That awkward moment when someone from the other class hugged you for dear life because of a prank that is always given randomly each year and it just so happens that a cute girl named Hinata was the victim this time.

Apparently, little sasuke couldn’t help but stood frozen in his place out of embarrassment because the whole class started teasing them together.

(The prank is up to your imagination. lol)

A few years later…

Yup. they became close friends up until to this day and Sasuke couldn’t stop himself reminding Hinata of the past whenever he gets the chance.coughs he’s totally crushin’ on her ever since and she doesn’t need to know coughs.


i like to think that ‘incapable southerner mage’ becomes something like a running joke between those two once the lady inquisitor warms up to this weird tevinter and they become mage besties

only when viv is out of earshot tho

i finally had a dream about chris evans (or maybe it was steve I’m not sure)

i was on some dumb game show type thing. i had to answer trivia questions about chris evans? and if i got this one question right my prize was getting to touch his abs lmao

apparently i was really impatient or something because i gave my answer before i had heard the entire question. it had something to do with the shape of his body and my answer was ‘dorito’

when i finally saw him he had a shirt on so apparently i got the answer wrong. i told him he looked amazing even with a shirt on and then under my breath i said something about how a shirt didn’t make much difference because they were always so tight

Syncopate Our Hearts

Dean has a bad day at work, Cas makes it better.
a bit of smut, more of fluff.
word count: 1,529
read on ao3

The clock struck 7, when Dean pushed his key and opened his front door. He was greeted by silence, and he furrowed his eyebrows. He was usually greeted by the sound of Cas singing off key to the radio.

He adjusted the strap of his bag and quickly closed the door; he made his way to the bedroom, slightly worried. He found Castiel lying on the bed, eyes closed, holding a book in his hand. The room was littered with papers, ones that he knew were story ideas that Cas didn’t like. Dean knew that his boyfriend had spent the day writing his new novel.

He smiled, gently, as he put his bag away. He walked to the bed, and sat down. Cas’ eyes flew open at the sudden shift in the bed, and he smiled lazily at Dean. Dean’s heart fluttered as crystal blue eyes stared at him, and he bent down, catching Cas’ lips with his own.

Cas’ hand cradled the back of Dean’s head, and they kissed. It was gentle, a hello and an I love you mixed together in a press of lips. They broke apart for air, and Dean nipped along Cas’ bottom lip, eliciting a moan. Cas cupped his face and pushed him away.

“Dean.” The low rumble of Cas’ voice left goose bumps across Dean’s skin. That voice would never fail to send shivers down Dean’s spine. “What are doing home? I thought you had a meeting.”

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anonymous asked:

A girl moved to my school recently.When she first came she wasn't social at all. At school she was always alone.I kinda felt bad so I started to chat with her and hit it off pretty well and eventually dragged her with me to introduce her to my friends. And after visiting her place to watch some movies I'm absolutely infatuated her now (shit). I want to do stuff with her, maybe make a move for once in my life, but she never wants to go out, even in a group. I can't get my mind off her. What do.

maybe talk to her friends (if she has any because she just moved) and ask them if she feels the same way about you? Or you could just ask to go on a date to the movies or something.

send me

  • crush stories/descriptions (irl or tumblr)
  • scene phase stories (these r my fav tbh)
  • fmks 
  • slutty confessions
  • embarrassing stories
  • cute stories
  • ask me for advice 
  • tbh anything just talk to me 


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What means your nick ?

Well my usual nickname is Aya but someone already use it…
So I just added the suffix -ish to Aya. Meaning what you see there is a more or less accurate representation of me. Idk if i made myself clear with this explanation… x)

SO YEAH basically : AYA + ISH = AYAISH.

(and please please please call me Aya not ayaish ;w;)

YAYYYYYY!!! So, because it’s been two months and two days since I started this blog (oh my goodness, I didn’t think I’d stay this longXD) and I reached a follower milestone of mine, I shall do my first ever follow forever! I’m not completely sure how this goes, but I’ll try my best!

Before that, though, I would like to thank all of my followers! I know that one should first and foremost blog for oneself and that approval from others is not the goal, it still made me happy to see my followers happy or at least pay attention to my blog lol. Each and every one of you and your support mean a lot to me; so thank you all!!!<33

Now, these are the blogs I’m following! All of them are great and definitely worth checking out!! I tried my best to list them down, but there might be some mistakes still.

Bold = mutuals; all my mutuals are super awesome and kind, plus all their blogs are beautiful stuff!

Italicized = friends/we talked/maybe, even if it was literally one comment(even on anon srsly)

🍔 = beloved blogs, ‘til the ends of the earth (yay hamburger lol), some from before I even had a blog^^ These are the blogs I’ve fallen in love with in terms of content, but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t good!! Especially since some of these other blogs were only very recently followed, and I didn’t have enough time to look through them much~

Btw, all the EXO imagine blogs are amazing and deserve a look at! ^-^ The double-hamburger-ed ones were my influences to make this blog.


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