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What are your thoughts on Liam's comment in the Dan Wootton bullcrap. Because, I feel like Liam's getting a lot of hate for what he said but, like, he probably didn't have much of a choice? Like I just don't think Liam would ever say anything harmful to Zayn.

I don’t really know what to think anymore. Obviously I didn’t expect a love declaration but idk, I didn’t even expect this.

I want to start saying that I’m not blaming no one (well now, let’s just say I’m NOT blaming Liam).

Fact is that I’d have expected this going even worse if this was a print interview, but given that it was recorded I took for granted that I’d never hear Liam’s own voice talking shit about Zayn. (He didn’t really say ugly things tbh)

Anyway that was a big mistake, we’re talking about Wootton, I should have known better.
When he started talking about Zayn I’ve immediately felt his nervousness, he stumbled a couple of times like he wasn’t really sure of what the hell he was saying. “It’s not like he could be…” then he changed his sentence. It’s not like he could be what?? Free? Allowed to come back? What?
The rest is more fucked up because Liam becomes apparently more decided, tries to make fully sentences without stumbling and this is what made people ask questions and become dubious.

I’m sure he had some kind of obligations in turning Zayn down, the whole speach wasn’t spontaneous and he contradicted himself more than once.

  • At the beginning he says everything is fine and good, but then he tries to insinuate that nothing is fine
  • He makes always sure to mention him in interviews and show he has no problem with it, but then he doesn’t really seem like he wants to do this at all, not this time
  • Months ago he said that he talked to Zayn and everything was fine ‘cos he understood his reasons, yet now he’s suddenly saying he doesn’t understand him

If you listen to that part again, you’ll notice that basically Liam says always the same two things using different words: 1D were soo fun and Zayn left without a sensible reason. That’s what Wootton wanted to hear, the typical storyline in which Zayn results always as the selfish prick.

Well congratulations Dan, now you can write your shitarticle.

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The phototogs camera automatically saves data (such as location and time). In order for that basic information to disappear you have to swipe the info from the photo. If I were to send you a photo I took with my camera, you'd be able to tell the time, date, camera, lens, and my camera settings. So if they ever want to manipulate a situation, they can just edit the photo as they please. Doesn't take much time in Photoshop or another editing program as needed.

Even if a picture has been manipulated via photoshop the metadata that you refer to is still there; an image will clearly show that unless the metadata’s been deleted.

I know because when I did my cursory research before responding to my anon regarding exif data I found an example of this.

The point I’ve been making and I believe my anon was getting at is that If a photos metadatas been deleted it’s because there is information either the photographer or likely the publisher (pusher in the case if some RK pix) does not was savvy viewers to know….in the case of these pix of Rob and Kristen it seems obvious that they don’t want us to see that a photo has been altered via photoshop.

Which as you said is not that difficult to do.

My favorite argument from the other side regarding photoshop is their constant screams of where’s the original picture. What they refuse to learn though I’ve shown the videos here is that one can create a wholly original picture using only aspects of other pix.

Find a background you like, find subjects (ppl) to put in the background. You don’t like the faces on those subjects…change the face.

These things can all be done quite easily if one has the knowledge and time…and If one is talented it wouldn’t even take that long to created several pix…

And say one has access to pap pix. Not all pap pix sell paps take 1000s upon 1000s of pix. Let’s say said person also knows photoshop or knows ppl that know photoshop. Doesn’t take a genius to download several pix and create the story so many are desperate for.

What we know about RK is they aren’t ever going to waste their time going after anyone for pic fuckery. They don’t ever set the record straight. They’d spend most of their days tied up setting the record straight.

Here in the states if you sue for this kind of misrepresentation it’s on you (RK) to prove your point. The only real way to prove their point it to go on the record as to what the truth is. They don’t want to share the details of their personal life so until such time that pix like these along with their tabloid narrative are too egregious to be ignored, RK will just sit back and use it, I believe, to their advantage.

With that all said….I’m still not one that will automatically say just because pix have been noticeably altered that that means the pic isn’t primarily real. Some photo fuckery is extensive some is about minor touch ups. What I do believe is if they have to fuck with it…they are usually doing so in order to tell a story that the original doesn’t actually tell.

Why? Because the true story is boring. Because the true story doesn’t sell like so many pap pix that go in the garbage or get leaked via fandom sources.

One look at the literally 1000s of photos taken of Kristen & Julianne filming outside in NY, March of 2014 shows just how boring most pap pix are!

Okay. Gonna call it quits on this. Its probably as good as its gonna get.
charcoal, mechanical pencil, and colored pencil.
My first official fan art for the community. Not sure if its up to “senpai notice me” standards but ill tag them anyways! @markiplier @therealjacksepticeye

Also @darkiplier-support-group you reblogged the progress photo I took. :D Also @ask-sadisticdark and @ask-psychoanti because reading their responses really put me in the mood to finish this (:

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Ooooooh, are you taking ES21 prompts? *does a happydance* I'm rereading the manga right now! (I would blame this on your writing, but honestly I've never needed a reason for rereading this work of glory.) Prompt: Kuroko playing basketball again after The American Football Which Kuroko Plays (or, how absolutely no one was prepared for a Hiruma-trained Kuroko). Pretty please? I spend an unreasonable amount of time thinking about this.

