Our wedding bands came in today, tried them on to make sure they fit~

95 days until I can wear it forever, I’m so excited 💛

If any of you read my notes on Neko Atsume, this is why I said I was busy with good things~ we have been planning our wedding and I just wanted to share my happiness today.

If you like Halloween at all or fall, my fiancée (still super excited to say that) runs a Halloween blog over at @alloweenhallthetime so if you want to follow her or see who I’m always grossly tagging as my Pumpkin Queen Bee, this is her~ 💛💛💛

That’s awesome!
I always tried to make it a rule when we lived on the coast.
I was so excited when we moved up here. Our landlord put “no shoes in house” on the lease agreement, due to rain and mud. I could finally enforce cleaner floors.

I love f(x) so much. Even though I’ve been a stan for years, pretty much from the very beginning, it’s only recently that I realize just how much these girls make me smile, laugh, jump, sing, dance. They brighten up my days, they give me strength, they make the emptiness feel more bearable. Each one of them are talented, capable and strong in their own way. Each is unique and different. And yet together, they are cohesive without loosing their individuality. And together, the f(x) sound is so distinct, so recognizable. Any time I hear the f(x) sound after a hiatus, it soothes me but at the same time gets me so excited. It almost feels like their music hugs my heart, my soul. I love that they’ve never tried to be anything they’re not. They’ve always embraced the fact that they’re different. They’ve never been too afraid to speak their minds. They’re always so relatable. They’ve never let haters bring them down. They’ve always done things in their own time, never losing faith in each other. They’ve never let their “older siblings” define who they are and built their own image by their own rules. They are artists who let their work speak for itself, and they are always so humble, so grateful. I know there will be those who disagree, who can’t see them they way I see them. But this is how precious these girls are to me. They are still young, yet they have accomplished and overcame so much to be where they are today, And as a MeU, I am proud of, I am happy, I am grateful for these girls. They inspire me. I hope that they will always stay happy and healthy.

I’m so glad my friends are so accepting of my autism

My friend told her mom my favorite foods and foods that are bad for my sensory issues so I wouldn’t have to be uncomfortable during dinner

My friend bought me limited edition shiny Pokemon figures because she “knew it would make my hands all flappy and that’s how she knows I’m happy”

My friend and me caught a meowth than proceeded to jump around and squeal with me even though she hates meowth, because she knew he’s my favorite Pokemon and she knew I’d love for her to share my excitement

My friend star gazes and researches space so I can info dump on them, because they love seeing me happy

My friends are learning sign language with me for when I go nonverbal

I wish everyone tried this hard to accept autism because every autistic person deserves to feel comfortable around their friends and not feel judged for having autism

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And who is your fav between bell clarke and raven?

Originally posted by kanehairporn

Bellamy. I like his character journey the best. His past is the best fleshed out of all the characters, and the most intense, so it’s really nice to see who he becomes from this backstory. And I really enjoy the way he messes up and then learns from it and tries to become better and not make the same mistakes, even if that leads him to make different mistakes. 

Of the women, I like Raven’s character development best, but Clarke has better stories. I think Clarke is going through her character backsliding right now, and she really hasn’t learned her lessons yet, so I’m still hoping to see her become more heroic and get back to herself. While Raven really conquered her personal demons, and I’m excited to see her get to have some successes and maybe even some little bit of happiness in the apocalypse. But Raven’s story takes half the time that Clarke’s does and she doesn’t drive the story, although she is essential to it. 

I’m really not sure who I like better between Clarke and Raven, although if I do the Murphy test and ask myself who I’d want to survive if it came down between Clarke and Raven, I’d have to say Clarke. Because her story is about hope for the future and she has the ability to get humanity to a better place. I’m going to have faith that Clarke’s character will actually recover from her misadventures in season 3. I think she’s still learning and I think she will learn even more in season 4, especially when she goes back to learning from Bellamy. She really hasn’t taken on any of his lessons since season 1. But they are better when they not only work together, but learn and grow and make moral decisions together.

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I’m so excited to make the team. After three tries, it’s finally happened. I was an alternate in 2008, and then not being able to go in 2012, but now it’s my first time going to the Olympics so I’ve waited for this my entire life and I’ve trained for it my entire life. We are playing for a bigger Team USA. It’s inspiring to see so many athletes be a part of this. There’s extra motivation and extra support. It’s bigger than just ourselves. This focuses on everything. It’s so cool. Not many people get to go to the Olympics and being part of this group that does go is unbelievable. I’m so happy and excited. You play to be able to compete at the highest level and you dream of this when you’re young. Making it a reality is amazing.
—  Ali Krieger on making the U.S. Olympic Team after having an ACL injury that kept her out of the 2012 London Olympics four years ago.

