Hey everybody! So a lot of things happened in my life in the past months and I did a lot of thinking about who I am and I’m here today to thank the people who stood by my side when I needed them the most. I was supposed to make a celebration pack when I reached 4k but I didn’t because I was lazy so since I reached 4.7k followers yesterday (jfc guys where do u all even come from), I decided to make this little something to thank every single one of you who still don’t hate me.

Firstly I wanna thank my squad, my meme crew, who are the best people in my life and I’m so lucky to call you my friends:

✩ blingerish ✩ need-i-remind-you ✩ minjup ✩ leetaememe ✩ stoptaemin ✩ kwibom ✩ namhuns ✩ keychubum ✩ kimkibottom ✩ amigonew ✩ nipplesxoxo ✩ keybuman ✩ keyolo ✩ tokkichia ✩ dinobummie ✩ trick-or-tae ✩ jonghyuneritis ✩ bartholonew ✩

And of course the wonderful blogs that I follow and look up to:

herewegobebe ✩ goomiho ✩ key-goonjonghyunar ✩ flamingpuppy ✩ jjongs-key ✩ jong-bum ✩ fantaesies ✩ taetastic ✩ jagiyajinki ✩ jonghyuns-flat-ass ✩ closetmvp ✩ jinkiminkiki ✩ minkisschu ✩ baby-mino ✩ minghouls ✩ draculaoppar ✩ playboytaemin ✩ key-is-my-wife-k ✩ taemburton ✩ z-co ✩ tmntyn ✩ kingleejinki ✩ on-ho ✩ taemajesty ✩ shinees-back ✩ feathersfloat ✩ keyvictim ✩ taerection ✩ taeminsdicksuckinglips ✩ taekey ✩ spookychanyeol ✩

so yes thank you everyone for following me and supporting me and you’re all amazing and I’m sorry if the edit is crap, but I tried my best, therefore you cannot judge me. 

love, somni ❤