Before I went natural, some people tried to discourage me.  They told me I didn’t have the “right texture” for natural hair. They told me that natural hair could never be glamorous..But what they didn’t realize was that, in my mind I had already decided that ANY texture of natural hair, is the RIGHT texture..I decided that I was going to make my own beauty standards, because I have the right to do that. I realized that all of these “beauty standards” are opinions, made by humans, just like me. And their opinions just get passed on from generation to generation, until they are finally accepted as “fact.”

But you see, the tricky part is, they’re really not facts, they are still what they were to begin with, OPINIONS. And this extends beyond just hair.  There is no perfect body shape, weight, height, bra size, etc. I’ve really learned that in life, you are as great as you want to be, or you are whatever you allow society to trick you into believing you are. For example, if every time you turn on the television, you only see women with a certain body type receiving praise, please know, that it is not written in stone that a woman must have that body type in order to be considered beautiful. These are opinions. And your opinion is just as important as any other opinion, no matter how many people truly believe that their opinions are “facts” because society says so.

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My story takes place in the future where all the continents have converged into a supercontinent; Can I use the names of present day cities? Or should come up with my own? (I have tried name generators but they all sound too much like fantasy names)

Oh no, you’re going to make me eat my words! 

Not too long ago, I answered a question saying that it wasn’t necessary to have a mastery of plate tectonics just to do some world building… but here’s a definite exception. ;)

What you’re talking about is called Pangaea Ultima (or Pangaea Proxima) and it won’t happen for at least another 200 million years. We don’t know what humans will be like in 200 million years, but if we’re still around, it’s pretty safe to say that modern day cities and languages will be long forgotten. That said, you’d almost certainly want to go with words that have a fantasy sound to them, because what you’re writing will indeed be a fantasy, in that it is a world far removed from anything we know right now. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)  

I don’t know what I will do, I don’t know how I will handle the nights to come, I don’t think I am strong enough to keep this up, especially with uni and my job returning soon which will mean so much human contact and social situations, and the thought that this will last another three years or quite possibly the rest of my life just makes me panic, I can’t do this, how do people manage this? And I know I have people I could talk to (though every time I tried it was awful, miserable and embarrassing) but no matter how many times I go through this list in my head I can’t seem to manage to feel less alone and scattered, I know they are all their own people with their own pain and thoughts, somehow I feel so insignificant next to this. I want to be strong, but it’s just hurting so much, and no one knows about it so somehow it doesn’t seem real. I just want to sleep, but when I do it’s too much, I’m so scared I won’t be able to wake up in the morning when my job returns, I used to stay awake all night before because I was scared of oversleeping but now I’m going to start working more hours and can’t possibly stay awake 4 days straight, how the hell am I going to sleep? how am I going to wake up?I can’t do it! And it also means I will have to eat more, I work with children so I can’t fucking faint on them, I have to stay straight and cheery…. I’m so mad, there isn’t one single thing I can think of that makes me excited about life and the days to come, argh now this is just becoming a sick cliché I just really wanted someone to talk to, someone to hug and love knowing that they love me too, as much as I love them. I’m constantly scared I’m giving too much love and it always ends up with me giving no love at all, but I have so much to give.

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Hello! I am in love with your blog! :D I was just wondering if you knew any ways to have fun with a legacy/family, because I've tried about 46783478433 legacies and I always get bored... :c Have a nice day!

Hi nonny, 

Thank you. So when I used to get bored easily, I remember being super in control of everything, making sure my sims didn’t make mistakes and stuff and then with the Philomels, I kind of just let go. Let those sims pee themselves, let them catch fire, let them argue and fight because it’s fun. Sims are funny creatures and once they’re left to their own devices the game can be quite enjoyable. 

Also the fact that a roll decides things for me makes it more interesting. I don’t even choose their traits, I roll it. I roll their names, aspirations, etc. It makes it so fun and challenging. 

Hope this helps ♥

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Is astrology real? I read my natal chart and everything by idk if I should believe it or not

Is anything really real? Really…
Science has tried many times to prove that we ourselves in this reality exist, yet has failed at every turn, in fact…the mind has hinted many times that none of this is real.

Astrology in that sense is real to me, but only because I’ve studied my own natal chart by reading books etc and it actually does apply strongly to my life, to the point where it’s helped me gain confidence, heal old trauma and transform the aspects of myself I once abandoned. You can most definitely make astrology real for you if you have the soul conscious and wisdom to do so. But to just simply read a little bit of information off some random website, no I wouldn’t conclude it as real for you. Astrology is a subject in of itself, and most qualified astrologers are now required to have studied psychology also. So it’s not like some random gal writing a bit of Info in the newspaper that could easily relate to anyone…“you and one of your family members will have an argument this month”…who the fuck doesn’t?! 🙄

So yes if you’re going to take astrology seriously you need books and proper (self) education to do so 😊

  • me:*is copying a code and tries to understand*
  • friend:*looks at facebook newsfeed*
  • me:*fails to understand, deletes everything* you know what, screw this i'm making my own.
  • friend:heh, all that hard work...
  • me:it's not hard work when you're just copying it and i can't understand shit with these comments *gestures wildly at the code* i just don't
  • friend:*puts hands together and inhales... makes an imaginary rainbow* imagination rainbow
  • me:oh gawd... no... you do know how i feel about rainbows...
  • friend:*enjoys my suffering and googles for rainbows and poked me*
  • me:*makes disapproving noises*
  • friend:*searches for rainbow sans*
  • me and friend:... what...?
  • me:i am so done with rainbows...

