Promise (Rafe Adler x Reader)

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A/N: So here’s a Rafe imagine, the ending regarding Rafe at the end of the game is different here (he doesn’t die). Hope you like it!

You were presently seated in a chair at the hospital waiting to be called in. Tapping your fingers lightly against your knee, you were feeling rather nervous about what was going to happen next. This was not just some ordinary visit to the hospital, you were here to see someone, this someone being Rafe. 

A long time had passed since you last saw Rafe, and recalling the day you parted ways wasn’t exactly a pleasant memory, more so to him than you. You didn’t like to dwell over the past, but being here right now left you no choice but to remember what had happened. You had betrayed him.  It was a deal gone wrong, you were meant to be partners in crime always having each other’s back, but that’s not how it played out. Betraying him meant breaking all the promises that were made, and the love you shared slowly turning into hate. Over time you came to regret your actions, but it was too late, and the past could no longer be changed. You knew that Rafe would never want to see you again, so you had kept your distance for so long. However, this time it was different. After hearing about what went down on Avery’s ship you had to see him. Which led up to this moment with you sitting outside his room at the hospital. 

Only minutes had passed which felt more like hours, the door finally creaked open and the doctor came outside. You shot up to your feet, facing the doctor in hopes to hear some good news. “You may go inside to see him.” The doctor nodded in approval moving to the side and away from the door, leaving the doorway free for you to enter. Thanking the doctor, you slowly moved your way over to the doorway, your hands slightly shaking from the nerves. You didn’t know what to expect.

Finally entering the room, you stop yourself from moving any further and stand near the entrance. Your eyes wandering to the corner of the room where Rafe was laying. You move your shaking hands, placing them over your mouth to cover from the shock of what you were seeing. You didn’t realise how hurt he really was, it almost seemed like a miracle that he was able to survive all that, but you were glad to see that was the case. 

With your hands by your side now, you moved closer to the bed where he was resting. His eyes still closed, you didn’t think he’d notice that you were even here. Pulling up a chair next to the bed, you finally took a seat right next to him not really knowing what to do or say.

“You know they said I had a visitor. When they told me who it was I didn’t want to believe it, and yet here you are.” Rafe spoke, his voice low and raspy. This took you by complete surprise, he must have known that you were here all along. It was difficult to judge by the tone of his voice whether those were welcoming words or those of despise, you were willing to bet that the latter was true. 

“Rafe…” You trail off, trying to think of something to say but no matter how hard you tried the words just wouldn’t come out of your mouth. With silence surrounding the both of you, Rafe opened his eyes, you could see how tired they were. He must have been through a lot. 

“Did you come here to mock me?” His words were like a needle piercing through your heart with a slight hint of anger attached to them. You were hurt, but you couldn’t blame him for feeling the way he was. After all, you were the one who did him wrong, and not the other way around.

Taking this as your queue to say something, your mind was juggling ideas trying to find the right words to say, “I’m so sorry Rafe, for everything.” His eyes flicker for a moment, but no words come out of his mouth. You decide to continue, “Ever since that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I did to you, if only I could take it all back I would.” You really did mean it. 

“Tell me (Y/N) why are you really here?” His voice remains neutral, but something about his face says that he was intrigued in what you had to say next. It was always difficult to tell what Rafe was really feeling, he was always so good at hiding his true emotions, even now it was no different. 

“I came here to see you. I was worried about you Rafe…I promise you that.” You reply truthfully. Rafe examines you with his eyes for a moment, almost as if he was making sure you were telling the truth. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” His words stung, you felt so sad which was evident on your face. Looking up at him, you noticed for just a short moment his eyes changed the way they looked at you. Was it sadness? It looked as if he almost wanted to take those last words back, but just like that the moment was gone and he’s eyes changed back to the way they were. 

“Please Rafe, let me help you.” You try your best to get through to him. You move your hand from your lap and place it on his arm. This time catching him off guard, taking in a deep breath you notice that his body began to relax to your touch. Feeling more like the old Rafe you knew, you felt slightly relieved. 

A moment of silence passed until Rafe spoke again, “You know (Y/N) I missed having you around, I never did understand why you left like that.” His voice was calm, but the words were tainted with feelings of hurt. Your absence truly did have an impact on him, and it was only now you were starting to see how much you meant to him. 

“I’m so sorry Rafe, I never meant it to end like that.” You look at him apologetically, wishing you could change the past right at this moment. All the memories came flooding back of the time you two spent together, it was such a happy moment in your life. “We were pretty great treasure hunters” you recall and smile to yourself. You notice that Rafe has a slight smirk on his face, which made you glad in return. 

“We still…” He trailed off unfinished, it seemed like he wanted to say more but stopped himself from doing so. You knew it was going to take time before all these bad feelings are finally left behind, and to be able to mend the relationship you both once hand. You were willing to do whatever it takes for this to happen, and hope that Rafe won’t push you away. 

“How about you get some rest now.” You move your other hand slowly, and place it on top of his head, brushing your fingers gently against his skin. You could see how tired he was, amazed that he even had the energy to talk to you. 

“What about you, will you still be here?” His eyes roaming over your face, looking for an answer. You move your hand down his arm, taking his hand in yours and hold it gently. 

“I’m not going anywhere Rafe, I won’t ever leave you again. I promise.” You did mean it. Satisfied like he found the answer he was looking for, Rafe eventually closes his eyes and slowly drifts off to sleep. 

That night you sat there by his bedside, with his hand in yours hoping to one day look back at this as the start of something new. 

BTS´ Reaction to You burning the Breakfast sausage


*Sees burnt sausage* ¨Never mind then¨ *eats oreo*

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¨Its Okay you tried. But just let me make them next time¨

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¨Its not like I could of done any better¨

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¨Not again Y/N Im going to have to buy more Won´t I¨

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¨Im way too hungry to let this go to waste¨  *Crunches on burnt sausage*

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¨Im no longer hungry ¨

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He knows but he doesnt know– ¨Did you do something new to the sausage¨

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OKAY. so thats my first one seems legit right my mom gave me the idea

new one tomorrow the requests are always welcome just nothing you wouldnt want your grandma to question you about.