I tried a new way to color the picture, but I’m not sure whether this one is better or not. So I need some suggestion. > < I can make my work better only through this…

I have more and more ideas about drawing the growing relationship between Nick and Judy now. This time, you can see them dating. Mabey next time you even see them confess to each other, or…I don’t know…kiss?

Just hope from more comics.XD

Also, If you like this comic, share it like before~

Thanks for watching~~~~~~~(full of excitement)  

Got7 Reaction When You Moan Another Member's Name During Sex

Here you go Anon! Sorry it took me so long. I was camping and my laptop would keep glitching whenever  I tried to make this!

Mark: Stops moving and looks at you surprised. He smirks at you as you look back at him with wide eyes. “I guess I’m just gonna have to show you how much better I am than Jackson.” As he lifts your leg and slams into you at a different angle.

Jackson: He stopped making you whine. He got up and grabbed his phone. “Hey Mark. Remember that favor you owe?” Jackson said into the phone. Your eyes grew wide in confusing and excitement. “I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” You heard Mark say before hanging up. “You’re in for a long night, Jagi.” Jackson said smirking. (Markson forever tbh)

BamBam:  His heart breaks a little when hears Youngjae’s name leave your lips. He starts thrusting slower, torturing you in the process as he over thinks this.

Junior: When he heard Mark’s name slip from your mouth he kept it in the back of his head as he kept going. Afterwards being the type of person he is he was a little cold towards you. He would give you the silent treatment for a couple days as you tried to explain to him it was an accident. After cooling down he would cuddle you to tell you he is okay again. 

(Ignore the caption)

JaeBum:  Jaebum would make a sassy comment back with every thrust and damn, have fun trying to live this down for a while. Like he is going to make a dramatic comment about it at the most random times. “Oh, you’re on the phone with your mom? Don’t moan Yugyeom’s name like you did last night. I don’t think she would like that.” He would say before making a dramatic exit. This would go on for a couple days until you yell at him that you’re sorry or convince him that he would be WAY better than Yugyeom in bed. 

Originally posted by defwang

Youngjae: This little angel would be confused af. He would be like “When tf did my name change to JaeBum?” He would also be a little heart broken and mad. Afterwords you guys would probably get into an argument like normal couples would. But after that since he loves you so much he would probably forgive you but never forget it. 

Originally posted by huggablepenguin

Yugyeom: This precious human would stop for a second and look at you like “What did you just say?” as you try to explain to him he would just slam into at a different speed and would ask you if he is better than Junior. (For your sake I hope you would say yes.) 

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Hello! It is I, again risen from studyblr dead. I’ve had quite a lot going on over the past few months hence the absence. I had an operation (don’t worry, I’m all fine and healed up now!) about six weeks ago, and before that I had a lot of uni deadlines, and over the past week I’ve been moving into my new second year house in Sheffield, but I’m excited to be finally having the chance to starting my printables shop on etsy.

Originally, I was going to start with organisational study related printables, however I’ve tried and tried to draw organised designs when cluttered styles just come more naturally to me. So, instead, I’m going to sell a mixture of colourable and already coloured printables that motivate and decorate, inspiring you to work harder by making your room/study space look and feel like your own. A different approach I know, but I think that studying and living in a space that you love is just as important as having organisational tools. Some may argue that this is a tenuous link to achieving good results, however in my experience, I know that working in an environment that feels like my own makes me study far more efficiently.

So, in this spirit, I hope to create a really wide range of interests. I’ve started on this Arctic Monkeys poster, as I know a lot of my followers (and as do I) really love their music. Going forward, I would love to hear your suggestions for printables, as I’m open to any suggestions, whether they be music, tv, scientific, literary… Even if you want something educational to do with your subject and keeping you inspired by it. Anything you’d love to see on your walls and in your study space. If enough people want it, I will illustrate it. It may take a while at first as I get to grips with it, but your suggestions will mean a lot.

This does not mean I will never produce organisational/solely studying themed printables, but for the moment whilst I get started I want to focus more on this corner of the field.

Thank you guys, I hope to have this first AM inspired printable poster up for sale within the next few days!

EXO Reaction when you show them you can dance Salsa after they didn’t believe you

This reactions covers all the sexy/couple dances, like Tango for example. Requested by the queen anon “CL”, I already love you.

