Half a birthday present for @irrevocably-delicious and half self indulgent fanart. Thats right! I took some time off drawing ice skating boys to draw some ice skating boys.

Sorry I was a little late my dude, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!



Now, this didn’t just happen, and now I have about three hundred more than that, but I took the time to make this Grishaverse drawing based on the end credits for the anime show Durarara!

I couldn’t make the pictures perfectly aligned, so I’m sorry about that, but I hope you all liked it. I worked so hard on it, and all for my followers. This is such an awesome experience, and I’m happy to share my blog with all of you. 

This was all drawn in my sketchbook using pencil and markers, and I’m very proud of it so PLEASE DON’T REPOST TO TUMBLR OR OTHER PLATFORMS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. 

Again, thank you to my followers, but special thanks to @lbardugo for her awesome works and even more awesome characters have inspired me to draw a whole shitton of art. Your writing is what makes this blog as popular as it is, and I’m indebted to you for that!


Wadanohara and Smolkichi

This was bound to be a thing I would draw considering how much I love these two along with how heartbroken I was over the Blue Sea Ending ouch.

Sorry for being lazy about drawing Samekichi, but perhaps some other time?

mintflavouredtentacles  asked:

I really love ur ocs!!!! I'd love to see you draw them more often!!

Thank youuu !  o(≧∇≦o)

Unfortunately, even if i was drawing them again,i would not upload their art here.. this blog is only for fan art  8A8 if u want to see mah personal art with personal characters, it’s here : @expensivebrowniez

but well,you seems to like them (thanks a loooot again! ;u;) so i took some of mah time for drawing a smol thing! o(*^▽^*)o

//Almost two weeks into June and I just took my time to draw something pride-related ffff-

Either way- Happy Pride Month everyone!! 


Corrin (*coughs* kamui) meets the Robins, Lucina, and … Chrom?

This is what played through my head when I heard the news of them being included ♡♡♡

For my lovely friend, @gallimaufry-galaxy. We had an art trade and they drew me this beautiful work, which I can’t stop staring at because it’s so BEAUTIFUL. We both wanted Qrow because drunk but caring uncle is the best. 

We both had two different perspectives on Qrow, which I absolutely love. I’m happy that I got some wonderful art from my friend and that I finally took the time to draw for a little!

**Please do not repost or edit!

Okay, this is my first fic rec list, sorry if there’s any mistake.

All of them are from Ao3

Art by me (It looks innocent but these fics are not innocent at all…)

Please enjoy~

(Explicit. Words: 15,557 Chapters: 6/?)

Father Castiel stumbles across a young man being attacked in a dark alley and immediately jumps to his aid. He discovers too late that the attackers are, in fact, hunters and the man is a demon. Now the demon won’t rest or namely let Castiel rest, until he finds his angel.

(Explicit.Words: 11,211 Chapters: 1/1)

Castiel summons Dean to the crossroads, and he only wants one thing: him.

(Explicit. Words: 3,792 Chapters: 1/1)

What Dean likes most is a challenge. Unfortunately for Castiel, this makes him seem like the most delectable dish in the world.

(Explicit. Words: 1,510 Chapters: 1/1)

Father Castiel is a priest that tends to have a hard time sticking to the rules but when a Demon walks into his church he may have taken his rebellion a little too far.

(Explicit. Words:2023 Chapters:4/4)

A demon possesses Dean to get to Castiel, a young priest. Secrets are spilled, promises are broken, and violence ensues.

(Explicit. Words:1987 Chapters:1/1)

Castiel has loved his best friend Dean since childhood, but he never did anything about it because Dean doesn’t go for men. But even though he is now a priest, he still dreams….

(Explicit. Words:1808 Chapters:1/1)

It’s hard being a Hunter-Priest, but Castiel wouldn’t trade it for the world…thanks mostly to the presence of a particular demon in his life.

  • Sin by darkendeavours

(Explicit. Words:1744 Chapters:1/1)

Castiel is a priest; Dean is a demon. Even the most holy need sin.

(Explicit. Words:3332 Chapters:1/1)

One demon, the hunter he’s driving, and the priest neither of them can resist.

(Mature. Words:1339 Chapters:1/1)