When they had registered water in the caldera of the volcano, Spock had not expected this.

i finally got around to drawing fanart for @onedamnminuteadmiral ‘s fic Sha Ka Ree!! i’m so excited that i finally got to do this!! think of it as a slightly belated birthday gift?

Kanan: The Legacy of Godzilla

Chapter 1(Prelude): “The Return of the King”

Next Chapter:(Chapter 2)(Chapter 3)

Pairings: NozoEli, NicoMaki, and KanaMari

Summary: This is a story a girl who became a monster called “Godzilla”. Her life went from being a normal young adult to the rampaging kaiju king. Her life has been plagued with a curse of being a destructive force of nature but will her destructive nature lead to something more than just a curse?

Word Count: 10+K words

Note: This AU idea popped a while ago but couldn’t get into it until I remember a certain AU story that I read long time ago. So while this story might be dramatic and sad in nature, there will be some minor fluff and such as well. This AU is based of the Godzilla Heisei Era series(1984-1995).

Special Note: First chapter is build and based off the events of The Return of Godzilla(1984). With a more modern day feeling.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Love Live or any of the materials used in this fanfic: only my imagination. Feel free to correct me and I will take responsibility of my actions.

Author’s Note: Welcome all to this new AU story adventure. This idea has been in my mind for quite some time and I wanted to start this out as soon as I can while working on the current story at hand. This will be quite a ride for familiar and new readers. Thank you for your support and please leave feedback for me so I can continue to improve and update this story.

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Bts reaction to their crush being deaf.

You were both at a mutual friends party when he saw you across the room. He immediately noticed you as you were his Instagram crush. He failed to notice you using your hands to sign and walked up to talk to you. You started signing trying to tell him you were deaf but he didn’t understand. You pointed to your ears and made an x with your arms. 🙅🏻


He, being the smart alic he is, would whip out his phone so fast, immediatley understanding the problem, and look up asl. Would for sure learn sign language right away and would obviously be a quick learner.

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Would be a bit confused but tried to stay calm by blowing you a kiss while waving to his members, asking them for help on what to do. Someone would eventually bring up their phone with asl photos to his face. Would learn some signs before you guys got together again.

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He’d still talk to you, asked you if you were enjoying the party. Then do aegyo to make you laugh and would start pointing at things asking what the signs were for those objects.

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He would ask you if you had your phone with you. If you did he would then ask if you could write since you can’t talk. If you didn’t he would let you borrow his phone. 

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Would start speaking really loud until someone told him no matter how loud he is you still can’t hear him. He would start laughing from embarrassment and apologize.You would probably have to be the one to pull your phone out to talk to him.

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Lil chim would get embarrassed because he stood still for a while until he realized he had to still say something. Would ask for your number so you guys could text.

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Would be shook for a second but would still introduce himself, shyly. He would also ask for you number so you guys could text but would still talk to you face to face and ask the signs for different objects.

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I’m sorry if these are a bit inaccurate, I’m not deaf so I don’t know the experiences first hand. I tried my best tho! 

Exam’s finally over.

Here’s the second one in the Korean Police uniforms series.

No 2. Jumin Han.

You can find others by this tag: KPolice Mystic messenger

Human reference used.

I have a hard time coloring the clothes but it still didn’t come out well… I tried my best tho.

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hi! would it be okay to request yoosung and mc's first big fight in which yoosung says something hurtful and mc leaves (like in the heat of the moment) because she's overwhelmed and heartbroken but it has a happy ending? thank you!

Hi there anon, of course, it’s okay! Thank you!! Especially for saying ‘happy ending’, I live for fluff

A/N: Please let me know if you liked it! Or if you didn’t haha;; also, I know I’ve read a couple similar to this request, but they were about his gaming habits or the whole ‘rika’ situation, but I personally feel like by the time they had their big fight, he’d be passed both of those things. So this fic’s about them trying to open up the hospital! note: I don’t really know how that’d work, so…yeah. I tried my best tho! 

Word Count: 1459 (this is the longest I wrote in a while th ank)

edit: screw it i don’t trust cuts anymore ahahah 

Honestly, MC didn’t know it got that bad. Right now, she was sitting on a random bench, watching the sun slowly go down while wiping leftover tears. It was the first big fight between her and Yoosung, and she had walked out after he said something particularly hurtful. Thinking back, walking out was probably not the wisest choice, but she felt like she had no other choice. Their fights never got that bad before, even the ones about the same subject. This time, though, something just…pushed them over the edge.

It was about the hospital, again. The two of them spent about half the year finding a space, getting their materials and paperwork, and all the start up work. MC felt like Yoosung was rushing through the whole process, even if he only graduated and got his license last year. She kept trying to tell him that they had time and they needed to be thorough with everything before opening the hospital, but he was pushing her. “You know I just want to get started as soon as possible, honey.” He first said in one of their previous arguments, “Then I can move on from this job and be happier!” While they were working on the hospital, Yoosung managed to get a job at a family-owned pet hospital. It was similar to what he wanted to do, but it was a lot smaller. He was full of ambition, which was great, but it also stressed both him and MC out more than it needed to. Though, what he said was right. The two of them probably would be happier once the hospital opened, but they definitely not true right now.

