Sadly I keep hitting art block/lack of motivation lately.  I don’t know if it’s work exhausting me or what but lately its a hard fight to get anything done. :/ The next Trixie arc update will be up next week!  

So instead of a regular update I will show you something I’ve been working on.  secretshipfic has become huge at bronycon and I really liked the idea of making some Out of Work Derpy Themed cards.  It’s still a work in progress and I’d like to make at least one ship and goal card as well…  I’m pretty much done with this one I’m just not 100% on the power yet…  It just might be too OP.  Or at the very least a pain in the butt XP I also tried to emulate Pixel Prism’s adorable art style to match the cards. I think it looks kinda close.    

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How do you think modern Eponine and Cosette would react to seeing each other again for the first time since JVJ took Cosette

Right, so I think this would have to do a lot with how much Victor Hugo hand-waving we’re doing about Cosette remembering her past.  (I have to admit I’m usually guilty of all the hand-waving when I’m writing fics because I’m a lazy fuck who likes making them friends instead of dealing with all the complications that would otherwise come up.)

For the sake of this ask, I’m calling it that Cosette might not remember it super well, but she does still have memories of it.  She was young and it was traumatic so she shoved those memories back pretty far. Plus things have gotten so much better; she tries her best not to dwell on the memories of dark forests and cold nights and thin clothes and loneliness when she has her papa making every new day so wonderful and bright.

Éponine wouldn’t have had that luxury.  For her, those really were some of the best days.  Her family had more money then and her mother’s negative attention was focussed on this other child while she and Azelma were showered with the affection.  Jean Valjean taking Cosette away was also him taking away the other girls’ protective barrier; with her gone all the abuse that had been directed elsewhere was now theirs to bear.

Their very first meeting probably wouldn’t have made too much of a stir though.  Cosette doesn’t even recognize Éponine at first (from the memories being largely buried and with so many years changing how they look, she wouldn’t) and it’s only a fluke that Éponine does. Cosette looks different. Whenever Éponine thinks back to the other little girl that had lived in their house she remembers messy, mousy brown hair and dirty skin and sad eyes.  This girl’s skin seems to glow, her hair is thick and well kept, she’s wearing beautiful clothing, and she’s smiling like the sun – she is healthy and happy and radiant and looks nothing like the little girl Éponine remembers (and looks nothing like Éponine).  Really, she only realizes it’s her when she hears someone say her name.  And that first time, Éponine’s mostly just curious  to see this part of her childhood – the one part of her childhood that was somewhat pleasant – reappearing.  But I think it would turn into resentment quickly enough because here’s this girl who somehow won the lottery and had someone take her away and who’s gotten every wonderful thing that Éponine could never have even wished for.  She has a gentle, caring father who loves her, a big, comfortable home, spending money, nice clothes, support, the chance to explore hobbies and make friends.

And underneath all of that would be this tiny, niggling worm of guilt. Because Cosette might not but Éponine remembers.  She remembers how they treated her, how her parents treated her, and that’s what stops Éponine from saying anything more to Cosette for a long time. Talking to Cosette would, in a way, be admitting to that time, admitting that she was in some way wrong (admitting that she was, in some way, her parents.  And that thought was unbearable).

The first time they meet when they both recognize each other?  It would have been… uncomfortable, to say the least.  Probably Éponine was around the other Amis, maybe hanging out with Marius, when Cosette suddenly just appears and is joining them before Éponine and get away and suddenly they’re being properly introduced.  And it takes a moment, just a moment, before Éponine can see the connection being made in Cosette’s head and then the look of horror appear.  Cosette’s standing up immediately, hands drawn to her chest, looking anxious and confused and as desperate as Éponine feels to not be there.  Because Éponine?  As in Éponine Thénardier?  The Thénardiers’ oldest daughter?  (As in the girl that tormented her?  The girl that took away her toys and got the nice clothes and watched her while she had to work and carry and scrub?  The girl that didn’t say anything when she got kicked or who pinched her when she passed?  That Éponine? Cosette didn’t say, but Éponine could hear it on her tone.)

