another weird thing about living in New York is that sometimes you’ll be getting your hair cut, and it will turn out that the guy getting his hair cut next to you is Trevor Noah’s personal makeup artist. that guy will then spend 30 minutes telling you about what an asshole Trevor Noah is to everybody who works for him, and how he’s only nice to other famous people, but one time a little old lady fell down in front of him and Trevor Noah ignored her to keep texting but Kate Winslet saw the whole thing and marched over and helped the old lady and told Trevor Noah he was some kind of an asshole.

and then your hairdresser will be like “oh yeah, that sounds just like her. I did Kate’s hair a couple of times when I was working on the Today show, she was such an angel.”

like what the fuck, I’m just getting my roots done and then there’s an imbroglio of firsthand accounts of celebrity fuckery

This is a fuck coworkers and it’ll run a little long so TL;DR at the bottom. There’s this guy at my work that’s also a courtesy worker that thinks he’s hot shit and likes to hit on the female coworkers we have (this includes me). Even if they’re under age. It makes everyone uncomfortable. And he’s notorious for being lazy. I can run circles while doing tasks around the guy. (I guess I’ll refer to him here as asshole)

First on the lazy part, asshole will run off to “run carts” or something in the middle of a rush when all he’s really doing is goofing off outside, and I know when he’s goofing off because the cart corrals are full and there aren’t enough carts outside to justify a run. He’s been caught sleeping on the carts in the parking garage downstairs while clocked in. He didn’t even try to come up with an excuse either. But onto the hitting on our coworkers and myself part…

I’m like super bad at knowing when people are hitting on me or they’re into me, and if they are being obvious I’ll think I’m being paranoid until someone else tells me they’re hitting on me. But I knew that asshole was because he was being super creepy about it. He was making my favorite manager (I’ll call her Brittney here) super uncomfortable the other night. I was in the store (as a customer) the other night and he was off fucking around, so I asked her if she was scheduled with no courtesy again. Brittney said no, asshole was, but he was making reallt uncomfortable and she was glad he was fucking off for the moment. She said he was dancing weird behind her while she wasn’t in the office and freaking her out. She was joking with a different coworker when asshole came around the corner and he said “you’re always cracking up when I come around”. And he kept on knocking on the office door to hit on her. Then he walked up from the back while I was talking to Brittney and she shut the office door right away and I started walking out while the door to the office was still closing. (Reminder, I was there off the clock as a customer) Then he followed me almost all the way out the door saying “what’re you here for? You cone for me?” And as I was walking away I listed my bag over my shoulder and said “I’m just here for some ice cream.” And he replied “no you’re not” I didn’t reply to him after that because I was at the door by that point.

But like, dude, you’re in your mid twenties (from what I’ve been told) and I’m not turning 18 for another week and a half, and you’re hitting on an engaged woman and other girls my age that you work with. Leave us alone. But Brittney reported him to higher management and I had to give my statement to them today about him, I was worried I was in trouble, but no they were just getting my part of the story. I’ve been hit on by some real creeps so he didn’t scare me much at all, but I was pissed at how he was treating my coworkers.

TL;DR: Creepy asshole coworker is lazy and won’t stop hitting on other women we work with along with myself.

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[text] When I’m not with you, my heart hurts.
[text] At some point, the phrase “I’ve hit rock bottom” became less of a figure of speech and more of the general state of my life.
[text] I thought being with you would make me happy - I was wrong.
[text] I should have known that when you said you still wanted to be friends, you didn’t mean it.
[text] So, what, are you just not going to talk to me ever again?
[text] How did we go from talking every single day to … this?
[text] You know, you not answering my calls or texts is a testament to how much of a coward you really are.
[text] I don’t like to leave loose ends and I realized I needed to live up to my own problems and insecurities.
[text] You owe me a fucking apology.
[text] We used to be best friends - where did it go wrong?
[text] I can’t be without you. Please don’t do this to me.
[text] (He/she/they) told me what you said, you asshole.
[text] What the hell is wrong with you!?
[text] Why the fuck would you do something like that?
[text] Thank you for finally showing me the truth about you. The truth is, you’re a dick.
[text] Fact: You’re adorable. Also fact: You stink at board games. But I love you.
[text] I’m a hopeless romantic with the sex drive of a married politician. I’M DOOMED.
[text] Can you and your overnight guest maybe keep it down? I’m trying to sleep.
[text] I’m bringing home frosties. I need to talk about butt stuff.
[text] Listen, I may be naive, but I know what it means when they send that eggplant emoji.
[text] I think after tonight I’m 85% lesbian
[text] So at what point of the night are we going to decide everyone at this party sucks and we should just fuck each other?
[text] Sorry your girlfriend got you a present and you forgot to get her one. How long will your dick be dry?
[text] You need to get home NOW. The oven is on fire and the fire department is officially ignoring my calls. HELP!
I’m sitting on the couch at 2 AM eating fried chicken in my underwear. Who is the real winner here?
[text] I am not ubering you a puppy.
[text] If you bring me coffee and a greasy breakfast sandwich, I’ll love you forever.
[text] Hypothetically speaking, at what point does fire become too much fire?
[text] Just because you are home alone for the weekend doesn’t mean you can act like a nudist.
[text] The only things I am doing today are things one can do without wearing a bra.
[text] I’m a grown woman and just cried because we ran out of Cheetos. I have PMS. Bring Cheetos to my place, or die.
[text] I’ll eat brunch alone. No ones good enough when you’re not around
[text] The worst thing about living at your parents’ place again is the struggle to make up more excuses to cover up booty calls.
[text] You are probably the most infuriating person I’ve ever met…but you’re weirdly sexy. What I’m saying, is come over.
[text] Please don’t bang more than two exes at a time, just so I won’t get confused.
[text] How could (he/she/they) not like you!? You’re like, annoying relatable. Like Jennifer Lawrence.
[text] Who says you can’t have Reese’s Cups for breakfast? Fucking losers, that’s who.
[text] If your (boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other) finds a random like on an Instagram post from 64 weeks ago, that was me. Oops.
[text] The only thing I crossed off my to do list today was get high. I’m going places.
[text] (He/she/they) is a total bitch and a crappy party host so I stole their dog. It likes me better.
[text] I feel like I cold have been bitchier and missed an opportunity.
[text] I’m only coming over if you have cocaine or a snickers bar.
[text] Would you think less of me if I told you I was eating pizza on the toilet right now?
[text] Dude, what’s wrong with me? I’m like a strong independent woman and shit.
[text] I’m just so full of love and alcohol

[LYRICS] so far away (Feat. 수란 (SURAN)) by Agust D


하고 싶은 게 없다는 게 진짜 뭣 같은데
흔한 꿈조차 없다는 게 한심한 거 알어 다 아는데
하란 대로만 하면 된다며 대학가면 다 괜찮아
그런 말들을 믿은 내가 병신이지 나 죽지 못해 살어