“Is that a gun?” Kagami asks.

“I am just happy to see you, Kagami-kun,” Kuroko deadpans. Kagami continues to stare at him as Kuroko takes a long sip from his coffee. Then, calmly, Kuroko adds, “And also, yes, that is a gun.”

“What did they do to you at Deimon?” Kagami asks.

It’s a question everyone has been asking Kuroko a lot lately.


“What was that?” Midorima demands, outraged. Takao is laughing so hard he has to clutch his sides.

“That’s Kuroko’s Touchdown Pass!” Furihata says helpfully.

“That’s not—you can’t—this isn’t—” Midorima is so incoherent with rage he can’t even get the words out. “You can’t throw a basketball like it’s a football, you fool!

“Midorima-kun is surely not implying it is unacceptable for a basketball to have a high arch while going a long distance?” Kuroko queries.

“For shooting!” Midorima shouts. “Not for passing! You can’t pass a ball like that, it’s—inelegant!” He says inelegant like he means indecent, but the ref is starting to whistle at him for his fury, so he has to stop.


“Your stamina is better now, Kurokocchi,” Kise observes casually. “But you’re not playing American Football anymore.”

“I know,” Kuroko says.

“Do you?”

Kuroko doesn’t respond; he doesn’t have to, Kagami has the ball and Kise is sufficiently distracted.


“Oh god,” one of the First Years says, sounding sick. “They’re so big.

“It is alright,” Kuroko reassures. “They cannot actually touch you. It is very unlikely they will break your arm.”

The First Years stare at Kuroko.

“I don’t think they found that reassuring, Kuroko,” Kawahara says.

“Yosen’s height is not so intimidating after facing a defense line,” Kuroko remarks.

“Kurochin is more annoying now,” Murasakibara remarks, later on in the game.

“Thank you,” Kuroko remarks, politely.


“You’re different now, Tetsu,” Aomine says.

Kuroko doesn’t quite feel like this deserves a response.

“You haven’t been the same since you came back from Deimon,” Aomine continues.

“Aomine-kun does not need to be jealous that I got to play Amefuto for awhile,” Kuroko says.

“I’m not jea—shut up!”

Kuroko moves past him and shoots the ball through the hoop.


Akashi narrows his eyes as he looks at the score and then back to Kuroko. “Your game is a lot more unpredictable now.” This was a rather obvious statement, after the Emperor Eye failed to correctly predict another one of Kuroko’s trick plays. “This is not your style of basketball.”

“No,” Kuroko says. It would be impossible to explain to Akashi, or to anyone, what his year of playing American Football had done to him. Everything he’d turned his back on, and everything he’d gained, had changed his style too much, and he couldn’t be who he was before. “This is the style of basketball a Devilbat plays.” Then, calmly, he adds, “Ya-Ha.”

A/N: Thanks, anon-friend! Sorry for how long it has taken! I am very glad to hear you were rereading that manga! Everyone should read and reread that manga =P And I’m glad that you were interested in seeing more of “The American Football Which Kuroko Plays.” I was also inspired by @goddamn-shitshow wonderful art to write more so I took this opportunity =D So thank you! Hope you enjoyed this snippet!

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Hello Daisy :c I know this is my own problem to deal with, but you (and your followers) give good advices so if you don't mind, pls help? So I'm a girl, and I like science/math but my parents aren't supportive of me choosing engineering major because "that's not for girls" :( They want me to do design or hospitality instead, but I hate those majors. And it doesn't help that my older brother is a business major so if I took engineering I'd be the one with "more boyish" major.

There’s no boyish/girlish subject u w u This is going to sound super weird but i think it is really amazing when girls do engineering ; u ; it’s goddamn attractive; maybe this is the incorrect way to express it in English but 我觉得女理科生真的超帅的. I can see where your parents are coming from though; they don’t want you to be too stressed (since university should be a year of enjoyment although uni students all knows it is hell) because engineering is quite hectic. 

Anyhow, if you like it then do it! Let your parents know about your passion because after all that is what you want to do. Doing something you want to do will guarantee you a grade that is above doing something you wish you didn’t have to. Coming from me, I reckon that university is more like trial and error (although that wastes quite a handful of $$$); if you don’t like engineering then switch, it doesn’t matter in uni as long as you find something your heart desires u w u 


A Series of Unfortunate Events S01E01 headers. like the post if saving/using. (sorry if the quality isn’t the best, unfortunately that’s what i got with the screenshots I took D: )