After that it probably goes down hill.  Éponine would feel attacked – she’s being judged, old actions that she has grown to understand better and now regrets are being brought up, she’d feel frustrated that she should have to feel bad for this girl at all who now has everything, plus this is putting her homelife and childhood dangerously close to being on display for a lot of people she likes and who she really wants to respect her.  (Because this is a ficlet so of course there’s going to be Amis around, of course this has to be on public display.)  So she’s sarcastic and cold and nasty.  Never outright mean, per se, but very prickly and very defensive.

And for Cosette this is a nightmare reborn in the light of day.  This is her childhood.  This is one of her abusers, standing among her friends, being introduced to her by someone she might like as more than a friend.  This is all the safety and stability she’s had for years now feeling like it could crumble at any moment.

So after a minor social explosion, they both try to escape as quickly as possible.

It’d be… hard, after that.  Because no one wants to kick either person out of the group and no one else really knows everything that’s happened between the two but they’re also really clearly uncomfortable with each other.  So mostly they’re kept on opposite ends of the room and don’t interact with each other much and the rest of the Amis try to keep it from getting to awkward or uncomfortable and try to make sure that neither girl is excluded.  (Okay, while also being nosy assholes who are trying to figure out what in the world this drama is??)

If things are to progress beyond that, I think it’d have to be Cosette to make the first move.  Éponine would be too stubborn and feel both too jilted and too guilty to do it first.  So Cosette needs to either decide she needs to face her demons and take control of them, or for her to see Éponine in a moment of weakness (bad day with her family? Worried about Gavroche?  Just general sucky life things?) and go to try to help because, well, this is still Cosette.  Even with all the memories she has of the Éponine of her childhood, if she saw her crying or something after a meeting she would at least have to ask if she was okay and if she could get someone to help her.  For whatever reason though, they finally, hesitantly talk.

And man this will take time. (Why I hardly ever try to tackle it in fics – this is way too long-haul a problem to confront with secondary characters.)  They both have a lot of issues to work out.  It would require both of them making a lot of personal boundaries and making sure they take care of themselves while doing this.  But slowly they get a chance to talk – for Éponine to tell someone who was there what life is like now and how she’s scared for her siblings, for Cosette to talk about what happened to her to someone who understands the circumstances even if the guilt nearly chokes Éponine some days because, really, this needs to be said and confronted by both of them.

(After they get a little closer though, imagine Cosette inviting Éponine over to supper at her place some evening.  Valjean being very leery about this because he remembers Éponine, but then softening when starts to pick up what life has been like for Éponine since then and the place she’s at now.  (Imagine the Valjean-guilt when he realizes that, yes, he got Cosette, but he left those other children in that home – even if it seems like the parents doted on the little girls at the time he could have done something because god knows he feels like he needs to save the world.)  Imagine Éponine just having a good time and eating a warm meal and spending time with Cosette tentatively trying to reconnect and watch movies and other safe, neutral things that have her in a protected environment away from her home. Dldk;afjsdf Imagine with Cosette’s help, Éponine and Valjean figuring out a way to get her siblings away from the Thénardiers, either into Éponine’s custody or maybe into Valjean’s and just everyone!!! being safe!!! and recovering!!! and growing!!!)


Steve, you’re looking a little single-minded there…


Okay Steeb.  You just drew a heart star on your chest in blood while saying “Bucky needs me.”  I could not make this shit up if I tried.


Conclusion:  Planet Hulk is Steve’s Epic Quest To Find Bucky.  With dinosaurs, and dystopian gladiator costumes.  Pretty much the best thing ever.


(Written for Fandot Creativity Night and the prompt ‘sparks fly.’)

Mallory reached across the sink to grab her toothbrush, bumping shoulder to shoulder with Cat in the process.