술이나 좀 줘봐 오늘은 취하고 싶으니 제발 말리지 마
뭐든 좋아 백수 새끼가 술 마시는 건 사치지만
취하지도 않은 버틸 수가 없어 모두가 달리는데 왜 나만 여기 있어
모두가 달리는데 왜 나만 여기 있어 모두가 달리는데 왜 나만 여기서 있지

so far away 나에게도 꿈이 있다면 날아가는 꿈이 있다면
don’t far away 나에게도 꿈이 있다면 날아가는 꿈이 있다면

dream 그대의 창조와 삶의 끝에 함께 하리
dream 그대의 자리가 어딜지라도 관대 하리
dream 결국 시련의 끝에 만개하리
dream 시작은 미약할지언정 끝은 창대하리

그래 시발 죽지 못해서 살아 하고 싶은 게 없단 건 말야
무엇보다 괴로운데 외로운데 주변에선 하나 같이 정신차려 란
말뿐이네 화풀이해 상대는 뭐 나뿐인데 뭘 화풀이해
매일 아침에 눈 뜨는 게 숨 쉬는 게 무섭네

친구와 가족 조차 멀어져만 가네 시간이 흐르면 흐를수록 더 조급하네
나 혼자인 기분 나 혼자인 지금 모든 게 사라졌음 해 신기루
처럼 사라졌음 해 사라 졌음 해 이젠 빌어 먹을 나조차도 사라졌음 해
이렇게 세상에 나 버려지네 그 순간 하늘과 멀어지네

so far away 나에게도 꿈이 있다면 날아가는 꿈이 있다면
don’t far away 나에게도 꿈이 있다면 날아가는 꿈이 있다면

dream 그대의 창조와 삶의 끝에 함께 하리
dream 그대의 자리가 어딜지라도 관대 하리
dream 결국 시련의 끝에 만개하리
dream 시작은 미약할지언정 끝은 창대하리

so far away 나에게도 꿈이 있다면 날아가는 꿈이 있다면
don’t far away 나에게도 꿈이 있다면 날아가는 꿈이 있다면

dream 그대의 창조와 삶의 끝에 함께 하리
dream 그대의 자리가 어딜지라도 관대 하리
dream 결국 시련의 끝에 만개하리
dream 시작은 미약할지언정 끝은 창대하리

그대의 창조와 삶의 끝에 함께 하리 (don’t far away)
그대의 자리가 어딜지라도 관대 하리
결국 시련의 끝에 만개하리
시작은 미약할지언정 끝은 창대하리

so far away
so far away
so far away
so far away

so far away 나에게도 꿈이 있다면 날아가는 꿈이 있다면
don’t far away 나에게도 꿈이 있다면 날아가는 꿈이 있다면

so far away
don’t far away
so far away
don’t far away

dream 그대의 창조와 삶의 끝에 함께 하리
dream 그대의 자리가 어딜지라도 관대 하리
dream 결국 시련의 끝에 만개하리
dream 시작은 미약할지언정 끝은 창대하리 


It sucks when you don’t have anything you want to do
I know it’s pathetic to not have something as common as a dream, I know
You said to do as I’m told, that it would all fine when I go to university
I’m the asshole for believing those words
I live because I can’t die

Give me some drinks, I want to get drunk today please don’t stop me
Anything will be fine
Alcohol is a luxury for a bum but I can’t stand it sober
Everyone else is running, why am I the only one here

So far away if I have a dream, if I have a dream that flies away*
Don’t far away if I have a dream, if I have a dream that flies away

Dream may all of creation be with you til the end of your life**
Dream wherever you are, will welcome you
Dream may your trials end in full bloom
Dream though your beginnings might be humble, may the end be prosperous

Yeah, fuck, I live because I can’t die

Nothing is more miserable and lonely than not having something you want to do
The only thing everyone around me says is to come to my senses
I try to take out my anger but the only one here with me is me so what’s the point of venting
Every morning, it’s terrifying to open my eyes, to breathe

My friends and even my family are getting further away
As time goes by I’m becoming more impatient
The feeling of being on my own, I am on my own right now
I want everything to disappear
I want it to disappear like a mirage, want it to disappear, I want my damn self to disappear
Like this, the world throws me away
In that moment I’m getting farther away from the sky
I’m falling

So far away if I have a dream, if I have a dream that flies away
Don’t far away if I have a dream, if I have a dream that flies away

Dream may all of creation be with you til the end of your life
Dream wherever you are, will welcome you
Dream may your trials end in full bloom
Dream though your beginnings might be humble, may the end be prosperous

So far away if I have a dream, if I have a dream that flies away
Don’t far away if I have a dream, if I have a dream that flies away

Dream may all of creation be with you til the end of your life
Dream wherever you are, will welcome you
Dream may your trials end in full bloom
Dream though your beginnings might be humble, may the end be prosperous

May all of creation be with you til the end of your life (don’t far away)
Wherever you are in life, it will be generous
May your trials end in full bloom
Though your beginnings might be humble, may the end be prosperous

so far away
so far away
so far away
so far away

So far away if I have a dream, if I have a dream that flies away
Don’t far away if I have a dream, if I have a dream that flies away

so far away
don’t far away
so far away
don’t far away

Dream may all of creation be with you til the end of your life
Dream wherever you are, will welcome you
Dream may your trials end in full bloom
Dream though your beginnings might be humble, may the end be prosperous

(T/N: *The lyrics are worded a way that is open to a second interpretation: ‘if 
            I have a dream to fly away’. In this case, Suga could be referring to 
            either the fact that his dream is getting further and further away 
            from him, or alternatively, that he has a dream to fly away (and 
            escape his current reality).
        **    The register (formality) Suga uses here is very high (it’s very formal) 
            and the grammatical structure is in an older form that is used in 
            serious, religious, etc. situations (example: the Korean Bible is written
            in this form and prayers are said in this form).
                The form is difficult to explain in English, but it’s closest to the 
            meaning of “will do ___”. It’s part prayer, part request, part willing 
            something to happen. It doesn’t have a specific speaker, which makes 
            whatever Suga is saying something that he wishes/wills for everyone 
            and not only himself.
                (example: “In the end, at the end of adversity, will be in full bloom”
            Explicit pronoun does not exist, so the sentence contains multiple 
            meanings: “I will be in full bloom,” “You will be in full bloom,” “We will 
            be in full bloom,” etc.))

Trans cr; Nara, Sylvia & Joyce @ bts-trans

NCT 127 wanting to cuddle when they're feeling down 😔

Taeil: Even though at the start of the relationship he’s going to struggle with any sort of physical contact, as the bond between you two strengths, his insecurities will fade away. You two may have started off as strangers, but now you’re the person he shares all of his thoughts and feelings with.