“Yoosung, hun, can we please work on revising those legal vaccine documents tomorrow? It’s been a long day for both of us already..” MC asked. And that was true. It was still a bit early, but the both of them just came back from the RFA meeting, where they went over results from the last party and ate dinner. Before that, there was a full day of other work for both of them and MC could tell by the look in his eyes alone that it was a rough one. Not to mention the small rip at the back of his shirt from an accident with one of the dogs. Of course, she didn’t have the best day either, but she figured both of them needed rest more than anything. “Sorry babe, you can go rest, I’m gonna read them. It’ll get us one step closer to the hospital.” Yoosung said, picking the papers up and walking to their dining table. MC frowned, following him to the table. “Yoosung…the hospital isn’t going anywhere, right now, you need rest.” She put a hand on his shoulder, pressing down softly. He let out a small sigh, “I know, MC, but I told you…I really want to open it up already. Then I can really provide for us and we can be happy.” Maybe it was because it had been a long day, maybe MC misread his tone, or maybe it was something else, but she felt something off about what he said.

“What do you mean ‘happy’?” She asked, making him turn to look at her. “I’m happy just spending time with you, Yoosung. But you staying up to do all this isn’t making me happy…and it’s not making you happy, either.” Another sigh from Yoosung. “MC…you’re right, and that’s why I’m staying up. The faster I get this done, the faster we can not worry about it. Right? That’s why I worked hard to get my license. Why I was the fastest to do it.” “But Yoosung, you’re working too hard. It’s been a long day for the both of us, let’s just go to bed..” She took her hand off his shoulder, stepping back to let him get up, but he still sat there. “I can’t afford to waste time, MC. You go to bed, I’ll be fine.” “Taking care of your health isn’t wasting time, Yoosung. Can you please come with me?” Yoosung stood up then, leaving the papers on the table. “Do you not want me to achieve my dream or something, MC? We’re so close to finishing all this. I can stay up one more night.” MC blinked, caught off guard by his words. “Of course I want you to reach your dream, Yoosung, but that’s not the point. You said it yourself, we’re so close! So you can afford a night to rest.” “Really? I don’t know about that since you’ve been trying to slow it down since we bought the office.” “I’ve been doing nothing but helping you, Yoosung, you know that.” “If you were really helping me, these would be done already!” He gestured to the papers. “The hospital would probably be open already too!” It was clear the day had been getting the best of both of them, but neither of them saw it that way for now. “You can’t just open a hospital because you want to, Yoosung! You have to be careful about it. And be serious about it!” MC started unintentionally raising her voice, which only made Yoosung do the same. “I am serious about it! That’s why I want to get it done! I thought you were motivating me, not holding me back!” “Am I not allowed to care about your health? As someone who cares about you? As your girlfriend?” “No!”

It continued like that for a while, even if it probably could’ve been fixed easily. Until Yoosung said, “God if I knew you were going to do nothing but complain, I wouldn’t have dated you!” Both of them immediately shut up after that. Yoosung looked like he regretted it, but he didn’t get the chance to say anything before MC said, “You’re right. If I’m complaining too much to you about your health or the right way to open up a hospital - because I honestly don’t know how to do that - I should just go, right?” She started walking towards the door, grabbing her purse that, luckily, still had everything inside. “MC…” Yoosung tried. “No, I said you’re right. I’ll go then.” And she left.

Now here she was, on this stupid bench, trying not to cry anymore. She missed a few calls, but there wasn’t that many. Four, if she counted? One of them wasn’t even Yoosung. Maybe he really didn’t want her…

“MC!” She heard someone call, making her turn her head. It was Yoosung, running toward her. She looked away but answered him. “What? Is there something else you needed to say besides how much I complain?” He knelt in front of her, making her try to turn her head again, but he wouldn’t let her. “I do have something else to say, actually…” He caught her face, gently making her face him again while his thumb brushed away a tear. MC still refused to look at him, but she didn’t say anything. So he continued.  “I haven’t been treating the RFA’s party coordinator well, have I?” MC scoffed, her first reaction being the thought that calling her that wasn’t appropriate. And then she remembered that he used to call her that for the longest time until she finally convinced him otherwise. She let him keep talking. “What kind of Superman Yoosung does that make me? No, what kind of boyfriend does that make me?” MC looked at him now, seeing him make a small smile as she did so. “…A mean one..” She spoke softly, but it made him laugh. “You’re right, a mean one…which is why I came to apologize.” Both of his hands rested on her cheeks now, tracing the tear stains. “I shouldn’t have said that. I know you weren’t complaining. And I should’ve listened to you…you were only looking out for me.” Yoosung moved to stand up again, helping her stand up after. “Which is why, if you aren’t still mad at me or you don’t actually want to break up with me, I thought we could go home…I only called a few times because I also made us some dessert. And then we could cuddle…?” He finished with a smile, but his whole face said ‘nervous’. “Yoosung..” MC started, giving him a look of concern, “I think that’s a great idea. And I’m sorry, too. I know how much you want to open the hospital…and that you’d be much happier with that job-” “No, the hospital is close to opening. I can wait for a new job. A job might make me happy, MC, but I’m happiest with you.” Both of them smiled. “Now let’s go home. Okay, honey?”

