• Veronica:*pours another glass of wine and drinks it*
  • Pam:Veronica maybe you should eat something
  • Ashley:This is a beautiful tray
  • Pam:I love it
  • Veronica:*pours another* It wasn't bad enough that this bitch tried to steal my husband but her sicko son had to bury her in our backyard.
  • Ashley:Is it crystal?
  • Veronica:10 feet away from my lilacs.
  • Ashley:Maybe we should put on some music
  • Veronica:This deranged freak tried to frame my entire family

PART 2 COMING SOONI have worked on this thing for like 3 weeks now. That is far too long. I think because it’s been cold, I didn’t work on it every day which drew out the time spent on it by far too much. I’m gonna have to work on getting faster somehow.

You can tell I’m an animator and not a comic artist XD so many panels are designed more as a way to show expression change than to be a functioning panel. Maybe I could get away with calling it a “style” and people won’t notice.

I’m not use to drawing Undyne just yet. I tried things as I went from panel to panel which is NOT how you should do things but oh well. That’s how I did them.

I also play a little fast and loose with Papyrus’ expressions these days. As long as I follow the rule of “the mouth never closes” I think it’s still ok? I try not to be TOO crazy with it. Otherwise it’s difficult to get nice faces out of him I actually find Papyrus much harder to draw than Sans.

Waterfall is a difficult location to draw with pure black and whites because it’s so dark XD;; I’m not sure how successful I was handling the backgrounds here, but hopefully it’s alright.

I really hope you guys like this. I spent an exorbitant about of time on it, and I won’t lie and say it’s not disheartening when so much hard work is shrugged off XD;;; I am way too needy and craving of attention/affection.

Also I won’t lie, there are a lot of expressions here I actually REALLY like. I think there’s only one maybe 2 panels I’m not a 100% happy with. So I’m rather proud of this one.

Papyrus: *salutes with the wrong hand*

This is a 2 parter comic. I’ll update this post once part 2 is complete but I dunno if it’ll show up in reblogs when I do? Anyway, check back to either my main blog or my art blog for the second part after a few weeks if there’s no link to it.

I wanna start the hashtag, #PrayForDamien
Damien is a 13 year old trans boy who tried committing suicide at 9 am February 19th, 2015. He overdosed and walked into traffic. His sister has stated he is alive but has a small chance of making it.
This is his suicide note:

“Hello (or maybe I should say goodbye) my name is Damien Alexandros Shrum. My mother addresses me as Sophie "Sally” Alexandra Shrum. My life is about to end. I wanted to warn you before I did anything drastic so you wouldn’t worry about me too much if I stopped posting.
Here’s a little bit about me if you are new to my account: I am learning robotic engineering and piano. I draw all the time. I am 13 years old with a mind of a 15 year old. I love Big Hero 6 more than anything! Hiro is my life❤️❤️❤️ I love the color blue!  Everything in my room is blue, my clock, my DSi, my walls, my bh6 bedding, and even my hair! I wear blue every day 💙💙💙 I love to sit on the couch in a blanket and watch movies and drink peppermint tea. It is my favorite kind. My favorite movies are: big hero 6, Selma, glory road, Wreck it Ralph, Thor, and the LOTR trilogy. I love skim milk and plums but my favorite food is probably filet mingnon, which I don’t get to eat very often. My favorite restoraunt is Portillo’s by far ❤️ their burgers are amazing you should try them! My favourite quality about myself is my feminism. I am an extreme believer of all kinds of equality and I am an activist. I am very educated on feminism and that makes me proud of myself 💖 I will now list my three last wishes. I would love for some of you to become a teacher or principal and TEACH GENDER IN SCHOOL! Teach it to children from the point they know “he” and “she” teach them all the other genders! Become the governor and make it the state curriculum to learn about gender and equality! My second wish is to all of you- please please PLEASE donate to organizations giving away free binders to ftm kids like me! And don’t let any trans person say “I need to escape.” ever again. Because that’s something I’ve said too many times to count.
That concludes this post, stay safe friends💖”

We made a massive movement about Leelah (17), we’re trying for Zander (15), let’s pray for Damien (13). These kids are trying to go younger and younger due to transphobia in their communities. Lets make a difference people.
Rest in power Leelah,
Rest in power Zander,
Pray for Damien.
Trans lives matter.

