🎶

I tag @theoriginalbeatlebug @highpriestessofjogan @britishsixtiesbeat @tealmoriarty @torkiedegraw and @nogenderfear to post six selfies of yourselves (only if you want to do it). 

Heart Palpitations - Chapter One

Rating: M

Summary: Shiro squeezed his eyes shut and tried to count his breaths and calm his racing heart. Every beat felt like a blow. Painful. Hard. And far too many. The sun would be up soon and he had an appointment to make.

Note: First and foremost I want to strongly affirm that I am not a medical professional in any respect. The terms, procedures, and diagnoses within this story come entirely from Google. If the information is inaccurate in any way… please just disregard it. Suspend some disbelief for a moment.

Since VLD is a futuristic story I’m not sure if calling this a “modern AU” is appropriate. It’s more of a “present day AU.” I’ve tinkered with the ages of Keith and Lance a little and made them old enough to be fairly ranked in the military and have occupations.

I don’t know how long this will be! I’m just kinda winging it! Be gentle!

Also posted here:



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Hello! I just had the need to send you a message. Your blog is the best thing, you are too precious, thank you. :) Keep up! Can I ask you your favorite characters, i am too curious ;) Have a wondeful day!

Omg! Coming from you that means the WORLD, seriously! Your talent is out of this world!
Well, it’s hard to pick but my “of course-picks” must be Moominmamma, The Hemul, Tooticky, Moomintroll (& as a ‘seldom seen’ character, I love the Filijonk, everything about her is funny because of that constant facade she tries to keep up yet the moomins tear it down 99% of the time, lol. You’re amazing ♡

The big twist about Kylo Ren’s character in The Force Awakens: It’s not that he’s got “too much Vader” in him. It never was. It’s that he’s got too much of Han in him.

That’s why he’s so sick and sad and conflicted constantly. It’s why he’s never going to quite pull off being a bad guy and a cool supervillain.  No matter how hard he tries.

His father was (essentially) a very, very good person…and Ren can’t escape it either. Basic genetics. Han is in his blood as much as Vader.  More so, even.

Why I think TFA is a more deeper and interesting film than it ever gets credit for. 

Strong squish ( ˘ ³˘)❤

This may have gotten a little out of hand… I tried to keep it simplistic though. (and it’s transparent)

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Emos in Astrology
  • Aries:Classic Emo
  • Taurus:Low-Key Emo
  • Gemini:Scemo
  • Cancer:Sad Emo
  • Leo:Wants Attention Emo
  • Virgo:Vegan Emo
  • Libra:Hipster Emo
  • Scorpio:Dark & Mysterious Emo
  • Sagittarius:Tries Too Hard Emo
  • Capricorn:Dark and Pessimistic Emo
  • Aquarius:Stoner Emo
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