XO, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Let’s show them Sehun! We can dance this too!” *Tries to make you jelly with Sehunnie*


*Tries to be indifferent with the guy dancing with you* “Oh no please don’t stop, dance all you want… all close and touchy… I’ll be playing for you”


“Oh yes this is very interesting but can you go now? I’ll be dancing with my jagi from now on” *Jealous bf*


*Impressed* “Woah.. this is like.. a whole new world! Teach me! Teach me!” *Someone is excited*


*The master of salsa* “You should have told me you wanted to dance this… I’ll dance every style with you jagi” *Sexy dancer boyfriend yeah*


*Really impressed* “Babe… you are really good. When can you teach me?”


*Intimidated* “Oh no.. I can’t dance that.. hey don’t… how did you say you have to move?”


*Trying to intimidate the guy dancing with you* “Let’s give it a shot! I’m sure I can master this in no time”


“Bravo bravo! You did great babe!”  *Hates to admit it was great, even when that partner of yours…*


*Not intimidated at all* “Move the booty yeah~ how is this jagi?”


*Tries to follow but ends up dancing something like.. well.. lay’s style* “sexy… like salsa.. yeah..”


*Your bf/fan number one is here*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

I miss the times when Dean used to discourage people from getting involved with hunting.

Like when he tried to make Jo see that she’s got other options besides hunting, and that having a mom who encourages her to have a normal, safe life is a good thing, and not something Jo should just throw away.

Or when he (apparently repeatedly) warned Richie that he’s not cut out for hunting and will only end up getting killed.

Or when he tried to make Krissy (and her friends in s8) see that hunting is not the only option she’s got, and convince her to at least give normal life a try.

Or when he wasn’t happy to hear that Charlie’s been hunting on her own because she thought hunting was fun and cool.

Or when he wasn’t excited at the prospect of Sheriff Hanscum joining them on a vampire hunt.

I miss how he a), showed concern for people he didn’t want to get hurt and b), made it clear that hunting is not something easy that anyone can do. That you can’t just say, “Oh, why don’t I go on the hunt with you” and become a hunter. That it takes training and experience, and that it’s not all fun and adventure. That it costs you a lot, that it messes you up, and that once you start, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to get away. And that even though you might be damn good at it, you or someone dear to you might still get hurt or killed.

I understand why he’s given up on this: ”I’ve had it up to here with your chauvinist crap.” (Jo), “Stuff you, Dean!” (Donna)… And people usually don’t listen to him anyway. So now, he seems to have resigned to making sure those who want to be hunters are at least somewhat equipped and prepared for it (like when he gives Claire the lore book and lets her keep the angel sword). So it does make sense that he’s not trying to talk them out of it anymore.

But at the same, I can’t help but feel that this empowering “anyone can become a hunter” thing devalues hunting as a profession and hunters as professionals who pay a very high price for doing their job…

see u at metrocon!

sorry for the inactivity, ive been preparing for metro and packing for tmr! I’ll be at table G5 cosplaying either kankri or aradia with my fellow kankri cosplayer bro @krabkri

i’ll also be passing out these tiny otp stickers at the homestuck meet on saturday!

i tried to make as many as i can, hope i got some favs in there! i’m so excited to see everyone! *^*

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Omg yES. This is so exciting omg omg you're so sweet and adorable you're like a lil muffin c: since I'm just hUGE trash for Tae, I'd like to request something with him c: and like, can my cat be in there too?? AND CORN??? I'm making a series of fanart with Tae + my cat + corn and I'm making a little corn wall in my room c: omg thank you so much I'm screaming


@taetaetown this request was utter perfectiON i had so much fun drawing this oml aND THANK YOU FOR BEING SO NICE AND AMAZING AND KIND OMG <33333 IM STILL CRYIN ASFDH ILY <3

requests are still open!  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Day 25: Yelling

100 Day Action Challenge

Yay! We’re officially a quarter of the way through! How exciting! I will celebrate any milestone because I literally never stick with any kind of deadline oriented prompt/challenge. So..uh..YAHOO!

Okay so there is headcanon goodness behind today’s challenge, so if you’re into that kind of thing, you should follow the cut!