If you want to live your life in a creative way, as an artist, you have to not look back too much. You have to be willing to take whatever you’ve done and whoever you were and throw them away. The more the outside world tries to reinforce an image of you, the harder it is to continue to be an artist, which is why a lot of times, artists have to say, “Bye. I have to go. I’m going crazy and I’m getting out of here.” And they go and hibernate somewhere. Maybe later they re-emerge a little differently. (Steve Jobs)
—  Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On a, Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby, kiss me

Fill my heart with song
And let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you

Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra

Sleep Deprived Ezra

I’m a total sucker for this idea circulating around that Ezra can’t/won’t sleep after Malachor. I mean… 

  • Ezra tries sleeping at first, but he can’t. There’s always a nightmare waiting for him. 
  • He purposely keeps himself up with caff after that, despite hating it. Part of it is to avoid nightmares of Malachor, yes, but maybe a little bit of it is to punish himself, too. He can’t sleep in peace knowing what he did to Kanan, and if he can’t sleep in peace, he doesn’t want to sleep at all.
  • Kanan doesn’t realize that any of this is going on until one night when Ezra has so much caffeine that he gets sick and the crew can’t get his heart rate to slow down. It panics everyone, and they have to make an emergency visit to a medical droid.
  • Kanan is frantic while waiting for an update on Ezra, and when they’re finally told that he’ll be okay and can see him, Kanan’s never wished for his sight back more, because how does he really know that Ezra is okay if he can’t see him?
  • He has a talk with Ezra later that night and tells him that he has to get some sleep. What he’s doing isn’t healthy.
  • Ezra nods and says he will, but that’s a lie.
  • Finally, Kanan comes to sit next to Ezra on his bunk, pulls Ezra into a hug against his chest, and whispers “It’s okay, padawan. Go to sleep.”
  • And Ezra melts into him because he’s so tired, and maybe it is okay.
  • Kanan isn’t tired at all, but he stays put, stretched in a rather uncomfortable position while stroking Ezra’s hair, for fifteen hours so that Ezra can finally get some sleep.  

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do you think j’onn j’onzz watched kara go up the sky and instinctually just tried to run after her?

that his feet would have just twitched the second he saw the entire building moving? because he must have known what kara’s plans were, he must have known that she wouldn’t have survived

so he starts running, thinking that he’ll catch up to her and maybe take the right side of the building because she’s leaning a little too much to the right and the whole thing might just fall out of her hands if she doesn’t pay attention, and he takes a deep breath before he prepares to jump and fly and suddenly, he just-


his body is torn and sore and he can’t even make it past two inches off the ground before he’s falling on his knees. the pain on his side is too much and his eyes are blurred but he tries again

there’s blood dripping on the floor and he can barely run straight, but he keeps going and going and going and jumps and- nothing

he can’t fly to kara

she quickly disappears into the sky but he doesn’t give up, doesn’t even falter as he picks himself up and tries again

and again and again until all he can think of is kara in the sky, without oxygen or her family, bravely sacrificing herself without a second thought

but j’onn keeps falling and his suit is heavy with blood and dirt, he thinks he’s failing her over and over

he’s not about to lose another daughter, so he wipes the dirt from his mouth and ignores the pain on his side and jumps one final time 

he makes it fifteen feet in the air before his vision blackens and he stumbles against the wind, and suddenly, he’s falling again

he’s never going to see kara again and he feels like he’s losing an entire planet and a whole other daughter as he falls through the sky

he knocks out before he sees the alien pod zoom past the sky and disappear right where kara went, and he doesn’t witness the pod falling down the sky with something blue and red attached to the side of it

(maybe if he had he would have congratulated alex on her exceptional pilot skills but subpar rescuing methods) 

when he wakes up, alex and kara are by his side, and although kara launches herself in his very sore arms, she has a little wrinkle between her eyes

‘what were you thinking?!’

he doesn’t really understand because from where he’s standing, he didn’t do anything other than try and save his daughter

kara has her arms crossed in front of her chest and alex is standing behind with a smirk on her face as kara keeps frowning and twisting her mouth unhappily and explains that he could have seriously hurt himself and that he should have just let her do her job

‘that’s ridiculous,’ he says because does she really not see that he’d do anything to keep her safe?

kara keeps frowning and alex looks like she’s swallowed a lemon, so j’onn takes a deep breath and says