So, after a less than perfect day, Taeil has no reservations about seeking you out for emotional support. He’s going to throw his arms around your waist and bury his face in the crook of your neck, refusing to let go until you’ve heard every last detail about his disastrous day. “Y/N, you’re so lucky you weren’t there. The guy is a complete asshole, do you know what he said to me while I was in the studio today? He told me that I apparently…”

He’s one of the quieter members, but on days like these he needs to vent, and that’s just what he’ll do for hours at a time. Clear your schedule because you’re spending the rest of the afternoon in bed listening to Taeil talk, and talk, and talk some more.

Taeyong: We all know how emotional he is, and it’s not that he tries to hide it from you, but he still isn’t comfortable enough to seek you out. Most people can’t grasp his emotional complexity. What some people might consider to be constructive criticism, can be one huge blow to his at times very fragile ego and self image. He wants your comfort, but he wonders if he’s earned it.

You’re going to have to be the one to recognize that something is wrong and force him to open up. At first he might push you away, making light of the situation, but at the end of the day there’s noway he’d ever say no to cuddling with you.

He won’t talk much, if at all, about the issue, but he will let you know how much you mean to him. “Y/N, I love you. You’re cute, and kind, and I could spend all night complimenting you.” Taeyong will cling to you the entire night because he is so extremely thankful that he has someone who cares so deeply about him in his life.

Yuta: He’s super straightforward about his thoughts and feelings, especially when it comes to your relationship. The one thing Yuta doesn’t do is hold back. If he’s feeling like crap, and he’s craving physical attention to make it better, he is going to let you know. “Babe, get your ass in the bedroom.” He shouts the minute he hears you walk through the front door.

“Seriously? Yuta, I just got back from the gym. I’m sweaty, and smelly, and I want to be alone. Later.” You refuse, dropping your bag on the floor as you head towards the bathroom, in desperate need of a shower.

If you won’t join him in the bedroom, for some much needed cuddles, then Yuta’s just going to have to join in the shower. It’ll start off super sweet and innocent. You’ll baby him and wash his hair while he tells you all about the shitty day he’s had, but the moment you’re about to turn off the water, he’s going to pounce on you, so he can let off all of his built up frustration.

Jaehyun: I don’t see him as much of a cuddler, but that’s only because once he gets his hands on you it’ll quickly escalate to something more. However, if he’s really going through a rough time, he might actually forget about sex for a few hours.

Like Yuta, Jaehyun is very direct with you about his needs in your relationship. He knows he can trust you with his emotions and he knows that you care enough to actually listen to what he has to say. If you’re laying in bed watching television, Jaehyun will come up behind you and pull you into his chest.

“I know you’re busy watching that soap opera you love so much, but you’re going to have to turn in off and focus the rest of your attention on me for tonight. I promise I’ll make it up you later.” The remainder of the night will be spent talking about whatever it is that’s got Jaehyun in a slump, with lots of cute, little kisses in between.

Winwin: He’s kind of like a giant baby that just wants to be nurtured and loved. Yes, he is a grown man who can take care of himself, but he’d much rather have you taking care of him. The second he walks through the door, he’s going to cement himself to your side.

“Babeeeee, the photographer was really mean to me during the photo shoot today.” That’s about all the detail he’s going to go into because it really is a silly reason to be upset, but sometimes we just can’t control our feelings. Once he starts feeling down, it isn’t something Winwin can just get over instantly.

You’ll spend a good half hour trying to bring up his mood, but you two still have to eat dinner and you have an assignment due the next day, so as much as you want to continue cuddling with Winwin on the sofa, you can’t. He’ll be whiny about it, but ultimately accept reality. That being said, he’ll hover over you all day until you finally go to bed, where the two of you can continue your cuddle session.

Mark: I have a feeling that there’s nothing Mark loves more than cuddling with the love of his life. Mark is shy, but he’s also open, and honest, and great with people. He’s a positive thinker, so if he’s feeling down something seriously terrible happened.

He’s going to ambush you out of nowhere with a giant bear hug and refuse to let go. Mark is going to give you all the details and then ask for your honest opinion on the matter. There’s no one’s decision that he trusts more than your’s because he knows that there’s no one else who cares as much about his wellbeing as you do.

After coming up with a solution, you’re both going to realize that you never want your little cuddle session to come to an end. You’ll spend the rest of the night snuggling on the couch, enjoying each other’s company.

Haechan: He literally lives off of your attention. When he’s had a bad day, you will definitely be the first person he’ll go to for support and cuddles. He never shuts up, unless he’s suffering through something, and then he completely shuts down. Haechan’s got pretty thick skin, so you know it’s really bad when he’s begging for cuddles.

Rather than talk about what a nightmare his day was, he’s going to have you sit with him on the sofa and play with his hair or rub his back. He wants to forget about what happened, so he’s going to ask you to fill in the silence with pretty much anything you want. “Y/N, tell me how shopping with the girls went yesterday.”

Normally he hates hearing people go on and on about their mundane lives, but nothing makes him him happier than hearing you talk, no matter what you have to say. Being near you and knowing that he has someone who loves him and who he loves is all he needs to overcome any hurdles that come his way.


“Would you leave me alone already.” You say in annoyed tone when Bjorn follows you outside. Somehow he always had to get mixed up in your problems and it was beginning to bother you. You could take care of yourself just fine.

“No I’m going to stay.”

“Seriously I could have handled that on my own, I don’t need you to protect me all the time.”

“I know.”

“Really because it does not look like you do.”

You pick up a training sword nearby and face him. If he insisted on protecting you he should prove himself first. You knew he could fight but so could you. Bjorn tilts his head, giving you a doubtful look before getting a sword himself.

“Really? You know I’ll win.”

“Oh you did not just say that.” You growl angrily and storm towards him while raising your sword. You’re not bad but he’s better. He has you lying on the ground in no time, hovering above you with a satisfied grin.

“See? Told you so.”

You jump off the ground and angrily stomp away. He really, really got on your nerves sometimes. Today was one of these days.

“Shut up…asshole.” You mumble as you walk away. Bjorn catches your wrist before you can leave and pulls you back.

“The sun could burn out, and the whole world could die, but I’d still be utterly in love with you.”


“I love you, idiot. Why do you think I insist on watching out for you.” He gives you a genuine smile this time, not the smug face from before.


“Yes I know…you love me too.” He says before pulling you in for a kiss.

Your lovely healers

I never thought I would have to make a post about this, but a match I had today finally threw me off.

Don’t degrade a player whenever they choose to play a healer because you know how that makes you look? It makes you look like a fucking asshole, that’s for sure. As a Mercy main I do my very best to heal those who are critical and even players that are barely missing health for god’s sake, but if you dare step out of my line of sight then there’s nothing I can do for you. That also applies to the rest of the support character line.