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Made For Each Other - Part 18

[Parts 1-17] (at the very bottom)

This one is a little shorter than usual! I’m sorry about that, but I did what I could. Also, out of the couple versions I wrote of this chapter, this was the one that I liked best. Also, the end is in sight, my friends! There are only two more chapters and then an epilogue left for this story! The idea of that is super exciting, but it also makes me a little sad because I’ve loved writing it so much! Anyway, since we do still have a bit of story left, please enjoy this next chapter! :)

As always, I didn’t make nor do I own the gif I’ve used. If the creator wants credit or for me to remove it, all you have to do is ask! :)

After Isaac ran off, chaos ensued, making it almost impossible to follow after him. You tried anyway, needing to see him again – to know that he’s still alive, breathing, and that he’s going to keep his promise.

You keep replaying the image of Isaac saying those three little words to you again – after all this time, to keep you as calm and levelheaded as you can in a situation like this. Through the mob of people running in all different directions across the lacrosse field you eventually get turned around. You see a set of bleachers nearby and rush over, climbing them to figure out where you are on the field and what’s going on around you.

Once on the top bleacher, you look all around you, and what you see doesn’t make you feel any better about the situation because as you look towards the parking lot, you see Isaac’s battered and beaten body land right beside the last school bus. Before you can even think about it, you’re climbing over the railing of the bleachers and climbing down the outside of them instead of running back down to the front. It takes you a few minutes, but when you finally reach the edge of the parking lot, you can see Isaac’s motionless body huddled up in the exact spot you’d seen him land. You rush towards Isaac as fast as your feet will take you, the sound of your feet against the blacktop ringing in your ears.

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done with my tattoo designs. i want to get these two beauties on both thighs. i tried to make it look like they are flying together (rick’s ship is following the planet express ship) 

but yeah i am super excited to show this to my tattoo artist and get an estimate on the price so i can save up.

((note: i drew the planet express ship at like 2 in the morning, so its a little rough around the edges. but i want it to tilt a little up to match rick’s ship))

Private - Calum Hood

Description: Calum doesn’t want to tell his family and friends about his and Y/N’s change in relationship status, causing some bumps to form in their newly found friendship.

Warning: None

Request: No


~Y/N’s POV~

“Y/n, stop!” Calum yelled, running up from behind me as I started down the steps of his parents house. I didn’t listen to his shouts of apologies, I just continued the journey around his place that I’ve took oh so many times before. “Y/n, please! You have to understand that I tried to tell them, they were just too excited about a new song Mali wrote the other day.”

“Calum, how many more excuses are you going to make to get out of this?” I scoffed, halting to a quick stop and turning curtly on my heels to face my ex-boyfriend again. “I’m tired of spending the night and acting as if nothing has ever changed between the two of us over the past couple months.”

His head hung low, taking in my words as I spit that out in an overly harsh way. I didn’t want it to come to this, where I had to literally make Calum tell his parents the sad news about us separating, but he wouldn’t do it on his own unless he was shoved in the right direction.

“Can’t we just hold it off for a few more days y/n?” His dark brown eyes held a look of hope as he practically begged me to not waltz in his kitchen, where all his family currently was, and give them the heartbreaking news myself. “Just wait until this whole excitement for Mali thing goes away, then we can do it, for sure this time.”

Groaning, I squeezed my eye lids shut, and crossed my arms over my chest tightly. In times like this, when Calum got all… I don’t know… pushy or maybe even a little clingy, it took a lot out of my to not just walk out and leave him behind to deal with all our messes on his own.

"Calum, we have to do it eventually.” I sighed, opening my eyes back up as I realized what was happening, once again. “We’re not getting back together, okay, we’ve already been over this so many other times.”

Taking a hold of my wrist, he pulled me back into his bedroom and away from any snooping ears. “I know we have went over this, but every time it’s just you talking, not me. I want to put my input out there for once y/n, this is a serious topic.” I nodded my head slowly at his frustrated tone, taking a seat on his queen sized bed as I waited for him to speak his mind.

"When you told me you wanted to take a break from each other, I thought you meant a short break that would only last a few weeks or months, I didn’t expect you to actually want to end it all, end what we built up over past nine years.” He started out, walking backwards and forwards in front of me, not looking me in the eyes at all as he talked. “I don’t want you to leave me y/n, I still love you and I’m not ready to let you go yet, as you probably can already tell.”

"I’ll always love you too Calum, just not like we used to back in high school and college. We’re both grown up now and have changed so much over the years that we aren’t the same people we feel in love with at the very beginning.” I took his small period of silence as an opportunity to tell him my say in this for the hundredth time.