‘that’s how fathers are with their daughters, remember?’

kara’s frown doesn’t disappear, but she rushes forward to hug him tightly, and as he wraps his tired arms around his very much alive daughter, he vows he won’t ever stop trying to keep her here, right in this very earth where they both found their families

BTS Reaction to Doing ‘Boyfriend Does My Makeup’

I think that this would be such a cute challenge to do with any of these boys. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

[EXO Version]

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: “Jin, don’t you think this is a little too much pink?” You asked when you looked at yourself in the mirror finally. Jin was sure that he was going to do your makeup well, knowing exactly what it took to look beautiful. “What are you talking about? The pink eyeshadow looks good with the blush and the pink lipstick.” He tried to reason. But even he had to admit that maybe the hot pink lipstick was overkill.

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Suga: He groaned the moment you suggested doing the challenge together. It was one thing to let you do his makeup when you were bored, but it was a whole other thing to make him actually do the work. “Fine, but since you are making me get up, I have no promises that I will do a good job.” He warned you as he reluctantly dragged himself out of his comfortable spot, purposefully messing up your makeup when he started.

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J-Hope: He was terrified about doing your makeup. Not all of it, but mostly the things that involved him getting close to your eyes. He was used to people doing his eyeliner for him, or even having to do it occasionally for himself. But when he had to bring the pencil close to your eye, he was almost shaking from the fear of stabbing you with it. “Ahhh, why do I have to do your eyes?” He whined.

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Rapmon: “Of course I know what I am doing. This is for your eyes-” Namjoon started to say as he waved his hand in front of your worried face and held up the lip liner. “Actually, that is for my lips.” You corrected him. He quickly nodded his head, acting as though he had meant to say that all along. “Of course, of course, I was just testing you.”

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Jimin: Surprisingly, to both you and Jimin, he managed to do your makeup really well. His hands moved the brushes delicately over your face, creating perfect wing tips, and putting just the right amount of lipstick on you. “See jagi, I can do anything. I told you I would be amazing at this.” He told you in a sweetly cocky voice, acting as though he was never worried about his abilities.

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V: Even though he was trying, he also wanted to have a lot of fun. He knew where the lipstick went and what was the eyeshadow, but he decided to just mess around like the little kid he is. He took the lipstick and started doing it like normal, pretending as though he sneezed and jerked his hand so your makeup was all over your face. “Aish, don’t worry. It will look great. I can fix that.” He said with a huge playful smile.

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Jungkook: He was pretty confident in his abilities when you initially brought up the challenge to him. But the moment he saw all the makeup in front of him, he felt his stomach tighten. It all looked like some sort of alien lab. “Um… so I will just start with this…” He said as he picked up a bare makeup brush and started to brushing your face with it. “You kind of need to put some sort of makeup on that Kookie.”

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some assorted thoughts on marinette and adrien’s classmates:

- i can’t get over the fact that kim and max are bffs. i love it so much??? like max probably helps kim with studying and homework and stuff, and in return kim tries to help max get Buff

- how would that even go?? maybe kim bench presses max’s entire body, and, between reps, puffs out stuff like “YOU COULD DO THIS TOO” or “I BELIEVE IN YOU LITTLE BUDDY” while max just sorta…sighs. but they’re bffs and exchange friendship bracelets probably

- also bffs: rose and juleka…..my fairy vampire faves. rose is definitely the mother hen of the class, since she flits around feeding everyone and telling them to believe in the power of love and stuff??

- while on the other hand juleka is obviously FASCINATED with the occult and monsters and supernatural happenings

- she tells rose all the local scary myths and stuff and rose is just like “oh so the ghost of the man haunting this school died of grief because his true love moved away?? that’s so ROMANTIC, tell me more!”

- it’s the most unlikely friendship ever, i love it. but SPEAKING OF UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIPS
- alix and nathanaël’s hypothetical friendship would be….so good……like i know we haven’t actually seen them interact in canon but it would be SO GOOD

- nathanaël is an artist! he lives for the details!! his entire existence is basically stopping to smell the roses!

- meanwhile alix is the most high-speed person EVER, she whizzes through life on caffeine and professional rollerblades and a need for SPEED!!!!

- the two of them would contrast each other SO WELL, they would teach each other all kinds of new things and it would be…..amazing…….