Being told that I sucked and that I should’ve done something more specific pertaining to said harassing person, really busted my bubble when I was doing only what I literally could. I also can’t help when a Symmetra attaches herself to me (or any enemy character) and I whip out my weapon to fend for myself when I can’t necessarily shift to someone or even have a teammate kill her off only to find out they aren’t nearby. Christ, it takes a second to realize she is on me in the first place. 

So please, stay in the line of sight, construct a way to make sure you can get to your healer if need be and please please please,


Thank you have a nice day

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Okay so in my world lit class the boy i sit next to is lowkey an asshole and today he wouldnt stop fucking touching me even though i told hjm to stop so i kicked him so hard in the ribs his chair tipped and he smacked his face on the floor... it was a good time

im so proud of you

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How would GOM react giving their s/o a lift somewhere to meet a friend and then they see that the friend is some hot guy?

I have been waiting for this. Hahahaha I laughed way too hard at writing Kuroko’s.

Kuroko: One look outside the window to see a very attractive guy there. That’s all it took. Before ___ could even pull the handle to open the door, Kuroko had locked the car. With a confused face, his girlfriend scrunched her eyebrows up in confusion and look at Kuroko. All he would do is look straight at her with an emotionless expression and blink before hitting the gas pedal and speeding off. “What the heck, Kuroko? That was my friend! You were supposed to drop me off there!!” “My apologies, ___-san. It seems my foot has gotten stuck on the accelerator.” “Liar!!” “Maybe.” “Kuroko!!!”

Akashi: Right as ___ opens the door, Akashi suddenly reaches over and slams it shut. “Wah- Akashi! What are you doing?” “I thought you said you were hanging out with a friend today?” Akashi was staring down the poor attractive teenager innocently waiting across the street for ___. “I am! He’s right over there.” “You never told me it was a guy..Especially a guy that’s..blessed in his appearance.” A dark growl escaped from Akashi as he turned his stare to ___, making chills run down his girlfriend’s spine. “I didn’t think it would matter…Akashi, I’m making him wait, I need to go.” Before she could reach the door handle again, he swiftly grabbed her wrist and pulled her over before whispering darkly in her ear. “I think he can wait one more minute while I make sure he understands you’ve been claimed mine.” Hungrily, his lips went down to her neck before beginning to bite and suck on her skin until it turned a mix of red and purple. “Seijurou!!” ___ hissed grabbing his hair, trying to pull him off and resist the feeling to moan. Akashi pulled away his lips before they formed into a sly smirk while he opened the door for his girlfriend. “Now he’ll know you’re mine.”

Aomine: “Oi, what the hell is this? A sick joke?” Aomine huffs as he glares out the window, directing it to the good-looking friend. “What? No! That’s my friend! I told you we’re hanging out today!!” ___ explains before mumbling a quick goodbye and getting out of the car. She was halfway to her friend when ___ heard a car door slam and heavy footsteps running over to her. ____ watched with a dropped jaw as her navy-haired, quick-to-anger, boyfriend stomped past her to the attractive male friend. “Listen asshole. I’m gonna let you hang out with my ___-chan today because she’s been really looking forward to this..BUT..if you even so glance at her the wrong way and I catch it, I’ll knock you out faster than you can say “forgive”.” was all Aomine said before stomping back to ___, giving her a quick kiss and glaring at the friend.

Kise: “___-cchi!!!!!” Kise called out while wildly running over to her, flapping his hands everywhere. “Huh, what is it Ryou-chan?” ___ called out, pulling away from her very attractive friend’s hug. “Oh is this another friend of yours, ___-chan?” The alluring male friend said as he looked Kise up and down. Kise’s muscle quickly tensed up as he noted the word “friend” and the cute nickname the friend gave his ___-cchi. “No. I’m her boyfriend.” Kise quickly barked back, glaring at the friend that was now too close to ___ for comfort. Kise quickly analysed the beautiful-looking male before his golden eyes went wide in shock. This couldn’t be. ___’s friend was the new attractive model that was currently Kise’s rival. “Ooohh, I know who you are! You’re Kise Ryouta!..You’re apparently my enemy in the modeling business. And it seems you’re also dating my dear ____-chan, whom I’ve known since childhood.” Kise didn’t like the way he stated “my dear __-chan”. “Yes, well ___-cchi invited me to hang out with you two today so you get to know me.” “What, I didn’t say an—“ “Sh, sh, my ___-cchi, she’s just so excited!”

Midorima: “___, can I see your phone for a second?” Midorima calls out, hand held out to ___ while directing his glare out the window to the hot guy who was apparently ___’s friend. “Uhh..sure..” ___ hesitantly gives her phone over to Midorima. A few quick taps here and there on her phone with his talented fingers before he gave it back to her and put the car in drive. “Taro-chan! This is the place! My friend’s right there!” “Yeah I know but it’s scheduled for a later date now.” ___ quickly looks out the window to see her friend look down at his phone and frown a little before beginning to walk away. “What?! I’m so confus—“ “You’re horoscope says you need to hang out with your lover today.” “No! That’s my horoscope for tomorrow!! Today says I should hang out with a friend!” ___ quickly unlocks her phone before realising the Message app was pulled up and the messages with the friend was open. ___ looks down to see a new text was sent to her friend just now, but she didn’t send it. “I’m dearly sorry, (friend’s name)-kun, but I can’t hang out today. My boyfriend needs me.”

Murasakibara: “___-chin. Who is this?” Murasakibara calls out, strolling up to ___ who was talking to the stunning-looking male. “Huh? Sushi-chan, I told you, this is my friend!” The giant stops in front of the beautiful man and glares down at him, analysing him. “I thought you said you were gonna hang out with Eren today?” “This is Eren!” “I thought Eren was a girl..___-chin, I don’t like this..” ___ begins to giggle at the fact Atsushi thought Eren, her attractive male friend, was a girl. Eren began to feel uncomfortable with the huge giant looking down at him with such a frightening stare. “Listen here, Eren-boy-chin, don’t touch my ___-chin. Not a hug, not a handshake, not even a swift touch! If you do, I’ll crush you.” “Sushi-chan!! Don’t be so mean, you’re scaring him!” “You hear me? I’ll crush you.


This man won’t stop asking and harassing me with inappropriate questions. I told him he was making me uncomfortable and to stop asking me these things and stop talking to me. I even ended up cursing him off and he just continued. I answered the first few because he was curious and then he began making me uncomfortable, which I told him.

I blocked him today but I thought I’d post this and warn other transgender individuals that he is a disrespectful asshole who doesn’t care if he makes you uncomfortable.

These are not things you ask someone who is transgender, or anyone in general within the first 5 seconds of talking to them. You do not open a conversation with one of these questions.

That is disrespectful.

18.  “I love it when you shout at me.”

20.  “Take one more step and I won’t be responsible for what I do next.”

with Eric

“You freaking, god damned asshole!”

“I love it when you shout at me.” Eric replies calmly, not bothered at all by your outburst, “What exactly is it you’re mad about today? The list seems to grow from day to day I’m just asking to make sure.”