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This is a weird ask and I'm sorry to bother you but I'm kinda looking for some advice. My self inserts OCs always start as me but they very quickly stop being me? Like they just become their own character and that's not always a bad thing but I just want a self insert to actually feel like me? I don't know how to either a) make an actually decent version of me because all the ones I've tried to make are trashy bc I'm gross or b) make a self insert OC who kinda still feels like me. Got any tips?


As someone whose self inserts are typically literally herself, I would say to maybe make your self inserts very true to your own physical appearance, and give them an altered version of your own upbringing and backstory that suits the context of the setting you’re inserting into.

And like it’s always fun for me to consider how I, personally, would interact with other characters, given what I know about how I interact with real people! It’s fun to imagine what so and so character would think of this trait about me, or the way I talk, or how I feel about so and so subject. 

One thing I always find really fun is imagining how my personality would influence the environment and characters around me, rather than everything characters influencing me as much. Of course, considering your self insert would likely have grown up in the setting, you do have to adjust some things about yourself to fit the world, but you have impact on the world, too! 

These are just some of the things I think about… if you need more help, let me know! And if you want help with specific stuff, feel free to ask! I like figuring out character stuff so I’d be willing to give some feedback~

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Lunson? (Miles/Blaine)

This was all we could find!


And He’s Good for Relieving My Tension by roxashighwind

Summary: It wasn’t sweet, wasn’t gentle. It was zero-to-sixty in the moment it took for their mouths to align, Blaine crowding into his space like he needed Miles’ lips against his own to survive. Miles’ arms wrapped around Blaine’s shoulders as he tried to give as good as he got. - Tensions were high after they finished filming ‘I Can Make You a Man,’ for the Free Play finale. [R]

WC: 2,497

♥ Tats & Ra


I’ve started a little lol who am I kidding, its going to be huge project… So i\ve decided to put all the lots I’ve started and finished into a new blank game and start my own world from scratch, building up all the towns and lots to create my very own world. Its something I’ve tried to do in pretty much every carnation of the game and I’ve never finished it, i even tried to make a world from scratch in the Sims 3…fingers crossed it goes better this time. 

In my game I’ve imaged that, as you can easily travel to every world, all the towns (except Granite Falls, which will remain a holiday destination) are located pretty close to each other and are part of the same large city, they sort of make up the various neighbourhoods or districts. So far I’ve only started work on two of them, once they are to a playable level i can move on to the other, just so if i get bored or really want to play i have at least got something. 

Magnolia Promenade - is the shopping district for all the towns, its the location of my main retail lots as well as places for sims to hangout. 

1. Cafe & Bakery - This lot contain the cafe and bakery as well as plenty of outdoor seating and the landmark monument tower. 
2. Magnolia Shopping Village - The larger of the retail lots, housing the clock tower and main clothing store, a small pub, a furniture store, the enclosed public square and three units yet to be filled. 
3. Magnolia Square - A second smaller retail lot, housing a small industrial type store, a possible women’s clothing or bridal store and a small second hand style store.
4. Restaurant Construction site - The future location of my bar/club/restaurant lot, currently a construction site. 

Willow Creek - The first of the 4 towns to get a makeover, this is most likely to become the main town of the world with the primary lots being located here.

5. Creekwood Hall - One of the largest and oldest houses in Willow Creek. 
6. Betsy’s House - A remake of the house lived in by my first sims in the Sims 3, looking at remaking Betsy as well at some point to move back in. 
7. The Pancake Residents - No photos as of yet, but i’ve started to do a little bit of a makeover to this house so if it turn out ok it might stay. 
8. 225 Main Street - A remake of the classic Sims 2 house, it was once of my favourites in the game so i just had to bring it back. 
9. Willow House - A remake of yet another of my favourite house i made in the Sims 3, this house never got finished in Sims 3 so i wanted to have a second go at it. 
10. Riddle Rose -  My version of Jenba’s exterior makeover moved over to this area of town as the balcony style matches that of the other houses. 
11. Streamlet Single - This is my makeover of the Sims 4 house still kept it in its original location. 
12. Daisy House - It will probably be renamed but is the largest house is this smaller estate with nice deck/veranda along one side overlooking the stream. 

I’m not enter sure what all the other lots are going to be yet, i have a few ideas i need to try out, but i wanted to share my progress and ideas so far… i’ll have to see how much i actually manage to do of this, but the beauty is i can always just download something of the gallery if i get bored of it and want to play haha. 