- also i’ve read a couple fics where the classmates are low-key ladybug/chat noir supporters but tbh i could also see all of them rooting for ivan/mylène the whole way?? so when the two of them finally get together after the horror movie the entire class is like HALLELUJAH

- and they!! continue to support ivan and mylène after they get together!!!! like nino being like “hey ivan, i heard there’s a music festival going on this sunday! maybe you and mylène can go”

- or marinette inviting mylène over to the bakery to pick out a cake for ivan’s birthday or something??

- JUST!!!!! the class encouraging and supporting each other!! a group of kids who are so, so different from each other but still care about each other so much!!!!! MY FAVE RECURRING CAST EVER!!!!!!!!!

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I'm always a sucker for deaged!Sterek. Especially deaged!Stiles. Cute little toddler Stiles with big whiskey colored eyes staring at Derek while clinging to his leg or Derek having to chase the little ADHD boy around and cuddles. So many cuddles.

[I’m sorry it took me so long. Life, you know? Also, I’m sorry this isn’t exactly what you asked for. I hope you like it anyway!]


Derek sucks at relationships. No, really, he does. He used to blame it on his paranoia, Kate was a bad experience so he is allowed to worry, but Jack was a nice guy, and Maria was maybe a little too clingy, but they were good people. He could have future with them if he tried, he just – didn’t want to?

His mom says he’s the worst kind of romantic, and maybe she’s right. There’s no such thing as falling in love after just two dates and building trust takes time, but the connection he craves so much can’t be forced either, and the lack of spark? That Derek can’t ignore.

So when Stiles shows up at his shop one afternoon babbling about herbs and potions, smiling widely and blurting out some stupid but somehow cute pick-up line, Derek can feel it in his bones.

What it is, Derek doesn’t know exactly, but he soon realizes he wants to find out.

So they go to a restaurant. They eat and talk, Stiles makes jokes and Derek laughs, Derek tells him about his family and Stiles smiles, Stiles asks if they can go to Derek’s house and Derek’s mouth goes dry.

They don’t have sex, but they kiss. A soft brush of their lips, Stiles’ hands on his shoulders, Derek’s fingers in Stiles’ hair. Heat.

They fall asleep curled up in Derek’s bed and when the morning comes Derek wakes up alone.

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What am I suppose to do when I want to tell you how much I love your eyes but you don’t stop talking about how you miss his smile. And how am I meant to kiss you when you wont stop telling me about how you touched him in ways I never wanted to hear about. And maybe I tried too hard to love you or maybe you tried too little to love me but hell I’m not going to be the one waiting around for six months before you realize that I could have been great to you. I wish I would have held you longer that night and I wish I would have drunk a little more but vodka just isn’t my cup of tea and I wish I could have kissed you but the mood was wrong and my mind wasn’t clear and god I wanted to love you but I can’t love someone who can’t love themselves. And god help me when I’m walking home half stoned and I can’t get your face out of my head but this time I’m not going to call you and it’s 4 in the morning and I should have been asleep but your eyes are haunting me whenever I try and close mine.
—  I was going to write love songs about you but this came out instead
Happy Little Clouds

Request: Then maybe where y/n is painting and then Jack comes and tries to ruin everything? (lots of fluff pleaseeee) :3

A/n- I’m really glad it was an art related request bc I’m an art ho and actually have some knowledge of that kinda of stuff. Unfortunately, I don’t really know that much about Jack, but I bingewatched some videos so hopefully this isn’t too bad. My writing as been progressively getting worse so I’m sorry if this isn’t what you’d hoped.

Art is expression. Art is work. It’s is a versatile interest that spans class and country better than most hobbies. While you can spend thousands on supplies from oil paints to conte, Bristol to newsprint; you can do with just a pencil, paper, and an open mind.

As you sat at your desk, multimedia paper frog-taped to a small length of drawing board to keep it flat, you could feel a wave of pure serenity fall over you. This piece was just for you. Not for an art teacher or exhibit. There wouldn’t be a crit. This was your journey and yours alone.

You dipped a fan brush into the well of light pink acrylic paint, figuring pink clouds would be more fun than white. As you began to dab at the paper, you heard the door creak open.

