A few notes about binding

So this is just a reiteration of everything I’ve ever read about binding safely, but having just realized that I literally didn’t touch on any of this in that binding ask because I zoomed in too tight on lung capacity, here are some general binding safety tips that I’ve run across (and I’m sure many of you have seen 100x before) that you might find helpful:

  • Don’t bind for more than 8 hours at a time. (I have heard/seen places say that it’s more of a general 8-9 hour window, but I recommend not getting lazy about it because if you do you could wind up binding too long and potentially injuring yourself.)
  • Don’t sleep in your binder.
  • Don’t ever bind with Ace bandages/medical tape. (Quality binders are more expensive but they also vastly reduce your capacity to injure yourself if you’re responsible about respecting the limitations for what you should and shouldn’t do while wearing them - ie; sleeping, exercising, etc.)
  • Don’t use binders with side clasps/hooks. (I will admit to not having any experience with these. When I decided to try binding I purchased a top-quality binder because I didn’t want to risk rib damage but these types of binders are apparently known for putting enough pressure in the right places to do some serious damage to your ribs.)
  • Don’t exercise/sing in your binder. (I had heard the exercising but portion but not the singing portion, so extra super thanks to @murdereratthematinee for the protip, and for reminding me that not everyone out there will have run across these general safety rules in the first place! Thank you!)

Again, I’m not a medical professional, I am a cartoonist. Please do not take my word as gospel. If anything at all about your binding experience strikes you as unsafe or harmful, STOP. If you can, ask a medical professional and please, please take care of yourself, dudes. I am intimately familiar with how shitty dysphoria can be but don’t risk a) your health and wellbeing or b) your ability to have top surgery later, okay?


        let me just begin by saying i made this blog nearly a year ago on july 18th, 2016, and during the period of time between then and now i took a rather extensive leave of absence from this blog in order to bounce to and from several others; and during that time i had come to the conclusion that i would more than likely NEVER RETURN to this blog – be it for one reason or another. however, despite my numerous doubts, i did in fact end up returning; and coming back to this blog truly, sincerely felt like COMING HOME after a very long journey. i really didn’t expect it to feel like such a relief, but here i am; and in turn, here you all are. i could not have asked for a warmer welcome back from any of you, and i honestly appreciate it so very much.. much more than i could ever hope to convey in words. 

    i could never hope to thank you all enough for accepting me back onto this blog and into this fandom with such wide-open arms – and while i do not view myself as bearing enough talent to do any sort of giveaway, a bias list/appreciation post is CERTAINLY in order. i will not be singling anyone out or sectioning this – just to avoid anyone feeling left out or under-appreciated in comparison to another. likewise, to avoid cluttering the dash, i will place this long, long list beneath a cut.

      thank you again, i look forward to the many, many inevitable adventures ahead with all of you.


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Favorite moments of ACoTaR-trilogy (6/∞) ⇛ The Note Sending

Rhys had already been gone by breakfast, though one of his notes had been on a bedside table. Thank you for last night, was all it said. No pen to write a response. But I had hunted one down anyway, and had written back, What do the tattooed stars and mountain on your knees mean?
The paper had vanished a heartbeat later. When it hadn’t returned, I’d dressed and gone to breakfast. I was halfway through my eggs and toast when the paper appeared beside my plate, neatly folded.
That I will bow before no one and nothing but my crown.
This time, a pen had appeared. I’d merely written back, So dramatic. And through the bond, on the other side of my mental shields, I could have sworn I heard his laugh.