Wadanohara and Smolkichi

This was bound to be a thing I would draw considering how much I love these two along with how heartbroken I was over the Blue Sea Ending ouch.

Sorry for being lazy about drawing Samekichi, but perhaps some other time?


Corrin (*coughs* kamui) meets the Robins, Lucina, and … Chrom?

This is what played through my head when I heard the news of them being included ♡♡♡

anonymous asked:

you should look up cruggs (crocs + uggs)

Why thank you for telling me about cruggs, anon! After looking at these beauties on google I immediately bought 10 pairs for my self and a pair for each of my brothers!


i fucking hate when people get pissy at artists for calling something a doodle

if someone has worked so hard on their art that a doodle to them looks like a fully finished drawing to you then so be it

you’re at different skill levels and thats fine let them be, work on yourself so you can have doodles like that too

usually a doodle doesnt even actually mean “A quick scribble I put zero effort into” it’s just a way to say “I took a bit of time to draw for myself in between work loads”

…i took a bit of time off to draw what hugs feel like. ESPECAILLY true if i don’t trust the person.

guuuuuuugh the words in white have actually been said to me after i tried to escape physical contact and i still havent forgotten them. if that means im holding a grudge then so be it but those words really hurt, you know?

There are currently like… 4 people who can hug me without me freaking out.

so, im improving!!

I’m doing okay, I took some time to draw a few new drawings. Thank you for everyone who checked on me and made sure I was okay, thank you for being by my side and always looking out for me. I love you

Some of the plant sigils I have been making. I finally took the time to draw them out and make them a bit better.

Hemlock: From the hemlock’s blossom, death grows. 

  • Great for dispelling evil, ending relationships, and banishing abuse

Foxglove: Witches and fairies meet and make merry.

  • For when you wish to connect to the Otherworld, fairies, and to the witches of our past.

Bluebell: That which ails, shall be no more.

  • No illness shall take hold, this is great for warding the fairy shot.

Look I actually took the time to draw something today!

Bitterblue and Po. This was supposed to have Katsa and Giddon in it as well, but I was too lazy to draw four people, so I decided on just Po and BB. 

I’ve been watching The Tudors lately and I’m not sure how much I like it, but it’s been making me want to draw costumes.