“Oh, well what’s this?” Sean asked, coming up behind you to look over your shoulder. “Well, if that ain’t the loveliest fuckin sunset I’ve ever seen-”

“Oh no!” you cut him off, blocking the paper with your arms, “Don’t even try it!” 

He acted hurt. “What? I wasn’t going to do nothin!”

You turned to him, pursing your lips with eyebrows raised.

“That was one time!” he conceded.

“Sean, I literally told you ‘This is India ink. Be super careful because it goes a long way and there’s no covering it up with acrylic’ but what did you do? You picked up the uncapped bottle sideways and spilled it all over me and the painting I was doing for my show. I’m sorry if I don’t trust you after that,” you side eyed him.

He stepped next to you, one hand leaning on the desk while the other quickly snatched a flat brush. He examined it as much as one can examine a paintbrush. “Oh, c’mon, y/n. I just wanted you to show me your godly ways when it comes to art!”

You moved to take the palette but quick as a flash he dipped the brush up to the metal in deep purple.

“Sean…” you trailed off. He was now a threat. There was no way you could carefully untape the paper and run off with it before he did anything stupid.

“What?” he sounded offended. “I promise I won’t paint on your painting.”

You were slightly taken aback though you felt yourself relax, not having realized how tense he made you. You knew he hardly ever made promises so he could be trusted.

He rushed the next sentence. “But I’ll sure as fuck paint you,” he swiped the brush across your chin with a cheeky grin.

“Sean!” you grabbed a round brush, loading it with blue before standing up to face him. He backed away into the middle of the room where and empty space made a perfect place for a duel. You approached him warily, stopping two paces from him. You both held your brushes like swords waiting for the other to strike.

You made the first move, swinging wildly in the direction of his neck. He sidestepped and grabbed your arm, pulling you into him. You struggled to free your sword-hand while he bopped you on the nose with purple paint.

You stopped fighting and gave him a simmering bitch face. As soon as his grip loosened, you pulled away and managed to catch him on the cheek.

You both jumped back. Sean nodded in approval. “Just about even now, are we?”

You feigned surprise, filling your voice with concern. “Oh my God! Sean, it’s on your mouth! You can’t ingest this, it’s toxic!” He looked incredibly confused as you stepped forward and cupped his face in your hand. Before he could react, you used the remaining paint on the brush to color the rest of his cheek. 

“Now we’re even,” you said, throwing your hands up in mock surrender.

“You motherfucker! You got me!” he tapped his fingers against his cheek and checked to see how much paint came off. “Alright, let’s be done before we make a mess. We should probably get cleaned up.”

“I don’t know. You look quite manly in that paint. It really highlights your cheekbones. I knew you’d look good in blue,” you pretended to admire your work.

Sean shrugged in response. “Well, I always told you purple was your color.”

“Maybe I’ll just have to get this tattooed on my face.” 

He licked his thumb and started to clean the paint off your nose. “Why ruin such a pretty face with an amateur’s first work? The next one will be much better…”

1. I’m trying to find the words for all the things I don’t want to feel any more, but the rain keeps falling and falling and I find myself staring at walls, and everything else just seems to fade away…
2. I read somewhere that a scientist has succeeded in making a ‘ghost heart’. Essentially, an artificial scaffold that could possibly replace a real heart. Do you think if I wrote to her, maybe she could give me one too?
3. This morning he kissed me goodbye and as soon as the door closed, and before I could think, I wiped my lips with my sheet. I’m sorry. It’s not you. (But it is.) (It really is.)
4. It was never about you and me. Never about how much you cared or how little I tried to. It was never about love or a connection of souls. It was never about growing old or growing close. It was running and running and running and running. Always running.
5. You were a slip of the tongue. You were a moment of delirium. You were a sucker punch to the gut. You were one hand between my thighs and one hand around my wrist. You were my first breath and my last hope.
6. And the rest is silence.
—  N.G ‘Where are you now.’

Title: Saved

Pairing: Hotch x reader

Based off of this anon request:

Hi! I love your Hotch stories! 😍 I was wondering if you could write a Hotch x reader where the team finds a girl who was held hostage by a guy for several months/years and over time Hotch grows feelings for her. At first, he tries to hide it because he is older than her, but over time he can’t deny it. Maybe you can add a little Jack in there too.

A/N: I didn’t get to add in the Jack part, but I hope you like it.

Thank you so much for requesting! XOXOXO

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