“You told everyone I was hurt and now I have to stay back while everyone else goes on a mission.”

“You are hurt, I didn’t exactly lie.”

“I’m not that hurt and I can very well decide on my own if I’m capable of doing something.” Eric stands up and starts walking over to you, “Take one more step and I won’t be responsible for what I do next.”

He snorts and keeps walking towards you, “Come one you’re not really mad that you couldn’t go, it was a boring mission after all beside we can do much more fun stuff in the meantime.” He smirks and pushes you gently in the direction of the bedroom.

“Really you mess up my work because you can’t keep it in your pants for 3 days?”

“Basically yes.”

You grab his arm and almost throw him down on the bed, jumping on top of him. You grind your hips against his and pin his arms above his head, “You wanna play? Fine with me but you won’t like it.”

Another reason why medicine needs feminism

Because full grown male residents don’t bother to ask a woman if she’s menopausal and make the connection that this is what threw off her otherwise controlled diabetes into DKA. Because estrogen aids in glucose control and protects against rising insulin resistance. 

 And I, as the only female on the team today, asked her, researched this, and defended this theory. With papers. For which I got laughed at repeatedly and told “that’s not a real thing.” Physiology and endocrinology are real things, assholes. We get tested on them. 

 And guess what. The attending, a man with twenty plus years of experience and a great breadth and depth of knowledge of medicine and respect for women, said I was 100% correct. And he straight up told the male residents “duh. It was so obvious. Why did none of you ask her these simple questions? Use your brains!" 

 Moral of the story: Defend your female patients. Don’t discredit them. Educate the ignorant, fight for your patient’s health. Even if it’s with your colleagues. Protect and listen to female patients.

I have a lot of things to say about Minncon, but first of all, I want to talk about Jared.

I know he made a post today that was contradictory and a lot of people may think he’s an asshole. But lemme tell you a story that nobody told me, I saw it with my own eyes, and made me realize even more what an unique person Jared Padalecki is.

Last night, Minncon was ending and Jared was finishing his autos, he was last as usual and there was barely nobody around anymore. We were outside the room waiting for him to leave, so we could see him one last time. He finally emerges, and we wave and stuff, and he immediately goes hug the girls closest to him. He walks away , I yell that we love him, and he yells back that he loves us more. But that’s not what I want to tell you.

When I thought he had left already, I saw that Clif and other security had stopped, so I went to check what was happening, and I came to a scene of Jared crouched down beside a girl who was seating against a wall. The girl was desperately crying, and Jared was comforting her. He talked to her, he hugged her, he took his time. That went on for about 5 minutes. He made everyone wait just so he could talk to the girl. Then he went on his way. That touched me deeply, to see how much he cares. There were no cameras, nobody was around, it was only him, the real Jared. He didn’t have to do that, he could just walk past her but he didnt. That was not the actor, that was the person. Nobody would know he did that if I wasn’t making a post about it, because he doesn’t have to show off. That’s who he is. And I know it’s true because i was there.

My point is, Jared has flaws. I won’t applaud or agree with everything he does. He’s human after all. But I have never met in my life such a caring and loving person. He was so kind to me the both times I met him (I’ll talk about my autograph later), he has such a power within him, that I don’t understand how can someone hate him. Meeting Jared in person was a turning point for me, I already loved him for many years, but now i love the person Jared, the one who cares, who looks at you with the kindest eyes in the whole world and makes you feel important. The one who detours from his path to comfort a crying fan.

I’ve seen firsthand how other actors act when a fan says a simple hi, and how uncaring they could be. But not Jared. You can say a million things about him, but if you hate him, you’re wasting your time. You are missing on one of the most special people in this planet.

Jared, thanks for being who you are, I love you so much I can’t even put into words right now.

Break The Glass

(A Better Place Part Two)

Daveed Diggs x Reader
Words: 755
Anon: omg will there be a part two to “A Better Place” becauSE MAN THAT IS AMAZING DONT LEAVE US HANGING
Anon:  Ooooooo! A better place was really good! Could you make a part two of it please?

Hi everyone! I felt like you all needed a daily dose of Diggs… so here it is! Enjoy, my friends!

also, if anyone is in need of anyone to talk to, i’m here. I’m less mad and sad, so i’m actually approachable!

have a good day everyone!


Originally posted by jayvoom


You threw the Starbucks rubbish in the bin, adjusting your coat as you walked down the street after leaving your apartment. You had made other plans for your night, but they were going to have to wait. You may have just lost your best friend.

One part of you felt mad at Daveed. He had left without speaking a word, you were hurt. But another part of you knew that you were the one who was wrong. Your bubble had finally burst, releasing all the secrets you had been holding for the past couple of months. If it wasn’t for Jalene, you probably could’ve kept your mouth shut.

You entered the venue of the launch party, frowning when seeing Daveed hadn’t graced the crowd with his presence yet. You paid at the door, looking around the crowded room. You had your reasons for avoiding Daveed’s gigs. Your main one was your hatred for small spaces and loud noises.

You pulled out your phone, quickly sending a message to him. Hopefully, there would be enough time to talk to him before the gig started. Unfortunately, you never felt the buzz of a reply. You took a seat at the bar, sighing quietly.

“Long day?” The bartender asked, picking up a bottle of Vodka and pouring you a shot.

“Oh, um, I don’t drink,” You said quietly, glancing at the stage.

“I’ve been in this business a long time; I can tell when people are doing it rough. I’d suggest you take it… it’s on the house,” The bartender replied, moving away from you.

You let out a quiet sigh, taking the shot quickly and screwing up your face as a burning sensation hit the back of your throat. “God help me,” You mumbled, watching as Daveed, William and Johnathan walked onstage.

You noticed that Daveed was slightly more slouched than usual, but you didn’t take anything from it. You sighed, staring at the ground. You ignored the happy crowd around you, letting your thoughts consume you.

“Hey, (Y/N)! I didn’t think you’d be here.”

You looked up to see Daveed’s other best friend, Rafael Casal walking towards you. You stood up, hugging him gently. “Neither did I, honestly.”

“You seem a little less excited than usual. How great is this album so far?” Rafael said, sitting at the bar. You sat next to him.

“Daveed played it for me a while ago. It’s just as good live,” You replied, shrugging. “How long have you been here?”

“I helped set up. Diggs seemed a bit down too. Did something happen that I didn’t hear about?” Rafael asked, leaning against the bar with hand and putting the other one on your shoulder.

“I don’t know. I mean, something definitely happened. I just don’t know what,” You replied, letting out a quiet sigh.

“Are you coming to talk to Diggs after the show? I’m sure he’d be excited that you’re here.” Rafael moved his hand away from you, starting to focus more on the show.

“I don’t know. I’m feeling like I might head home honestly,” You muttered, checking the time on your phone.