Sharing a bathroom wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Mallory expected she’d have to when she signed up for housing through the university. It was part of the experience, she told herself, just like late night study sessions and overly loud student parties. All things considered, sharing a bathroom was actually a pretty tolerable thing.

Except for the fact that Mallory had an incredibly awkward crush on her roommate.

The physical contact made Cat glance at her. Mallory tried not to stare into her warm brown eyes but they were too close, Cat’s gaze too captivating, and she knew she was failing miserably. Cat stopped brushing her ridiculously lovely hair and her eyes drifted down, away from Mallory’s, making Mallory bite her lip.

Mallory tried to clear her throat. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

Words lost all sense of meaning when Cat touched a hand to Mallory’s face, turning towards her in the too small, too, too small space. She looked up at Mallory again, leaning towards her as Mallory clutched her toothbrush.

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The Worst Of Me

Fandom/Character: Supernatural – Dean Winchester
Request: [Anonymous] Hello, love. First of all I want to say that I love your works. They are awesome. That’s why I would like to request a Demon!Dean x Reader story. The reader knows nothing about monsters and demons and angels and one day she finds Demon!Dean all bloody, but it’s not his blood. She helps him and he likes her because she is genuinely good, innocent and kind of shy. She listens to him and tries to make him feel better, but he hurts her somehow and feels terribly bad. Just some Deanmon fluff. Thanks!
Warnings: Blood.
Word Count: 3702

A/N: Haven’t written Demon!Dean before so not sure how it turned out, he’s hard to write (and I’m pretty sure I made him way too nice even in this scenario but oh well). But here you go, anon, hope you like it! Sorry for any mistakes I might have missed.

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My FNAF Guard Fusions! :D I tried really hard to make some of them as horrifying as possible while still being mildly recognizable! :>

1. On Hold - (Pierce Gein AKA Purple Guy/Prescott Graham AKA Phone Guy) Very bad, toxic fusion; my Purple Guy and Phone Guy really, really despise each other. In this fusion their personalities mix and separate in a really odd way. 

Prescott is able to usually stay in control, but that is only because when combined, Pierce gets a conscious and becomes extremely withdrawn and disgusted with himself for the crimes he’s committed.

Prescott on the other hand pretty much absorbs Pierce’s Malevolent A.S.P.D, and because he’s stuck with someone he loathes, he is constantly on edge and irritable. He will cover it up with fake cheerfulness and try to lure you in with the promise that he is in control and would never hurt anyone. In actuality if you trigger their now shared hypersensitivity he will lash out and kill you immediately with his creepy pointy leg-feet.

2. Mr. Fritzgerald - (Fritz Smith/Jeremy Fitzgerald) They’re best friends-Fritz has a little crush on Jeremy though-and work really well together. This fusion fears nothing, because he can’t. This is due to Fritz having Urbach-Wiethe disease. Extremely thin in appearance, but actually quite strong and athletic due to Fritz and Jeremy being members of their school’s basketball and football teams respectively. Also quite tall, like Jeremy is standing on Fritz’s shoulders and then some, making the fusion a towering 15 feet tall.

3. I Need A Raise - (Jeremy Fitzgerald/Mike Schmidt) In the few times that Mike tried to contact and ask Jeremy about FFP they didn’t really get along, but that was because Jeremy really hates talking about his former place of employment, especially because of the accident. If they had met under different circumstances (like Mike being a little less forward with the questions) they probably would’ve become decent friends. They would’ve meshed well and bonded over their experiences with the hellish kid’s restaurant. 8 feet.

4. Stockholm Syndrome - (Pierce Gein/Mandy Andrews) This is based on an AU I developed where PrG doesn’t kill the kids, to instead pursue a relationship with his coworker Mandy. (He figured murdering the kids would put a damper on his attempts to win her affection) In the AU, they would’ve eventually gotten married before Pierce reminds us that he is a huge asshole by psychologically tormenting her with verbal and emotional abuse.