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can u write some dcd keith hcs???

mamma mia that’s a spicy headcanon

(i don’t have dcd so forgive me if anything is inaccurate!)

  • contrary to popular belief, keith isn’t a natural
  • he has a lot of trouble maintaining full control over himself and it took years of training to get where he is now as a pilot
  • sometimes he still messes up and it gets everyone into trouble
  • like he’ll move his lion in the wrong direction
  • when he’s fighting, he occasionally loses his grip on his sword
  • he goes to high five someone and he just totally misses
  • lance: “up top!”
    keith: high fives the air
    lance: we’ll work on that too
  • everyone is supportive and helpful tho no one ever gets mad

hhhh sorry it’s short it was a little hard bc i dont experience dcd and idk anyone who does so!! i tried my best tho ;;

Love You {O. G. O. C}


‘Heyy can you write an imagine where the ogoc finds out that y/n gets bullied and is like suicidal?? Sorry if it’s a heavy topic’

A/N: OKAY IM SO SORRY I HAVENT BEEN UPDATING BUT HOPEFULLY WE GET BACK INTO THE GROOVE OF THINGS!! Btw I’m sorry if this is bad I’ve never written something like this before I tried my best tho😊 it’s short too

Y/W/E: your worst enemy

Their my best friends, I should tell them what’s going on. But I can’t. Sam, Nate, Swazz, and the Jacks would flip their shit if they knew half the things that on.

“Y/N!!” Jack J yelled plopping down onto to the table placed in the cafeteria of our school. “Hello” I said placing a french fry into my mouth. I continued to eat as the boys had their normal conversation about whoever and whatever. I had gotten up to throw my trash out when I was in my way back I saw the guys conversing giving uneasy looks and looking over at me.

I reached the table while standing behind John placing my hands on his shoulders, Sam giving me a worried expression. “What..” I said furrowing my eyebrows. “What’s wrong?” Gilinsky says scratching his shoulder. I should tell them, I really should. “Y/N” Sam says sternly. Sam almost caught me cutting a a couple months back, luckily he didn’t but he’s been spectacle. Maybe I should just tell them, they know practically everything about me. They are my best friends. I sat down next to John and Nate; across from the others. “Y/W/E was being a bitch earlier that’s all.” I say being interrupted by Sam’s scoff.

The day had been carried out just like any other; with the guys talking and messing around. Until that night 8:00 p.m on a Friday. When I got a text from Y/W/E she was a royal bitch. She was my biggest bully. She had sent a text each paragraph a note from her friends and her self. “You ugly ass bitch. Your boys are just playing nice they don’t give two shits about you, you can kill yourself now😘” I get these messages all the time. But this time it truly got to me not just to the point where I cry for hours on end; but I wanted to cut; to the point where my wrists itched. I couldn’t, the guys are here. I started to cry I felt to stressed and trapped there was absolutely no way out of this hell, I don’t even know why her and her minions bully me. I just cried harder and harder as my harsh thoughts came and came.

“Y/N-” Nate starts but before he’s unable to finish I dash out of the room to the bathroom grabbing my blade from its hiding spot, the boys bust in the through the door, shit. I didn’t lock the door. I was frozen, a deer in the head lights. I dropped my blade into the sink. And rolled my sleeve back down, now covering my recently created scars.

“Oh my God.” They all mutter. Swazz comes over to the sink picking up the blade handing it to me, I gave him a confused look. It was an awkward silence. I could hear the guys heavy breathing, “Why?” Johnson says placing his hand over his mouth in shock. I was terrible at vocalizing my problems or what I was thinking; so I handed Gilinsky my phone while they all looked through the numerous amounts of texts I get Dailey. “I want you to flush it right now.” Sammy whimpers looking up from my phone. I painfully nodded my head knowing it was the right thing to do. As I did so the guys were pampering me with compliments and telling me they would put an end to this. Knowing it wouldn’t end I accepted the nice gesture. As time passed we had found our selfs back at my house in the living room, the guys surrounding me; cuddling me.

“We love you, Y/N” Nate says as he continued to rub above me hip. “Thanks guys,” I chuckled coldly “ I love you too.”


That awkward moment when someone from the other class hugged you for dear life because of a prank that is always given randomly each year and it just so happens that a cute girl named Hinata was the victim this time.

Apparently, little sasuke couldn’t help but stood frozen in his place out of embarrassment because the whole class started teasing them together.

(The prank is up to your imagination. lol)

A few years later…

Yup. they became close friends up until to this day and Sasuke couldn’t stop himself reminding Hinata of the past whenever he gets the chance.coughs he’s totally crushin’ on her ever since and she doesn’t need to know coughs.