This is becoming a habit .. [open]

Darcy sighed at her laptop as she finally submitted her paper through the online system. It had been a tough one for her, not really because of the work itself but rather her lack of motivation to complete it. She wasn’t sure what was happening to her, but recently she had found herself spending more and more time away the campus, and away from her studies. School work had never been an issue for her before, and the fact it was becoming one now was making her doubt her choice to move to the city. 

Taking a deep breath to clear her thoughts, she decided to meditate. When she really sat down and thought about it, Darcy realised she had never truly been happier than in the last few weeks since she had moved to the east coast. Something about this city made her want to plant her roots and never leave, and maybe school was getting her down right now, but didn’t it do the same to everybody once in a while? The feeling would pass. She was sure of it. 

An hour later though, she still felt tense. I just need to relax, she thought, but I haven’t done that since .. no. She couldn’t do that again, could she? Well, nobody had found her last time, and nobody needed to know she had done it before if they came across her this time. 

Her mind set, she picked up a bag to make her way across the city, also grabbing her favourite shampoo and the novel she was currently reading on her way out. 

By the time she got to the tower the sun was threatening to peek over the horizon, but Darcy paid that no attention as she raced in through the doors, trying to remember the route she took last time to find her favourite room. 

It took a little longer than it should have, but finally she recognised a painting in the corridor, and knew which way to go. She knocked tentatively on the door as she pushed it open, hoping it would be empty like last time. She found what she was looking for. 

Wasting no time, Darcy started the taps running, slightly bouncing on her toes in excitement and the prospect of a long soak in God-only-know-who’s tub.