“Really? But they only just got started…”

You let out another sigh, shaking your head. “You know I hate these gigs. I came to talk to Di… I came to talk to Daveed and he’s busy. I’ll deal with it another time,” You said, turning to the bartender and ordering another shot.

“What’s gotten into you? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so mad at Diggs,” Rafael stated, raising his eyebrow as you took your second shot of the night.

“Well, maybe if he wasn’t such a self-obsessed asshole, I wouldn’t be so mad,” You muttered.


“I bet that Jalene chick didn’t even show. I bet she told him to go jump off a cliff or something.”

“Wait, is that what this is about? (Y/N), Diggs called Jalene and asked her not to come. Something about clearing his head.” Rafael stated, “She’s super mad at him.”

“Wait, what?” You asked, “It was only a few hours ago that he said today was the day. He was gonna ask her out.”

“Well, something must have changed his mind,” Rafael replied, shrugging and standing. “I’m gonna go have a bit of fun in the crowd. I’ll see you after?” You nodded slowly, taking your glance away from the floor from the first time that night.

It was then that you again noticed the slouchiness of your best friend’s posture, and this time you took notice.

“I didn’t tell you, but it wasn’t because I didn’t want it. I wanted to call, but I couldn’t. I was mad and hurt. I hated you for a while. It just wasn’t right, for either of us.” You sit back, looking across the table at Sam’s face. He’s eyes are laser focused on the table, stirring a slow circle with his coffee spoon.

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“Have I ever told you about how big of a bunch of assholes guys can be? Because seriously they are, and the squad today took asshole to a whole new level I didn’t know existed. Seriously I go into work and I’m looking through some magazines laying around and mixed in between them is this calendar, so I pick it up and straight away see it ones of those awful hot female firefighter specials, so I open it and inside the guys have cut out pictures of my face and stuck them over each month’s girl? They thought that was funny? I mean, c’mon funny was a line drawn way before that. But it’s safe to say I shoved that calendar so far up each of their asses, they’ll be feeling it for weeks. And my pay back isn’t complete.”


Hey! I was wondering if you can do a one shot where y/n is Daryl’s teenage sister and gets very overprotective when some teenage guys in Alexandria start trying to flirt with her? Maybe him and Carl - y/n’s best friend - team up to make all the guys get away from her or something? Thanks if you’re able to do this!

I hope you like it! 💕

-I think it’s awesome that you’ve survived so long out there, you know? —a boy, whose name escaped your memory told you. —This dork hasn’t even gone beyond the walls once.

-I have! —the guy who he was talking about complained in a shrill voice.

You were at the welcoming party that Deanna had been so excited about. You had hesitated about going, but Rick insisted. Now, three teenage guys were crowding you and trying to get you to talk to them.

-Whatever, I think it’s really cool how you killed those shits and all that. —the third boy said. You smiled softly, and it seemed somewhat fake.

-But, uh, I think we have to leave, right? —the first one scratched his head anxiously.

-Right, because my dad… you know, he wants me to… I have to help with… you know… that. —another one moved his hands nervously in the air. The last one didn’t bother in saying a word, he just walked away with his friends.

You frowned in confusion, but you were a little relieved that they left you alone at last. As you were turning around to go somewhere else, you bumped with your brother, who was standing right behind you.

-And I was wondering what made them run away like scared little kids. —you raised an eyebrow and crossed your arms over your chest.

-They best stay the fuck away, then. —he grunted, his words made you chuckle.


Daryl was your older brother. He was the overprotecting kind, which you always hated, but after flesh-eating corpses started to roam the Earth, you thanked God for him and for all those times we risked his own ass for yours.

-This party sucks. —you said as you sat on the porch steps right next to Carl.

-Oh, it’s a party? —he asked in a sarcastic tone. You laughed and shook your head.

-I highly doubt that.

-I didn’t know Daryl was coming. —Carl told you, expecting you would tell him why your brother had decided to show up.

-Yeah, me neither. —you frowned. —Guess he just wanted to check on me.

-Can you blame him? —he laughed. —We’ve been here for a day and you already have a tone of friends.

-Are you kidding me? —you joined him in his laugh. —They’re not my friends.

-Why not?

-I just… —you made a small pause, your eyes locked on your feet. —I don’t think I’m ready for that.

-For friends? —he joked.

-You know what I mean. —you bumped his shoulder with yours. —These people don’t live in the real world, and I don’t think I can go back to the old one.

Carl nodded and you knew he understood you perfectly, you could always count on him listening to you.

On the morning after the party, everyone in your group went to do their jobs. As you weren’t old enough, Carl and you didn’t get one, so you stayed home and took care of Judith.

-Can you pass me the formula? —Carl asked as he carried Judith in his arms. —It’s in the fridge.

-Sure. —you opened the fridge and took the little bottle where they kept Judith’s formula. You heated it up in the microwave and then gave it to Carl. He softly bounced his sister as she drank the milk. There was a knock on the door.

-I got it. —you said when you noticed Carl was hypnotized by his baby sister. You opened the door and found the three boys standing there with big smiles.

-Hey. —you said calmly, trying to fake a smile.

-Hey! —one of them greeted with excitement. —We were just about to go to Jake’s house and play some video games, would you like to come?

-Uhm… —you were thinking about it, or more like thinking about a good excuse. You didn’t have to think much, because Carl appeared from behind you.

-She doesn’t want to go. —he said sternly. Judith was no longer in his arms, you figured it was for intimidating purposes.

-Carl. —you reprimanded, knowing how rude he sounded. Nevertheless, he ignored you.

-We have stuff to do, so you should go now. —he told them as he stood steadily next to you. The boys shifted their eyes between Carl and you. You thought Carl was being way too rude, but you were somewhat grateful that he declined their invitation for you.

-Yeah, we just have a lot to do right now. —you scratched your head. —Maybe next time.

They left quickly and you closed the door.

-You’re welcome. —Carl said and went to pick up Judith from her chair.

-I didn’t say thank you. —you raised an eyebrow.

-You don’t have to, I know you don’t want to hang out with them. —he said as he gave his sister her bottle back.

-Because you just know everything about me. —you said in a sarcastic tone as you rolled your eyes, which only made him chuckle.

-As your best friend, I can say I do. —he laughed and kept bouncing Judith in his arms.

The guys stayed away from you for a couple of days, and you hated to admit that you actually missed the interaction with people of your own age a little.

One morning, you woke up to the sound of Judith’s cries. She was hungry and Rick and Carl weren’t home at the moment, so you had to take care of her.
You ran downstairs and went to the kitchen, there was no more formula in the fridge or the apple sauce that Judith loved so much, so you had to go to the pantry for more.

As you walked down the street, people shot you strange looks. You wondered why, but as soon as you looked down and realized you were still in your pj’s, you understood why. However, you didn’t care. After all that you had seen and lived beyond those walls, walking around the streets with your nightwear was nothing.

