robb stark appreciation month @robbstarkappreciation

day twenty-four: modern AU

social worker/union representative

In which everyone who knows him and his family expects Robb Stark to take economics in college so he can follow in his father’s footsteps and run the family firm, but he proceeds to surprise them by picking law with the goal of working in social services.

People do ask him why such a choice. He always shrugs and replies that sometimes you don’t necessarily want the things everyone assumes you might. 

(He never tells people that it’s because his half-brother only was officially adopted into the family after a long, exhausting procedure and because the system failed his best friend over and over until he stopped trying telling social workers in school that no, he didn’t have bruises all over his arms because he fell from the stairs, and that he’s been wanting to do something to change it since he can remember wanting to do something for a living. The people who should know, do. For the rest, he doesn’t really care.)

Not long after he starts working, he decides that he’s not going to mind his business in the face of cuts to his field and to education, and proceeds to surprise most people in his parents’s not exactly progressive circle all over again, when he joins a union along with getting a party subscription, and campaigns for being a representative not long later. When asked what they think of it, Ned and Catelyn Stark usually smile and reply that they’re happy he’s out doing what he wants and doing good in the world, and if it’s not what they thought he’d grow up to be, well, is it even such a big deal?



I’m half way there in getting all my stickers cut out! Woo hoo!╭(♡・ㅂ・)و All sets are almost done, just need to complete two and to cut lots of singles… BUT I AM ALMOST THERE! ( ・ ᴗ ・̥̥̥ )

Will be selling these cuties for Kin Yoobi Con over at table #33! ( •⌄• ू )✧


One Direction’s Niall Horan goes public with stunning new girlfriend, Belgian student Celine Helene Vandycke
NIALL HORAN has always enjoyed the single life more than any of his fellow ONE DIRECTION members, floating from girl to girl while the rest settled down in relationships. But not any more. I can re…

But not any more.

I can reveal that Niall has a brand new girlfriend — and the Irish heartthrob has never looked so loved up.

Niall cuddles up to his new girlfriend during British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park

Cheeky 1D bachelor goes in for a smooch in full view of the crowd around them

The singer went public with stunning Belgian student Celine Helene Vandycke at the weekend in London’s Hyde Park.

My exclusive pictures show the new couple cuddling and kissing during MUMFORD & SONS’ British Summer Time gig on Friday.

And in one particularly cute moment the pair locked pinkies as they chatted with pals in the VIP bar.

Niall looks completely besotted with his latest squeeze

Niall barely paid attention to Mumford and Sons as he treated his girl the show

Stunning student joined in with revellers at the annual Hyde Park bash

It is the first time Niall has ever been so outwardly romantic with a girl in public, suggesting he is really serious about Celine.

My backstage source revealed: “Niall  never let Celine out of his sight and looked infatuated.

“He had his arm around her throughout the evening and kept going in to pecked her on the cheek while they watched the gig.

The couple’s loved up behaviour is set to break the hearts of thousand of 1D fans

Stunning Belgian student has managed to bag one of the hottest bachelors in showbiz

Fan looks on in shock as her idol brushes past

Duo enjoy the rare British sunshine in the Hyde Park VIP area

“They seemed incredibly happy in each other’s company, laughing and giggling loads.

“At one point Niall kissed her in front of everyone and obviously didn’t care that people were watching.”

Niall and Celine spent the entire weekend together and partied on Sunday night at London’s Drama nightclub.

It’s easy to see why Niall would find this model beautiful

Celine stayed close to her popstar boyfriend as she spent the day at the festival

They were snapped heading home in a cab together in the early hours of the morning.

Niall’s previous flames have mostly been either models or singers, with the 1D star being linked to ELLIE GOULDING, BARBARA PALVIN and most recently US TV starJESSICA SERFATY.

But his latest love is completely new to the showbiz world.

Couple seemed to be having a whale of a time in each other’s company

This was the pair’s first official outing as a couple

Belgian-born Celine is a future lawyer having just completed a degree in the subject at the University of Exeter.

She’s also a keen dancer and choreographed routines for students at her uni.

Perhaps she can teach Niall a few tricks whenever he launches his solo career.

That’s just so long as they can take their hands off each other.


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