Believe it or not, but this actually happened in real life between me and @unu-nunu-art at the last Convention.

And to make it even more awesome, I was cosplaying as Ink and she as Error (she also sewed a Paperjam puppet). Neither of us knew how to play the infamous Pocky Game, but hey, at least we tried (and failed).

Error Sans belongs to loverofpiggies.tumblr.com
Ink Sans belongs to comyet.tumblr.com

Oh, and nice detail to add - I got the Pocky from the Blueberry and Lazy Carrot that accompanied us!

monsta x as family members

- barbecue dad
- tries his best
- wants to play with the kids but has a bad back

- elusive cousin
- everyone thinks he’s gay
- went to jail once

- confused older brother
- the real gay
- always on his phone

- crazy uncle who still thinks theyre 20
- makes the kids do wild shit cuz it’s funny
- sneezes really loudly

- wine mom
- gossiper
- makes potato salad at family reunions

- 12 yr old cousin
- rlly annoying
- makes random noises at inappropriate times

- nobody knows how hes related to anyone
- always sitting in the corner staring at the wall
- talks to bugs

Westallen Headcanons

  • It takes Barry two years to propose. Joe gets to the point where he flat out asks him why he hasn’t done so yet, and then Barry says that he has fears, about losing Iris, and how if he lost her the way his Dad lost his mom, he will never be able to get past that. Joe reminds him that he has come far, and that he should know by know that he makes his own future. ‘Don’t go back to being that scared kid that pushes people away in fear of losing them. Be the man that you have grown into, the one that takes chances, and rises above his own fears.’ Barry then tries to ask his permission and Joe tells him, ‘forget my permission, you have had that long before you ever dated, just do it, and Barry, I know that I don’t have to tell you not to hurt her. I trust you, and I love you both.’
  • Iris has a pregnancy scare before they get married. She gets a little upset that it would happen before they have married, and moved into their house. Barry says that if she is pregnant, they will be fine, because their baby will not care if they have their lives sorted, and that it will have parents that love it, and love each other. She is relieved when she finds out she is not, but at the same time, can’t wait for it to happen later on, because she knows the baby is going to have the best father, just like she did. Joe didn’t understand the issue, because he said, ‘you guy are getting married anyway. It’s not the old days, and if you were scared that I would be upset, then you really don’t know me. If you wait until you’re married, or have them tomorrow, I don’t care, I love you, and I will love those grandkids with everything I have.’
  • Jesse is the first to figure out that Iris is pregnant and tricks Barry into admitting it. Her and Wally are excited, and they share a group hug with Iris and Barry. Jesse and Wally then go on to yell, ‘we’re having a baby’ and talk about all the ways they are going to spoil it, and Iris and Barry look at them, shaking their heads. ‘If you need a babysitter, we can do it. You know, maybe we should just move in with them, Jesse, that way we can help.’ ‘You are going to let us be godparents, right?’ 
  • Iris has a moment of doubt during her pregnancy. Her fears of not being good enough, or being like her mother begin to cause her stress, even if they are irrational, and she asks Barry if she thinks they are ready. Barry looks at her and says, ‘Iris, you are not your mother. This baby is going to have the best mother, and I know that for a fact. You are the most maternal, and loving person that I have ever known. The baby is going to love you, and look up to you, and it will know the safest place in the world is going to be with you. I know that’s how it will feel because that is how everyone that has your love feels. You have so much to offer. You are brave, smart, beautiful, loving, and this baby is going to know every day, that it’s mother is the best thing to ever happen to it. This is not going to be a repeat of either of our upbringings. I love you, and I love our baby. It will grow up knowing that we love it, and will do anything to keep it safe, and that we love each other. This is our family.’

The point of Maya’s conversation with Josh wasn’t to show how much Maya’s life revolves around Riley. It continued on with Riley and Maya’s conversation at the end of the episode - it was to show how much Maya and Riley are willing to sacrifice for each other’s happiness. Maya tried to sacrifice who she was to make sure Lucas was a good enough guy for her best friend, and Riley tried to sacrifice her own romantic feelings for Lucas so Maya wouldn’t get hurt. I say “try” because neither Maya nor Riley ever let the other succeed in sacrificing herself. Maya didn’t fight harder for Lucas after finding out Riley still liked him, and Riley helped Maya find herself again. They’re the most loyal, sacrificial, and loving pair of best friends anyone could find, and that’s the point of this whole non-triangle.

Who is that?!
Today I didn’t even recognize my own reflection!

As I browsed in the mall, I passed a mirror and was a bit confused at first…
My brain quickly tried to make sense of the image there in that store mirror…

I really don’t take time to look completely and fully at myself… Day to day errands, work, gym, and other life happenings often have been a distraction to seeing the actual changes that have been going on the past 11 months.

It dawned on me - it is almost my One Year Anniversary since my gastric sleeve surgery.

Whether you are considering weight loss surgery or already had the procedure…
Take time to notice your progress - doesn’t matter how big or small.

Small changes everyday… Add up to Big differences later.

It’s a phenomenal feeling, Trust me.