-Hey, Olivia. —you greeted as you walked inside the pantry. Olivia smiled at you.

-Hey there, (Y/N)! —she said in a joyful voice, she was always happy, for some reason. —Let me guess, apple sauce.

You nodded and Olivia disappeared between the counters, looking for the apple sauce. Another set of steps were heard inside the pantry and you turned around to see who it was.

-Hi. —one of the guys that had been talking to you greeted happily.

-Hey. —you reciprocated, giving him a soft smile.

Olivia came back with your baby food and handed it to you. She acknowledged the boy’s presence and smiled at him.

-Jake, what can I get you? —she asked gently.

-Some syrup, my mom’s making pancakes. —he said. Olivia’s smile grew wider, but who could blame her? His mom was making pancakes.

She disappeared again into the organized shelves. You already had the applesauce so you turned around and walked away.

You were almost arriving to your house when you heard someone running behind you. You turned around and found Jake right behind you, out of breath and holding a bottle of syrup in his hand.

-(Y/N)… —he said as he tried to recover his breath, and you chuckled.


-Uh, my mom made pancakes. —he told you awkwardly. —I was wondering if you… would like to, uh, have breakfast with me- with us?

You hesitated, your brother didn’t like those boys around you and he did pretty stupid things when he got all overprotective, but on the other hand, pancakes.

-Uh, sure. —you said at last and he released a deep breath.

You started walking towards his house, but as you were crossing the street you heard a familiar sound. The engine of a motorcycle roared loudly and it was your brother’s. He sped up and stopped right in front of your friend, who jumped back and almost had a heart attack.

-Daryl! —you yelled at him, angry and completely embarrassed at what he had done.

You picked up the syrup bottle he had dropped and gave it to him once he had calmed down

-I’m so sorry. —you told him wholeheartedly.

-Uh, yeah, i-it’s okay. —he lifted his hand to take the syrup and you noticed it was shaking.

-Where you goin’? —Daryl asked gruffly.

-To his house. —you told him.

-You ain’t got no business in this lil shit’s house. —he said violently.

-Daryl. —you said through gritted teeth, he was being way too rude. You turned to face Jake. —I’m sorry about him, he’s an asshole.

-No, it’s fine. —he shook his head. —I have to be home right now anyway, I’ll see you around.

Daryl made the engine roar again, which made your friend jump again.

-Or maybe not. —he said nervously and started walking away. —Bye.

-Bye. —you murmured as you watched him running towards his house, you turned to look at Daryl and shot him a deadly look.

-Get in. —he gestured at his bike and all you could do was scream at him.

-No! What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you always do this? First it was that guy before all this happened, then it was Carl, now it’s those guys! It’s like you don’t want me to have friends at all!

-You can be friends with Carl. —he said simply. You grunted in frustration and stomped all the way to your house.

You slammed the door behind you and screamed again. You realized you were still holding the applesauce jar inside your hand and suddenly remembered Judith had been hungry since the early morning.
You ran upstairs and entered her room quickly. You found Carl holding her and feeding her something that wasn’t applesauce.

You sighed in relief and leaned on the doorframe. Carl looked at you and laughed, there was still an annoyed expression in your face.

-Don’t be so angry at him, he just wants to protect you. —he told you.

-Yeah, I know, it’s just that… —you stopped abruptly as you realized something. —Wait, what are you talking about?

-About he almost ran over your boyfriend. —he chuckled and spoke his answer as if it were obvious.

-How do you know that?

-Everyone saw that.

-Yeah, but that was less than two minutes ago. And you were already here.


-How did you know?

-Okay, okay. —he sighed. —I told Daryl where you’d be today.

-Carl! —you scolded. —How did you even know that I would go to the pantry.

-We didn’t run out of baby food, I just hid it all in my room.

-You’re an asshole, just like Daryl.

-Sorry, but I think we agree that you shouldn’t be anywhere near those guys.

-Why do you think you can decide everything that happens in my life?

-(Y/N). —Carl called you, trying to make you calm down but you only stormed out of the room with furious steps.

You walked out of the house and saw Daryl standing there, his motorcycle parked at the driveway.

He tried to reach for you, but you shook his head off your arm and kept walking, unaware that you still held the jar of applesauce in your hand.

You arrived to the lake. There were a couple of people walking their dogs, but no one who knew you enough to talk to you. Good, because you wanted to be alone.

You took a deep breath and tried to let the green grass and fresh air put you at ease. Your face was still red from being so angry, but it started losing the radish shade as you calmed down.

Suddenly, you noticed the applesauce. It bad been inside the same hand all along, you had never shifted it to your other hand or placed it on the table when you got home.

You were hungry, you hadn’t had breakfast, and you figured that Judith wouldn’t mind if you ate one single jar of her food, there were still apple trees inside the community and people who made the applesauce, so it was okay if you ate it.

The lid made a pop sound as you opened the jar, and two of your finger sank into the soft food. You used your fingers as a spoon and put them inside your mouth, feeling the sweet flavour in your taste buds.

The taste of it brought you back to your childhood. Your father, a drunken mess who was never home, and your mother, deceased in a fire. Merle had also taken care of you when you were a kid, but most of the time he was getting high with his friends and neglecting his little siblings.
But Daryl had always been there.

When you were around 2 years old and none of your parents were home for days, somehow you remembered, that Daryl went to the store and bought applesauce for both of you, even if he was too old for it.

Nostalgic tears flooded your eyes as you realized you had been too hard on him. He just wanted to take care of you, as he had always done.

You ran back to the house and found his motorcycle still parked outside. As you were about to open the door, you noticed from the corner of your eye a silhouette at your right, sitting on the porch.
You realized it was Daryl. His arms were on his knees and his gaze lost on the floor. He blinked and turned to look at you as you sat down next to him.

-Sorry. —he muttered. His voice warmed your heart, he didn’t use to apologize often.

-It’s okay. —you told him. —I understand why you did it.

-Yeah, I’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout it too. —he said and his eyes returned to the floor as his hands fiddled with something. —You can have friends and shit, it ain’t my business.

You smiled and leaned your head on his shoulder.

-Some things are your business, like keeping me safe when we’re out there and risking your life for me. —you chuckled.

He pushed you off of him playfully with his shoulder, but you leaned your head on it again.

-Damn right it’s my business. —he said and placed his head on yours.

Heartless Breakups & Drunken Make-ups

Request: 2-54-x-74 Jungkook

  • Bedroom
  • “Why is your underwear hanging off the doorknob”
  • “The selfish me who has only thought about myself, The me who didn’t know your feelings and ignored it, I couldn’t believe myself that I have changed this much, Your love can still move me like this” - EXO, Miracles in December

A/N: So here’s your prompt request…got a bit carried away with this one… I have no idea what happened and I’m sorry!! Enjoy <3

                                                                            -Ray :)

“You broke my heart when you were sober. You’re telling me you want me back now that your shit faced drunk.”