She would go on to develop Stockholm Syndrome and feel compelled to stay with him, despite the obvious abuse. Before this happens, she-sadly-warms him up to the idea of having kids. They had like, 7. One day he would snap, and kill the four youngest ones, along with her to make it look like she was depressed and wanted to take them with her. He left for work and had the three oldest ones discover her and their siblings’ bodies after getting home from school. Those kids were able to live with him until they were old enough to move out, they survived and still can’t tell whether that’s a good thing or not.

That is essentially what this fusion is based on. Probably even more toxic then ‘On Hold’. Prone to violently scratching them self, and screaming in pain. Doesn’t talk, only whispers and talks in a paranoid fashion to them self. 6 feet.

5. Happy Accidents - (Prescott Graham/Maria Graham) Based on the sweet, loving relationship between my Phone Guy and his wife. Named as such because he got her pregnant when they were both 17, so he got his shit together and worked hard to make a good environment to raise his kid in. Turns out they were actually very well suited to be together for the rest of their lives, one of which was tragically shorter than it should have been. Sweet, kind, encouraging, but more than willing to lie and pretend the situation isn’t as bad as it really is if it will prevent panic and fear. 7 feet.

6. Fuck You Purple Guy - (Mike/Jeremy/Prescott) And then the prominent guards team up to hunt down Pierce and beat the fucking shit out of him. Stable simply for the sole purpose of fucking Pierce’s shit up. Not based on any AU because there really is no way to save Prescott so Mike could never really properly meet him. Mostly just a fun little idea I came up with. 22 feet.

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I do admit I have it better as youngest, but only bcuz I have never really tested/ fought with my parents. Both my older sisters yell at my parents at least once a week (and one doesn't even live with us) and im pretty sure both have physically tried to hurt my parents. Anyway, my sister yells at me all the time bcuz my mom sometimes treats me a little softer (probably bcuz she's so rude to my mom) and idk what to do, it makes me feel guilty but i just try to be good so in not a burden to anyone

What are your sisters DOING why are they physically hurting your parents what the f

Steven Universe Edits
I'll be posting edits I've done of Steven Universe characters! Don't take me too seriously, I sure...

can we all just agree that we should report or something? :\ pretty stupid blog. They hate black people…… and they tried saying it was for their father….. I legit don’t believe it. AND why did she make them all blonde & mostly all have blue eyes. AND they are editing other peoples gemsona’s :c

And they keep posting THIS.

Can we just all block them/report them?

juliascookie amazingalouette This is a drawing.. (drawn by me) I basically morphed both of your ideas together with what I had in my mind (weird, trippy ik) which I thought were pretty cool. One had the idea of a Kirby with a apple and also a rose and the other had the idea of animals with nature. This post is a thank you! Thank you for letting me get both of your ideas. *tries to make caption short but fails because there is a lot going on with this drawing* Drawing belongs to me and me only Thank you Danke Arigato Spacibo Merci Gratias Grazie :)


mydarlingwhatifyoufly, my first attempt to share for your skin positivity day. I forgot about it and had put make up on, so I will do another selfie when I get home and wash my face to show off my freckles and acne some more. The photo of my arm is because of my eczema. Right now it’s semi-tame, but it can get pretty bad. I don’t even notice it until it gets really bad. People comment on it daily with their “tips” on how to get rid of it (“really, you don’t say, cortisone would get rid of it?” Not that I haven’t tried that a few times already)! EDIT: I’m a day early, I just noticed that, oh well! I can post the non-makeup selfie tomorrow!


This is how I’m dealing with the VQ wait… I’ve tried to sneak in as many references as I could. I remember David saying at one point how it would have been cool for the Daughter of Space to have a skeleton kind of… shining through somehow? I may be making it up but. I ran with it and I think it looks cool.

Also, Professor Elemental riding a sky shark :)