lmao hey I’m back

I’m feeling physically better, but not mentally, but other than that, I’m good to draw

So here is Ink……. cember Day 17, Battle
Since Sun & Moon came out, I decided to draw them in a Pokemon battle rather than the war, because it’s expected and sad lol
I also didn’t draw any Alolan Pokemon bc that’d be spoilers for you & me lmao

First time drawing Florges and Raichu(took me a lot of tries) and it looks fairly good. (・ิω・ิ)

Happy first of december! I can change text n such…



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Dint have enough time to draw all the ponies for this one… so i took the chance to practice, and made me some Alissa!

Depending on how well the drawing does in here, i will try to finish it up later!

Qrowin!Jelsa for @knightsquall and @shinamatsuoka 

I think I just need excuse to draw Elsa in Atlas Specialist uniform

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i just took a look at your nsfw blog (i've seen you talk about it and i got curious about your art, which i love btw) and i scrolled down a little bit and i was "nonononope" the entire time and i think i might be ace?? I've never thought about it much, but it would explain a lot of things.

that’s super interesting I am actually alright with drawings of porn and even porn itself and I see it as a reference piece (i never get turned on by these) but that’s really interesting! I am definitely thinking of doing more desexualized pieces with just body study! its a good practice :)

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HI! If you're up for it!! "I thought you'd be gone by the time I woke up..." and/or "Of course I'm freaking out! You're my friend!" :D Thank you!!

Ah, so. This is from a prompt list titled ‘The Morning After’ so. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about what happened the night before…

Modern au!

“I think you’re starting to freak out a little bit, Killua,” Gon said.

“Oh, you think?!” Killua snapped at him. He turned sharply on his heel to pace in the other direction.

Gon watched his progress across the room and held back a sigh. “You really don’t have to, though.”

Killua stopped short at that.

“Are you serious?!” he asked incredulously. “Gon, do you not understand what just happened?! We’re best friends and I just- we just-”

“Mhm,” Gon hummed and cupped his chin in one hand, leaning on his right knee for support. Like Killua, his chest was bare. He’d only put on pants because Killua had shrieked at him when he’d woken up less then a half hour ago.

Killua’s mouth twisted in irritation. “How can you be so- so-”


“-so calm,” Killua practically spit out. 

Gon shrugged. “Probably ’cause, I liked it?”

Killua’s jaw dropped. He looked pretty standing there, Gon thought absentmindedly; it was really amazing how the sunlight filtering through the curtains hit Killua’s hair at just the right angle, illuminating his head in a silver halo. 

Gon thought out loud, “I wonder, did you maybe not like it, Killua? Is that why you’re acting like this?”

Killua’s face darkened by at least three shades. “I. You. You can’t just ask things like that!”

“Why not?” Gon shifted his position on the rumpled bed sheets. “I think its important to ask that kind of stuff. It helps to know what to do better for the next time, you know?”

“What makes you think there’ll be a next time?!” 

Gon bit his lip to hide a smile; Killua would hit him if he thought Gon was laughing at him. 

“Well. I mean. You seemed pretty happy about it last night when we were kissing, so I just assumed there’d be-”

Killua moved, quick as lightning, and suddenly his bright blue eyes were less then an inch from Gon’s. Their faces were so close to each other that Gon could feel Killua’s breath brush across his skin-

“Shut.” Killua pushed forward, forcing Gon to lean back. “Up.”

Gon’s mouth was as dry as sand paper and the back of his neck prickled with uncomfortable heat. And yet, he still managed to whisper into pale lips, “Make me.”

I heard marshmallow boy liked the night so I made this in like…idk how long it took but yayaya ;))

OMG !!!

This is so BEAUTIFUL?!!

Like???? Wow !! I’m honestly speechless ! I’m so in love with this ! I always LOVE colours in drawing and those colours are??? And Komaeda just there??? It’s give such a nostalgic/lonely/calm vibe? I love it !

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this !!! Seriously thanks ! You are so talented !! *__*

*virtual hugs*

-mod lili


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWa25gx9AaY)

I MUCH prefer drawing directly on the screen, which I can’t do with my macbook. ALSO as you can see my tablet was bugging out bleah,, but that’s because it’s not my art setup it’s my world building set up… but this is generally how headshot sketching goes before I start lining.

I took this video mainly as a way to time how long headshot sketches take me BTW but I’d thought I’d upload anyway

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What would be a way we could send Johnny a big "hug" of support to wish him Happy Holidays at the end of this year that surely tried his soul?

I’m not sure! Make him some edits or compilation of edits maybe? I have not the time nor energy to organize anything big I’m afraid but if someone else can, I can send it to him? (If it’s email-able) I know it’s quite a 180 from making a vinyl lol but that took a lot outta me and I’m not quite up to doing something like that again 😫
But IDK, an edit or a video? Something like that. I could put a video together if you want all want to contribute drawings/edits/animations etc that I could put to music and send.

Just some ideas! Come at me with more and I’ll post em ❤️

Lovely of you to think of that!

I can’t believe it… I just met Markiplier. 

I couldn’t find the park, but when I did they were all leaving. I ran up, out of breath, and Mark looked at me and said, 

“Someone’s late”.

I start laughing and at this point I can’t even breathe and I barely choke out, “Can I have a hug?” and of course he says yes, he’s an absolute angel. He signed my drawing book, because that’s all I had on me, and we took a picture together. 

I’ve been really depressed lately, and I know it’s a cliche but Mark has helped me so much and today was such a good day, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long long time. Thank you Mark.


I didn’t forget  to upload this tumblr, but I simply don’t have time! So sorry!
I’m so happy ‘cause I got a lot of new followers!
As a gift, since I can’t draw, I’ll give a little preview!
Drawing the background really took a lot of time! At least I like it!
See you soon dear~
I hope with new fan art!


AND A BONUS, CAUSE I KNOW WE ALL WANT IT or maybe its just me:

External image

( at long last here is a whole bunch of one-shots to my ouran/snk crossover! i hope you remembered all the episode references! also if you haven’t seen this before and want some more of this au, you can click here for a couple more i’ve done. thanks for reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ )