I finally made Mary Margaret Blanchard’s loft! it was quite quick to make but really fun! I wish I have something like that because it’s really cosy and pretty, for an industrial building haha I tried - I write ‘tried’ - to make something industrial so there are a lot of stuff from Get to Work. I obviously needed to improvise the outside since we never saw it. have fun!

name of the house: Cosy Industrial Loft
username: Cristalline 93

(ps : don’t hesitate to request! I need to practice anyway!)

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Okay, headcanon time! Kanda gets bored with his usual ponytail and tries different hairstyles: braids, buns and the combinations of these and his favourite hairpins are pink lotuses, perfect to stab people who try to bully him for it.

When Kanda first met Lena she was like !!! u have long hair too i must shOW YOU HOW TO MAKE IT PRETTY!! and he grudgingly allowed her to teach him how to braid his hair and put it in a bun bc it made her happy (and Lena was not happy often, so he let her do what she pleased just to see her smile) 

Kanda and Lena do each other’s hair and Kanda sometimes holds hair parties where he does everyone’s hair. Cross now knows how to do a perfect fishtail braid bc of them. 

Signs In A New Relationship

Aries: Is really like over affectionate like shit bitch chill. 

Taurus: says ‘i love you’ way too fast. stop that. 

Gemini: tries to make plans 24/7. its really annoying.

Cancer: is way 2 clingy for no reason. fuck off. 

Leo: never wants to stop kissing. has cooties.

Virgo: is actually pretty lit. don’t suggest sex. they’re VIRGins.

Libra: is mean but tough love is their thing. 


Sagittarius: doesn’t get in relationships. fuck feelings lmao.

Capricorn: is kind of distant but also clingy at the same time.

Aquarius: takes a while to open up but is annoying aggressive. 

Pisces: acts mature about it. be a pisces.

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Holy shit, he tried to start a cult? This is becoming more and more like Manson/Jim Jones...

I mean, yea, he’s got the weird mentality of a cult leader, essentially (here’s a post describing that a bit). He tried to make this “religion” called Sicesca and it was really… just pretty cult like and down right creepy, honestly. I made this post discussing how just weird and creepy it is and I compared it to other famous cult leaders. I also have just a general cults tag (most of it is the same post, though).

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I see that Arthur enjoyed Francis's commanding tone. *wink wonk*

Oh haha yes, Arthur enjoys both dominating and being dominated. I’d say dominating a little more so because let’s be honest, he’s got a thing for power, but it’s not like he is against bottoming.

However, in his punk years I’d imagine he’d be really interested in getting that sort of less “fluffy” domination from Francis; as it’s unnatural from Francis and that makes Arthur’s heart race when he thinks about it.

Which Francis tries to do it, he really does, but he’s not really that good at it. He always spoils the mood with some comment about how pretty Arthur’s eyes are or something else practically dripping with romance and unbridled affection.

This is not to say Francis cannot be aggressive or even rude (as my comic sort of implies he can’t be but that’s not the case because he would never be rude to specifically Kat), and he most certainly is if Arthur angers him, but they don’t do the whole “hate sex” thing. Nor Francis nor Arthur are interested in that.

Sorry this got so long hahaha, I just enjoy discussing fr//uk a lot

You know what, I’m just gonna go ahead and make a general disclaimer asking that people not say sexual things to or about my characters.

That Norannti comment left a pretty sour taste in my mouth to be honest.

Literally did not ask what that person’s opinion of her was.

I’m not an RPer and I am ESPECIALLY not an ERPer, I don’t want that shit here, I WILL disable anonymous if it happens again. 


Well that excerpt you shared of Norman’s interview in Men’s Fitness magazine is definitely disappointing. For a man on the backside of 40 with his life experience, Norman does not come off well. I know my opinion is not going to be popular here but it takes more than a beautiful body to make a man attractive. He just has no depth to his character and comes across as a commitment-phobic, immature narcissist, ducking any responsibility for his relationships, putting the blame squarely on his partner. Yep he really tries to understand and ‘know’ the woman in his life. Makes his girlfriend sound pretty replaceable, interchangable.

~~MOD~~ Its more popular than you think.


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He seemed to.. chase the darkness away, and when he did, I wasn’t scared anymore.

Total credit for this idea goes to @santathegrey (see their original post here). I thought it was super clever and kind of perfect so I asked if I could try making a gifset for it and here we are! c:

~30min morrigan doodle before getting back to action! i’m a pretty slow artist, and i blame that to the fact i don’t practice as much as i should. i tried to make every brush stroke count, especially on the face. but then i got to her necklace and spent wayyyy too long disguising the fact i had no idea what i was doing.OTL

good news to my March backlog, I may be able to start working a little sooner than expected. I hope to start sending out emails next week! thank you for your patience :D