"That happens to every couple y/n! They grow and change into different, better if you will, people together. That’s what we did! We grew together over the years and if you leave me now, it’s going to be like you’re taking a huge piece of me with you.” He sounded so sad, and I didn’t know what to say anymore that would make him his usual cheerful self. “Y/n, I know I wasn’t always the most understanding boyfriend in the world, and I know I got annoying and clingy at times, but that’s something so small that we can fix together. It’s all able to be fixed if you just communicate with me about whatever.”

"I tried to communicate with you so many times Calum, and every time, we fixed the problem for a couple days but then everything eventually went back to the normal and unwanted way it was before we talked.” I whined, resting my head into my hands. “I don’t want to lose you either, but we have never been strong on fixing the small and irritating things, and it’s seriously drawn us apart more than you may think.”

"Just give us one more try and I promise I won’t let you down this time.” He whispered, his eyes were watering to the point where his tears were brimming his eyelids.

I opened up my mouth to reply but nothing came out, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. And as I tried explaining that to Calum, that I needed a day or two to think about it all, a soft knock was heard from the other side of his closed bedroom door.

"Calum? Y/n? Are you two in there?” Joy, Calum’s mother, asked, jiggling the door handle in attempts to get into the bedroom with us. After giving a distraught Calum a conflicted look, I pulled myself up off his floor and towards his door, opening it for Joy to come in, while at the same time, I left.

"Good evening Joy.” I smiled politely at her, squeezing my way out into the hallway. “I’ve got to get going, but I’ll see you sometime soon, yeah?” I halfheartedly offered up, making my way to the stairs as I spoke.

"Alright honey, good seeing you.” She agreed before heading into Cal’s room to do whatever she originally planned to do in the first place, which was probably just go change his bed sheets and pillow cases.


While walking the short distance from Calum’s place to mine, I stayed in deep thought the whole way there.

Should I take him back and let him try to fix the small things? Should I just let him go, and promise both him and myself that this is really for the best, not the worst? If we did try again, would we even be able to work all the damaged areas out and fix the, now small and unusually unbearable, awkwardness between us?

I was so overwhelmed and confused that I was almost to the point of crying.

As soon as I stepped foot inside my apartment, I looked down at my phone for the first time since I left Cal’s house. Just now seeing that Calum had blown up my phone as I walked the whole way here. He had left over fifty texts and around twenty of more phone calls. So I quickly decided to call him up and see what was the matter, not even thinking about the situation we were in.

"What’s up? Why did you call and text me so many times? I was walking home.” I had my eyebrows furrowed as I walked absentmindedly around my apartment, awaiting his response.

Sighing was heard over the other end, a small inaudible grumble of something as well. “I just wanted to tell you, I respect whatever decision you make. If you want to work things out in our relationship, I’m definitely up for it. And if you want to end it here, once and for all, I won’t argue and I’ll tell my family as soon as I see them all together again.”

Thinking back to the many questions that soured through my head during my walk back to my place, I realized for a second time that, if we try again, there’s a very good chance that it won’t work and we will both be back in this same situation once again, but in a later point in our lives. Did I really want that? That’s something I had to decide, right here and right now.

"Calum, you know that I do love you, right?” I whispered, tears already flowing down my cheeks before I even told him my decision. And all I got in response from him was a hum in agreement. “Well, you’re going to love me a bit more now, because I’m going to make the big attempt to fix our semi messed up relationship.”

That’s when I heard a sigh of relief come from the other side of the line, along with a few light laughs through what sounded like quiet sobs.

I really had an huge affect on this boy and he had the same huge affect on me. I didn’t know what we were going to do, but everything and everyone is worth a seconds try, right? Let’s just hope that neither me, nor Calum will somehow mess this up for us again.

To the Moon and Back

Chapter 5: Surprises


Word Count: 2591

Character/Pairing: Sebastian x (f)Reader

Summary: You and Sebastian search for a new house a few months after you find out you are pregnant. You’ve been so sick from the pregnancy (much more than morning sickness) and you’re beginning to worry. At your checkup, you find out why.

Warnings: Puking

A/N: I tried really hard to make this chapter as fluffy as I could, but I don’t know. My fluffy juices weren’t really flowing! I’m excited for the next chapter though, I’m hoping you guys will like it :) xoxo

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

Sebastian pointed at the screen in front of you.

“That one looks nice.”

You scrolled over the picture to enlarge it. A sleek living room with large windows surrounded by white walls appeared in front of you. You clicked through a series of similar photos. Lots of white walls. Lots of hard floors.

“It’s a five bedroom. Two bath. That’s not too bad for the price,” he mentioned as he looked over your shoulder at the screen.

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