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The Exception- part 2

idk what I’m doing… I’m going somewhere with this I swear. 

Part 1

Friday afternoon, Nico’s phone began to buzz. “Hello?”

“Is it bad that I kind of want to get really messed up?” Will’s voice came, quick and frustrated.

Nico didn’t answer, his eyebrows furrowed. After a moment, he said, “Um… what?”

Will growled and huffed. “I saw him. I saw him with some other guy and they just walked right by me like it didn’t even matter and I’m just past the point of crying, I’m just angry. I’m angry and I want to forget and get stupid drunk or something.”

“Um, okay hold on there, party animal,” Nico chuckled. “Look, I know this club and we can go and probably get you a drink but you’re crazy if you think I’m going to let you get wasted. Trust me it’s not fun. We’ll just go and destress, and you’ll feel way better.”

Will groaned and sighed. “Fine. Whatever. I just… I need to get my mind off of all of this.”

“I’ll get to your dorm around nine.”

“Can I go to yours? He’s in this hall, and I really don’t feel like being here if I don’t need to be.”

“Sure.” Will thanked him and hung up. Nico sighed and shook his head. He’d been helping Will out with the breakup for two weeks. At first he would cry a lot. Then he seemed like he didn’t care. They’d watch movies or eat burgers and laugh and it seemed like he wasn’t heartbroken. Then moments like this would come up, and Nico would have to level out his emotions for him. Which was new considering he didn’t understand his own emotions half the time.

Nico got to his dorm after work and began working on some homework before taking a shower. His roommate was busy reading a book and didn’t bother to ask if he was going out. After taking a shower, he tugged on his jeans and left the bathroom in search of a shirt that hadn’t fallen to the floor and gotten soaked through.

“Hey Nic-oh,” Will’s voice trailed off and Nico jumped and turned to see Will sitting at his desk with rosy cheeks, his eyes scanning the empty desk.

“Whoa, hey!” Nico said, suddenly very self-conscious of his bare torso.

“Said he was here for you, so I let him wait in here,” his roommate called.

“Yeah, thanks,” Nico said. He chuckled and went to his closet, trying not to feel so tense. He pulled on a black shirt and his leather jacket. “Sorry, I was doing homework,” he told Will as he brushed his teeth.

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Sass Off

Minho hates you and you feel the exact same about him. When he calls you a name you don’t even like, you usually shrug it off. But today, you’ve had enough. You decide to teach that wide-eyed panda not to fuck with you. And that’s with a Sass Off with the sassiest one in the Glade. Good luck!

(a/n: I’m sorry, this is a very short one. I could only come up with so much comebacks, but I hope all you lovelies like it!)

Minho x Reader

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“Great job today, Y/N,” Alby told me with a smile.

“Thanks, Alby,” I returned the genuine smile he gave to me before heading to the Homestead. God was I tired. I had the longest route that day and my legs were killing me. I tucked some strands of hair behind my ear when someone bumped me hard on the shoulder. Um, OW. I turned around to see the Slinthead who even dared to do that. Minho. That asshole.

“Watch it, girlie,” he snarled. I furrowed my eyebrows. What did he just call me?

Girlie?” I asked, my tone had a mix of anger and shock. He just shucking called me girlie! If I was him, that was the last thing I would call me.

He stood tall, “Yeah, girlie, I called you girlie.”

I despised him deeply. He treated me like absolute trash. He would call me names and of course, I did the same to him. That Slinthead needed to know that he couldn’t push me around just like that.

“What’s the problem? Don’t like girlie? I’ll call you Missy then.” He was taunting me. He knew that I hated the stupid names that he called me. Gladers started to surround us, watched us throw comebacks at each other as if they were watching their favourite show. He wanted trouble? I gave him trouble.

“Missy my ass, Slinthead. But first, get your head out of yours,” I snapped. Some Gladers whispered to each other. I saw Alby standing with Newt.

“Aren’t you gonna stop them?” I heard Newt ask and Alby shook his head.

“I’m quite enjoying this, to be honest.”

“Watch your mouth, Shank,” Minho pointed at me. I straightened up.

“Or what?” I raised an eyebrow earning some ‘oooh’s from the crowd. Minho chuckled, showing that he wasn’t offended at all.

“You know, you’re not as bad as I thought you were,” said Minho.

I crossed my arms, “Oh really?”

“You’re much worse.”

I rolled my eyes, “Stop it, you’re flattering me.”

He pointed at me, “Don’t thank me for insulting you, it was a pleasure.”

“But I’m still flattered, darling.”

“I’d be a fool to even think you’re a teeny tiny bit likeable.”

“Minho, you’re nobody’s fool, but surely someone will adopt you one day.”

“If you were twice as smart as you are right now, you’d be absolutely stupid.”

I chuckled, “Excuse me, but you must be mistaking me for someone who actually gives a damn.”

“Hey, wanna here a joke? Y/N is awesome and flawless and she is perfect.”

“No need for that useless joke, child. You’re a joke all by yourself.”

He raised an eyebrow, “I’d like to see things from your point of view, but I can’t seem to get my head out of my ass.”

“I think I overestimated the number of your brain cells.”

“Do you practice this dumb or does it come naturally?”

“I don’t know. Go ask yourself, you clearly get the hang of it more than I do.”

It was just a whole showdown of who could throw the best comeback, the sassiest line, and the meanest insult. Minho actually thought that he could beat me. He was meaner and sassier than usual so I had to up my game real high. Higher than his hair, actually. That boy couldn’t last a week in the Maze. He would run out of hair product.

An hour passed and everyone still watched Minho and I sass each other to death.

“I would like to throw a really mean insult at you but I’m afraid I wouldn’t do as well as nature did to you,” he smirked. Pfft, like that hurt me in any way.

“Remember that time you shut the fuck up? Me neither. I don’t even think that you heard me.”

“Oh, I heard you, I just don’t give a fuck.”

And that was it. I was tired and not because of him. It was his lame insults that he thought were ‘good’. I could tell you that they weren’t offensive in any way at all. You could say that I have no heart or feelings, but really, Minho’s comebacks were just pitiful.

“You know what, Minho?” I asked.

He shrugged, “What?”

I walked to him slowly, he didn’t even back away. He just stood there, curious of what I was going to do. My face neared his. I batted my eyelids and he gulped. He moved a bit forward, his lips were inches close to mine. My hand caressed his cheek. The Gladers were dead silent, wondering what was about to happen next. My eyes locked with his.

“Minho,” I neared his lips, not losing eye contact with him.

“Yeah?” he asked, waiting for my response.

“You know acting like a dick won’t make yours any bigger,” I shot and walked away, leaving him dumbfounded and the Gladers shocked as hell. Behind me, I could hear the Gladers tell Minho that he ‘Got burned to the ground’, and it made me chuckle.That’ll teach asshole to never shuck with me. Ever.