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Hi! ^^ Can you please write longer imagine with kinky Sehun using force? I know you answered once a similar ask but it would be amazing if you could describe the whole situation with him being dominant etc. It would be amazing! Btw I love your blog. I check it every day hoping you posted something new! <3

naw thanks darling <3 okay this did not turn out how I imagined. I hope its good. 

Guys dont ask me to do this again please :D it takes way to long for just one!

You had just gotten home from work/uni and are walking through the front door. You begin to yell out ‘Sehun I’m home’ but are cut short by a pair of lustful lips seeking access into your mouth. You let out a small moan into his kiss and he pulls back. “where have you been young lady?” he tries to hold back a smirk. You frown at him “Sorry?”. he moves in closer and pins you to the back of the door. He leans down an whispers into your ear “you should be” before he picks you up and wraps your legs around his waist before he slams you back into the door. His tongue moves it’s way into your mouth and explores you with need. You hardly have time to breathe. He uses on of his hands to reach up you skirt and begins to slide off your underwear. Everything is moving so fast but you manage to get his shirt off him. You try to take control of the dominance by kissing him harder but Sehun just pins you down harder. Smiling under the kiss. He turns around and carries you to the bedroom. He pushes you down on the bed and proceeds to rip his jeans off before following you on to the bed. Your hands try to wander up his chest but it’s short lived as he slams your wrists down onto the bed and pins them above your head. He begins to grind against you really fast and you can feel him member getting harder in between your legs. He lets your hands go as his moves down your body and comes in between your legs. Any remaining clothing you had on is gone now. He pushes your legs apart with force and a small sound escapes your throat. He starts nipping at the soft sensitive skin before he delves into you. Sucking hard on your clit has you so close to orgasiming. You lower your hands to play with his hair and he stops. A moan of protest escapes your lips. “Am I going to have to tie you down baby?”. you shake your head victoriously.  With a smile he licks his lips before he comes down to kiss you deeply making you taste yourself.  He whispers “good”. Without warning Sehun begins to pound into you hard and fast and with such lust and power he has you screaming his name in seconds. You try to pulls him closer but he just pins your hands above your head again. Riding you he feels your body rocking and shaking with pleasure. You buck your hips and Sehun pushes down further on you to make sure you can’t move. “If you keep moving jagi I won’t let you cum” he snickers with a deep breath. You resign all dominance and let Sehun force you around the bed. In the end Sehun ties you down and teases you endlessly and forcing you to give him a blow job and watch him touch himself before he finally lets you cum. 

Wow good job me. This is so not what you wanted I just got carried awayyy