fun fact about me and ranch dressing: i once saw on mtv’s true life: i’m fat (something like that) they showed a girl and her “unhealthy eating habits” and she was eating pizza w ranch dipping sauce and i tried it and it was delicious. they prob put that b roll in there 2 make me be like wow look how she eats wow i hope they help her. nope she just introduced a wild new world of flavor experiences

im gonna tell you how i made my yellow curry tonight bc it was the best i’ve ever made (not the best ive had, but the best i’ve made to this date)

2 tablespoons of yellow curry paste, about 2 and a half cans of coconut milk, 2 teaspoons of turmeric/ginger (i have it mixed together because my parents take it for arthritis), a squirt of basil paste, about a half a tablespoon of fish sauce. add more curry paste to spice it up, add more coconut milk to mild it out. you can also add like, actual hot thai peppers if you like it really spice. i usually add lemongrass too but we’re fresh out. i’ve also tried mixing brown sugar with the fish sauce before putting that in and i remember that was good but i didn’t do it this time!

i simmered the sauce for a little while until i got my veggies and meat. boiled baby carrots and potatoes (if you dont boil the potatoes beforehand then they starch changes the color of the curry, the first time i tried i got gray ass curry), sauteed the chicken, sugar peas, and the onions. fried the zucchini. my mom made the rice and i let the curry simmer for an hour to let all the flavors mix some more. put the rice on the bottom of the bowl kinda to the side, and pour the curry over it, put a couple fresh grapes on top, maybe a few cherry tomatoes, and a whole soft boiled egg which you cut in the bowl so the yolk leaks out on the rice

here it is again because holy shit it looks amazing


Chicken Wings With Homemade BBQ Sauce

One thing that I notice that all of my favorite cooks and definitely favorite chefs do is make their own barbecue sauce. Of course they are professionals and while I am a professional photographer, I am a novice cook who mostly cooks to eat, to photograph, and as an Anxiety relief (not cure; there is no cure) and calming exercise. However, I have been trying various professional cooks’, food personalities’ and professional chefs’ recipes lately, as well as making my own; the following blog tags reveal this: recipes; baking experiments; soup experiments.

Anyway, for my first attempt at homemade BBQ sauce, I tried the Neelys, BBQ sauce recipe, from Down Home With The Neelys on Food Network. This recipe uses the following, as you can see in the first photograph above: 1 tablespoon lemon juice; ½ cup of apple cider vinegar; 5 tablespoons brown sugar; 5 tablespoons sugar (I used Florida Demerara sugar); 2 cups ketchup; 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce; 1 cup water; ½ tablespoon ground mustard, ½ tablespoon black pepper and ½ tablespoon onion powder. Their recipe called for a little over an hour of stove time but I did mine for 2 hours to get the thickness I desired. 

I made both photographs above with my Canon EOS 70D and my Canon EF 24mm-70mm f/4L IS USM lens. For post-processing, I used Lightroom CC.

This barbecue sauce tastes really amazing on chicken wings. I mentioned on Snapchat (my username there is thetrudz) that I fry my wings first then coat in BBQ sauce, then finish in the oven. I do not own a grill, but if you do, of course you can do it that way. One day if I eventually start grilling, I will definitely use this sauce again.

anonymous asked:

Do you know of a any vegan cheeses that you enjoy each one I've tried I can't stand lol

I had a cheese at a restaurant last week that was bomb - it was their house made cheese though. And very unhealthy - would never make it an everyday food.

I don’t know of any though – I’ve tried daiya - disgusting 😷

I make a “cheese” sauce from basically some spices, nutritional yeast and potatoes that tastes damn good, though! And is not full of oil and all that processed junk! 😛👌🏼

I lament to say that sports drinks/vitamin drinks don’t taste well as cocktail mixers. I tried… twice….

Let’s see if adding worchester sauce and ground pepper to V8 is any good!